A Filipina Wife: 3 Things To Look For (2of2)

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    1. It happens way too often.. guys get off the plane, within days are attached to the first young Filipina they strike up conversation with and 4 months later are married.  That’s all great if it works out.  But it’s quite a gamble considering all that is at stake.  Which is why I advocate a minimum 9 months of getting to know them in-person before making any big decisions.  🙂

  1. I like how you always try to discourage the whole online meeting and long term communication by that means; it really is time wasting for most people. I recently referred your vlog/blogs to a buddy who has done that now for over 12 months & found out too late that both girls he was chatting to online were no good. Not sure if he’s listening though 🙁

    1. a lot of people thought I was crazy not having an online GF before I went to the Philippines. I talked to an expat before I moved and he and I did not get along at all once I moved there. I am a quiet guy and he was a loudmouth. Anyways, I always stayed away from women online because I see meeting online as mostly just a scam.

      My 64 Pesos

    2. All we can do is educate and warn them.  Some expats and I just finished last night after about a week of warning a 20 year old that is online “g/f” in the PH showed all the red flags of being a scammer.  He finally had to admit it after we showed her multiple profiles on dating sites, all with different names/locations.  Nothing beats spending time with a person, in-person.  It’s not the fancy events, but the everyday stuff that brings out the person’s real personality.  🙂

  2. You are very perceptive! My husband and I have been married 15 years and he still says, “He would rather spend time with me than anyone else.” It doesn’t matter it we are just sitting at home reading, travelling or whatever it is we are doing. And I feel the same way about him. Really great advise, Henry!

    1. After the recent typhoon knocked out the power for about a week, I spent time with a woman I’m interested in.  We spent hours at her parent’s home, eating a simple meal, talking under the stars with only candles to light our way.  Had a great time together.  Those are the defining moments in a relationship.  🙂

    1. I’m glad to be of service.  It is my hope people will have a better understanding of how wonderful a good Filipina can be for man as his choice for a lifemate.  

  3. Hi Henry,  I did not know this was your name until reading comments.   I have watched now 5 of your videos ranging from the video-cam helmet ride, to cutting up coconut, taking care of parents, hiring a contractor and now this video.   Enjoyed them all and wished I had come across you sooner.  Have a wonderful online Philippine gf and too generous.

  4. Wow!  You must had a bad experienced and you needed a way out! But may I remind you that everybody is different and that the” sparking”  thing you’re talking  about never exist. And you obviously attacked Filipina Women, you could have had generalized it…You just made yourself sound like discriminating them

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  I agree. You discuss good foresight, applicable to even couples who are married, despite of the race. Finances is a big deal and it should be discuss outright, once a commitment is establish. However, in the courtship (dating), these issues cannot be put in the front, because it turns off a filipina. Usually, we put the finances on the bottom and we love for good heart and compassionate man. But once, there is proposal is on: financial aspects should be properly disclose, even financial agreement and budgeting styles should be put on the table to avoid future misunderstanding on these issues. Children, retirement, life goals…these are big to any marriage. period. 

    2. If you listen to the video, you’ll see that I’m not attacking Filipina women
      at all.  I’m talking about the same exact issues any couple should
      discuss, no matter what country they are in.  Children, money,
      retirement, home plans.. these are all important issues to discuss in a
      relationship.  I see no reason for you to think that is some sort of an
      ‘attack’.  You should also view my articles in which I advise Filipinas
      about dating Foreigner men.  Perhaps then you might think I am attacking
      foreigners.  ha!  But I do intend to someday marry the right Filipina who matches with my goals in life.

  5. I hit all 3 things, Especially the just hanging out. She really like just hanging out in our living room, playing video games and watching TV. I know boring but I guess I am a bit of a boring guy. She got me the Xbox360 for my Birthday and we are now enjoying playing the long RPG’s.

    1. @Bear Baker That. Is. Awesome. I wonder if she enjoys playing the games simply because you enjoy playing the games. That’s a respectable woman there!

  6. The best thing about this video?  Remove all references to “the Philippines”, “Filipinas”, and all things Filipino and you still have some great advice for any audience anywhere looking for a wife.  This is because the 3-fold criteria of attraction, trust, and chemistry applies equally well even if the “candidate” was Asian, American, European, Australian, African, or even Antarctican!.  🙂

    But I agree 1,000% to steer clear of family “black sheeps” because drama is still drama regardless of country.  The point is, if a lady can’t even show love and loyalty to her blood relations, how much more to you, a total stranger with a bulging wallet?  

  7. I love your philosophy.This should be shown to all Expats looking for a significant other person in their life.Getting off the plane and being Gobsmacked by all the beautiful women is what Expats are looking for, but you show us the real reasons for looking beyond the external features of someone we see and look at the deeper end, so that no one gets clipped! Thanks! Rick

  8. The same goes for platonic relationship that I am looking for. This, applied to biking, kayaking, hiking, swimming, photography, cooking, touring, confidentiality, understanding, backrubs, cathartic experiences of all sorts. if she’s OK with the friendship approach, I would be as kind, fun, helpful as possible in exchange for an understanding companion. I’m fishing for replies here 🙂 Thanks for your work Henry!

  9. This is really good information and I need to hear it. I’ve listened to Henry’s two videos twice on finding a Filipina wife. I agree that attraction, trust, and “spark and magic” are necessary but can not occur over the internet with email messages and skype. I agree that the Internet is only the introduction and no more than that. For me? I’m making no promises or commitments until I’m with the person on a day-to-day basis for months. I’m a 65 yo retired American teacher and have  a good idea of what I seek- someone near my age, educated, interesting, fun to be with, religious, and connecting on personal and professional levels. She’s out there.

    1. @Tom Syre Sr it sound to me like you have the patience and clarity to find an amazing pinay. i believe you will do well here by taking it slowly.

  10. Here’s a good trust test: give her 5000 php and say “Hold this and I’ll ask for it in two weeks.” If she doesn’t give you back (all) the money, she cares more about the money than you.

    1. @Fada Darksmen i would (and have) done that with a g/f i have a relationship with. but i’d never do that with someone i was just ‘dating’. that would be money tossed into the wind.

  11. I am 28 and planning a trip to the Philippines in the coming months once I receive my degree here in Canada. Your videos have really made the whole experience much less intimidating. I have broken some of your rules for online dating but I still feel its worth a shot to go there and find out for myself. I will take you up on your Skype consultation once my flight has been booked. Thanks again. There just might be room in this world left for a traditional man looking for a traditional girl.

  12. If they cannot be trusted in the small things, then go no further.  She will lie about everything thereafter, cheat on you, cheat you out of your money, put you in debt without your knowledge, get pregnant when she was supposed to be on birth control to get you to stay with her and to please her family, it will be a nightmare so conduct some trust tests early on and monitor it closely.

  13. Physical beauty fades over time Sexiness depletes like a candle burning in the night But the true beauty and integrity shine brighter as the days grow longer

  14. Great advice! So how do I get to really know beyond online my Fillipina “girlfriend” if either she doesn’t move to the US or I move to the Philippines?! Sounds impossible.

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thank you! I would say I’ve found a great one then. Definitely not a scammer, I’ve figured that much out. And I don’t think I’m being played or that she has more men on the hook that she’s communicating with. That’s definitely a concern, though. I guess there’s no way of knowing and the risk I’m taking here. However, in the ten months I’ve known her she hasn’t asked for a dime and has even refused when I offered to help her with some medical and other expenses during the two to three weeks she was between jobs recently. Thanks for all your great videos, posts, and information. Much appreciated!

    2. if you only know them online, it’s a matter of weeding out the obvious scammers. the ones who;

      a) fall in love quickly
      b) dump all their ’emergency’ problems on you
      c) begin to expect finances because they got you to say you loved them.

      just dump those ones and focus on what’s left. without spending time with them in person, it’s about all you can do to hedge your bet of finding a good one.

  15. I really believe it takes a minimum of 2 years to test her and figure out if I can deal with the things I do not like. Marriage is the most important decision we will ever make, why be in a hurry?

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