A Filipina Wife: 3 Things To Look For (1of2)

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  1. Good video.  Sure sign you are in the States now: airplanes in the sky!  Ha ha.  You RARELY see airplanes (private) in the sky here in the RP.

  2. Henry!!! Are you talking about my dear wife!?  Just that she has these 2  in her person 111%!!! I myself couldn`t say it better than you did in your video!! That`s exactly I did think and what I did find!! 

  3. Serious vid Henry.  As it’s likely that the age difference might be quite large in many of these relationships, a man needs to be sure that the lady he marries intends to make a lifetime commitment to him.   Think about how she is likely to react when you become an ailing, old codger and she has barely hit her prime………just saying.

    1. Very true.  I know Filipinas who, even right now, are by their man’s side in their old age to continue taking care of him.  Not all women are this way, but statistically, more women are loyal in older age than men.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      A friend here in Vegas ask me if I know of someone in the Philippines. I introduce him to my cousin’s daughter, they courted for two years, and are now engaged! Totally agree with Henry, ask people you know.  I know I will not introduce someone especially a friend, if the Filipina is not trustworthy, lazy and a slut!

    2. If looking online.. I’d ballpark it at around 4% are ‘good girls’.  However when interacting with women I meet in person, at the malls, sidewalks, shopts, etc., I’d ballpark it at 35% with ‘City Girls’ and at 90% with ‘Province Girls’.  But the absolute BEST route to take is to get referrals in the province from families/married couples who have known a girl for years.  You almost can’t go wrong that way.  It’s the best way to get an introduction and verify her.  After that, it’s just a matter of time and attraction.  🙂

  4. Great vid Henry. Wouldn’t these same qualities you’re looking for also be the same whatever the nationality of your prospective wife is(say Californian women)?

    1. Nolsp, have you been to the Philippines? Unless you absolutely hate asian woman you are going to find that The Philippines is FULL of beauties.

    2. Absolutely.  But honestly, as someone who has dated in California his entire adult life… it’s like a needle in a haystack on a windy day.. blindfolded.  Meanwhile, in the provinces and small towns of the PH, I’ve met so many top quality women with a good heart.

  5. I think this video is ok,  what you say in this is right. im from UK and been out to Philippines this year ..to Bacolod city..to see a girl there , just like what say in your vid. its true you need to think what you want , but its turn out im lucky and got a good one. im out in Philippines again soon. thanks

  6. Because of low education standards it is difficult to find people to talk to.
    Phils don’t seem to have much art or music. Just cock-fighting and dumb stuff like that. 

  7. Bear, try and have her stay in the US for atleast 4 years. That way you can get her a US passport and citizenship. These documents will last her a lifetime. Her green card she will lose if she stays out of the US for more than 364 days in a row.  //////

  8. Hey Mr. Henry I’m going back and visit my family in the Philippines this End of Dec, 2014 for a month. I am a Filipino from San Jose CA, I work in Technology Industry here in silicon valley. I spot up your video from YouTube and NO surprise base on my favor-rate YouTube Boracay video film documents love to watched, ( I don’t have a video film and I do love listening to your video scripts) and I myself will do some filming while I’m spending my vacation in Palawan and Boracay I might have some difficulties doing it cause it is going to be my first move. (of what you said in your video, Mundane/version/Philippines). I’m glad that you be able to migrated yourself and life as a tropical humid heat everyday I think you are part of the Philippine culture now since you where there for more than two years seems like you where talking all you know about what’s happening there (and a lot more things to learn) as I said I have no surprise of watching your video subscripts I love it! I’m proud that you must be a good value and advicer for some good old ex pats (foreigner) before they get to that tropical Island. Once again I am happy for what you do to yourself and just keep doing what you have to do and keep enjoying some advantage to yourself while you still can do some good things and fun things. keep busy my friend life is too short and hope you’ll get a good partner or a life-mate sooner, not too young not too old just get Her, too many fish in there you can never miss her. Oh by the way I am part of Panay and I live in Iloilo City my family live’s there and my two years old daughter. I can’t wait to see them soon and it’s gonna be a fun! and a good family bonding for me. Talk to you soon.

    Have a great one

    AL (for short)

    1. @Arnold Lacson thanks, i’ll be exploring around bayawan and sibulan soon, when the weather gets a bit better.  raining again today.

  9. I learned the hard way! Get a background check, get a prenuptial agreement and move 3 islands away from where her family lives……… and most of all tell her that you will not loan money  to her friends and family since they survived without your money before you moved to the Philippines and they will survive without your money after you move to the Philippines !

  10. Am I insane to think that I could have Filipina pals to adventure with platonically without the stress of all the future tripping? If they get tired of me fine. I just need companionship more than long term commitment. Here in the US, I’m doomed unless some miracle happens and I find some younger woman who would hang out with a 57 year old impotent diabetic. In which case I would be begging the question, what is her problem. There is always hope, and the lure of “buying” a “helper/friend” is calling to me. Am I too frank? I closed my CristianFilipina.com account this month in favor of just finally getting my shit together and going to the Philippines to scope it out. I wasted this whole last year putting off the inevitable. Sorry to go long with this, but, I believe that there has to be adventurous Filipinas who would enjoy not being pressured with obligation. If this leads to something greater, …..Cool! I don’t want to waste her prime of her life in the first place. Perhaps putting her best interests ahead of mine would mean being dumped when the novelty of having a generous platonic partner wears off. Anyway, I’m lonely and tired of American culture. Anyone got advice or comments?

    1. +john hanna well john all I can say is  I have been there and went thru the whole deal, marriage, bringing her here to the states, which took  2 years plus, and a lot of money  also, and man I got screwed big time, lasted long enough for the green care  then she split, and I was very good to her very  very good, so man all I can say is trust no one if you go there, and  if you meet  someone you  don’t let her screw you over, best to live there with here than to bring her here, I am free now   cost me a bundle, but I won’t do it again, you can bet on that, hell if you need a women for xxx  cheaper to just find a street walker, good luck

    2. +john hanna , Hey John, I lived in the Philippines and was married there a few decades ago and I have no doubt that you can find a companion as Filipinos are friendly by nature and some woman is likely to give you a shot be it friendship or whatever you desire as long as you are a nice guy and willing to share something with them. They like Americans and if you show a kind heart you shouldn’t have any problem finding a compassionate companion.

  11. Trust is way over looks when we are talking wife material…if you cannot trust a woman you got nothing! Your other points are valid as welll but that needs emphasizing.

    1. @Will Hart i’m glad you mentioned that. it can/should be more emphasized. what does it matter if she’s a great cook, has a great body, sweet, affectionate.. but she can’t be trusted? she’s useless. worse than useless, she’s a liability to our finances and health if she’s out sleeping around behind our back. it’s not a matter of giving trust without cause.. the woman has be trust-worthy to begin with.

  12. hello  henry, well I was married to a beautiful Philippine lady, and man was it a mess, cost me a lot but now I am out of it, free again, love the Philippines but watch who you trust, you are a walking ATM machine

  13. Agree, i married a parent girl, who was also very book smart.high school valedictorian,
    Trusted her and had that magic as well,we had little in common,which was also something i looked for.
    She was hot as far as look but was very modest about it,she hated the pageants and even small acting roles she got.
    I done what every one i thought did that was looking or a wife,there was no high speed internet at that time so phone call and letter where the best way to go.
    If you had the time yes going there and living with the person was the way to go, it truly is the only way you truly now a person is too live with them.
    Few men could do that,
    She was not a wasteful with money.she never had money so how can she be good at something she never had.
    Things changed in her as i knew they would and it was exciting watching a person grow.
    Bringing her parents and some of her siblings to the USA was probably the biggest mistake i made but i loved her family so i do not regret doing these things.
    Since I really got the wrong end of the stick in the divorce I am not really sure i will ever trust fully any woman again the way i trusted my wife.
    I loved the Philippines did not think i would,but stayed there over 2 and 1/2 years,best years of my life.
    These are 3 really good things to look or in a person, not just a wife but in the people that are in your life.
    I think this time i well look for someone that really accepts me and the things i want for the remaining years of my life..
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Please don’t be generalized my wife is a filipina, She is so perfect, beautiful, professional with integrity who has a good vision in helping Americans.

    1. +Anthony jay Piswec if i had generalized filipinas, i’d have said “all”. i didn’t. so, no, i did not generalize all filipinas. listen again, i said “some” or “a large portion”, but never did i say, “all filipinas are…”.

  15. I love how someone is supposed to be able to trust because there are so many good girls, but as soon as the comments go about one night stands, it seems like they are everywhere.
    How can you trust anyone in that type of culture?

  16. I would warn men about Filipino women in my case it didnt work out between me and my wife after she got the “right to remain” shes now with her lawyers screwing me for lots of money after only 4 years marriage and in her case i would say that money was the no.1 object and she had a plan. Obviously not all Filipino women are money grabbers but i would say that a great many of them are judging by my experiences and by what friends tell me that are involved in the Filipino community here they are particularly devious people

    1. alistar young ; How long did u know her before marriage ? and were there any signs she was gold-digger that you may have ignored ? And please remember the general consensus : “never bring them to your home country” – move to her country.

  17. Batangas Philippines is that a safe place to visit I’m supposed to be flying into Manila you know how far away it is from you Manila -to Batangas

    1. +jesse Quinonez according to Google Maps, it is about 109km from manila to batangas. likely about a 3 hour busride, depending if they stop along the way or not and road conditions. batangas is very far north of mindanao so, no issues as far as travel advisories to worry about. you should be fine. enjoy your trip. 🙂

  18. Be very careful.  I got burned twice long distance, once sending money to prepare for a marriage, she spent the money on other things for her family but put up a good show of showing me the hall we put a deposit on to get married, the material for the wedding gown, etc. etc.  I then found out she was buying other things that were not part of the deal and stopped contact.  I am not sure what would have happened if I had arrived there with the expectation of marrying her.  Maybe she would have gone through with it but in any case it would have cost me double and then some.  The second long distance was partially my own fault.  My work slowed down and I wasn’t able to move there as soon as I had hoped so to prevent her from going abroad to work, I set her and her Mom up with a small sari-sari store to give her an income while she waited for me.  That went on for a year or more, then she decided it wasn’t enough for her and she broke it off and went to Manila to work.  We remained on good terms and still speak on the internet occasionally and she said she was sorry but never offered to repay any of the money.  The third one I chatted with for an extended period of time and met her on my first trip to the Philippines.  I had sent her a little money to make payments on her motorcycle which we were supposed to use to tour once I arrived.  Things went wrong almost from the moment I arrived, she had sp;ent the money on other things and it had been repossessed so immediately it cost me more money to get it back so we could have trans;portation.  She insisted we stay with her family and they were very friendly and welcoming but it was expected that I would buy all the groceries and pay the expenses, which quickly amounted to more than I would have paid living in a cheap hotel and getting my meals in restaurants.  the first bills that were set beside my place at the table were for the water and electric bill for the month before I arrived so I could see what was coming down the road.  On top of that, the gf was affectionate in public when we went out but was very cold at home and always seemed to be angry about something, even if it wasn’t at me, it was not pleasant and her step father told me that was her normal personality which I had seen none of in our conversations online.  I only stayed three weeks and when she got angry one day and told me to leave, I did.  Immediately she started calling and asking me to come back and her mother came to see me and begged me to do the same but it was a very toxic environment and I wanted no part of it.  That was a very small town and I started getting all kinds of messages on fb from friends, some of whom I hadn’t even met that she was saying I cheated on her, that she thought she was pregnant, that I was mean with her kids, it became very uncomfortable very quickly and I left the Philippines within a week to get away from the whole mess.  She was very loving at times and I I think maybe without the family pressure to get as much as they could out of the foreigner that we might have made it work but that was not to be and in the Philippines you don’t marry a woman, you marry the whole extended family and she has to be strong to withstand the pressures that are put on her to get money, make loans and just plain give things to the family which they see as their right to have as part of the communal society they have there.  If one has money, they feel they should all share it and no one should stand above the rest in terms of material success or possessions, that is the crab mentality, as soon as one tries to climb out of the bucket, the others grasp on and pull them back down to their level.

    1. i’m sure you realize this (now).. but the time to even think about giving her any money would have been after you knew these women in-person for several months. anything long-distance is basically a penpal with video.

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