A Dog Adoption Disaster

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  1. Been here 7.5 years now and love living here but lost count of the number of times the “no common sense” scenario has come up. I understand you being annoyed as it is hard to try to think of every crazy outcome that can happen here. Hope you get lucky with the dog.

  2. Just another unsolicited personal opinion from a viewer that in general enjoys your content, both success and failure in carving out a life abroad. I would rethink release of mainly self serving interpersonal content without a days reflection. Tampo/chocolate. Have a better day.

  3. I don’t know about the rest of you but I learned the hard way within a year or two of marriage to never argue with a man who just spent an hour rounding up half-wild dogs, transporting them to another town just to get there and have to break up dog fights and have one runoff. lol Usually not a good time when he is frustrated and mad. Just let him rant and blow off steam and stay out of the way or he ends up scorching you too. Oh well, It is not the end of the world, everyone will recover from it.

  4. I Would Of Been Quite Upset
    Myself❗️And I’m a kind and patient person…
    (… I’m “Upset”
    Hearing About It On The Vdeo💔),

    NOT❤️ Your❤️ Fault❤️

    P❤️R❤️A❤️Y❤️E❤️R❤️S❤️💔 FOR❤️💔THE❤️💔
    YOU❤️ WILL❤️ FIND❤️
    NAME❤️❤️❤️❣️ AMEN❤️❣️ AMEN❤️❣️

  5. Brain everyone makes mistakes. You have to understand that you have made several mistakes when it comes to your dogs. Yes you love them. But remember you are the reason why you have to many dogs in the first place. You didn’t think ahead about issues you would have with so many dogs.

  6. Brian , I am a long time subscriber to yours and all associated channels ,you are somebody I respect but you brought some of this problem on your self , we all know how you love and care for your animals but BRIAN sir you have to many dogs I am sorry Brian I hope I am not to harsh 😁♥️🇵🇭

  7. You were right to be pissed brian . Not maricels fault though … feel sorry for the little lost dog . Its like having kids . Im a huge animal lover and people dont treat dogs like kids unfortunately .. but they feel pain ‘sorrow and lonlieness just like us .. keep being the caring thoughtful guy you are brian .. you have my deepest respect .. when i am back in samar . Me and my wife will come visit as our family also live in bohol

  8. Hello guys I’d say how you doing but I guess not too well after this video there is a certain phrase that I like the coin Brian must have been doing Wonder drugs in his Wonder Bread years take care guys God bless hope you find Blackie

  9. It is understandable – you love animals – and we all have snapped at our wife’s when we are upset – and yes it’s hard because we think different than they do because of the culture – hang in there Brian

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