A Box Of Gifts For Baby Charlie, Gabrial, Gina And Red

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  1. How in the blazes could someone do a thumbs down for this video, beyond belief some people can be so petty, if you don’t like this channel don’t watch it and leave Your disgusting thumbs down on something that is joyous to this gracious Lady

  2. It’s funny to watch Maricel go thru baby stuff that she has no clue about. Thank goodness Gen is there to help her since she had gone thru that already with Red. She will make a great auntie to Charlie.

  3. Brain I love your channel because it is very interesting and informative but please stick to farming and not politics because no one really knows what happened in China and the American government are bombing countries around the world and trying to overthrow Democratically elected governments around the world, so please stick to farming I love your chennel

    1. I do know what happened in China. If you don’t you have not been paying much attention for the last 100 years. China is ruled by an authoritarian Communist dictatorship which routinly subjugates free speech and free trade and arrests and then usually disappears anyone who gets out of line. They intentionally misled their own people about the severity of this virus. They arrested both scientists and doctors who did try to go public with information which would have not only helped the Chinese population but which COULD have stopped a world wide pandemic. Why? To save face and keep it’s citizen’s believing the Communist party is the best way to go. The Chinese government and Chinese people are not only dangerous to the entire world, but full of crap to boot. Don’t be fooled. They are not Communist, neither by practice or culturally. They could teach all the world about capitalism. The 1000 or so individuals and families who run China are ruthless. They don’t care about anyone but themselves and their family members and to hell with everyone else. Do you honestly think China’s government was democratically elected?😂😂 You must be joking Kevin!! Good one. Crab mentallity STARTED there 5000 years ago. How do I know all this? I grew up around a large Chinese population in the bay area of California. I worked closely with hundreds of Chinese in both California and in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have seen how the Chinese treat people locally and are themselves treated here in the Philippines. And I was married to a Chinese woman for 7 years. And nothing I just wrote and nothing I said in the past have ANYTHING to do with politics, rather broad life experience on the subject. Thanks for everything China..

  4. Brian I had the name problem when my son was born , I went with my fathers Name and my wife father name for the middle Name . so my son is Thomas Owen and yours would be Charlie and what ever Mars Father first name is , Just Idea

  5. Wow! In these times it is nice to have some fun and positive stuff happen, Nice gifts! So there are currently 13 jealous people that had to give a thumbs down. Sorry for them, world is to fragile to be disgruntled about something as happy as someone receiving gifts for an upcoming little baby.

  6. I know how it feels
    Brian. I had a full head of blond hair when I was little too. Now it’s grey and disappearing. It’s not the turnin’ grey that bothers me so much, it’s the turnin’ loose! 😉 lol

  7. Wow the baby are coming in a few month Maricel, so be healthy always…. by the way New subscriber here always watching your videos….take care…

  8. I agree with you guy mine is gray and disappearing on top of my head but I think I think it’s hereditary because on the outer side of my family which my mother was they all had Chrome dome’s my dad when he died at 74 he still had a full head of hair even after chemo

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