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  1. Exactly. As I mentioned in the video, when I get bronchitus.. I already know what I need. $15 worth of meds, some Sinigang soup, rest and bamm.. I’m good.

    1. You spend a lot of your time in the Philippines
      What do you recommend for travel insurance
      Is the Phil Care insurance ok for a 6 month stay in the Philippines

  2. That’s the way it oughtta be.. inexpensive. The way I figure it, the reason it’s so expensive in the States is partly because the market is priced by how high the insurance will pay. Here, many good medications that are no longer held by a patent are sold at a fair price, not the initial inflated price to recoup dividends for the initial drug investors.

  3. Yep.. they’ll help me pick out shampoo, soap or whatever. But I finally got used to it. Especially the really cute ones. ūüôā If I’m ever looking for something in the store, I ask the cutest girl and she walks me directly to the item and does this flourish, like a game-show hostess. I love it.

  4. Thanks for the video Ricky. I had wondered about this. I wish it was like this in the states. I told my dr recently that I already knew what I had & what I needed 99% of the time & just needed her to write the prescription! I told her if I could just write my own scipt I would never need her, but thats not legal. She laughed & said “not in this country!” She knew bc she went to med school in Mexico

  5. Yep. Much more straight-forward in countries where people don’t have the money for ‘consults’. They just buy what they need at the pharmacy for the most part.

  6. Another down side is counterfeit drugs. So I only used Mercury drugstore when in the Philippines. With regards to hospitals well is was in one for 3 days in S.Manila CANT spell it bit parenyaki. Any way I contracted celulitis .trust me you don’t want it.I was on an IV for 3 days. The food was not so great and of course to me the portions we small. I had a private room and when I first arrived this nurse brings me some pills to take with no water. I ask for the water and he said you don’t have.

  7. The hospital waters was not safe to drink!! I wonder how you take a shower I’d f you have open wounds? So if I have anything major needing to be done I will go to Thailand or back home. Maybe St Lukes in Manila.

  8. I have a new video coming out tomorrow about the water here. Yah, no way of knowing what you’re getting with meds or water. I only drink the bottled stuff that’s been filtered.

  9. I look forward to hearing it. I don’t have a super foundation for my thought about counterfeit drugs but a friend of mine from the US who is a Dr. And he advised me to only use Mercury Drugs. I know we also have trouble in the US with this but not like poor countries have.

  10. One thing I do know is that many drugs here are the real, but generic, version once the original patent has expired. Same thing, just made by a different lab. Viagra, originally copyrighted by Pfizer but now made by other labs in a generic version is a good example. ūüėČ

  11. The Philippines drugs and medical facilities are all mostly top flight even better than many small town American companies. The dental is better there and one tenth the price. What cost thousand here is just cheap cheap there and top quality. My wifes teeth were all perfect there and it was only a few pesos including braces. Even dialysis is known there to be the best , Fresenius is the same dialysis as right here but the nurses are much more gentle (and prettier ha).

  12. Also, my friend on dialysis has dialysis in Cebu when he visits there and its so clean and professional he said plus they use RNs instead of just careless techs as here when they place the huge needles in his arm. He said he couldnt even feel it. But I am on Medicare so not good there but he is on VA so its good anywhere in the whole wide world. But when I asked medicare if I can get dialysis there they only laughed.

  13. My GF is from Surigao but lives in Manilla. What I find funny is the Pharm will dispence 2 or 4 or 6 pills rather than sell you a whole bottle or box…which is great if you are on a tight budget. She goes to Mercury.

  14. On Palawan there would be 2 or 3 Mecury Drugs on every block. Sometimes they would be across the street from each other. I sunburned and went to a dozen pharmacies looking for sunburn cream or solarcaine and couldn’t find any. An island with tourist at the beaches and on the boats in the tropics and I couldn’t find any sunburn cream. The best they could do was diaper rash cream.

  15. I’ve gotten OFF! at the grocery store, it’s possible they may also carry sunburn lotion at the grocery store. But it is frustrating when you know what you need but can’t browse the shelf inventory yourself. If I have a cough,ÔĽŅ I want to see which cough suppressants are available, not have one picked out for me from behind a counter.

  16. How about painkillers . Strong and not so strong. Are they available , or do you need a prescription. I heard along time ago that painkillers are hard to get ? What do you no .

  17. Medicine, like many things here, is surprising what is cheaper,and what is more expensive. I live on Ibuprofen (not recommended, long story, Navy,blah, blah). I can buy a 1,000 count bottle at Walgreens in the US for $20, about p860. But here they are p8 a pill. That same bottle would be p8,000! Ha ha But yes, overall they are pretty good here. Got an ear infection last month and did what you did for antibiotics. Easy and cheap! I kind of miss browsing the shelves too.. but such is life.

  18. What about Narcotics ?  I had a back injury and get pain after the Nerve damage . I sometimes need to take something for the pain . Is it hard to get ? Do you have to see a Dr for something like that ?  Thanks and hope your doing well Henry 

    1. I’ll comment on that – if you’re after narcotics or other mind altering substances, you’re going to *need* a prescription. The pharmacists are helpful and friendly and will cheerfully supply the things you can ask for accurately. But there’s a limit – if it’s something you could sell on the black market, it’s going to be difficult to get.

  19. This is just an assumption of course but I think that germs are not that dangerous as they are shown in the media. It’s your immune system that is not strong enough to protect you from germs.

    Also traverlling anywhere that is a long way from your home, on another continent get you exposed to different pathogens, bacteria and microflora that is different what your body is used to. When you travel anywhere for the first time, you almost always have a period of adaptation to that place. So I think it’s not a plane that made you sick but rather your body wasn’t adapted to the bacteria in food , water and air of Fillipines.

    On topic. You make really great and insightful videos, you can explain the core of the subject you are talking about and describe little details and mistakes people can¬† do. That is very rear and great skill that makes your channel on this topic stand out a lot, thank you for your work ūüôā

  20. You should never take antibiotics for the “flu” or a “cold”. Antibiotics are only effective in treating a bacterial infection….both “flu” and “colds” are viral infections. The only medicines that should be taken are those to relieve symptoms. Otherwise your video is totally accurate on pharmacies in the Philippines ūüôā¬†

    1. Some people have recurring problems where the flu weakens their respiratory system and another infection takes advantage and sets up housekeeping. What I’ve learned is to give the flu 7 days and if I’m not feeling better by then, it’s time to reach for the antibiotics. That has often changed three weeks of misery to ten days of sickness instead.

      The key is to know what you’re doing; there’s plenty of information on the web and it’s available to anyone who searches. If you know what you probably have, and the correct drug dosage to cure it, go to the pharmacy and buy it. Otherwise, go see a doctor.

    2. It’s a definite concern, especially when people don’t finish the complete course just because they start feeling better. ¬†That allows the strongest strains of the bug to survive and multiply and spread. ¬†Definitely a problem in 2nd and 3rd world countries, but even in the States it happens.

    3. I have wondered whether the unregulated over use of antibiotics in similar countries has contributed to the development of these super bugs which seem to be really resistant.

    4. I don’t know what I came down with, but the last time I tried to just get by without antibiotics, I lost consciousness from a severe case of walking pneumonia. ¬†Once I took the antibiotics (prescribed after a visit to the doctor), only then did I get better. ¬†Tough to tell without visiting the doctor first.

  21. Im also am from California, and in the same area in the Philippines.   Id love to meet You.  When Im in California Im a farmer,  I will be back there in July.  

  22. When I was scuba diving in the Philippines I got some sort of infection from the suit rubbing against my ankle. After a couple of days my ankle was swelling up quite a bit. So the GF and I went to a pharmacy and bought penecilin over the counter (shocked me that you could do that to be sure – here in Canada that is not possible) and after a couple of days everything was back to normal.

  23. I guess it would be kind of embarrassing to say to a female that works there..hey I have jock itch..or hey..I can’t get it up….lol..:)

    1. I think having to ask a girl there for hemaroids cream was most embarrassing – she was very professional though – not cheap medicine there

    2. I once went to get a few condoms. ¬†Everything here is usually sold individually, even aspirin. ¬†The pharmacy girl asked, “What kind, sir?” ¬†I said, “Any will do.” ¬†Then it’s, “How many?” ¬†So I asked for 5. ¬†She came back with 5 boxes. ¬†I told her, “Well, just in case I have a busy weekend, sure.. I’ll take the 5 boxes.” ¬†She went back to her friends giggling. ¬†ha!

  24. My experience on last trip concerning drugs.I did my back in with cauda equina,off to ACUMC.Dont queue up,just go straight to emergency room & request help.After being seen by upteen doctors & uni students,given drugs to help,etc they gave me scripts for basic pain relief[clearly not strong enough]Back daily for stronger drugs only available at ER in hospital.Tried more then 20 pharmacies with scripts for oxynorm & oxycontin with no success[as they are listed on the dangerous drug listings]In the end had to get them sent to me from Australia[home] after i contacted my GP & then sort permission from Australian Embassy to be allowed to receive them here in philippines via express parcel[took 2 weeks].I have found the drugs in pharmacies to be quite expensive,if you need regular dosages.Couldnt even find panadol,except from my hotel management.They actually had a better supply of pain relief then the pharmacies.

  25. The concern about flu, (usually a viral infection in its natural state) and a flu which has progressed, has been known to progress into a bacteria, because of the build up of phlegm in the lungs and the drop of the bodies resistance, allowing its own bacteria to begin to infect the body and other progressive symptoms… 80% of stumach flu, is a form of food contact illness, meaning food poising or the spread of the food poison, from others, on surface contact, which you pick up with your hands, touch your eyes, nose lips, and mouth…This is why there are increases in the puking flu around the holidays, because of food born illnesses, not the normal flu…All food born illnesses are bacterial, therefore, 80% of all flues, (Puker LBM flu) are bacterial, as we define them and contract them today…If you are talking about the influenza, the real flu, that is a virus…It causes only runny noses, some coughing, aches and pains, which means it is mutating into a bacteria, if you not take care of it, and maybe some fever¬† However, once you get a fervor, you have a bacterial infection, because I know of no case where the body fights a virus with a fever. If I am wrong please give me proof…However, all viral infections are in deed infectious diseases and convert into bacteria, from the waste of the body fighting the virus, which is dead cells, therefore bacterial and from a reduced immune system, which allows the bodies normal bacterial to take over changing from viral to bacterial…As an example, people do not die from AIDS, a virus, they die from complications, which mean bacterial…NOT LEGAL MEDICAL ADVICE

    1. I agree..Once it is in your lungs, it is not the flu, it is a bacterial monster and I have the same problem. I get this as well, because I somehow caught bacteria pneumonia, of all things…Once anything gets into my lungs, I begin to cough my socks up…I coughed so (2006) much I now have a hernia and a distended belly button…

      It is said, by whom, I not know, but it is said, once you contract bronchitis, it is much easier to acquire, usually gets worse, thereafter. however, for those who have a simple virus, should stay with over the counter medicines, take tons of vitamin C, usually, 3 to 6 grams, every 30 minutes, (I have to take 3 to 4 grams every 15 minutes with lots of water, and or some food not recommended for all) Taking it right away, first sign of a cough or runny nose…Eating is important, and tons of fresh water to wash out the vitamin C, and yes, mom said zinc, but be careful with zinc, it is a metallic substance and I would only go over the daily does of 30 to 50 mg, for no more than a week, or two then back down to the 30 to 50 milligrams per day fresh water, and rest. NOT LEGAL MEDICAL ADVICE THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR ME


      I know people will disagree, but you have to understand, the buzz word flu, is not a catch all. There is a cold, flu, usually food poisoning, there is influenza, which has over 100’s or strains, pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, bronchitis, and strep can get into your blood stream and wipe out your organs, called going systemic

      As Henry said, you need to know your body, from the past, and not get caught up in buzz words. Anything in your lungs is serious

    2. In my case, I know from over the years that if I don’t stop a flu once it gets into my lungs, I will end up with either bronchitus or strep throat. ¬†One time it progressed into pneumonia and I seriously came close to dying from it. ¬†Which is why I try my best to use OTC when flu is in it’s early stages. ¬†But once it goes bronchial, I’m in deep water and have to go with antibiotics. ¬†Those who say a/biotics “don’t cure the flu” have a point. ¬†But I don’t take it to cure the flu, but to cure the secondary illness that comes after if it goes unchecked.

  26. If influenza virus makes you so ill that the virus and resultant respiratory inflammation turn into bacterial pnumonia (every time??) that you should be taking either Flumadine (a bit old school, but works well usually) or Tamiflu within 24 hours or so after flu symptoms present.

    By flu symptoms, I mean the typical aches, fever, your skin kind of hurts to touch, etc.

    These drugs keep the virus from being able to pass through the cell membrane where they normally go and multiply.

    Being trapped outside of their comfy little “flu cottages” , the virus is left out in the bloodstream where your white cells can attack full force, wiping out a viral attack quickly.

    If the virus is given the chance to take residence in cell structures, the white cells can only attack the multiplied “children” as they are driven out into the bloodstream.

    This leaves viral “seeds” in the cells to multiply, and you have to wait till the virus runs its full course.

    It is best to avoid taking antibiotics as much as possible, because of the chance of building resistant strains of bacteria.

    You want to save those big guns for when you MUST use them, not when it might be convenient.

    This is far too complicated to write a few lines about in a post, so if you are interested in your own health and treating yourself, it is important to do a bit of study on virology, bacteriology, and modes of treatment as well as maintaining a diet and routine that is healthy for each individual.

    Many people will say “I eat healthy!!” And feel no need to learn anything about themselves and their individual health variances.

    We are all individuals and our chemistry and bacterial load vary, so it makes sense that optimum health might be maintained with differing dietary/nutritional needs.

    Very interesting videos BTW, and wouldn’t it be nice if treatment in the states could be as simple!

  27. Well medicin and Pharmacy big business i Ph.But been in accident need meds,this is a public hospital i got driven to,they checked me over etc.and so but medicin like painkillers ore morphin etc,i must buy outside hospital.Be cause they did not have any inside…So emergancy room not so urgent..hehhe many stories about Ph.Med care etc..Well i found generic-pharmacys.Medicine is ok,because the patent has gone out for the big company,so the can duplicate and sell it 80% cheaper.This is what poor people need in Ph.But sadly many abuse that also with fake chinese make shit….

  28. WOW. I am learning a lot about usa also here. Never know it was that expensive to treat a flu. I found medicines same price in phi as in europe. Thaat shocked me as the payingabilety is so different. I dont find it a problem to go to the pharmasy for asprin and ointments because as you say they are everywhere. The phaarmasists are all very skilled in the use of the different medicines and they are always ready to give advice. Much more than you can xpect in a grocery. My opinion; expensive medicines. Many highly needed medicines far to expesive for the philipinos. Same price as europe. Many meds not avilebale at all.

  29. Those are the questions I asked my wife, who is from the Philippines. ¬†I asked her, “so you need a prescription?” ¬†She said, yes! ¬†But I doubt her and you just explained it better to me then she could ever…

    1. @chivalryalive When prescription meds you will need to carry a doctors prescription with you to go through TSA here in the U.S. if you carry prescription meds with you.

    2. Doubt your wife?  Sounds like not so strong a bond.  Some things you do need scrips for.  Any controlled substance you need a script.  I know because I take seizure meds.  One is controlled.  you cant buy nyquil without a script here.

    1. @grant3787¬†i personally don’t need any type of prescriptions filled, but maybe someone else here could share their experience on that.

  30. My filipina ex gf told me, that her grandmother were once cured from TB by eating raw python meat. Do you know if this sort of treatment is still common practice in the Phil nowadays? I mentioned it for a medical student who refused to believe it, but after a quick google, I realized that snakes do produce a natural antibiotica, and considering that people with TB often are coughing up blood, perhabs it is possible for the meat to reach the blood stream orally.  

    1. @mikkeljs i read several articles about how papaya leaves were crushed and the juice extracted used to speed the recovery from dengue.  it had been done in the PH and India for years but never looked at seriously by the medical community.  but an article last year was done by a doctor who took platelet tests before, during and after papaya leaf treatment and saw increases in platelets that were pretty conclusive.  a google-search should bring it up for anyone interested.

    1. the reason why is because i had gotten sick and my fiance’ had to get me some medicine and i didn’t know where everything you video is very helpful

    1. From my research to safely get benzos. see a doctor and use that script for your stay there. That way the rest of your trips around Asia you’ll be able to transport upto a 100 of them. Even better get a Doctor in USA or wherever you are that you need Diazepam, Alpraz, etc. All the time. If you fall into trouble you have that letter to back you up! That you NEED them. Go to Cambodia otherwise or Thialand and OTC everything.

  31. Can u bring your own meds (over the counter) from the USA with U into the country ? Stuff like Asprin, Nyquil, asthma meds, or the typical cold and flu meds ?

    1. @Solar Landlord i had no problem doing that.  i put my over-the-counter stuff in my shaving kit, along with my checked luggage, no problems.

  32. If you do know exactly what you need, then filipino pharmacies are awesome. The quality of their products are 100%, but the problem is that people can take the wrong things for their conditions.

    For instance, antibiotics for the flu? NO! Influenza is a viral infection, and antibiotics make it worse, not better.

    Over the counter products? It’s good to look up the generic names for the products you need before you go in. That’ll save you the discussion with the pharmacist in front of everyone.

    Thanks for posting!

    1. @Brian Tracy¬†Amazing!!..You can’t even travel in the U.S.A. with most controlled, prescribed medicine without the pharmacy prescription bottle properly labeled!!..So the Mexican pharmacy’s have a quack doctor on hand to prescribe whatever your heart desires??..Sounds very dangerous and irresponsible to me!!….

    2. @r seda You can buy common antibiotics without a rx,, what you’re looking for definitely requires a rx,, many pharmacies have a doctor who can write a rx for you.. What you’re looking for will get the wrong type of attention.

    1. Forget prescriptions. Go to a popular Chinese herbalist and try a few products. They all work but you need to find one that has the maximum effect and the least side-effect. And never forget that how you feel about the woman you are with has more influence on your libido than any drug you take.

    2. For you guys asking about viagra. If your in or near Makati just visit Burgess Street. You can’t walk 20 steps without someone trying to sell it…among other things. Probably any multiple bar area in the Philippines you can find it if that’s your thing…

    3. It’s really a hit and miss. Some pharmacies require prescription even for generics and some won’t. Personally, I didn’t have luck in any Rose Pharmacies, but I did in several Mercury and some hole in the wall pharmacies.

    1. @edsthelion¬†here in the PH, they come down hard for weed. and if you’re a foreigner.. you are so screwed. not a weed-friendly nation. the weed i encountered was cheap, but not that good, so i just do without.

  33. I know a lot of people watch your videos, as I do. I read all the comments so I didn’t miss something. I see a pain management doctor in the states on a regular basis and am on Methadone and Percocet long term. Does ANYONE know if that is something I can get there? With or without a prescription? Thanks.

    1. Hello Chris. Not sure if you’re still interested in this but yes you can. I am an American in Quezon City and am in a wheelchair with a debilitating bone disease.

      You will need to see an anesthesiologist or pain management doctor and you MUST bring your records from the USA or wherever. Be aware there are not many of these here in the PI!

      He will write for you a special yellow prescription called an S2 prescription. This is a form that allows him to prescribe medicine that is considered dangerous in the Philippines according to the Dangerous Drugs Act.

      You must also be prepared to pay: the Filipino version of Percocet, OxyNorm, costs 150 pesos per cap, and 12% VAT is charged!

      Save travels and good luck to you. Despite the trials of this the Philippines is still much easier for me than my home country. ūüėÉ

  34. The things about the Philippines is the options… if you know what you are looking for and you’re very informed about the drugs then good but if you are not sure then go see a doctor.

    1. @Alcyone89 ‘some’ people like to be informed and will check out websites like http://www.webmd.com and do some research on their own. but the majority of people seem to prefer sitting down with a doc and getting a script/Rx. the good thing is that most basic meds are fairly inexpensive compared to western prices.

  35. Try finding Solarcaine or any kind of sunburn cream. You will find 4 mercury drug stores on one street corner. Ask for some sunburn cream and the only thing the little girls behind the counter can find is diaper rash cream.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. After reading the article you provided it seems like if I want to retire in the Philippines I will have to find some alternative means of pain relief , my wife (who is from Mactan) swears by those quack doctors.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I have been to Cebu 3 times and brought my medicine with me with no problems and was curious if I retired here I could find a doctor to replace my American doctor for pain management.

  36. I’m starting a business in the Philippines and I live in NYC, been flying back and forth a lot lately and your video was helpful. I spent 2 months there and I also got sick only once, and only because of the plane. Air China flight with 800 people on it, all tightly squashed together. The pharmacies in Manila sold the pills to me individually in tiny paper bags lol

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I plan to get my pain meds and almost all my meds mailed to me from the VA Clinic in Manila… But if the mail isn’t too reliable I might need to get some backup. But also the VA uses UPS here so they might use a courier/shipping service there.

    2. +David Pike if it’s addictive or induces drowsiness, the PH is very restrictive about those meds. plan to have your stateside’s doctor’s info, letter from our doctor (signed) and prescriptions to better your chances of getting those kind of meds in the PH.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      True! I should be going to school in the manila this year can you do a video on black people in phillipines and foreign students in general. I’m a really muscular athletic guy from¬† a rough area in the US so I’m not scared or anything but I need some general tips. I’d be in Las pinas I think. What kind of housing, how¬† much should my parents give me a month, medical etc

    2. +Shogun973 that is true. antibiotics work on bacteria, not viruses. however, in my own case i begin with a viral flu which then opens me up to a bacterial infection in my lungs (it’s happened before in the states), at which point my doctor would assign me antibiotics… not for the flu, but for the bronchial infection that ensued afterward.

  37. This hasn’t been my experience. Half the drugstores won’t give you antibiotics without a prescription. When I was over there for a year I had to have medicine shipped in from the states. My blood pressure medicine cost 4 times what it did in the states. That was because they only sell the brand name, and in small dose tablets. I had to take 4-20 gm tablets get my 80 gm daily dose. It ran about $7.00 a day. Testosterone is not available in any form. They do have an androgen they call Provaran tablets that will do everything except helping keep your prostate from degenerating. Being older I needed Hcg Human Choronic Gonadotropin. It isn’t available any more in the Philippines because it is so expensive there was no market for it. I need a shot every other day to keep my nuts from drying up. That had to be shipped in. They only have Bayer aspirins at about $1 each. In the states you can buy 100 generic for about $2. The brand name Viagra is the only thing available so expect to pay more than you would in the states. Generic is not available. You have to order it direct from an on line pharmacy and hope it makes it through the mail. Don’t use Fed X because every package has to be inspected and a tax assigned to it. They will make it easy for customs to confiscate it. Use UPS and have it shipped directly to your door. It will cost about $100 to get a small box shipped. Another option is to try and use the postal system, but that is chancy although it usually will get to you. If you order from a foreign on line pharmacy they will not guarantee your shipment to the Philippines. Using this approach your chances of it making it to you are about 60%. Normally the advise here is sound and you can take it to the bank. For older fellows who need specific medicines to keep going he is dead wrong. I plan on going back to Cebu to retire permanently and getting my medicine is a nightmare i am facing when I do.

    1. I do the injections myself for that and the Gonadotropin (HCG).¬† What they have is the same racket they have here.¬† I don’t need no evaluation I don’t need anybody telling me what I should have.¬† I know what works been doing it now for 25 years.¬† My endocrine was shut down with lipid lowering drugs (Lovastatin).¬† The doctors gave me an over dose.¬† What I have to do is UPS a small box for about $100.¬† I can’t send much at a time because you never know when customs will impound it.¬† I am 70 yrs old I need the full does of everything.¬† I use 10,000 units of HCH every 6 days, or 1/3rd every other day.¬† That is to keep my nuts from drying up.¬† At my age I would need that anyway.¬† I need 2 ML of Testosterone Cyprionate every week.¬† The FDA recommends 1 ML a week.¬† It ain’t a one size fits all sort of thing.¬† A 10 ML vial lasts 5 weeks.¬† Getting medicine over there is a nightmare.¬† Even Sudafed is not available.¬† I have to have that shipped in.¬† I have to take the Sudafed 2 tabs twice a day to deal with a sinus problem.¬† If I don’t my lungs fill up and I am coughing out funky stuff all day and night long.¬† I get generic Viagra and take 1 1/2 tablet or 150 when I am up for action.¬† I weigh 190 lbs and that works great for me.¬† The patent law issues a patent for life to the pharmaceutical companies.¬† I have to order it from India and have it shipped to the U.S and then sent UPS to me in Cebu, as I do several other of my medications.¬† I already mentioned my blood pressure meds.¬† That was running me $7 a day because of the higher does I needed about 4 of the small 20 mg or whatever tablets, instead 2 of the 40 mg¬† tablets (Lisinapril).¬† .¬† I am on different blood pressure medicine now so I don’t know if it is even available.¬† My plan when I get over there early next year is to try and send as much as I dare in a Balikbayan box.¬† To Plan ahead. I don’t know if you realize it but to get Oxycodone you have to go to an¬† Anesthesiologist who is one of maybe 3 in all of Cebu to get it.¬† People are dying over there of Cancer and all they can get is Tylenol.¬† I take an aspirin 325 mg a day.¬† I have had one mild stroke so I need it.¬† Only¬† Bayer is available at about $1 a tablet.¬† For about $1.20 I can get 100 tablets in the U.S. ¬† Your experience is coming from a healthy man 20 years younger than I am.¬† I have made 8 trips to the Philippines over the years, and would like to try and live there permanently on my next trip.¬† That will require my son to do things for me, and ship things to me like he has never done in his life. ¬†¬† . ¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

    2. +Lynn Nelson i do know that testosterone is available via a clinic in Cebu. after their evaluation you can get a script/Rx to get the testosterone via injection.

  38. My neurologists control my epileptic seizures with a combination of medications… Could I still find these “brand name” pharmaceuticals in the Philippines? Should I have my prescriptions in hand if I ever travel there?

  39. 10 years after 2 head injuries as a teenager I developed epilepsy. I was not “plagued” by seizures but I did suffer a couple. Fortunately my neurologists discovered how to control them with a precise¬†regimen of anti-seizural medications. I require these¬†NAME BRAND¬†medications in the perfect doses or I may have an ‘episode’. If I came to the Philippines how difficult would it be for me to acquire these¬†specific¬†medications? Should I bring my actual prescriptions with me, or will photocopies of these prescriptions be sufficient? I will have the actual pills in my pocket… Could they find me the same pills¬†by just looking at them, in¬†that way? — Signed, “Nervous”. ūüėÄ

  40. So true , my fiancee checked the pharmacy in IloIlo for my blood pressure pill cost there, here my pills in the US cost around $85 a month, same generic blood pressure med in a pharmacy in IloIlo i can get 100 pills for $20 much cheaper and i don’t need a doctors script to buy them so as you said there is more savings as well. Thanks so much i truly enjoy all my friends you tube channels in the Philippines i have gotten so much good information over the years from you all, I now plan to return this year and retire, i have a town house in a gated community waiting for me and my fiancee, when i arrive and awesome Land lady as well who is holding it for me till i arrive this May. Very reasonable rent as well with great security. And we have a puppy as well named Coffee Black lol. Thanks again for your great informative video’s i’ve learned so much from you and Ned, and Bud, and Bill, and Mike, and Chris, Thanks to you all , i subscribe to all your channels i have a channel as well on you tube, mostly for family and those who enjoy nature and wildlife.

  41. I love this vlog! I have travelled many places… some for helping the poor and some for vacation with family.. for Bolivia, i had to get a shot for yellow fever as well as carry that card with me everywhere! It contaminates your blood for 10 years.. meaning only that you cannot go to red cross to donate blood.. i also was given a prescription for malaria pills! I suggest taking those pills as many people were ill from coming in contact with local water! Do the phillipines have shot requirements?

    1. while no shots are ‘required’ by immigration.. suggested shots are typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis (questionable), and influenza. ¬†if only getting one of these, i’d suggest hepatitis or flu shot above the rest.

    1. yes. anything that induces sleep or addictive, they are pretty strict about that here. i had trouble getting melatonin (non-addictive) from the pharmacy. it was easier to get from a vitamin kiosk.

  42. Hello,you are wonderful person,I have been watching you not long ago..First time I saw you in here you in Bua-Bual..My home is in Ginatilan..Now I leave in California USA..Most of you guys I love to watch..There’s a lot of us Filipino would like yo know some other beautiful places..keep up the good Video..

  43. Just to give you a tip on your next video about pharmacies in the Philippines if a foreigner is coming here, like what I did I got one year supply of medication at least you know what you’re taking there is a product in Australia called codrel in one day your flu is gone bio flu don’t work well for me

  44. Everytime I get a note from the doctor I can’t bloody read scribble so I give it to the pharmacist and everytime they don’t even squint or anything and provide what’s written O_o

  45. Antibiotics for the flu wont work since its a virus. Nothing, even the deadly flu vaccines (look up the ingredients then check a medical dictionary for anything you do not know or google it) will treat viruses. However, antibiotics ARE given for secondary infections that occur in addition to the flu. You had other conditions which the antibiotics cured due to other “bugs” you picked up on the plane.

    1. Flu vaccines are very effective provided they contain protection for types of virus you were exposed to. But that is not always the case and a flu vaccine in the US may not be as effective in the Philippines. Can we get Tamiflu here?

  46. I have a couple of serious health issues(disabled) and have prescriptions (us) ..main one Im concerned over is oxycodone….what if it were lost or stolen while there? could i obtain the medication there if needed..I know its one of the banned items for entry..please only those seriously answering ..I saw a comment below about fish oil..I dont want to get into it but I MUST have this medication .

  47. He should have mentioned the fact that bottles of ibuprofen, acetaminophen and so on are unavailable. Only small blister-packs are available. If you take something like that regularly, bring your own supply with you.

  48. how about stats on how to pay at hospitals and care quality for heart patients with previous bypass surgery… (mine is a 5 way bypass) so now on 14 meds—- maybe some prices on that type meds..

  49. Superb vid here…I’ve been prone to sinus infections/congestion all my life…Coming here 30 years ago (and every year for the next 20 yrs for a 1 month vacay before moving here full time 7 years ago) was really brutal…Luckily Pharmacies are everywhere thank goodness as you said ~ Even mom and pop ones and those are the ones less likely to ask for a script…Amox is like 5 peso per tab and its not fake and not generic but I no longer take it (some pharmacies here in Pampanga WILL NOT let you purchase it without a doctors script so just an FYI to any of the readers out there…

    I have found that the very best way to avoid the creepin’ crud (sinus infections that turn into bronchial problems is to keep your hands away from your face ~ away from your eyes, nose and mouth) and to wash your hands frequently and use a disinfectant such as alcohol on your hands frequently…I don’t drink but I keep a bottle of Baccardi 151 in the closet…Feel a sore throat coming on I take a small swig and it burns like hell (do it twice a day for a few days and the virus is wiped out)…SinuTab along with NasaCort spray is also a good combo along with Strepsil lozenges…Stay healthy ūüôā

  50. I have a question about pain meds. which you may not encountered there? I know what one might think as the pain meds. are addicting and some crazy guy may just want info on how to score drugs! Just to clarify, I am a Veteran who is prescribed pain meds. here. I was a paratrooper and broke my back and my neck jumping out of airplanes for the Army. I need these suckers to get through the day. Not very many but one can only bite on a stick for just so long to wait out the pinching, throbbing and numbness associated with nerve pain. Do you have any ideas what it takes to them? Paperwork ext… needed? Thank you.

  51. I live in Mexico for several years until 2011. They now require a prescription for antibiotics even for viagra.. Do not take antibiotics for a cold or the flu as they are viral infections, antibiotics are for bactieral infections and it causes a resitance to antibiotics.

  52. I went 10 years with not a single kind of med taken aside from the occasional aspirin. Just recently I had a severe tooyh infection that required antibiotics. Luckily I’m Canadian so the Dr and meds were all covered.

  53. You will have a hard time getting opiate pain killers, ie codeine, Morphine, Oxycodene, Diazepam , you can’t get a prescription for Diazepam and good luck getting that. You can buy Amoxicillin over counter or in supermarket. The strongest painkiller you can get is Paracetamol. In iloilo you need to see a Psychiatrist for Benzo diazpam. you can’t buy anti viral meds in Manilla. Even simple codeine linctus is impossible. you might try Makati Meds for strong meds if you can prove you are on it in the west so take your photocopy of your prescription with a letter from your G.P

  54. I been to the Doctors regular consultations and medication to treat me average cost 500 perso inclusive. Just walk in an Doctors and with in minutes I’m seeing a Doctor, for some reason there could be a room full of ill people but time after time the foreigner goes before the locals to see the Doctor. Odd system all so I belive there is Chemist’s every where in Asia due to people been paranoid about been ill. The slightest bit of feeling not so good and some are knocking on Deaths door. Strange how many people treat there selves when I’ll. From Karl (THE, COFFIN, MAKER).

  55. Mercury Pharmacy’s require a prescription now for antibiotics recently. But the local generic Pharmacy’s dant require a prescription and will make sure your taking the right ones especially when you have an infection.

  56. Is it easy to see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon over there? Botox and fillers? And retinoids? Or is it a plastic surgery nightmare country ?

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