A Bad Start To Our Day

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  1. Backroads in the province are bad in the Inabanga place where i was the same sharp stones were there,I was surprised the Motorcycles and trikes and trucks didn’t get more flats regularly , walking on top of them with flip-flops gave me sore feet..Its more fun in the Philippines . Stay safe keep 😃 smiling

  2. That sucked rocks. Should have packet it shut with Charlie’s diapers. Maybe would have plugged it up a little. Time to install a skid plate underneath.

  3. That really sucks especially since it was full an couldn’t catch it.dont know if chicken wire under the tank will help any.but that road is rough, remember the time you took us down it

  4. Y’all 11 who dislike these videos go somewhere else if u dont like watching them… 🤔😁😁 U must watch them to dislike them.. Grow up …. Jelly people

  5. I am so sorry but It’s just mind blowing watching your channel, i have never seen someone with this much bad luck.! They say curses are real, at some point you have to reach the peak of the pinnacle. And have a long streak of good luck! because you are literally defying the odds. Just forge forward. Things got to improve. That’s my two cents.

  6. Oh gosh !! That’s a big leak . With vehicles it seems it’s always something . Sorry y’all got stuck on the road … I been there and it ain’t no fun….

  7. Cheer up Brian. If that happened in the US, you’d get a $1500 to $5000 US bill from the Hazmat Team that would be dispatched to clean up YOUR spill, on top of everything else.

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