6am Trip to the Bohol Fish Market – Philippines

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  1. It was a by-product of staying up until 3am the night before.. then waking up at 9am. That early morning stuff is for the birds. By 10pm I was dying. It’s just not natural.

  2. Yes.. there are two bridges, the other one is further West if I have my bearings correct. I’m not sure if they call them ‘old bridge’ / ‘new bridge’ like they do at Mactan or not. But there are two bridges connecting to Panglao.

  3. The big-ass orange one in the video is what I got.. it was just over 2 kilos. I gave it to Jovan and her family was super impressed with it. Seems like flowers here are perceived as a “wasteful” use of money from what I heard. But once it’s been a month with Jovan I’ll give her some roses. She’s a top-shelf woman, I’m very impressed with her. 🙂

  4. Lapu-Lapu…the most delicious fish in Philippines! My opinion… How much did this cost there? I bet in Lapu-Lapu where we have a house, more than a double now, bc what happened in Cebu straight 🙁 Anyway I wouldn`t see you face first thing in the morning..but I really hope Jovan can stand it better! She has deserved this wonderful fish..AND the roses! 🙂 ( “Fish is a good start…!”) Nice video! Keep them going! Nice beginning of the song..”Easy rider” going on the highway…lol!

  5. Well, I paid 260 pesos per kilo and I think I got hosed just a little. But apparently I’m hearing it’s an expensive fish anyway so, I suppose price could fluctuate based on quantity that day. A friend of mine, who told me about this place, says he gets fresh yellowfin tuna for about 120 pesos a kilo. But he speaks Visayan and has a Filipina wife so.. he gets the local price. Me, I still get the special kano price. ha!

  6. I’ve been wanting so bad to give her a dozen roses, but like I said.. people told me it’s not gonna go over so well. So, I figured, who can argue that a fish isn’t useful?.. and went with that idea.

  7. I paid 260 pesos per kilo on the one I bought that morning. Oddly enough, maybe the price over at Lapu Lapu is actually cheaper due to the whole ferry incident. My ex/gf told me she won’t eat any fish for another 2 months because she’s worried the fish might have eaten the people still in the water. Yah, kinda weird and unrealistic.. I told her only piranhas and sharks eat people. Now lobsters and crabs.. that’s another story. Anyway, I’ll bet lots of other locals feel the same way.

  8. One of your best videos so far Henry! Thanks for giving us your time waking up early, shooting, editing and posting it. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with the fresh fish. Are you using Gopro?

  9. I’m glad everything is working out with your lady friend . Lol lady friend my pops use to say that . i see you always get a hello and say hello to the females and not the male . Are they not as friend ?

  10. I’ll be getting a GoPro once I have the funds. For now I’m using a stick-cam that fasten to the helmet. I was kinda bummed when I realized it was angled downward further than I thought. Trial and error. More adventures on the way. 🙂

  11. Philippines is my permanent, for sure. However it’s on my ‘list’ to sometime spend about a month living in Florence to enjoy the food, art and people. Aside from Florence, Thailand is on my list too. Other than that, most of my travels I plan to explore the PH Visayan areas and islands. 🙂

  12. I get friendly nods from the older men.. seems the younger Filipino men stay their distance for whatever reason. Unless they do the whole, “MY FRIEND!” routine followed by asking for beer money. ha! But the young and older women are the most friendliest everywhere I go, no doubt about that.

  13. ha!.. yah, she was already pretty sweet on me as it was and the following day, I could tell she was beside herself. Her parents told her it was a “first class fish” and I think I won them over too. She’s a quality, top-shelf woman.. I’m very impressed with her outlook on life. I’m definitely gonna continue seeing her for the long term.

  14. It has a key for the ignition, which locks.. and then a separate key for the keyhole cover. Plus the steering wheel locks in place at an angle. Unless you were to chain it down to something immovable everywhere you went, anyone really bent on stealing it would just put it into the back of a truck and drive off. Fortunately, it’s not too big a theft issue on Bohol. I heard Manila and Cebu it’s worse.. motors are stripped and used to make boats. Rest is sold for parts.

  15. Yes! You`re right! There`s now some “urban legents” that someone did bought a fish and did find a ring inside that fish….:) But I bet it is now good times for selling pork meat…IF people only can afford to buy! Feel pity on the fishermen there!

  16. I can’t believe there is so much hustle and bustle that early. So I imagine its the same all over because my wife always would mention how her mom goes to the market like at 4 or 5 am every morning. I couldn’t do that but she would start cooking very early and sell out every day at lunch. One of those looked like red snapper but maybe not, I wish I knew how much they all cost. Heck here in the grocer (az) old frozen is pretty costly. But that market is the way to go Henry.

  17. Oh bohol my hometown… Right now im leaving here in angeles city for almost a decade.. Refresh me sir to those all the beautiful spots in bohol like beaches in panglao, balicasag island, loboc river with floating cottage on it, tarsier teritory, chocolate hills and the oldest church in baclayon.. daghang salamat amigo ug maayong adlaw kanimo…

  18. Good show, I don’t think I will ever get the fish markets that early as I send the Home Assistant ( maid ) to buy fish. Good idea onuour choice of gifts, you can eat fish but not roses. Also you can feed a woman fish for a day but give her a husband and she will eat the rest of her life.

  19. Rebecca Bermoy

    New Hampshire but I was born in Ubay, Bohol love your Bohol Video. I miss my province very much, I am truly boholana. I am happy that you try to learn visaya. I try to teach my husband tagalog. Why did you chose Bohol as your permanent address? What is the mean reason? By the way I really did not know your first name.



    1. i chose it mostly for the small-town feel and the natural landscape of the island.  i really enjoy all the greenery and it’s central to everywhere i want to visit in the visayas.  a great place to chill out and relax.

  20. hi i live in totolan just across from that bridge… ive been there a million times..haha… ordinary people converge there for fresh fish and reasonable price straight from the guy who caught the fish himself not the middleman.. im an immigrant to canada since Dec 2008

    1. It is just a standard photo tripod, but i fashioned a ‘holder’ for the camera out of a small cardboard box and some tape.  🙂

  21. I grew up there, almost gone there everyday during the early days. hehehe lol. I felt like a foregner of my own place while watching your video.

    1. I love crossing either of those bridges on my scooter.. day or night.  I love the ocean mist smell and the stars overhead.  Pretty awesome.

  22. I love seafood.. pusit-cudlefish, isda-fish, hipon-shrimp, talangka-crabs, talaba-oasters, tulya-shellfish, alimango-lobsters and pating-sharks…those are real tagolog words for you my friend..thanks for posting..I love your videos.

    1. @Roland Tuason WoW!  you have been in america longer than me.. I was fourteen when I left the Islands and been here in Minnesota ever since,..I have to say, I didn’t like such long winter periods like, here  cause in Japan has same climate and three season maybe,. but the winter here is just dang long.. And it changes up and down really fast due to the jetstream of the entire mid-west.. And thanks for that tagalog history there!  It’ been a while, haven’t spoken our native tonggue. Pero,  nakakapag salita paren hindi kailangan  maghalo ng engles katulad ng mga bagong kabataang pinoy..  Kapag may nakakalimutan ako,. nanono’ud lang ng totoy batong pelikula  starring  Julia Vega and Fernado Po Jr. Iyan ay tunay na tunay ng pinoy at’chaka paborito ko..  Mabuhay kabayan!

    2. @GlassLegend40 Yes I am pero I spent only 16 years here in the Philippines. (18 years now since I came back in 2012). I spent 37 and a half years in North America before returning in 2012. We always called crabs alimango not the small ones but large ones. Lobster was not called alimango because my mom loves those fatty crabs (female) and used to buy them all the time. Lobster was called ulang which they didn’t get as much but scampi which is called sugpo was both a lot for sinigang shrimp. Sorry for the langostina. Langostina is Spanish or Mexican for Lobster. In tagalog, Lobster is called Ulang. Alimango is the large crabs. Alimasag now is the smaller crabs sorta like the blue crabs.   

    3. @Roland Tuason actually, you’re just about right there pal  !    Lobster ay alimango sa tagalog ng salita sa bayan naten … Pinoy kaba kabayan?

  23. too much lambanog? i enjoy watching youtube vid of expats in the philippines, on cold snowy nites here in pennsylvania, sad 1st yr i did get back to PH, but saving up to buy place in lipa city

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