55 PSI of Boost! Twin Turbo Diesel Rollin’ Coal in Bangkok

#Boost #Turbo #Diesel
4 cylinders, 2 turbos, 55 pounds of BOOST! This Isuzu D-Max built by Lucky Racing is so clean and gets down!


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  1. Hi CB, you need to visit Burapa bike week in pattaya next time it come to town, some nice bikes to photo and do some reports on 👍

  2. Very nice,the attention too detail and the quality top notch. Compound boosting seen that done with 03 cobras roots+turbo. Sry Chad had too 🤣 with that chair spin 🤣 enjoyed man,take care.

  3. Hi CB, do you have any plans for any adventure in and around Thailand soon, The mountains and lots of things are different now when the Rain season start. I looking forward to your next vlogg 👍 Stay safe out there dude 😁

  4. Once again another showpiece of Thai ingeniousness. They are a clever bunch and their attention to detail is always at the forefront of everything they do.

  5. i like that market they sell cool stuff there ,btw cool truck .it was a good video again, so as always👍up from me

  6. What’s up King of the River’s , we’re not worthy but we’re going to watch anyway. Another cool video, keep them coming .

  7. Thank you Chad. Another cool video. And again for the INSANE live stream yesterday. Most live streams are people in a chair sipping tea, answering questions and coffee mug giveaways. With all the things that could have gone wrong with no editing capability, that was a straight up ballsy move taking everyone in a multi faceted adventure through streets, alleyways, slums, and public transport live. And you STILL somehow managed to answer questions, give perspective, and interact with viewers at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it. Even got a ladyboy live for your loyal “special fans”. You never disappoint, always deliver and just completely confirmed that you brother, are a LEGIT BALLER!!✌

  8. Dude you’re really pulling through on these videos, haven’t even watched it yet. Watching the whole shitty ad so hopefully it helps. 🤘🇺🇸 Liked the live feed too man.

    Take care

  9. I’d still go with the jeep rod man! But you may wanna consider that power plant vs a 2jz. How available is high octane gas over there? Diesel is diesel, but it’d kinda suck to have a 2jz and can only get your hands on 87 octane fuel!

  10. The 4JH in my fairlane was pushing 50psi all day long….which was a pita as it was also pushing all the oil out the breather faster than i could catch it n return it back to the sump. 🙁
    Can you keep an eye out for a crank n 1 rod while you’re out n about down there? 🙂

  11. Watch at 38 seconds as Chad takes his mask off, there is a rolled up paper that’s being hoisted up on a red string behind him. Lol! What the heck is that?

  12. While Thailand is consider poor by western standards, it sure seems that many Thai people have enough disposable income to afford some of the nice cars i’ve seen on your videos.

  13. Hahah nice, she looked like it was overfueling a fair bit even at idle 😀 Hey what happened to your live stream video I missed it due to being at work, was spewing its now private… aggh

  14. Great vid,really enjoyed it. Can you put the torque figures in Nm next time ? So we (europeans) don’t have to Google it every time . By the way thats about 950Nm or 95kgm

  15. No Air conditioner, but the AC compressor is on the engine and under the radiator there seem to be a A/C condenser or maybe a oil cooler? The owner did a quality build. That truck could easy compete on auto/truck shows.

  16. My cool car days were long ago when 400 hp required a 409 cubic inch engine (Chevy) or 426 cu in (Pontiac). Your videos are resurrecting my dormant motor head. I had a WTF moment when you pointed out the nitrous cylinders. In a diesel? I’m definitely out of touch. Gotta go Googling. But I do know enough to know he needs to get his fuel mixture to be a little more lean, too much carbon smoke.

  17. What an awesome truck man i love diesel trucks
    I think these isuzu trucks are assembled in Thailand aren’t they correct me if im wrong
    I know the toyota hilux is assembled im Thailand

  18. Yo C, I am planning my G-triangle ride as we speak. Any links to scooter shops etc would be great to have if ya have the time between doing spins off your riser/crane stool … lol

  19. ผมดีใจนะ ที่ทุกอู่ ยินดีต้อนรับฝรั่งคนนี้ให้เขาเข้าไปทำคลิป ผมรู้สึกว่าเขาหลงไหลวงการและสไตส์การแต่งรถ ของเมืองไทยเข้าซะแล้ว เขากำลังพรีเซ็นต์ ของดี ของคนไทย ให้คนทั่วโลกได้รับรู้ 😚

  20. We love diesel engines since trucks like Isuzu are everywhere in daily life. Car culture is quite deep into Thai society. Thanks for the awesome vids. 🙂

  21. The reaction of the people in the background as you were walking through the market talking to a camera was kinda funny. The one guy even out his mask on when he seen you.

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