5 Regrets Living In Thailand

V;og#552 There has been a few thing I wish I would have done different and some I wish I never did while in Thailand.
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  1. Chuck, I watch many videos about expats living in Thailand and the Philippines and your efforts to capture real life living in SE Asia are top notch. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos, your efforts are make appreciated. Take care!!!!

  2. Chuck, I’ve heard you say before that you can’t or shouldn’t just hand out money in Thailand but didn’t understand why. Thanks for putting yourself out there and explaining it!

  3. That last one was a YIKE’S moment.. I hope the pictures weren’t of her. It would have been a blocked number immediately for me.

  4. Love watching videos..! I had no regrets coming Thailand , I came there with my glass empty ready to soak it all up !! Keep up with the videos..!

  5. Chuck, good stuff and honest reflections that will be helpful. Retirement is just a few months away now and things like insurance are top of mind for me. Thankfully, no Thai partner. I really do want to come and chill and get away from the chaos of America. I like the pointer of no expectations. Thanks as always for sharing.

  6. I have been to Thailand twice. I met lovely women both times in their 50’s The first time I didn’t understand the culture and the first woman was very pissed at me. I spent a week with her paid for everything and gave her presents worth a few hundred dollars t she felt i slighted her. The second time I went I met a lovely woman. She wanted me to move in her house and pay 40,000 bhat a month and living expenses. I thought that was excessive and she got upset. I am not sure of costs but can I ask what you think??

  7. Only regret is not coming sooner. I usually let my Thai wife (18 years married) handle the money, except on Lazada.
    Say hi to Paige. God bless you guys!

  8. I have seen many scams about Thailand and a few regret videos, yours is great. I too am a giver and appreciate the heads up the the cultural issues it can create. Oh and you are one lucky guy having Paige for a wife.

  9. Thanks for info on your regrets and I haven’t even been thailand yet , but I understand about friend with lady , man do I understand lot more about Thai lady’s and there thinking , learned lot in past year wow 😯 , have good day both

  10. And Chuck. Don’t leave pictures on your phone. Rookie mistake, especially when you just start living with the inlaws. Sluggo

  11. Your regrets have nothing to do with Thailand, those are life regrets, things that could have happened anywhere. The caption is a bit misleading, otherwise a good video about life’s intrigues and intricacies.

  12. No regrets here. I too am a giver. When I give someone money it’s up to them to do what they want with it. Weather to buy booze or pay the rent. I did my part by giving.. I don’t expect to be paid back. Better to give than receive. By giving I am planting a seed and some day I will reap what I have sown.

  13. Chuck there is a famous saying by our forefather Benjamin Franklin. “ No Lenderer No Borrower Be” I once lended a friend money and I regretted it. He never paid me back. You give money to anyone forget about it. You’ll never see it again.


  15. don’t loan money (regret) but, give money to wife family? Hearing things from others, if marry wife also marry family for financial support or no money no honey.

  16. Hi Chuck! I am am insurance broker in the US based in Florida and offer US health insurance and international polices. Unfortunately there are many polices sold that do not cover pre-existing conditions. I run into it all the time. It should have been communicated to you by the agent who sold you the policy.

  17. G Morning Paige and Chuck. Lucky your regrets are nothing life threatening. Lol. I really love the fried rice wrapped with the egg omelette.

  18. Life can be filled with regrets and when the day comes I lay on my deathbed, I’d much rather be able to say I shouldn’t have done some things versus I wish I had tried some things. Embrace life, both the good and not so good!

  19. Good advice for anywhere! Thanks for the personal sharing!! I’d love to hear more from Paige sometime. She always seems so quiet.

  20. Hi Chuck,Thai people will always think we Farang have big money.You don’t work, you have big car, you live with rich people.Me I build a big wooden house, I have a second hand izuzu, I don’t work same you.I live in a small village I mix with the Thai people,I help work with them I never give money only if it’s something to do with the village.I have been to people’s house for food and drink.What do they think of me I really don’t know.Sometimes they can walk straight pass me and not even speak, the next day they might buy me a beer.Half the village have been too my house and we play the French game pétanque they love that game.That is good advice not to lend money because you may not get it back. Ok if you want my honest opinion Thai people don’t really like Farang and I don’t have a reason to say that it’s just my opinion I have made in the last five years.I am a Farang that lives the life style of a Thai person,I shop at the market,I eat Thai food,I ride my motorbike,I sit and drink with people in the local shop but I will always be a Farang.

  21. Fortuner = for-chun+er…..even thai tv ads are for-chun-er. I have only heard foreign men call it a for-tooner……sorry Chuck, just a real pet peeve of mine!😉

  22. Thanks for sharing your few regrets. Most seem fairly minor in the scheme of things to me. But good learning lessons to take note of in Thailand. The one with the picture on your phone is a very easy and innocent trap a Western guy in Thailand could easily fall into and while a guy might think his Thailand partner should understand its minor, Western guys should remember that Thai women have grown up in a culture where men often cheated. Then moved on to the new girl.
    Stay safe. I’m really hanging out to get back there and missing Thailand too 🙂

  23. good morning guys, yes no regrets, life is a journey, our experiences make us who we are, you gotta get onboard, stay safe, provinces are open at last !

  24. Yep! I know exactly what you went through. My shit moment came right in the middle of making love to my wife. My laptop was on the nightstand, facing my pillow when Skype started ringing. Was my ex-fiance. Big smiley picture and all. Usually, women use their eyes to look left or right, but when you get big head movements that snap to, just know…you’re in big trouble! …big trouble!

  25. I lived in Thailand for almost 1 year. What I don’t regret is not selling my house in the U.S.
    What do regret is trusting , not only some thai’s but farangs too , when money is involved.

  26. Very good advice. I will be moving to Thailand in the future with my Thai wife and our child. I promise you I will heed this advice. Thanks again!

  27. Thanks for the info, Chuck and Paige. Your vehicle regrets are universal. I got hosed on a sports car from a dealership here in Canada. The insurance thing is also a universal. Having worked in the insurance industry, I can tell you it is super-complicated. Buying the wrong insurance is very common around the world. Basically, money and friends are a bad mix. Giving money to the people on the street here is the same. They buy crack or whatever. Volunteering in Thailand is very risky. Even if you are not getting paid, you can be classed as working, without a work permit. “Saving face” in Thailand, and other Asian countries is so complicated, it takes years to figure it out. The broken Mafia bike story sounds like a good example. That was the hardest part for me when I lived there. Maybe you could do a video on “face” in Thailand. It’ll save a lot of grief for a lot of farang. Saving face for a Westerner usually involves yelling and getting angry, and “primate threat displays”. Not in Thailand: it is on a different planet.

  28. Another great video. Everyone has regrets as long as it ends with notime2bsad then its a semi good regret. And I dont think Thai people understand loan i think it translates to gift 🙂

  29. Hi Chuck . Thank you again for another great real life stuff video. How did you stop giving money away without offending people? I find it difficult not to give or (loan) especially when the amount is small for me, but still sometimes I did feel taken advantage of. Regards to Paige.

  30. Ok Chuck… you know I’ve been tuned into your channel for awhile now…. because, first and foremost I liked the way you think about “stuff” , logically and with common sense and I’m on that page. Then you told us your had a slightly enlarged heart….. me too…. so that strengthened my loyalty to you and your channel. Now you say you had a deviated septum!!! SO DO I !!!! Chuck, I think we could be brothers….. who was your father? :-)))). Thanks for your openness and sharing.

  31. yes, my favorite part of being in Korea was going to the orphanage on the weekends and spending time with the kids. BEST TIME of my life, Chuck.

  32. Good video, my biggest regret is not moving to Thailand a long time ago. When my wife’s uncle was going through the process of my immigration to Thailand. That’s it for me. And thanks for reading my regret, and listening to yours. Keep up the good videos you are providing us.

  33. Don’t seem to me like you have any genuine regrets. Sorry to say it seems to me you are just trying find something to regret. Just enjoy

  34. I’d have a struggle coming up with five regrets too. I know for a long time I’ve had the personal philosophy of ‘never invest more than you can afford to walk away from’. So yeah, I don’t loan out more than I can afford to give away. Usually I don’t expect it to ever come back, so it’s always a happy surprise when it does. 🙂 As far as women friends go, I’ve never been especially good at that. I’ve had women co-workers, and with my past profession, not all that many female co-workers, but I wouldn’t really call them friends. All my friends in Thailand are other male farangs. (Ah ha! One big regret. I’ve lived here for nine years so far. I regret that my Thai language skills are not far better than the pitiful level I’m at now.) I had a somewhat similar situation to you, but it didn’t go so far as sending me photos, but I purposely don’t accept social media friend requests from women over here that aren’t either my own extended family, or immediate family of my farang friends, and I don’t ever initiate those friend requests. I think you have an advantage with Paige living in the US for so long, I assume her English skills are excellent. My wife’s English is okay, and my Thai is pathetic. There are far too many opportunities for misunderstanding, and it’s just not worth it. I don’t want a small misunderstanding to become a huge explosion. It’s like when I was working; the safest way to work on a tower is the tower you don’t have to climb. To me, the best way to avoid misunderstanding when interacting with other women is to avoid (as much as possible) interacting with other women, when my wife is not around. Anyway, that seems to have worked for me. 🙂 So my one big regret is not putting in more effort at learning the language of the country where I live. (And on the flipside, it’s given me far more empathy for the people I encountered in the US that had a struggle with learning English.)

  35. My Thai wife is so fed up with people asking her for money, because she’s married to a Farang. We always say that if you need to lend money, you probably can’t pay it back. If you can pay it back, you can also wait until you have the money. There is only need in emergency, like a sudden doctors Bill, a roof leaking or anything that cost more then you can save. Her experience is that people get angry to her if you asks her borrowed money back. Ever since she stopped helping.

  36. That is a really dangerous situation,with the massage lady.Good thing Paige understood the situation.If she hadn’t, you would have to keep one eye open when you sleep at night hehe!

  37. Oh dear, that last regret was a biggie! Cheers for sharing a great video Chuck and Paige. All the best from Australia. 😊🇦🇺

  38. TRD vehicles are super expensive in America, the TRD Camry really isn’t worth it, the Camry XSE has more options and color choices. Paige is always quiet and sweet, smiling all the time. Bet she could easily murder you while you sleep, if you shamed her too far. Becoming a fish food Farang. LOL

  39. No need to have regrets in life. It s a matter of dealing with Life. If you learn out of all those things, you will be able to be a better person, partner, friend. 💪. Addicted to your videos😉 In a few years move to Um Chan (bua dueng) and leave disfunctional Belgium

  40. Hi C&P. Im a woman getting ready to stop working. Been waching you for a bit now. After visiting Thailand last year thinking of maybe living part time there after retirment. And your sharing is helping me make up my mind. And I enjoy wachting you guys. Thanks.

  41. Too many distractions in Thailand. Virtually it’s like all the women are hunting for the same catch. We need to stand our guard, once in a while we get blown away!! Sending pics asking for money (read dole), avaracious requests are deed of the day. Trends of wiping out our savings if we offer pity on frivolous requests are a sure hazard. Learnt it the hard way, but it was something I could afford to write off, just in case it served someone’s purpose even for a meal… I feel the fundamental ethos trends towards denial and any given chance people will frolic their way into their next fix and we are left stranded, confused.

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