5 million vnd donation for mother & child on the Saigon streets.

Thanks to Cuong Tran.

Paypal link:

First meeting with Yen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXHdjsR5LXs
First meeting with Bow Bow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXb9wjC1kV8
*And sorry for delay in videos guys. My sony camcorder has come down with the toyota virus.


  1. Great to see you are making the effort to help others out, a lot of people want to help but have problems finding a trusted person such as yourself to do the deed. Keep up the great work

  2. Troy, thanks for the video and thanks to Mr. Cuong for his generosity. You should call out that Russian Begpacker for the fraud and scumbag that he truly is. POS!

  3. What the hell was the situation with this white begpacker? He’s obviously not stranded here, most probably doesn’t want to work and is looking for easy sex.

  4. Yay Cuong Tran !!!!! Those two are beautiful. Troy is the very special conduit that makes it all happen. A life with real purpose – how many of us can say that ?

    1. Cuang Tran and Troy, you are both awesome. It was so nice seeing the boy at first confused and a bit guarded/shy, and then his mum took him to get food and he was so excited 🙂

  5. Same as the English teacher from England begging with a sign! The only reason he isn,t taking any more donations is because they unravelled his identity. Scurge of society making 20million vnd per month but struggling to survive apparently.

    1. Lam Duong I was thinking I’m sure I’ve read of similar ones, some from here, uk doing it. Expecting poor people to subsidise their holiday is very scummy!
      The town I live in has some ‘homeless’ people, not hundreds. Usually they’re in the town centre, doing drugs & stealing. The virus hit & suddenly they disappeared! Except for the few real homeless people who stay well away from the others.

  6. … what a nice tune bumping into the video. Thanks to Cuong Tran’s generosity and Troy’s “blade runner” skills in finding these two needy souls. Stay frosty Bro’.

    1. Is just a few idiots, not everyone is like that. Also, lots of viets looking out for other viets, been there and saw it myself.

  7. Hey Troy,
    I have a question: Approximately how much does it cost for å child to get through primary school, and is there any organization that supports kids with low-social status?

    Love from Norway

    1. @Bam Bam Bernum Schools aren’t open yet. Social distancing here has been extended for another week in most cites and provinces in Vietnam. But for roughly half of the country things are looking up and schools could possibly open at the start of next month but that’s being optimistic at the moment. We’re still waiting and playing it by ear.

    2. Troy Vietnam is it true they keep on pulling the kids out of school and then make shit load of excuses about lost paperwork lol.. I say that because I heard it so many times

  8. Was so angry seeing that scamming Russian turd on the streets, then Troy and Mr Cuong and mother and son restored my faith in humanity.
    Starting a monthly donation right now. Thanks Troy. Also, you are a very funny bastard.

  9. Russian BegPacker could easily be a criminal in his home country seeking refuge in Vietnam. Plenty of life stories such as this from down and out foreign “tourists”. You see this in Thailand as well, and this is why Thai authorities impose stiff penalties for visa overstays.

  10. HI Troy! nice to meet you! I am Dylan from United States! I just came across some of your videos! I really enjoy watching them! please keep up the good work!! I want to keep in touch with you after this Corona virus settle down or fully disappeared! ! my Vietnamese grammar is not great ! sorry that why I don’t type In Vietnamese! I would like to keep in touch with you and we can be friends!! if that cool with you..thank you talk to you soon. I tried to contact you through Facebook too..my Facebook is” Dylan mai “

  11. @Troy Vietnam, this is very heart felt to me, and I thank you very much for you doing what you do. ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND YOU SIR HAVE PROVEN THIS. I’m hoping over time that folks around the world can see what you do makes a difference to the lives of so many who are less fortunate. The impact may it be direct or indirect will create more good in our society. Again, I typically don’t comment much but I wanted to express my thanks for helping this mother and son out. I shall private contact you in the future for more charitable contribution adventures. Much love brother. Thanks again!!!

  12. @ThePa1nter – too true, trust can be difficult sometimes, still, for good or ill, I trust Troy. Seems to me a little bit more trust and compassion would not hurt the world.

  13. Hate those f#ucking twatpackers. I am down on my luck right now, but when I am doing better, there´s definitely coming a donation your way to Thyroid women, and to one of the children

  14. For long term, I think she should start a small business and become a vendor. With 1-2mil VND she can get a cart and stuff to sell. Vietnamese are food junkies so if she sells snacks, drink, and fruit, etc….she can earn at least 500vnd a day at the minimum. There are many vendors like that around the school ground.
    Good luck, and stay safe!

  15. You know in Russia unless you’re like a politician’s daughter/son you are struggling right? Just because he’s a foreigner doesn’t mean he didn’t need help.
    Average salary in Russia is aroun 200$ btw, in most areas that aren’t Moscow.

    It’s not that far off from Vietnam.

    1. Is that true? Russia is the richest country in the world because they stole so much land from the Asiatic Natives, which contains limitless untapped resources. And yet the majority of Russians are poor? I watch the “Stop A Douche Bag” videos and every 3 car is a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, or Range Rover.

    2. Bogdan average salary is $200 a month?no way. That’s lower than vietnam…average salary in Russia is like 1,000 to 1,200 usd

  16. Chao Troy. Anh la nguoi nuoc ngoai nhung anh da hoc noi mot ti tieng viet (anh da hor 1 minh o dat nuoc cua anh) anh la nguoi nuoc ngoai nhung that su anh k phai nhu BEGPACKEROVICH do…A yeu VN rat nhieu bang ALL OF MY HEART… Anh that su yeu lich su, van hoa va moi canh tuyet voi o VN.
    Anh cung theo channel cua em o day o youtube va nguong mo your work va su giup do cua em cho moi tre em nghèo…Cam on Troy nhieu vi em da giup ho.
    Neu co song khac sau khi chung ta chet o kiep sau anh hy vong sinh ra o Viet Nam …
    Mot lan nua, cam on nhieu lam Troy nhe!

  17. To make the maths easy and rounding a bit, 1 Million Dong = $50 US dollars. The avg worker wage is $150 per month.
    While people on the street have no rent many have loans, a very vietnamese thing. So they do have a debt to service.

  18. How is it allowed for begpackers to do this? Aren’t there any cops to stop them and sending back to their countries? Vietnam should be serious about this like Thailand.

  19. You want to get more pissed at the backpacker? If he was black or indian he would have been arrested and deported already and no one would be giving him money.

    Also, based cuong tran, you are a legend.

  20. Troy, you are a good man. You speak your heart, sometimes you go too far, but that’s perfectly all right, because no heart beats always at the same beat, not when it sees something unfair…

  21. It is a shame they his this lady and her son with those bikes and people supporting a seemingly heathy begpacker ,wonder why people would support him over a fellow country person its a shame thank you for helping them Troy

  22. These bastards travel to other people’s countries get treated like Kings and then ask for hand outs, I really don’t want this to be about race but it sounds about white. I seriously mean no offense to people who don’t do this but no other races do this crap

  23. Dam time for a new camera maybe with a roll cage on it next time im still using my gopro 3 i hit it with my RC Truck and the gopro explode but I got some new parts for it on ebay and got it working again :]

  24. Great video! Helping the unfortunate that really needed the help. They’re very loving and appreciative of what Troy and Cuong did for them.

  25. Hi Troy, I came across your channel couple of weeks back and I’ve been blitzing through your vids. They’ve been an absolute god send in these shit times. I’ve recently lost my job from the outbreak but for sure once I’m back up and running I’ll be sending some British ££ your way to donate to these fine Viet folk. Keep chugging on son , for what you do , you’re a legend in my eyes. 👍

  26. I’m Shocked, 10 People are infected by Covid in Vietnam and all people wear Masks, Maybe 50% of people are infected in France (reality, no fake Stats) ans nobody wear Masks. We can not buy Masks, its only for people working in Hospital.

  27. I could not do what you do, I don’t have the outgoing personality like you do.
    It only takes you a few minutes to get people to like you.
    You are such a good person.

  28. Troy, you’re are good dude. I have spent lots of time in Thailand being married to a Thai lady. Met her back when I was in the Air Force stationed in Udon Thani in ’75. Back and forth from USA to Thailand a lot. Going back soon. Anyway, I enjoy the culture of Thailand and I’m sure I would in Vietnam by the same reasons you enjoy. The cultures are so exotic. The people so interesting . Everyday a new adventure . No time to be sad there. I can become one with the people much better than I would with my own Americans. I wanted to commend you on your efforts to bring joy and meaning to the lives of the children you help. My heart goes out to the precious children trying to make a decent living the best they can. My heart is also very saddened to see how easy they can be exploited by human a**holes. May God continue to use you. You’re helping to keep them away from being sacrificed to the a**holes I mentioned just earlier. I also hope you are doing okay. The burden you have on your shoulders is great. Emotionally, it can be a drain. But that is quickly made fruitful when you see a smile come out of a child’s face. I’m hoping that donors also take you into consideration helping you to preserve your health and ability to reach out to these kids. You’re a beacon of hope for many. God bless you, bro! may your health and strength be well kept! Rodney

  29. Fair play to you Cuong ,your a gent .Trouble with me is , if i was in the position to help id want to hug everyone i helped (i mean that in the nicest way ) .Id probably be locked up 😁 Word to Bow Bow ,Theres plenty of time for you to date the local girls ..Just keep doing what is obvious in this video ..loving your mum .Deport the westerners who thought they could have an easy life abroad on the cheap ..Makes my blood boil 😤

  30. There’s nothing more precious than a parent’s love. I really like their attitude, straight and honest and most of all very appreciative of the gift they have been given.

  31. the Russian is a scumbag. He has been in the area for a while taking money from anybody he can. He has been offered jobs by westerners living there but refuses to ever take any offers. Lost his passport, got robbed, waiting for money to clear from Russia and now trapped in Vietnam. Complete low life with no morals. He is starting to become known for the person he really is, Karma will catch up with him.

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