[4K] Walk Through Historic Pro-Democracy Protests in Thailand | ASIAN BOSS

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  1. I have family in thailand and a lot are suffering because of the government. I hope they keep protesting so one day in thailand all people can live happy.

  2. Love the peaceful nature and vibe of the protest, I mean they’re shooting a music video at 13:20

    I stand with the pro-democracy movement- thee finger salute to the protestors!

  3. Young generation all over the world just got fed up with all the nonsense injustice in their own countries and step up to protest for changes. Hope Thai, Hong Kong’s youth and many others will succeed and encourage other countries to do the same.

  4. Dear non-Thais, please be neutral with this issue as much as possible. We have no place in interfering with country’s internal affairs. Let the Thais be vocal about this issue.

  5. What is this? No interview? Whats is happening here. All I see is people eating and selling stuff some protests. Some are not even weaking masks. Asian Boss needs to step up on this game. Come one guys. Is this suppose to be bed time video?

  6. I feel this is great but people must remember every government is corrupt, and rotten to an extent, no matter the form that they have come into power. Some just keep you complacent with nice words, public holidays, and media brainwashing that goes unnoticed because it’s not so obvious. Any ways, hope everyone can be governed the way they want to, no matter if they want a democracy or if they are okay with the other alternatives.

  7. I’m hoping there’s interview part of this video. And maybe some captions also – to give more understanding about the history of this event.
    But I really thank to the producer for shooting the food vendors. Makes me to want to buy one

  8. What makes Thailand’s protest stand out from others is the presence of its wonderful street food vendors aka the CIA lol. Having a peaceful protest while being fed with delicious food. Count me in!

  9. Is it possible to do street interviews with Thai people? Both pro and contra-government? I know it might be hard, but you guys can blurr the face if it’s necessary.

  10. Some part of me knew this was bound to happen in the not so distant future when Bhumibol passed on esp. since Vajiralongkorn was his absolute antithesis.

  11. Wow cool AB, wanna make videos about these?

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