[4K] Tokyo’s MOST BEAUTIFUL little park | ASMR Sights and sounds Tokyo walking tour

Tokyo’s MOST BEAUTIFUL little park – ASMR Sights and sounds Tokyo walking tour
#asmr #japan

In this video we explore a beautil little park in Tokyo’s Oji station area Otonashi water park, filled with Sakura trees and an amazing river landscape. Just on the west side of Oji station, this park is calming and relaxing while providing Instagram worthy photo taking.

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  1. Very beautiful area … when I see places like this in Japan I always wish I could go back 100 years and see what it used to look like … another great video ❤️

  2. Great views beautiful park , all the things we are missing at the moment and just along enough video . I Ann surprised how many people are about as well . Nice vlog as always stay safe

  3. Wow.once again,you allow me to feel like i’m almost there.Such a beautiful place. Thanks Drew.♡
    On a sad note,i want to add,that my boxer Brody,in my avatar with me,has passed.Miss him so very much and your videos help distract me. Hug those puppies.Thanks so very much!

    1. Please take care dear. Hiromi and I had the same thing happen with us a fe years ago with our other puppy. It truly saddens me when our precious babies are taken from us. Keep strong, I am here if you need an ear. You can always email me if needed.

    2. Thanks.I knew brody was getting older,april 9th he would have been 10.
      Emergency vet visit on sunday,he seemed to be getting better,but unexpectedly passed monday afternoon.I am so greatful i was home with him and he knew i was there and that he was loved very much.
      Sorry,to go on and on,but Brody was my best friend and the world will never be the same.
      I just so appreciate your videos.Thank you again.

    3. I am so so sorry to hear your sad news Sandra. it saddens me. Please keep strong and safe. I truly hope to bring you joy in your time of need.

  4. What a beautiful place, Have to come paint there one day. I could be moving to Tokyo next year Drew. Stay safe Mate n looking forward to a live stream this weekend 🙏🌸😊

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