[4K] Shibuya, Japan at Night During COVID-19 | ASIA UNFILTERED

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  1. Tokyo is such a tiny city with over 13 million people, yet the death toll is low. Why? I think they’re just healthier people. They do have the longest life span in the world so not surprising.

  2. To everyone mentioning cases in the comments and stating how its a concern… Its been about 8 months into this and you are either not listening to independent experts, scientists and doctors or you have germophobia.

    Most of the experts outside of the major organizations who are PROFITING from the fear are saying the testing and cases are a fraud against the people.

  3. This is literally my daily walk, so I’m just squinting and pausing to see if I can find myself! Feel so thankful to be able to live in this amazing city. Definitely amazing that people follow the rules to keep each other safe so life can continue on as usual!

  4. Thats how busy it is during a pandemic?? I really want to visit japan and other asian countries one day, but god damn this kind of videos make me fear I wont enjoy myself much. I hate crowds.

  5. If there’s no COVID, i already arranged my winter holiday to Tokyo this december but it’s canceled because of travel band and of course covid.

  6. Thank you very much for posting this vid. I consider watching this is the next best thing to being there. For those like myself yearn to go revisit but unable due to COVID.

  7. Just arrived in Japan 1 years ago in this time when the comment was written. Hope that when the pandemic ends, I can go to Tokyo again, really miss that city 🙁

  8. I really enjoyed seeing all the people wearing masks. 🥰
    I live in the U.S. and all the places I go to at at least half the people aren’t wearing a mask or have them half on their faces. Its disturbing and insensitive…. I was inside a major hospital and several people who came in and out of the building weren’t wearing masks. Out of all the places a person would go I would think you would at least wear one in a hospital. A hospital is a breeding grounds for any major illnesses and bacteria.

  9. wow thank u assian boss I felt like If i were walking all around shibuya…probably I will never visiting japan in my boring life…but I could have the experience to be there…👍👍👍

  10. pls make more of this Videos! 😻 It’s like: being actually there. Walking the streets,seeing other people walking by,the shops…
    This is what we need in Time of Covid.

  11. What a difference a year makes! I was literally there this time last year. SMH Was supposed to return for 2 weeks for Christmas/ New Year this year. Can’t wait till we can get back to traveling safely again.

  12. How do the Japanese retro game stores(like in Akihabara) look like now during the pandemic? Are there as many people visiting there as in the Shibuya streets?

  13. as far as i know japan never lockdwon, movie theatre open ,go travel campaign. even recently kimetsu no yaiba movie become box office in japan .if you ask me they doing fine compare with other country who have lockdown and ended up demonstration ,pandemic rising again. but you can blame japan government.

  14. Shibuya might look full but to a trained and experienced traveler, you know its actually very empty. At least people are taking safety precautions seriously.

  15. I’ve been to Tokyo once last summer. It was an amazing experiences; the crowds, the bright lights, the environment. I love the narrow alleyway and one way streets, it feels so…..flat when I walk for some reason. Seeing many buildings made me feel that I wanted to visit every one of them, but call me crazy, I love wandering around. Tokyo is such a fabulous and bright city. Someday in this decade I will return to Tokyo to enjoy the experiences again and visit Shibuya, which I never been there last year, once the pandemic is over. I’m glad I see everyone are wearing mask, unlike my home country in U.S. where maybe half of its population refuse to wear the mask, violating the COVID-19 regulations, and not taking this pandemic seriously. My country is now a victim of stupidity and chaos.

  16. Restaurants and bars are closed here in s. Oregon for at least a month. I have loved exploring Japan thru these videos…I wonder if Japan’s opinion on marijuana will ever change. It is becoming legal in the states and is a big commodity where I live…thanks😊

  17. Asian boss become Skyline and Videowalker Channel 😁. can’t wait to see 8K Extended version of my one of the best City Skyline and pedestrian on The world, Jakarta Indonesia 👍❤️

  18. I find it absolutely incredible that even with the density of people in that area, they are all still social distancing with 90% wearing a mask. No wonder Covid is a non issue in Japan.

  19. What is happening? What is the real status of the pandemic. Some of us are still scared of this covid19 virus but it seems like others are back with their normal lives? What is this

  20. I was at that Tsutaya last year and like an idiot I forgot to cross the scramble. There’s a bottom floor underneath the entrance floor with Manga, magazines and other reading material and I bought some Manga. I don’t know why I was so absent minded about the crossing. Just being in Japan in the first place for the first time makes you so forgetful because you are so preoccupied with everything you can immediately see.

  21. This is exactly how I pictured it. Someone needs to walk by in a bright yellow coat or a bright red latex outfit . All I see are monochrome colors, very COVID.

  22. WoW!! No violence , no fighting , just beautiful lights and nice people 😃
    To bad you can’t live there permanently from another country I’d be there!

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