1. we’ll be in full lockdown again from tomorrow, curfew at 21h, no one can get out in the evening just for fun or strolling. So, I enjoy his immensely imagining walking through the streets there myself – thanks for the mind vacation!

  2. TBH Tokyo people is very cold and very rude. They are always angry especially women.
    I live in Yokohama near Tokyo. I don’t like Tokyo people.

  3. I’m Korean I definitely can say this street is nothing different from Korean neon light street but i don’t know why i feel something new from this video and also reminds me of the experience when I walk around some streets in Tokyo

  4. I have a small doubt, how can one should open some store or grand restaurant as the plot is already occupied and there are very limited plots available?? It can be easy in India with lots of land yet to developed and populised but i can’t even think about Korea or Japan. Please clarify me 🙄

  5. 22:41 from the rear I’d swear that was my friend Yuko Except i know that she’s in NYC as i type this. As a Black guy… Please tell me the Africans in this video weren’t up to no good.

  6. Tokyo and Seoul both seem to have a lot of dedicated walking areas / plazas without any car traffic. Is this common around both cities? I have been visiting New York City for 25 years and there is nothing like this. The only dedicated walking areas are various small parks and
    Central Park.

  7. A dejection, a dereliction, a disaffection and ultimately ‘a Loss of *Purpose* ‘
    It did not have to be this way… “Where did we go wrong?” (Rhetorical)

  8. Lots of Artistic Symbolism drawn out in a thematic presentation and ‘weaved’ strategically throughout the Landscape.
    The ‘Theme’ is Societal Collapse and ‘World Destruction’ – just in case you missed it.

  9. 23:15 Who are those guys on that billboard on the right, and why are they all sticking their fingers in their eyes? I’m totally missing the meaning there.

  10. It’s so crazy to think on how long it takes to flim this! I can’t imagine how much space it takes up! But it must alot of work! But keep up with good contents! 😄

  11. カメラマンに感謝します. I appreciate your efforts AB to still put out quality content despite a world wide pandemic, economic impact and the risk each AB host takes on when they go out and interview…much respect and support

  12. Wow. No dumpster fires, masses of boarded up businesses, or ANTIFA. I know you say this is an example of how bad it is there, but looks like heaven compared to PDX.

  13. man i wanna go live there it prolly may be hard , strange and cultural shock will probably mess me up but still jst that walk in shinjuku or shibuya is worth it ngl

  14. I am very surprised how Japanese city is so historyless, emotionless. Just some people, ugly buildings and lights. Uncomparable with London, Paris, Amsterdam etc… Too much futuristic and empty. No any history there.

  15. Grateful to you guys for posting this! It’s unfortunate that us foreigners can’t go to Japan due to the pandemic. Stay safe everyone and I look forward to more interviews in general to learn more about Asia!

  16. Imagine everytime you can walk down any street and not feel threatened or watched or have any fear of being mugged or more! That’s what would be a goal for everything


  18. Great videography, interesting perspective. Really needs some kind of narration, maybe a few interviews. There’s so much potential content, interesting stories that need to be told.

  19. As an American living in San Francisco, I envy Koreans and Japanese because they can walk around major downtown areas with no fear of getting mugged, raped, beaten, murdered … It must be so nice to live in civilized area. Don’t get me wrong – we have civilized areas here too – but you have to be rich to live in those areas. America is the best place on the planet to live – if you have money. If not, get ready to pack a gun and protect yourself.

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