[4K] Ikebukuro Tokyo |ASMR Sights and Sounds Walking Adventure Tour

[4K] Ikebukuro Tokyo |ASMR Sights and Sounds Walking Adventure Tour
#ikebukuro #tokyo

In this video…. We explore all sides of areas around Ikebukuro station showing you many amazing places to visit. NO voice just sights and sounds naturally walking around. Ikebukuro is one of the busiest areas in the Tokyo area bringing you many amazing restaurants, bars, anime shops and also the home of Sunshine City.

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  1. Sights and sound of Tokyo brings Ikebukuro to you! Hope you enjoy. Sit back and relax viewing one of Tokyo’s great places to visit. What was your favorite thing to see? Comment below.

    1. @Tokyo Drew the chat does not work I type and it does not show up in the chat I can see but if I refresh its gone so im guessing no one else can see it (works ok if im a mod btw not asking to be a mod) strange YT bug that as far as I can they know about

  2. Ugh! Missed it by 45 minutes. 😢 I wish my phone would give me notification tones. I’m sorry brother! ❤️ I loved how bright and pretty the tunnel was. I’m so shocked to see so many people still out and about, and very shocked to see people still without masks. It’s pretty much the “new normal,” for us! Take care!!! ((Hugs)) to sister Hiromi chan!

    1. Thanks for watching sis, YES still a lot of people out on the voluntary lock down…streets won’t be empty ever here…sad really. Even I have to travel for work, when I do….hmmmmmmm

  3. Amazing how many restaurants there are. I’m thinking possibly because of the convenience the next generation of Japanese won’t know how to cook or do they cater primarily to tourists?

  4. Yeah….I missed it by 90 minutes. Guess I didn’t roll out of bed, sit in my computer chair and “start work” early enough this morning! =p Of course…the first thing I remember seeing was Yoshinoya! HOWEVER….I can see funds being spent at that “Gift Gate”. More a “Toki Doki” than a “Hello Kitty” person, but still fun to look at. I did see a few “Hubs” and I did see the rapid(?!?) moving fire truck.

  5. Thanks Drew, love that old building at 0:09:31, noted the Guinness sign, Ale and Stout, Fish and Chips. I’ve definitely got to visit that place

  6. Excellent, dood.
    Coffee Roasters Lab 2:27
    Mr. Donut #2 2:52
    Mr. Donut #1 6:00
    Bic Camera #1 14:13
    Mr. Donut #3: 18:00
    Denny’s 26:14
    Milky Way Cafe 27:34
    Happy Pancake 27:44 (turn right)
    Don Quiojte 31:02

  7. I really was not excited about watching this BUT as with the first video; I enjoyed it very much. I am still taken aback by all the businesses that are only identified in English or the English writing is more prominent than the Japanese characters. Perhaps I should stop watching (J/K) these walks through Tokyo because they only seem to exacerbate my need to visit Japan. The “Secret words” are Black sweater P/R.

  8. *Drew the Best Man on Youtube.* Something is *Wrong* with my *_Mouse Button._* All I did was *SMASH* the *_Like Button_* and the -Mouse Button Popped Out!-

  9. The media hysteria of the west does not have much effect on the Japanese, and surprise, there is no coronavirus.
    Compare this to New York or London.

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