1. Why is ASIAN BOSS so much curious about red light district in countries? Why r u popularising it so much? Everyone knows how pandemic affect people . Stop visiting so called red light. Why don’t u get a green light?

  2. I wonder what organized crime elements operate in and around the area you walked through. I bet quite a bit of the underworld is involved in the red light district.

  3. I could have recorded this myself. Very familiar territory.
    These bars are all closed indefinitely now. Has been about a week already.
    They were closed for nearly 3 months last year. Many didn’t reopen and many of the staff have been going through hardship.

  4. Bangkok is my dream place…
    Lord I really want to visit this place So please grant my wish…
    You are the only one who will make my dreams come true…

  5. I remeber telling my friend to introduce me to some Japanese music. Come to find out that they actually have tons of english words in their songs. He tells me that in Asia alot of districts like this one play American music which is pretty popular down there.

    No suprise when I heard the music playing in the beginning.

    Thanks for ASMR video Asian boss!!!

  6. Interesting to see so many signs in English and to hear American music. I suppose tourism is a big industry here and so they cater somewhat to western interests.

  7. What are we supposed to be looking at? Someone with a camera trying to show the sex industry of Thailand? Nothing I don’t think any of us have heard about before. All I see is a bunch of old middle aged white men looking for sex from these asian sex workers? Stick to the interviews which I find to be much better and entertaining, not this mess.

  8. So many times when something interesting comes up, the camera seems to swing away. Stop being so damn prudish! Celebrate diversity! Also, let’s see a 360 degree camera next time!🤗

  9. Did Thai government not say that Pattaya/Thailand did not have prostitution? lol.
    The covid pandemic probably brought down the arrogance, and rates, of the prostitutes.
    Thailand, wh0reland.

  10. Watching these “unfiltered” AB vids just makes what NIPPON WANDERING TV does seem out of everyone’s league. Content? How about covering the Uighurs plight for once?

  11. Sawadee Krap Ka! Sex Industry or not. The visas are very restricted. If Thai can be less restrictive, maybe the Tourists will come back. At the Philippines, with a population at around 110M, the lock downs have produced about 47% unemployment. Country of a Mexico, have limited their borders, but were not closed to Tourists. As they know, people can’t work, than families starve. As always great videos of reality.

  12. I’d love to see a video pre COVID-19 to truly see the difference. Am I the only one who spent this entire video shouting “WEAR A MASK 😷!” 6FT APART PEOPLE!” Thailand looks like a great place to visit after COVID-19.

  13. Can you please make videos about these, AB?

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