$434,728 Skyline GT-R in Bangkok

#GTR #Supra #RX7
Today I visited Saengthai Shop in Bangkok to check out some of the epic 90’s JDM car builds they have going on. I was not disappointed! Wow! If you like Skylines, Supras and RX7s this a video you do NOT want to miss.


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  1. Chad, can you please give us some background about where your knowledge of cars comes from? How far does it go back and what triggered your passion for automobiles? Please share with the class.

  2. Awesome CB i really look forward to your vids there well made with really magnificent engineering and art, well to me its art, some of them are stunning thanks dude keep them coming.

    I can just imagine a personified version of that car: a hot slim Asian chick with those tatts running all over her bod! 🀀

  4. I always thought of the cefero like a 4 door Silvia/180/240 whatever. I’m pretty sure they had either a ca or sr motor, though it coulda been a vg. I don’t think the rb is stock. I saw them first in Thailand too. I was just waking down beach road in Pattaya and a Supra, a 180sx and a cefero we’re all parked on the side of the road with a crowd around them. They all looked pretty wild. (And this was 2003, haha) (also, I have no idea how to spell cefero, it’s not like I see them here in Minnesota, lol)

  5. As awesome as that shop is, and it is really really cool. And those cars are very badass, I still can’t get that jeep ratrod out of my head.

  6. That you can convert nissan sefiro into r34 skyline gtr is complete bullshit. It is not possible sefiro is totally different car it has 4 doors and longer wheelbase. They prolly ment that they convert regular r34 gtst skylines to gtr`s.

  7. 300% tax….LOL….. Lucky I imported my GTR34 back in 2016…….greetings from Sydney Australia. I’m subscribing because of the 300% tax system….. LOL……

  8. How the heck do they get all those cars over there with that 300% import taxes 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐 thats insaneee!!!

  9. Frigg man the amazing awesome shit you come up with. And they say it can’t be done. Well sure can find someone in Bangkok get r done for ya np !!! Awesome video man πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  10. That Supra is pimp nasty! If I was ballin out of control that’d for sure be something I’d look into having over there!

  11. Your pet lizard was loose Chad,thats some sweet GT-Rs, I seen that in Japan where there are performance shops/stores that you can buy used performance parts. Enjoyed

  12. Again, being relatively new to your channel, I notice that the car garage areas are mostly open air. Is this a normal setup in Thailand? Looks interesting.
    Another great video.

  13. That r34 gtr just looks like it’s had a VIN swap haha.we got all the good nissan in NZ.those wheels on the coupe are just stock gts25/ gts25t.i guess you don’t see them as much as nobody leaves them on

  14. Imma check out the thai auto auctions when i get back.theres a auction on the side of the main highway north.most of the cars are accident cars HAHAHA

  15. Gets in taxi: β€œNo smoking, no durian, no alcohol, no street dogs….no f***ing” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ..I really enjoyed this video. Can’t wait to vacay there.

  16. you should buy a supra like u described and rock it for like a year then takr the 2j out and stick it in a jeep rod then stick a 1uz turbo in the supra πŸ˜πŸ‘ another awesome video

  17. Hello Chad, does this garage have a website and will they sell and export parts overseas, as my sons have an Nissan Skyline r33 and the other has a Toyota Supra and hard to find good quality parts for these vehicles here.? Cheers mate πŸ‘πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  18. Damn 400k plus fora GTR shit like you said 300% tax is highway robbery I thought it was more expensive in America but never mind 555 Sawtdee kup Chad

  19. Here I was looking for a tyre change in my car from Michelin to Pirelli to Bridgestone on my Sukuzi Ertiga , then I suddenly see Apollo tyres from India on R33 GTR at 1.55 , as originally factory fitted :))) now this confuses me all the more ,as to which brand should I go in for .

  20. Cefiros come stock with an sr20det some also come with an rb25neo which is the newer rb25 engine and some also come with a na Sr and na rb25

  21. That Cefiro R34 has got to be a vin swap lol. Also lots of GTRs are illegally imported by taking out the welds in chassis and sending them as a half cut then putting it back together once its there.

  22. Thailand… Is there anything Thai mechanics cannot do…?? I just saw a vid about a Collora with a 3UZ 4.3L V8 swap converted to RWD and everything. Talking about a “slowlora” lol…

  23. I live in Bangkok and I was a motoring journalist for many years and have spent a good amount of time driving in and around Asia so trust me when I tell you this… Buying fast cars isn’t the problem in Thailand because the prices aren’t too expensive for certain cars. The real question is, where to drive them?

    The roads here were designed by a drunk 5 year old. It’s so bad that even the locals routinely get lost themselves. To make a U-turn, it’s miles away and more often than not, the roads don’t make any sense. The roads just don’t connect with one another. And you’ll spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. The locals accept traffic as a way of life here and the worst of it is within Bangkok City.

    Then there’s the road conditions which in some areas, the tarmac is an apt simulation of what driving on Mars would be like. I can tell you that after driving over 500 cars in my lifetime, most of them (especially the performance cars) will not survive the roads in Thailand. The roads here are really tough on cars and their suspensions. And I wouldn’t wanna put my R34 GTR through this sorta abuse. And the roads are also really dirty here which makes it hazardous if you’re gonna take a turn fast. The edges are filled with gravel and dirt and is very slick. Speaking from personal experience when I lost it in my Toyota when I first got here driving like how I always do in my home country where we have baby smooth tarmac that are swept daily. There’s ZERO road maintenance here.

    Lastly, the real gem of Thailand are the drivers. There’s a reason why the world’s most dangerous roads belong here in Thailand. Over here, size always wins. Truck drivers and pick-ups are kings of the roads here. They DO NOT indicate and they will go where they want to go whether you’re there or not. Most of the boy racers here are in souped-up pick up trucks with dodgy handling. They don’t care about safety and handling here, only power and showing off. The icing on the cake are the kamikaze motorcycle riders. Life for them is cheap. I’ve seen more than a few splattered across the tarmac and you’ll understand why when you see the way they head into lanes of traffic without a care in the world. Also, the drivers on the highways / motorways have zero discipline. You’ll find heavy vehicles on the fast lane / overtaking lane and it’s the norm here. So you won’t have a lot of chances to really open up. The only time I’ve really been able to wring out my Porsche was 4am on a massive 6 lane tollway going across Bangkok.

    Most of the supercar / performance car owners here are collectors. The cars are mostly garage queens and status symbols that are hardly driven because there really just aren’t too many places to drive a nice car especially if you live within Bangkok.

    There’s more to buying a cheap sports car than its price. The environment in which it’ll live will determine the amount of joy it’ll bring as well. If you want to buy a performance car at a reasonable price with access to good road and traffic that doesn’t kill you, Malaysia would be a better place. The North-South Highway is extremely well maintained and the drivers are generally considerate and safe. They’ll usually let you pass if you’re going faster than them on the overtaking lane.

    Apologies for droning on so much. I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the situation here in Bangkok and it’s also why I got into motorcycles while I was here. It’s just cheaper and more convenient to get around and you don’t have to worry as much about the roads annihilating the suspension. You just gotta pick the right places to ride lest you become the hood ornament on a dump truck.

  24. If you haven’t seen the series the boys on MCM did about the Double Unicorn Stagea for Benny…Check it out. Boss Build.

    Thanks for the video upload, Chad. Awesome as usual. Keep Safe mate!

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