4 Months in Thailand today – Why Thailand, Now!?? (part 7) Safe Environment, Only Child Park

I shot a quick video in the same park, on the same bench that I did 4 months ago when I first landed in Bangkok and “started my new life” in Thailand.
In that time, well, shoot, in just the last 4 weeks, things have changed. Life is *different*… The world has changed!!! Talk about an understatement, eh?
The Corona Virus/COVID-19 headlines simply don’t stop.
I needed to head out of the house to go see a doctor as it was day 2 of some ear pain and that’s about as long as I go before having an ENT physician have a look inside.
Short answer: I have no ear infection and my insurance I have covered it all – direct billing.
I’m pausing to really focus on what I ‘have’ not what I don’t. I might be dilusional but I think I’m clear headed enough to be able to KNOW that I am blessed to have everything I *need* and still things that I want.
So, at 4 months in the kingdom, I still really like Thailand. I am treated well, feel safe and truly hope that wherever YOU are you’re safe and happy.
Live the Dream!


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