4.6 Million vnd for elderly neighbour.

Thanks to Graham Clarke.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P3GHTNEDA3JM6


  1. This is the problem with helping people , their will always
    Be an element of risk
    But the good that you do really is worth it .

  2. Wtf is wrong with that neighbor guy who kick the dog? Was he that one guy in the past that got mad because you didn’t want to give him money? Anyways, i missed the grandma she’s so nice!!

    1. @thαílαnd pαrαdísє Yah that kind of person is dangerous to be around. I wouldn’t give money in front of him. He might get resentful and do bad things to the receiver.

    2. I thought I saw that too, but I wasn’t sure it was a dog. Troy, you tell that guy when you go back that he is an azzhole. No REAL MAN or adult abuses animals. So I guess he is a little kid and needs to be smacked down. Tell him he will NEVER get a dime from anyone.

  3. Wow, I am glad you went back Troy. She doesn’t look very well at all. She has definitely gone down hill. Such a kind person. Thank you Troy for being the feet on the ground and with such compassion. Even though you are a guy, this still has to be hard on you. Real men admit feelings.

  4. Did that guy KICK THAT DOG??????????? OMG – WHAT REAL MAN OR ADULT DOES THAT. That ass doesn’t deserve a dime and if he will kick a dog, makes you wonder if his temper would lead him TO ROD SITH LORD??? People with that kind of mindset to hit an animal or kick or abuse an animal or child are NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. He has issues and I am sure he could be very violent. Please be careful Troy.

  5. Anyone who kicks a helpless dog is not fit to be called human. I would think it best not to tell them about your channel. Just tell them someone sent donations for you to give. Tell them you film it for the purpose of showing the donor you actually gave it to them, which is true. That’s just my opinion, of course. If you do that, they won’t be comparing their gift to others’.

    1. I agree with this but these are very rare one time donations usually so he will not be going back regularly if at all unless it was a really special case.

  6. She needs one of those motorized trikes. Not sure they would have that there but looks likely. But she may not feel confident to steer it anyway.

  7. Troy baby, please can we have some more of sith lord down-shirt camera views?(5:25-29) I still have a tiny bit of sight in my left eye.

    1. She probably was attractive when she was in her 20’s. Everybody loses their looks when they get old. Even she said she looked like a walking corpse. Unless that was Troy’s translation.

  8. Don’t mind that neighbour your doing important work helping people. grown ass man behaving like that and kicking a dog he could be a jealous tough guy of the alley lol

  9. Troy stop calling this woman, The Sith Lord. This is a beautiful person. But keep up the good work you’re doing, Superman.

    1. If I was poor and someone gave me 5 mil, they could call me anything they wanted.
      As long as they never called me late for dinner….

    2. Truth Defender is it humor or is the some passive aggressiveness there. He helps them but resents them at the sam time.

    3. Watching these videos with the off humor translations gives me cognitive dissonance. He’s doing good deeds but at the same time insulting them with his comments. I know it’s just his sense of humor and it doesn’t negate the end result of his work to help those in need.

  10. 8:40 the sweet girl in yellow put on lipstick for you and was trying to get you to notice her, but the SITH LORD had you trapped in MIND CONTROL!! 9:21 seriously, you got her all hot and bothered, she is trying to get you to notice her! Your sweet for helping the DARKSIDE but don’t forget the LIGHT SIDE, The force is STRONG with the yellow dress!

    1. @Silence Is Golden I doubt she’s that young. Vietnamese girls (especially in impoverished areas) tend to look far younger than they are. Furthermore, it was mentioned that she works.

    2. Troy was sent on a mission by Baby Yoda to entertain the Sith Lord and gain favor hopefully saving the force, but knowing full well that eventually they would meet and a clash of powers would be inevitable. So these is more of a feeling out of forces to get Baby Yoda trained properly.

  11. Troy, another good deed from generous Graham. 👍👍👍 Troy, how about showing your face sometimes, like with each video. We like to have a glimpse of our hero, you know.😍

  12. That’s a nice grocery store bar hangout.Several characters from phantom and attack of clones were there.A ‘now’ kind neighborly lord,A laughing princess in yellow dress,solo’s stuntman,and bounty hunter hitting a dog-like creature.

  13. you need to be super careful returning to these places… oneday, they will be waiting for you and rob you of your money.
    It would be safer to take them away from their homes and give it them there.. its easy to forget that some people will kill you for this money..
    Take care please and stay safe

  14. I used to sent money to help poor people in VN… later they kept on calling and asking for more and more money then I blocked their skinny Asses lmao..

  15. i feel always so happy when i see a video about those people coz they are really genuine kind and they deserves more the sith lord the mother of vi and vi all the neighbour there hope you will back an other time and just for to see how they are and how is them life after donation they really interesting

  16. Where were Vi and her mom? I hope the mom is doing better. She appeared very frail in the last video. Vi and the Sith Lord…sounds like a death metal band.

  17. Regarding beneficiaries viewing your channel and comparing the amounts. Some will keep calling you for more. Better if they don’t view your channel.

  18. Hope that dog bites his fat arse and the audience deliberately make noise and show off, nothing like jealousy.I think you’re done there mare

  19. ha ha ha.. Troy , I don;t care what all the haters say..ur funny AF! I love the verbiage…(gonna buy a new light saber and renounce the dark side!)…LOL… brilliant.

  20. I really like this lady. I could happily sit with her all day and not understand a word she said. Having lost my mum on Valentine’s Day this year she’s pressed a protective button in me.

  21. Troy I see you slipping over to the dark side- the dark lord will gladly escort you there- remember what yoga taught you- may the farce be with you

  22. Another cool video Brother. I like the sith lord and some of the others, but got a question, Is it only me or lately they tend to look at you as not a nice coincidence that karma has bestowed at a hard time but as almost a paycheck or welfare money, they all jockey to be on TroyTV and get free money. I have said before it is nice to watch a community interact that is so different from my own, and everyone likes your channel for different reasons. I really like the workers you find and their stories, I still tell my friends about the video when you tried to give the woman money and she only wanted what she needed. Those stories and viewpoints are your future, on youtube and in life. I have watched almost all your videos and you are evolving into what the world, let alone Vietnam, needs right now. Keep growing, keep caring, keep giving and you will find your answers. Peace Brother. Stay Safe.

  23. Troy I feel like most of d ppl u help xpects from u again, day guy in vans tees can’t digest his attitude,,u shud not b very close with Dem giving ur numbers,,,dey might emotionally blackmail u with der situation,,taking advantage of ur good nature

  24. May the 4th be with you all! Excellent video! Very appropriate for today. My stomach is still hurting Troy from laughing at your translation! So glad I can understand what’s actually being said. Thanks “Mr. Wayan”! Blrss you Graham for helping this sweet lady.

  25. Fun Fact: Adults should not drink cow’s milk. Dairy actually REMOVES calcium from your bones. Don’t trust the propaganda that you see in the media.

  26. Xin chao Troy and Graham you are both Great People and Troy those translations just derail but they really help absorbing the situations you help with.. Cam on to both of you !!!

  27. Troy, that dog beater better not lay a hand on grandma. I’m afraid his jealousy might make him worse. Keep an eye on her and see what you can do. Thank you Troy.

  28. The guy kicking the dog is a fool, and more than likely jealous, ignore him as you do….or get the Seth Lord to cast him asunder…..may the force be with you young man!!

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