(3of3) “World War 2” Museum in Valencia, Negros Oriental

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  1. The history of the Philippines is so interesting I’ve been to the Manila American cemetery  and MacArthur landing park in Tacloban. So much history to see over there.

    1. @Roberta Rodriguez not sure about his other income, but there’s a donation box at the museum so i dropped in 200p before i left.

  2. Nice Job Henry !!   Never realised the helmets were non-magnetic…had to look it up…..they are  manganese steel and , it IS non-magnetic….who knew ! The last one I found at a garage sale was an early “fixed bail” type…the part that held the chin strap was solidly welded and did not swivel. they changed them because the non-swivel part  would break off. I paid $10 at a garage sale and it sold to the D-day Museum in Normandy France for $350 on Ebay ! I had no idea they were selling so high  when I listed it ! 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I’m hoping when Jen is here , she and I can start doing that again ( as I too did in the past) …….lot’s of fun and we have a great flea market in Santa Cruz that is Friday -Saturday-Sunday.

    2. @Fireman Dk years ago i used to do garage sales (in the states) and the re-sell on ebay. made a few good trades and had fun. 🙂

  3. These 3 videos have been very interesting. I wonder if the Filipino people feel resentment toward the Japanese people today. In South Korea the wounds are not closed.

  4. Salamat Henry and Felix. Does the museum have relics of Japanese or American fighter aircraft that may have been shot down in the area?  

  5. WOW- absolutely fascinating- I just wonder how a common man
    would have the financial resources to accumulate all these old
    war pieces ??? I guess a lot of local people help him for nothing,
    unless he’s very well off.
      I really enjoyed this video, and it’s nice to see a guy like that putting
    together such a fantastic collection, on likely a small budget. He sure
    knows his stuff, and I thoroughly enjoyed this video. There’s a lot
    of history in his museum, and I was quite amazed watching this.

  6. Henry, Henry, Henry…..  If this wasn’t the most informative 30 or so minutes of history/info on WW2 that I have ever seen…  WW2 from the Philippine perspective who played a very important roll in the war. The detail and the reasoning for why things were the way they were brought a lot of light to the subjects. Very very excellent video.  Every thing in the video was news to me. I’m no war buff, but I do like check out items like this for general knowledge.  This was absolutely wonderful….

  7. I wonder if there may be unexploded bombs buried throughout the Philippines? Perhaps there is a group of specialist still looking for objects of this nature.

  8. i will visit this place on July, my wife is from Bayawan and both of us go there twice a year. I am fond of war history and never thought I just passed through this museum several times and did not know it exists. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I found this set if videos very interesting  with all the history there.  it is great when you find some one with all that history to share

  10. WOW!!! What a blessing to be stand right there and get to interview the fellow and see all the different ordinance. And actually seeing a newspaper from back in 1941 that is such an adulation. I have seen hundreds of documentaries and this fellow was full of insight I have never heard or seen before. Thanks for all the great videos. This one has to be one of the best WWII videos I have seen in years.
    How is Lyn? I keep watching here and thinking you will share something but this the middle of January and the anticipation is unreal.

    1. +Abe Hill all is great with lyn. i lost my voice about 10 days ago due to a sore throat. but she’s been taking good care of me. hopefully i’ll be shooting again in a few days as my voice comes back. 🙂

  11. This is a fascinating series on bits of WW2 history and so informative. I salute Felix for his dedication to history especially since his dad was also a major part of his desire to collect artifacts and to conserve this period. I want to visit this place and Felix when I move there.

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