$3000 LUXURY Korean Apartment Tour | Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Meet Amy Aleha.
Actress, TV Personality, Radio Host, Model, Voice Actress… she can do it all.
Want to know more?
Follow the wonderful Amy around her $3000 USD a month Luxury Apartment in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.

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    1. Korean apartments have extremely cheap rent/no rent but mandatory deposits starting at $5,000 for one rooms (not one bedroom, one room haha), to >$200,000 for downtown or nicer apartments. Most koreans pay huge deposits and don’t pay any rent at all.

  1. $3000 is not considered luxury in Seoul. 3k USD is considered high end, but no where near the top 1%. This white girl who thinks she speaks korean doesn’t know what she’s on about.

  2. Lmao When She said “only Poor People wash distes” I imagine My latina familia Judging her cause My abuela Will never let that. machine for lazy people do her work hahahahaa

  3. “only poor people wash dishes” – Well, there are different kinds of poverty. The worst kind of poverty is poverty of spirit and character, displayed by those who feel the need to brag about their tacky apartments.

  4. Wow this apartment is really not that expensive… My rent is very close to that now and I have wayyy less space and it’s not as updated as this space, nice

  5. Only poor people washes dishes well that’s good atleast poor people works and clean there dishes by their own . Please think 1000 times before saying something rubbish please it feels bad

  6. I really wanted to move to Korea but real estate there is absolutely horrible! It’s so expensive like this right here is a beautiful house but is NOT worth 3000 dollars. But I guess get with the program right?😂 yikes. On the other hand I have seen some reasonable ones that had good prices so we’ll see🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. I’ve lived in Seoul for 12 years. Had no idea that you can get a place like that for only 3 grand/month. Especially in Gangnam. Didn’t even know you could get a place like that for monthly rent. Thought you’d have to pay a large deposit/Jeonse which would make it rent free. Very good price imo

  8. 새넌???!? loved your acting in money game! You played a very cold and scary character in the drama, but it turns out you’re very cheerful in real life. lol
    btw im high school senior and im studying day to night like crazy…Wish me luck!

    P.S. I live in jamsil. ㅎ the gold building right above jamsil metro station!

  9. This is pretty much what we pay for our house in California. 😳 But dang, her appartment is fabulous ang huge. So spacious. ❤❤❤

  10. If your so rich why would u move to Korea when you can live in California,New York Chicago Miami?i guess when it comes to the states we show sum similarities of being “poor”🤣🤣

  11. How easy would it be for me to find a job if I wanted to move from the US? I have my masters in business and my bachelors in finance/accounting. What about cost of living?

  12. 3000$ per month is not bad for such a luxury and big house…right now I par 2,700$ for a house which is the size of the living room in this video. I’m not even kidding I’m decepoint on myself

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