30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

These are a just some of the best things to do in New York. This New York travel guide shows the best locations in the order you should visit them. Thanks to Best Western® Hotels & Resorts for sponsoring this video! Book now at http://bit.ly/BestWesternFall

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  1. Wow! Katy lived in New York… I visited there and did a shoot a couple years ago. We stayed at the Wardorf Astoria in Manhattan New York. Very expensive and loads of tips

  2. I agree. We found the Metro gave us this creepy feeling. We also saw some violence. Police officers arrested a guy at gun point after he attacked a ticket assistant at the metro. It was scary. The police do not mess around in New York

  3. I’m going to visit NYC in may of next year for the first time soooo excited. Could anyone tell me where I could stay for 4 days that wont break the bank. Not looking for anywhere fancy as long as its clean and cheap lol x

  4. Best two years of her life, she probably had a Latin lover… Now she stuck with this little penis, Gringo that has the money,that her Latin lover didn’t have.😞😞😞

  5. This should be called 30 of the most touristy things to do in the Touristy places of New York lol! Touristy is fine, I get wanting to do those things. Howeverrrr, Lost LeBlanc, if you ever want to experience true New York like a local (and not a basic, yuppie local) and go to neighborhoods that even most New Yorkers don’t know about, then hit me up @glory.fashionwanderer on IG. I do tours through Airbnb and also private ones.

  6. NYC🗽 is my home….though I don’t live there now….when I go & visit, I love getting on the E train, sitting on the end of a long seat, & leaning my head on the pole….& relaxing & sometimes dozing off😑😴…its very relaxing riding on the trains…I love it🗽

  7. I’m going for 8 days… I’ve budgeted $200 dollars a day, $400 for me and my partner. That’s enough right? (Food, drink, spending money and admission into places) hotel already paid for

    1. Oh baby, that’s perfect, more than enough even. I have to suggest that you spend an evening on St. Marks place. Its an entire few blocks up and down of the best underground NYC punk chic vibes with amazing little restaurants, great bars (even a 1920’s jazz bar where you need a password to get in, although I may be confusing that with a different iconic bar on St. Marks so Google) and one of my favorite thrift/vintage shops called Search & Destroy.
      Might I also suggest spending a day in Queens. Astoria ❤️ it’s the best people, just a 15 min train ride from the city (the view from the 7 train going into Queens during sunset is a luxury I am always thankful for) there are so many great things to do there. Sculpture Park, Astoria Park under the bridge is breath taking, romantic, gorgeous, too many different cuisines to try but if it was exists on this planet, you can find it in Queens❤️

  8. You’re doing NYC wrong well most of it. Day 1 should be the Met (they don’t allow filming), Central Park with the the balto statue (the dog who saved billions during a massive illness outbreak in Alaska), try to find a greys papaya for lunch as it’s decent dogs, Empire State Building for sunset, finally Korea town for Korean bbq, desserts I would go to serendipity. Day 2 start with breakfast at a bagel place with a smear and some smoked salmon, go to the Statue of Liberty with Ellis island, head back to Chinatown for lunch (I pick nom wah tea house for dim sum), explore Chinatown a bit with little Italy next block, head to Chelsea for the art scene, eat a entire pizza at Lombardi’s for dinner, finally head to times square to explore at night and enjoy the three minute art displays near midnight on the screens. Day 3 try to find a diner nearby and eat a decent breakfast, head to DUMBO or Coney Island for a bit of exploring, go down to Wall Street to admire the stock exchange, go to Eataly by Madison square park as it’s a giant food hall for a good lunch, try shopping at Macy’s or try to find stores you like, for dinner try little Italy as most of the area is quite good. Day four try a foreign breakfast like Chinatown or something, try the Empire State Building or World Trade Center for the views, for lunch try 99 favors hotpot.

  9. You know what makes you a real New Yorker? Doing less than half the things on this list and making fun of the transplants/ tourist doing most of this list feeling accomplished yet avoiding anything outside of Manhattan

  10. Being told what to do by a first timer and someone who was essentially just passing through? GTF
    And your “little secrets and insider tips” ?… do one… They are widely known by anyone with a brain cell and who has done some research. What a prize bellend.
    Oh yeah, what is a foundational building?
    Why do square pizzas taste better?
    Talking utter shite

  11. I think with you making your story in New York justify that living in my city and New York City looks the same, life is like that nothing very special, but there are 2 different things namely the quality of school graduates and work income there 10 times higher and that is a big problem Why is the world so beautiful when in new york because it affects bad and good lifestyles. and that’s why many people from the world are interested in this video. thank you for the video that you made.

  12. Been to New York a lot of times. New York is something. It is in another level of greatness. A city inside a city.

  13. Tu movia es latina? Suena como latina hablando ingles .
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