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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. All the beaches I went to were open 😉 Grab the GoPro and that 65 Baht rain coat thingy from 7-11 and Blam – 150 minute video of Rob walking Bang Tao 😉

  2. when your mouth is about 4 inches away from the mic the sound is perfect. As you move away it gets echoey and a bit faint. if you get too close like when you rest your mouth on the mic it gets boomy and crackly because you are clipping the sound. Not bad but noticeable. Best way to fix that is get a pop filter. They are like $10 on eBay and it will keep you from getting too close to the mic. Then you can rest your head on it and use it as a pillow all you like lol.

  3. We were in Phuket last year in August (And I remember that because Facebook is kind enough to remind me that I am not there this yr) and the weather was perfect. We had 1 day of rain. 2 days if you include the day we went out to the islands and it was sunny half the time and we were sure we were going to get flipped in the boat and drown in the big waves the other halfof the day. Other than that the weather was perfect.

  4. Thanks Rob for helping me get my T shirt with the style and comment that suited me, very good service and pretty quick considering what is going on out there.

  5. The USA in COVID-19 in one day:
    Nationally, the seven-day average of new daily cases is at about 60,000 and slowly declining, while deaths, which typically lag several weeks behind, are steadily increasing. For a week straight now, the US has had a seven-day average of over 1,000 deaths per day.

  6. Thailand
    3,321 New case 1
    Serious 0
    Deaths 58
    The confirmed case
    of Thai who returned from aboard in quarantine places
    Total 384
    New case
    Deaths 0
    Patient Under Investigation (PUI)
    Total 380,630
    New PUI 1,526

  7. No such thing as helping too much LOL I agree about the sports thing… I don’t follow any sports and could care less. Some of these peeps need to relax a little…sheesh LOL

  8. Rob, its really late where you are. Go to bed. Plus your right. Thailand is Great. I agree with you! If your wondering. I like the little button mike better then the expensive Big mike. It just sounds better. Thanks again. Glad your OK

  9. lets say this ,, the people of the united states give you money so you can live your dream ,, try not to make them feel bad they can not be somewhere too ,

  10. Everything is not better in any one country. I think most countries have something that is good. I have to admit when I return to America from Thailand, driving on roads that are very organized feels nice. Both countries have plus, and minuses. I can look at things differently being I have traveled most of the US, I just spent 2 months in Montana, and Wyoming…they are unbelievable.

  11. Agreed. Many Thailand youtubers claim that their country (the US) is great whilst they are spending all of their retirement in Thailand 😂ðŸĪŠ

    Smacks of stupidity and hypocrisy if you ask me. Each country has its pros and cons, not one excels in everything and anyone who thinks so is a simpleton!

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