30 days of Nikon Z 6 – Perfect Travel Camera?

As a first time Nikon shooter, I had no idea what to expect when I picked up the Z 6 mirorrless camera but over the past month of extensively using the camera, I can confidently share this review of the pros and cons of the Z 6 and if I’m about to convert to a Nikon shooter.

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  1. I’ve been using the Z6 for almost a year now. Best investment I’ve ever made in my career. Paired with the moza aircross 2, it’s a beautiful combination. Love love love this camera.
    Solid video, man. Keep up the good work 👍🤘

  2. Love your content, but this one really seems disingenuous and like a paid placement ad. I know it’s hard to crossover but maybe not laying it on so thick (like the dollar for dollar comment). I have no preferences over cameras but spec wise Nikon is struggling to keep up with other companies like Sony and Panasonic. Anyway, I’m looking for more of your non-paid placement content.

    1. @Daniel Villiers Yes this is Nikons first real attempt to deliver in this price range (and their first Mirrorless at that). I hope it works out for them we need more choices!

  3. As for travel I’d rather go cheapr and lighter like Fuji Xt-30 or the new XT-4 or the new Canon m6 mark ii, hell even the 3 year old GH5 is a fantastic choice as of now, and it has amazing almost gimbal like stabilization built in. The full frame sensor is not as important in video ( unless you are filming in a cave ) and there’s a fantastic SIGMA 18-35 mm f 1.8 available both for APS-C and micro 4/3 bodies which will be enough for most. An NIkon Z6 uses the same sensor as the SONY a7III which is another great option with far more (native) lens options.

  4. Photography/cinematography is a science and an art. The science part is based on the camera/equipment and understanding technical specifications and how to use them. The art part is how you compose and produce your work. Obviously, you have a great camera, but you are also an artist first and foremost. I enjoy your vlogs. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I used to be a Nikon guy during the film times. I switched to Canon at the onset of digital photography because I noticed that too many Nikons were being produced outside of Japan while Canons were produced mainly in japan. Maybe things have changed for the better now as far as Nikon is concerned.

    1. Even the Thai assembled cameras have a reputation for being the most reliable and repairable cameras., As a repair shop which is supported better and which is worst, Sony has always been poor in parts availability and sealing, basically a throw away camera, Canon is between the two but closer to Nikon than Sony. Panasonic S1 series cameras are also very well built but they are also heavy, heavier than a D850

  6. Crazy what people do for money lol. He goes from a canon 1dx Mark ii using for the past two years I’m sure then all of a sudden switches to the worst brand of cameras for money. Lost respect for this man.

  7. Travel camera? Nah. These dinosaurs are falling behind smartphones which can shoot video with a wide dynamic range matching the DR of the FF cameras, excluding the fact most people already have them. FF can shoot sharp photos but 4k video is only 8MP big which smartphones with larger sensors can resolve.

  8. Yeah, file size really is a big bonus <3
    And I agree on the dynamic range and the ergonomics really is delish!
    Also been using it for a year

  9. I’ve been using the Z6 for a year or so now. I put the body through a lot. A couple of times, I thought I totalled the gear but it always came out working without a problem. Absolutely solid product and yes there are some small issues here and there but most of them aren’t big deal in my opinion.

  10. when it comes to face and eye tracking Sony Own that game, it is known. I Love nikon, my first camera was a nikon, and as a photographer and videographer I was actually looking at a Z7 and saving for months, but ended up going with a Sony A7Riv just because Sony has that Rep, love nikon always will have love for them, but nikon and canon both fall short with a few things over Sony, sony has its flaws dont get me wrong, but you need what is best for you and what you are trying to do as well as how much money do you have and are willing to drop on camera gear. One thing I will say about sony and why I am glad I choose them is their lenses are second to none, I have photographer friends that use all types of cameras and lenses and they all hate me and the one other mate of mine that does use sony and they recognize this, how ever sony lenses do tend to cost a lot more which is the big draw back but can get cheap versions of them, just do your research and just love what you do.

  11. Update 3.0 just released! Autofocus is much improved. Just loving my Z6 even more! Incredible value if you consider body and lenses.

    1. Philipp Scheithauer how do you find it as a camera ? I’m wanting to find something that I can still take a great shot of wildlife and landscape but love the idea to have a good quality option for video like this seams to be.

  12. Nikon is known for it’s great dynamic range, build quality and powerful compression. I love Nikon, but I am little disappointed with the newer cameras of Nikon. But Nikon is much better than many people think.

  13. Wish that camera wouldnt be so expensive. Would need something like this at a price level about 1k Dollar. However, i love this channel. So good !

  14. No camera is perfect, but the z6 comes very close. I sold all my gear and just kept a z6 with the new 50mm 1.8s, amazing combo for my videos and portraits 😀

  15. Happy with the Z6. I brought it with me to the Galapagos last December. Great hybrid camera! My D810 is sad right now since it is getting left behind in the drawer, and does not go to adventures with me anymore. However, I miss the image resolution of the D810. I am waiting for the 20 mm f1.8 lens to come out and get it for my landscape and nightscapes. Hopefully, the world stabilizes from the pandemic soon before I let go of $$$ for a Z7 to replace the D810. The Z bodies would reduce the weight of my pack on my hiking and backpacking trips.

  16. Hey bro just started my channel a little while back your a huge inspiration! I love your videos I’m no where near your level of editing or as comfortable on camera yet I’ve just got back from Iceland I only have a hand full of videos on my channel but I’m loving the process man! Keep crushing it

  17. Nikon sponsored video -> mostly talks about how good the camera is. good shit. Anyhow, I wouldn’t mind picking this camera up if only it actually had comparable autofocus to its Canon and Sony counterparts.

  18. There are adapters for Sony and Canon glass. Since the Z camera has the widest and shortest flange distance, it can adapt more lenses than any other mount on the market.
    The version 3.0 firmware 2 weeks ago further improves Eye AF and simulates the D850 3D tracking mode that really makes if work well for action stills. I have not used it on video so I can’t comment on that. But the ultra reliability of the XQD card one does not have to worry about corrupted files that was the constant concern with SD cards that were never intended for critical applications.

  19. is there a price benefit to the Nikon system compared to the canon lens line up?
    or at least in their budget versions giving at least some better specs?
    from what i’ve seen limited wise on the canon end their more budget lens just maybe sacrifice much more on the aperture side of things that makes it rather hard to justify or maybe nikon is just the same.

  20. Bought a z7 a week ago and been loving my Nikon 105 1.4E lens with it for portraits. Just wish I had a vertical grip with trigger like my d810

  21. High production values. Loved that you gave both the excellence and drawbacks…then, got real w Nikon and the viewer to say: love the camera, but not enough to switch. For that reason, I’m a new subscriber. I look forward to seeing more of your productions.

  22. I love my Z6s. The fact that people are switching to Sony or whatever, there are some nice deals on pre-owned equipment that are piratically new. Great video!

  23. With the largest lens mount out there, you can adapted any full frame lens to Nikon Z cameras. People, who have use it, say the techartpro 2mm thick sony-to-z enables full use of sony lenses with nikon z; there is also the canon-to-z, but i don’t know who it handles…https://techartpro.com/

  24. You mentioned that the reason you would not be switching is that you are heavily invested in glass from a competitor. I assume you mean Sony or Panasonic. There are now plenty of lens adapters available for pretty much every brand and mount type to adapt to the Z-mount with full AF and data.

  25. A fair review without the usual nonsense but with good quality content/examples and very reasonable reasons why you personally aren’t switching (your existing large lens investment). 👍

  26. So odd that so many people are now making Nikon Z6 videos when they all crapped on it when it came out. Too bad Nikon is selling out to YouTubers. As a Z6 owner the stabilization for video is not good. The GH5 is leagues better.

  27. Nice to see your video about the Nikon Z6 pop up. I think it is good that they sponsor youtubers like you that show what this camera can do!

  28. Wow…i love this episode!! Is the reason return to beautiful place!!or the camera is the reason!!! You made me worry between sony or Nikon!

  29. WAIT! Nikon will be coming out with a much better version soon. Like all other models of Nikon Cameras, the 1st generation is not the best one.

  30. WOW! Your body is looking ripped Christian. I have noticed a great change in your body shape. Very inspiring for me to get back in shape. I used to be ripped until I got hit by a drunk driver in 2009 at 85mph. My body blew up in weight from 15st 4lbs right up to 35stones. All the medication I was on to keep me alive blew me up in weight. Now I am age 58 and believe I can get back my shape. I now weigh 18 stones and have lost 17 stones in bodyweight. I’m still using the GH5s. Will join you academy as soon as this coronavirus saga is over. Had to make so many adjustments to cope with this virus to make sure my babies and partner can eat and survive the lockdown. Hope you remain safe. I still love your Canon 1DX over the Nikon. The 1DX has got huge file sizes but is a awesome camera. Take care and stay safe both of you.

  31. My D850 is collecting dust now… Z6 is the most AMAZING PRIMARY camera I have ever owned. GET THE Z LENS! SO SHAPP, SO GOOD!

  32. Aah, remembering my sole journ thru Indonesia in the 90s – no digital or video – just my F5 and N90 and sending a couple dozen rolls of chrome back to my lab in NYC every could of weeks…Sulawesi, Monado to Tana Toraja to Ujung Pandang taking a Bugis Prahau to Surabaya, travailing thru Java to Solo, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta – side trip to Bali and Sumatra – those were the days…

    FYI ProRes RAW is challenging since Apple FCPX doesn’t support the new codec yet and Atomos has no LUTS so you have to roll your own… try using Raw to Sony3 (since Nikon uses the Sony video chip) and LUTS are available for that profile. Just starting to develop that workflow.

    NOTE: shooting on the Ninja SSD is much cheaper than XQD or CF Express! and you can avoid PreRes RAW for the older Nlog which has more support for FCPX

    The legacy Nikkor glass is bette than Z lenses for studio video work since the Z lenses have “focus drift” but they work just find thru the FTZ using the Rhino Arc II for focus pulling slider shots.

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