3 Things I like about living in Saigon, Vietnam compared to the USA

I have lived in Vietnam for nearly two years and I wanted talk about the three things I love most when compared to life in America.

1. Grab app.
2. Facebook: Serviced Apartments Ho Chi Minh City.
3. www.vietnammm.com for an array of food delivery.

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Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m Vietnamese-American from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and travel throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Q: Where did you go to school?
A: I have a B.A. from St. John’s University (Minnesota), a M.A. degree in Chinese Studies from the University of Hawaii, a Global Trade Certificate from Saint Paul College (Minnesota), and am APICS-certified as a Supply Chain Professional (CSCP).

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  1. Thanks for the info. Is it possible to rent a serviced apartment there short-term? I’m coming to Saigon in November and staying for 3 months. Your new room looks great!

    1. @Daniel Singleton Book a short-term living arrangement through Airbnb or Agoda.com and then start searching for longer term accommodations by visiting the Serviced Apartments HCMC Facebook page.

    2. @Global Trade Thanks. That link isn’t loading for some reason. So is it not possible to get a 3 month lease on a serviced apartment by walking into the reception?

  2. ah, just noticed you broke 1000 subs. Congrats Man! Well deserved – your content is valuable. Do you find the extra rent money (e.g. $500/month) is not an extra Monthly cost as the extra convenience of living in D-1, you save on transport to/from other places from living in D-7, etc? or is it simply only a couple hundred bucks more but STILL NOTHING close to the cost of life in US.

    1. @Global Trade Since the apartment management and staff have access to your room and can enter it anytime for cleaning, maintenance, and whatnot that means your properties are not secured whenever you are out of the apartment. Do you have to lock up your laptop, camera, watch, etc. in a safe deposit box whenever you are out of the room?

    2. Yes, just use common sense and don’t leave valuables out and you should be okay. I would say that petty crime and theft is more prevalent in Vietnam compared to the USA. I don’t like the hassle of motor scooter ownership, maintenance, worrying about theft, etc. I’d rather save money, improve my health by walking, and live more stress-free.

  3. Grab is the Uber-equivalent BUT soooooo much better and cheaper! You can use the service to have practically almost anything delivered–food, stuff you may have forgotten at home, etc. . . .
    BTW congrats on your new apartment, Vinh! Looks much nicer than the previous one.

    1. That’s awesome! I would love to learn more about it! Would it be okay if I can have your email? I would like to move back to Vietnam one day and work as I enjoy the culture, people and especially the food!!

    1. I have occasionally heard this, too. I’m guessing there are isolated incidents here and there and one must be careful about where you eat. Having said that, I don’t worry too much about it.

  4. California has the weather though. Cali also has the best beef, dairy, poultry, vegetable, nuts, pretty much all things agricultural. Food is fresh, abundant, and of the utmost quality. But yeah, the cost of living is astronomical, unless you already own (bought a house a long time ago) and it’s free and clear. Apts. in Cali run North of $2000 USD/month for what you got there in Saigon for about $550/month. But the weather in Vietnam is hot and humid and inconsistent, infrastructure for roads and prevention of flooding lacking, still needs much work, and the pollution is horrible. I had a motorbike on my latest trip for 16 days and wish i had purchased a pollution mask.

    The main advantage i observed while in Vietnam was the nightlife and food is cheap (if you trade out USD). But if you’re working for Vietnamese wages, it’s not cheap. So maybe it’s better if you’re of the upper-income class, or doing business, but for a local, it’s a struggle. So much, that a great number of native Vietnamese want to leave for the States. But then again, lots of people want to move to live in the States. We have an immigration problem here. And the reason why we do is because we don’t have a standard of living problem here.

    With this said, Vietnam is an amazing place to vacation and dabble in some work to improve the country, and the vast majority of the People are good-hearted. Just stay clear away from areas like Bui Vien walking street.

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