(2of2) Video Diary, Nov 4, 2014 – Serious vs. Recreational

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  1. Hi Henry
    I like the way you are thinking now, much less stressful for you I hope. If it is not too much bother Henry do you think that you could put the links to your Facebook and Instagram in the information under your videos.

  2. thats great bud im happy  for you .thats how i would do it  just chill have a great time  dont worry god  has someone for you .youll be surprised who he has for you .just enjoy your life ..all will be fine.

  3. If you are waiting on a friend, and she is an attractive woman, other women who might be interested in you will assume you are taken.  More importantly, if your having your needs met you do not have your eyes open.  I speak from experience in that I was dating a woman for 10 years, and it basically made me unavailable.

    1. @***** Once …20 years .  I really don’t plan to do it again,  why do it?  If either of you want to leave, it is much easier without a the gov. paper saying married.  I’d like to think she is with me for me not because she is married and vica versa. Why do you ask?

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I always have a hard time taking a break, even though I know it would be helpful in clearing the decks in being ready for my next relationship.   Regarding marriage, I’m not into getting married  again.  I was married for 20 years.  I prefer to have no obstacles in the way if my woman does not want to be with me or vica versa.  However, I understand in PI marriage might be more of a social and financial necessity.   

    3. @Josh Stapp for the time being, i’m not gonna sweat which women will or won’t be interested.  my heart needs a break anyway.  besides, gotta start out as good friends before moving on into a relationship.  i don’t plan on dating any woman for 10 years, never have dated one for more than a year without marrying her.

  4. Whew finally, thank goodness Henry. Hope you really are serious about not always looking and searching for just the right companion. Your romantic experiences were stressful and tiring even for me and not to say the least, often frustrating and boring. You are in a country you and others have described as paradise, enjoy the Philippines for what it is and offers, all the new experiences and adventures. If you find someone to share it all with fantastic, if not contiue to appreciate your fortunate life that for now the rest of us still stateside can only dream of and envy. Tc my friend.

    1. @Anthony Rader she’s a good friend but, i wouldn’t exactly say a ‘rock’.  i know what i’m looking for and i’ll know when i see it.   🙂

  5. Henry, just out of curiosity, your not wanting a woman with kids, is it because you do not want to be a parent again or is it that you  want a woman whose focus is totally on you and not divided between you and her children?

    1. @linda brown i got married at 19, had kids by the time i was 21 so i never had ‘couple’ time with my wife, we went straight into parenthood the next 20 years.  now that i am single again (divorced) i want a life-mate that i can share my life with.  i tend to spoil a woman i’m in love with, treat her like a queen.  i want a woman who has the freedom (without kids) to spend time together, as a couple.  i’ve raised kids and despite hiring a yaya here, having kids is a whole other dynamic than simply being a couple without kids.  and that is what i want with a woman, a relationship that does not involve having kids.

  6. thats one thing i never understand bout filipinas;they worry bout everything what others say bout them.

    Even  bout people, that dont know them at all,complete  strangers.(this filipina once said..”oh when we walk here together ;others will see  you with me ”  and they will  gossip bout me.

    Im like  who gives a  ****.?  we are friends..and they dont even know u haha.

    life must be difficult and tiring ,if you have to stress ,bout what every single person thinks bout u.

    Where i live ,we laugh at gossip. especially when it comes from people that dont know you personally( if they dont know you ,whatever they say bout u is based on nonsense anyway so why would u bother?).

    I tried to make some filipinas ,look at this in  a diffrent way. i guess it  could save them from getting  a lot of headaches 

    But i dont get the idea ,they are able ,to ignore what people say bout them. its a cultural thing ,i suppose.

    I came to this comment ,because you talked like you’re urged to explain, to other people  that u date several diffrent people.

    Why would u worry bout what  others on fb think?  From your videos, people know that you’re not a player or a bolero.

    You should only worry ,bout what people say bout you ,who really know you ,henry. 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines yea i understand..but gossip is the national sport there.  its almost impossible to avoid ,people from spreading gossip bout you. if  they date a pinoy/ foreigner,there are always others that become jealous ,and gossip(some even spread lies bout their own familymember ,if that member in the family is succesfull). my idea is  ,to ignore it ,coz  there are always people ,that  are jealous and  you cant please em all. on the other hand ,some filipinas  like foreigners ,and think its an upgrade to their status. So i would think ,they wouldnt worry ,if they are seen together with a foreign person. This topic   has  several aspects to it.

    2. @p tm i hear you.  but it’s a cultural value.  here, reputation is about all a woman has.  so when others start spreading rumors she might be a prostitute, call-girl, escort, etc. just because she went on a date with a foreigner.. they take it pretty seriously. 


    1. Haha, yes Henry you are correct about the tan and the need for that beautiful climate there in the Philippines.and yes hopefully we can share the local beer’s together and you never know we might meet a few beautiful Filipina ladies too keep us company haha finger’s crossed.thank you for your reply Henry please take care.

    2. @gas1958ify i look forward to seeing your pale tan getting some much needed SUN here soon!!  it’s here waiting for you.  be sure to drop me a line and we’ll try some of the local Red Horse.  🙂

  8. Henry,  I dont know how you find time for any relationships. Your time management skills must be stellar. Besides all the FB activity, you have websites. instagram and over 425 you tube videos with ongoing comments sections, there are questions and advice comments that you respond to. Plus all the video ,editing work. I dont think I could do it. no need to reply you are a busy Man. 

    1. @TERRY SWAGGER i’ve always been a ‘night person’, so i have quiet time late at night to answer comments and do editing.  during the day is when i run around and see what’s going on.  🙂

    1. Ohhhh … okay … hmmm.  It seems that I jumped to an inaccurate conclusion … what I call “acting female”.  For some reason, I thought you were intervening on his behalf.  Maybe because I just got home from an evening out with friends and was “half lit” at the time … ha!  Sorry about that.  I’ll add you back on youtube and FB if you don’t mind.  Aren’t you thrilled … now you can sleep at night … ha!                 

      P.S.  Thank for the compliment … I was kinda proud of the “elitist euro-trash wannabe”  comment myself.   🙂

    2. @Scott Williamson no problemo.  just for the record, i didn’t delete your comments because i disagreed with you.  in fact, i got a kick out of your description of him as something like a “wannabe euro-trash elitist.. something something”.  that was fairly brilliant writing, i must say.  it’s just the page was supposed to be for photo comments and it went off on a tangent so, to be fair i deleted both his and your comments to focus back on the photos.  so, nothing personal.  🙂

    3. You’re giving me the “it’s not you, it’s me” routine?  I INVENTED the “it’s not you, it’s me” routine!  – Costanza

      Henry, I’ve thought about it and I don’t want to be an ass … so I apologize for the drama on your page.  However, the man’s tirade including the threats, remained for all to see … for hours.  My response was deleted within a matter of minutes.  Consider me duly reprimanded.  You’re a good dude and I wish you all the best.  It’s not personal … it’s principle.  Thanks for all the vids these past couple of years.  It’s your page and your right to censor and be partisan.  It’s my right to feel like I got pissed on.   

      I can’t message you privately on FB anymore, so I’m posting here.  Feel free to prune it after reading.   

  9. I really am envious of your lifestyle. I would give anything to change places with you. Good luck over there. Hope to move to the Phils sometime in the future. Take care. Have fun with the young ladies !!! 

    1. @Timothy Bumgardner plenty of wonderful pinay ladies will be here when you arrive.  stay focused and i’ll see you when you get here.  🙂

  10. Sorry to hear that your effort has not developed into something more permanent and fruitful. Sometimes when we search hard, we find nothing. Then when we don’t, it simply happens. That’s just life. Continue what you are doing. I love seeing the places and your explanation. You are a one man production team.

    1. @Noel Montesa i’m willing to just take a few steps back and ease up on the whole relationship thing.  it’s been less stressful the last few weeks that way.  🙂

  11. I have experienced bringing chocolate from the USA to Cebu in a carry on and never had a problem. never melted as long as you take an air condition taxi and you are allowed to bring chocolate.

  12. Henry looking for a single young filipina who doesnt want to have kids is imposible…. because in philippine tradition every one want to have kids so when they get old they kids will taking care of their parents.. every parents expect that when they get old…when they get sick theirs a kids will who will take care of them….

  13. You believe in soul mate Henry? Is there even such thing as?  0r is it just a word..
     I like being a hermit tho!  don’t twist my arm tee hee hee..

    1. @GlassLegend40 my belief is that there are a multitude of people we could be ‘soulmates’ with.  but we only meet some of them in a lifetime.

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