(2of2) Two Reasons Expats Leave Their Country for the Philippines

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  1. the lame, hackneyed argument about older man/younger woman bores and pains me to death! There are many MANY woman of ALL ages in Philippines never married because they took a look around at the local gene pool and couldn’t find a suitable partner…
    I am not in the LEAST interested in a lady as old as my own daughter, or her cousins for that matter. Its not hard to meet ladies in their 40’s and 50’s who purposely stayed single and would rather be with a foreigner because, somehow, they have a better reputation in terms of faithfulness and respectful treatment of their spouses… go figure!!!
    Now, before you start jumping on my back about my statements let me say this; I’ve been talking online with various pinay ladies for close to 10 years now and have friends throughout Philippines from 30 years of age up to 70 years of age and base my words solely on what they have told me over the years!
    For myself, I have found much more in common with ladies within 10 years or so of my own age and have observed that pinay ladies are much funnier, sweeter, kinder and much less selfish than their caucasian counterparts that I communicate with right here in my own city and country… Seems to me that was the point Henry made so eloquently…

  2. Well done Henry ! You are spot on once again….I expect you will have a few adverse comments ,but the vast majority of people watching this will sadly have to agree with you .. Keep  ’em coming !!! Alan

  3. Henry, Very well put, You said some of the things that I have been saying for quite some time now that’s one of the reasons I will be moving to the Philippines.. I also thank you for keeping us informed.

  4. There are Genuine filipina women out there, get to know their culture first before committing your self..get to know them first….there are good & there are bad apples out there.tke cre.

    1. @Michael Gates absolutely. i keep pressing the same message; “take your time. know the woman a year first.” otherwise, ‘good luck’. 🙂

  5. Henry, I agree with you comment on the feminism that has
    brought about no joy in the developed countries. My most
    Joyful & happiest days I spent when I lived in the Philippines,
    Visited there when I was in the Navy. Within the next 3 to 4
    years after I have everything I don’t need, want sold, I will
    Be Philippines bound heading home to my second country
    where my heart is. I plant to live out my life in the Philippines
    for good.

  6. So true henry after 3 american wives.or should I say american socialites .with the addages of more more.bigger and bigger.god it has to end debt debt.cars.trucks.SUVs,vacations,bigger houses.work more and more to buy more .time to quit while you can breathe sleep rest and still think. Very good points fillipinas are best they are real women.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Great advertisement to promote their business though, Brod Henry, but I don’t believe you agree on the word “servant” to their husband because that’s where all the misunderstandings come from. Not all Asian women would want to be treated as a servant to their husband nor NOT all men would want to treat their woman to be their servant neither. Would you? I don’t feel that in you with Lyn, though, even if she wants to, but I don’t think you would allow her to be in any way. Like most men in here, I believe, apart from being a gentleman, I see you’re much of a chivalry guy…and so she honours you. You have nothing to worry about. You should be proud of yourself. One thing about SE Asian women, they’re not materialistic..but I tell you though they are not stupid. They just want to be treated right.

      “Man wants to have a woman to LOVE, likewise, woman wants to have a man to CARE for.” But both are equally there to “serve” one another for the purpose of genuine relationship as man and woman to be…not an industry…nor exploitation among Asian women or vice versa.

  7. The Femi-Nazi’s have never been about equality, but rather a militant pushing of a gyno-centric agenda on society.

    Men are relegated to useful tools of utility. Nothing is a finer example of this than divorce court.

    After 30+ years of militant Femi-Nazism, women are more unhappy and unfulfilled than ever. Anti-depressant use is skyrocketing. FAIL!

    That’s what happens when radicalism, devoid of any common sense, pushes for equality of outcomes, which has nothing to do with actual equality, of course.

  8. I agree 100 % on this. Now sadly the feminist will see this and take it as you enjoy submissive women, in the kitchen bare feet with no say in daily matters. When it is the total opposite.

    1. @Keith Hooper i believe it’s completely beyond a feminist’s paradigm to conceive of a happily married age-gap couple in the PH. to her, it’s all about making the worst accusation she can to defend her position. doesn’t work though.. we just get on the plane and don’t look back. 😀

  9. H,
    If one pays attention you can see everything you said about Feminists is true. My take on it is – (I’ve been threatened by Feminists over this before) 😀 What job is more important, giving one more ‘POWER’ than raising (giving the moral values) to the next generation? But instead of accepting that ‘job’ as the most socially valuable, they do it half-a$$. They have the kids but also want the job. They can’t do both well. So, the kids suffer. Look at the current teen generation of American kids and tell me American parents are doing a good job. 
    My point. Love your site! Keep it up!

    1. @Jt T very true. when i see the rampant gang mentality, the shiftlessness, the lack of responsibility of our american youth on a large scale, it really weighs me down on visits to the usa. some are attending college, but even then many of those are indoctrinated into perpetuating the same feminist, statist ideas. it doesn’t look good for the next generation.

  10. I have to agree with you Henry. I was asked why was it that I was dating a Filipina, this was asked of me by a  female co-worker and my response mirrors your statement in this video. men want women who act like women, not women that think  they are, and act like they are men. For me a women that is brought up to believe that she is better then her male counterpart is an absolute turn off for me, women need to be women and men need to be men.  Thank you for broaching this subject. ps. I did marry her.

    1. @Henry Audey Cool. Does she take the blame & take the credit for the major decisions or does she share the blame & credit for major decisions. Just curious.

  11. You speak the straight truth, Enrique.  However, in regards to your disdain for materialism, that’s a matter of personal taste.  You grew up in a country where you could buy the things you want and at the same time, you’re the type of person who doesn’t need a lot of stuff to be happy…

    1. @Steve Davenport true. and i’m not against ‘luxury’. i like a nice resort as much as the next guy. but when it comes to what i own, i want just what makes sense, no more. kinda like w.c. field’s thought, “i like elephants, but i wouldn’t want to own one.” (that’s how he felt about having a wife as well. ha!)

  12. In Vietnam, as well, during family meals/parties, for the most part, the ladies congregate together & so do the men, but there are no rules to say so.  Even in Church, the women almost all sit on one side of the chapel & men the other.  It is quite charming…  I typically sit with my wife under most situations without aynone batting an eye…  it just works well with the related interests..

  13. Henry: Good Work!  In her new book, “Men On Strike,” Dr. Helen Smith says that men are dropping out of higher education, marriage, and fatherhood because American society has become anti-male. Men are sensing the backlash and are consciously and unconsciously going ?on strike.OCO They are dropping out of college, leaving the workforce and avoiding marriage and fatherhood at alarming rates..Have you heard about this before ?

  14. I know you say some wise words. You seemed to have traveled quite a bit.
    But when you say women act like women. Different cultures are different. So a Saudi women acts like a Saudi women. A Saudi women visiting the Philippines most likely would not “act like a woman” in your words. What you are saying applies to your culture. Since I am American I understand what you mean by saying that. But saying a woman acts like a woman there doesn’t really make sense or is proper. You are American, so you can’t really say American women don’t act like a woman.

    You need to say that some other way. Like they act more feminine or dress sexier, wear form fitting clothes, or less fat ones or whatever you want to say. But saying women act like women here is a worthless statement. I have been to the Philipoines a few times, married one, glad that is over, had many Filipina girlfriends, Thai girlfriends, etc etc.  They all “acted like women” that’s how I like them.

    Now if you want to see a woman, dress like a woman, come to somewhere like Colombia where I am now. These Colombian women will show you a “woman acting like a woman”. But, I have to say Filipinas and Thai women “sure know how to take care of a man”

  15. Points well presented, Henry. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman embracing her femininity, whether she’s 19 or 71. Of course, that doesn’t mean being timid and submissive – on the contrary, some feminine feistiness spices it all up. And yes, a woman trying to act like a man, is very unattractive.
    By the same token, I’d postulate that women find men who embrace their masculinity (being a gentleman, taking responsibility, protecting his loved ones…) attractive …at least that’s the message i get from my lovely wife in Cebu.

  16. Well said. I would add another reason for which I am moving to Phillipines next month. It is money chasing craziness that make people unkind and unfriendly.

  17. Feminism is a really complex issue as you bring a negative view, which I agree with, but theire is a positive side a well. For white men the issue is way beyond feminism to the whole media portrayl of us being no nothing dweebs wha are little more than occasionally useful clowns….face it that is all you get in the US media now…unless you are an exploiter of women and minorities.

  18. Everything RK said is correct but he was being too nice in describing disgusting tattoed, vile amerikan women (smoking and foul language only make them possibly worse…)……By the time they are in their early 20’s they aren’t even physically appealing anymore….I wouldn’t accept any woman in my family even if I knew nothing about their past….(and none were ever fat or ugly…)…. Not only are amerikan women disgustingly behaved and ugly by their early 20’s they are EXTREMELY provocational towards masculine looking men (nasty, dirty stares etc…)….No, I don’t back down from these cunts and when I receive the NASTY stares I stare BACK and they freak out reversing what actually transpired….

  19. Not sure exactly why a much younger guy would become an expat. But I said why guys my age are compelled to in Pt. 1. There is no life in the US for an old white guy it is that bottom line, unless you are rich. What we experienced in the US since Nixon got the Petrodollar in was the rest of the world obliged to use dollars as the global currency. That meant we could go into debt. That is now ending…and fast.

    1. @Will Hart all the younger expats that i’ve talked to in the ph, are admittedly on the move and only looking to sample the women. they are NOT looking to get married or stay in one spot too long. while i run into many older expats doing the same thing, a good portion of them do get married within their first year and are fine with starting a new family, kids, marriage. but the young guys, no way and the filipinas know it. it’s usually the ama-pros and bargirls who will entertain a young expat for the short-run. the ‘good girls’ don’t take young expats serious.

  20. Hi Henry I have watched this particular 2 videos series several times unfortunately your words about women in general, I was doing some shopping on Saturday this weekend as I was walking to the door I could see it was a manual style a lady also approached for the opposite side of the glass she was carrying a small child and her hand bag I opened the door too allow her to enter first to my dismay this Jerk pushed pass the lady and came in first I said to him that he needed to get some manners as she walked passed me her reply was and quote ” I am not a cripple I can open my own door ” this really stunned me I thought were is this human race going .

  21. this is my impression of my own country which is why i dont go out at night and how i love asia better, they say in england if you dont remember your night out then you’ve had a good time.  i see lots of videos of people expecting the police to pick them up off the street as they lie in the middle of the road in their own sick.  this sums it. up (there’s nothing wrong with drinking in a bar, i’ve done it in latin america but it’s just the way it’s done) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5OyubYyv3Q

  22. Thank you my friend. As someone who is 35 I can’t see marrying a woman from the West. It’s such a downgrade.. I’m happy to know that this option is available to me in 10-15 years.. Mahalo from Hawaii!!!

  23. Hi Reekay! I’m Robert from New York City, US! Just want to compliment you on the home run you hit on the reason men leave the States and find romance in the Philippines. You were dead on in the case of modern feminism creating a schism between the sexes here. Upon meeting Filipinas here and online, I see the obvious cultural differences in interacting with women. Here in the States as many men can attest , one has to walk on egg shells when dealing with a hyper-sensitive female population that sees every action of a male with suspicion due to feminist indoctrination. When I hold a conversation with a Filipina , the vibe is very different and one feels comfortable being oneself without the labels “oppressor” and “sexist” attached. Another thing I’ve noticed is the vast difference in which Americans and Filipinos approach long term relations between the sexes. Here in the States it’s all too often treated as a competition and as a business transaction, while in the Philippines it’s treated as a loving partnership and lifelong commitment that ironically past generations here practiced until the 1960’s cultural slide in every American institution that includes marriage. It’s my hope that as the Philippines becomes more prosperous that it’s people would avoid the tragic mistake of forgetting it’s greatest asset – it’s warm and familial culture that enabled it to endure 300 years of Spanish rule and another 50 of American.

    Thanks a million for your out-take!

  24. Henry, may I share a few words about this topic. The difference between a man and woman is clearly seen. They are the same only in humanity, not as humans. In the Bible, it says that a man is to love a woman and a woman is to respect a man. One day I learned what this meant. A woman by nature knows how to love, it is built into her as a woman. She doesn’t need to learn to love, she needs to learn to respect a man. And the best place to learn that is from a man, who by nature, knows how to respect a woman. But one thing man needs to learn is how to love a woman. And the best place for a man to learn how to love is from a woman, who by nature, knows how to love. Now this is by nature and built into a man and woman. However, society, media, religion, and external or internal sources has attempted to lessen or even remove these inner built-in qualities that God has blessed a man and woman with. Now when it comes to responsibilities in a marriage, a man responsibilities never change, he is spiritual and financially responsible for his wife and family. But a woman’s responsibilities can change and do change. She is responsible for the care and needs of the children, if she has them. She has the physical responsibilities of the family. if she has no children, then her responsibility is to the husband first and his needs. However, if she has kids, the children become his first priority and responsibility for care and need. This is why a woman’s responsibilities can change in life. But a man will always have the spiritual and financial responsibility in a family regardless if they have children or not. Now don’t get carried away with this like most people and religions do. A woman can work if she wants, she can have a career, she can go to school. But the children do come first. In any very successful family, and I don’t mean financially but you will see this also, you will see these responsibilities being used. Henry, I am sure you have seen this in the Philippines, how a woman cooks and cleans and care for the children and even works the field when she can. And the man is up early to go out fishing to get food for the family and spends all day in the hot sun and humidity to do this.

    1. I do like the family values in Phil, hard to find in USA. My friend is married to a filipina here and family is always first and most important. I know Hispanics are same way. US seems to push everyone to be independent in marriage and relationships, too bad. Glad to see you have a good relationship with Lyn, best wishes.

  25. In reference to age difference in a marriage It is interesting to note that there is no difference in age difference when it comes to divorce. Regardless of the age difference between a man and woman, the rate of divorce is the same regardless if the man is older or the woman is older. However, a man will live longer if he marries a younger woman and a woman will die younger if she marries a younger man. Just some interesting studies that have been done.But to this I say, if you truly love and devote yourself to your spouse and family and put them first, then divorce is not in your vocabulary. You will always work things out.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I got a friend now who’s married two years with a Filipina and he’s constantly bombarded with people including other men trying their best to separate these two. But it’s mostly women overall trying to get in these Filipina’s heads. Yep I hear about it all the time too.

    2. +Alex Winston yes, and many subscribers have related those personal stories to me via PM. i got one such story yesterday in fact. what i find to be a common denominator in the filipina’s change in values is when she becomes be-friended by western women, usually at a job she might work or in the community she lives. western women look at a loving, devoted filipina as a “victim of abuse” and feel compelled to turn that filipina against her husband. add to that their jealousy that this older man is happier with a filipina than a western, older woman and the motive for sabotage only increases. it is my contention that western women are usually the instigators in “ruining” a decent filipina once she moves out of the PH to be with her husband. i’ve heard it from far too many expats to ignore this repeated pattern.

  26. You stated well my reasons for wanting to leave the U.S. I too have a minimalist attitude. I have visited the Philippines 2X in the last Year. I was there mainly to finally meet face to face with my fiance after 2 years of daily contact with each other. I can definitely see me living there. My fiance wants live in the U.S. or Israel. I am retired and financially, the Philippines is very attractive. My fiance is close to 50. She thinks that she will come to the states and find domestic work easily.

    I am enjoying and learning your blogs.

  27. hey, man im a minimalist as well. here in nyc i just live on a sailboat, if i was to pack up and go all i would have is a hand bag and my backpack. but i prefer asians over americans or even some dominicans as there getting more americanized, but prefer asians due to there family orientation and education and they seem to take care of all.

  28. I wish every American woman would listen to this. I loved the explanation between joy and happiness in this 2 part series. Well done. Coming to the Philippines soon. I have this thing in my head that American women, because of feminism are ungrateful. They bit into that poison pill. I would much prefer to make a woman happier and joyful who would actually be grateful for what she has rather than a woman who has been poisoned with liberalism and feminism.

  29. thanks henry, this is also my idea and ive been trying to say this to all the women that i know, the worst part of the feminist is that they want equality but they want special treatment and worst is now they want to discriminate a man, my gosh,

  30. hi ,I have just been watching some of your videos ,I find them very interesting and informative and very true ,you have raised some very good points .
    Thanks for sharing

  31. Feminism was a response to males treating females as inferior. A male forcing his will sexually, financially or otherwise on a female is not treating the female equally. Respect works both ways. There are plenty of anti-feminists and anti-transgenders in the U.S. And, there are feminists and an LGBT community in the Philippines.

  32. If filipinas weren’t good looking, chances are expats wouldn’t be going there. I do have one question for you though, given that the woman are good looking there, why do so much of the filipino men turn to homosexuality, even lots of the woman turn to lesbian life style.

    1. i’ve noticed the same thing. my own observations lead me to believe that responsible, attractive filipina women who are smart enough to avoid getting pregnant before marriage make for more single filipino guys with not much to offer ending up in a sausage-fest. meanwhile, i know several filipinas who made the choice to be ‘temporarily lesbian’ to get their emotional needs met while avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. i’ve even seen girls as young as 16 who take on a lesbian girlfriend to avoid the boys and pregnancy. with the influence of ideas via the internet, the younger filipino generation is beginning to take on a more contemporary view of ‘the single life’ and moving away from the traditional pattern of having a big family without the funds to provide.

    1. thanks. i’m just glad there is an alternative to putting up with the demands of western, ‘contemporary’ mindsets. i’m so much happier in the PH.

    1. bad actions come from bad character. there are bad foreigners as well. can’t blame filipinas for the bad actions of bad expats. it comes down to a person’s own presence, or lack of character, integrity.

  33. You are so right about the feminism that you made me so happy to hear you explaining it so wonderfully. Thank you very, very much.The problem in the West is that most people don’t understand this or don’t want to understand the truth about feminism and blame the stress of life in general.Thank you again.

  34. Well said my friend! No disrespect toward any woman, but you couldn’t pay me to marry another American woman, they are never satisfied with anything, always complaining, want to be my boss, have no common sense and in general, just get on my last nerve! I married my Filipino wife Amalia in Jan.2012 and it was the greatest thing I’ve ever done! I wish I had found her 20 yrs earlier…she is an absolute wonderful wife, partner and best friend. I am so grateful to have her in my life! She is so kind, caring, considerate, upbeat, positive and grateful for everything we have…she is the finest person I’ve ever met in my life and my mission is to make her happy in every way possible. Great video! 🙂

  35. American women are not feminine, they are just women. They don’t act like a lady, they don’t care about how they look, how they dress, how they carry themselves.

  36. Good Vidoe !! So true so many women in the USA, want to top a man , it is aggravating, and established a battle.
    I sure do not want a competition with my girlfriend or wife . I have strangers to do battle with every day . SUPER VIDEO!!!!
    Take Care

  37. So, when this video was posted (March 2015) the admission is made that feminism is raising its ugly head but not so prevalent as to be too concerned about it. Hmmm…. cancer begins in small stages and if not treated immediately then becomes inoperable and death is inevitable. Get my drift?

  38. You are truly a philosopher at heart! I love your videos and they are so well thought out. You are so accurate in much of the analysis.Thank you for all the effort you make.

  39. NOT just Feminism but the toxic politics division and over emphasis of Multi-cultarism being shoved in everyone’s at the western culture.

  40. Wow
    Great job.
    Going to live in the Philippines in Aug.2018
    My Philippine wife an I have built a sea side home.
    Can’t wait.
    Jerry Bentley, Concord, North Carolina, USA
    Do you know what is really wrong with marriage to a young Philippine lady”……..NOTHING!

  41. I live in Canada and I was at the bar two days ago. I was standing there waiting for the bartender to take my order, and a woman came and stood next to me. The bartender served her first even though I had stood there for several minutes already. I said to the woman “Haha, I knew that was going to happen!”, and she replied “Well yeah, we should get at least that.”. At least that? What does she mean, at least that? What exactly is it that they are not getting then? This feminist attitude is so engrained in these women, it’s an automatic reflex to them. They are convinced that they are somehow oppressed, and no amount of objective evidence to the contrary can prove otherwise to them.

  42. Women in the U.S have evolved into the relationships I get into have to serve me. This is why men go to the Philippines. They are seeking a traditional old school relationship. If they support a women she will meet you half way and support you too. This a foreign concept in the U.S. today. Women want to run the show. That is why men go MGTOW and skip marriage all together. Now women are asking why can I not find a good man anymore.

  43. Great insight Reekay . I believe as you and feel we are a dying breed. Man is a man and woman is a woman and there should be no questions as to which bathroom to use.

  44. You have put into words what most all men feel.Women are special .They have attributes that makes don’t possess as much of relating to emotions and nurture.I am homesick for a place I’ve never been!The Phillipines!Also,thank you so much for your informative videos.I am learning what I need to know to come there and start a new (albeit late) start in life.God Bless you sir!

  45. Although this video of yours is 3 years old yet I find it very interesting to watch about your subject, women in the U.S. and it applies same thing here in Canada.BTW I just subbed to your channel..

  46. This is spot on I will be making my first trip to the PH next month to spend 3 weeks and visit a friend who retired in Davao City as well as my Uncle’s wife’s family outside of Cebu City. Planning my on escape from the west soon 😁

  47. Very well said. I am extremely lucky to have a wife that earned equality and not demanded it. There has been very few of our childhood friends that have a successful marriage

  48. I’ve been visiting every year since 2014 and will be making my 6th trip again this year. I am almost ready to stay long term. You are so right. You have hit the nail right on the head. Well said.

  49. Excellent. Thank you for sharing and I agree with your view on feminism and the stress that women create in a relationship when they try to do it all and be the man in the relationship it just doesn’t work. Every relationship has a leader.

  50. I agree with you 100% and feminism must be opposed. It has destroyed families and women in general. Women and men are different with various strengths and weaknesses. We are individuals.

  51. Hello Henry, what a great insight on feminism and the relationship of men and women. I have always thought that a women should treat her man as a king and a man should treat his women as a queen. But the totality is a respect for each other. When you have respect for each other you cannot do each other wrong. Thanks Henry and see ya soon, Randall

  52. Great video! You might have made this video a few years ago, but it is even so the case now. Filipina’s are women with women values. The western woman has lost that detail in the chase for everything else.

  53. As usual you hit the nail on the head, Reekay. I remember having a conversation with one of my very intelligent educated feminist cousins with my wife sitting next to me. My wife had always just wanted to be a wife and mother, but wasn’t anybody’s whipping boy – in many ways she was tougher than I was. Anyway, the conversation turned to what I would do if my wife passed before I did. My cousin was incensed when I said I would probably look for a 25 year old intelligent woman. She thought it was terrible that I didn’t want someone like her: over forty, obese (I was a lot skinnier at the time), loud mouthed, potty mouth, and just generally unattractive. Funny thing is several years later she married a man twenty years her junior.

  54. I have to disagree with you. No two people are precisely equal. Everyone has their unique talents and abilities. This is even more true comparing men and women as separate classes of people. There is considerable overlap, they’re people, not space aliens. My problem feminism isn’t women demanding the same rights as men, it’s their refusal to accept the responsibilities those rights entail. It’s like demanding to hold a title and collect the pay for a job you cannot do.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Sorry, I responded way too fast on what is a very hot button topic for me. As a result I expressed myself poorly. A big part of the problem is feminists adopting the fringe left tactic of “winning” the argument by redefining the terms. I see equal as functionally equivalent. They see equal as claiming every perk and privilege they can get without whacking you with a brick. Some of the women I’ve known were keeping the brick handy, just in case.

    2. i don’t see how we disagree, since i never said that any two people are ‘precisely equal’. i never said that, so perhaps you misunderstood.

      what i did say is that men and woman are ‘equal’ in their intrinsic value as ‘people’. and then i pointed out that they also have different strengths/weaknesses.

      but i never said any two people are ‘precisely equal’. even identical twins are not exactly the same.

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