(2of2) Tour of Dumaguete Merkado/Palengke

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  1. Ms. Fermina transmits serenity. I wish that was my grandmother and visit her every Sunday and hear stories of his life to tea time. It is a lovely lady.
    Thanks for the walk through the mercado.

    1. @Jason Wilson the ‘famous’ lechon and bbq usually get the PH culinary attention, but most province people can only budget in a very small amount of meat and mostly will have vegetables (such as kangkong, a spinach-like veggie) with rice and/or dried fish.

    2. Yes we do (though I’m picky with my vegetables but I do eat what I like)… specially people in the provinces where they grow their own vegetables. There’s also a staple dish here in the Philippines called “pinakbet” (dunno how it’s called in other places) and it’s like 10% meat and 90% vegetables.

  2. Hey Henry, surprised the aroma of that dried fish did not melt your camera lens!! I have been to a few open air markets in Bohol and left cross-eyed after passing the dried fish section !! lol !! Glad everything is going well for you !!

    1. @woodyhoyle mid-day it can get kinda ripe, but in the morning it’s all cool and no smell at all.  by 4pm on a hot day.. yah, you’re smelling it at that point.  🙂

  3. Great video, Henry. Kinda make me miss my hometown of Nasugbu. I miss the noise, hustle and bustle of early morning traffic to and from the marketplace. By the way, palengke is a corruption of the word Palenque, the Mayan city in Mexico. As you know, the Spaniards managed the Philippines indirectly thru Mexico until the Mexicans kicked the Spaniards out of Mexico. From then on Spain managed Philippines directly. Maybe you should check out the town of Mexico in the province of Pampanga.

    1. I travel at least twice a year to the Philippines.  I have been residing in California for almost 30 years now.  Yes, it is nice to visit and all.  Until now I cannot decide whether to retire back to the Philippines or not.  That is the reason why I have been hanging out in this blog.  I have been to Dumaguete and I am familiar with the places that Reekay visits but I can’t put a finger on what it is that causes my hesitation. 

  4. I checked out da parody of miky sir reekay…its awesome..

    Anyways loved your videos so nice if you sir talking to anyone with respect.
    But I was felt rely pity for da old woman hu stil in her flower business…hope if u wnna give Lyn flower u will buy to dat pity old woman.
    God Bless…

  5. Part two even better they are very nice people there im like you reekay i dont know anything on fish or how to cook it looks like one can find all u need in that place thanks for the videos 🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Henry……great vid thanks. When you first arrived in the Philippines, how long did it take you to decide “yes I am going to stay and live here permanent”? I had to dig my car out of the snow this morning at 6 and then my heater broke down on.the road in the snow storm thus bringing your videos to mind

  6. Great video Henry thanks for the link to Mikey Bustos thats funny man and I’m happy to have another phil’s channel to watch, great stuff here and very interesting.

  7. Hi Henry, It brought back memories when I was a kid living in the Philippine running around pelengke with my grandmother. And I’m glad you’re producing more video’s. I see you love longanisa, and it’s great for breakfast.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Yes, kangkong is one of the cheapest sources of vitamins A and C. It even has iron and magnesium too. Dunno if it’s already proven on humans but it helped lower blood sugar levels on lab mice.

      I think the one that you call bok choy/pok choi is called petchay here.

  8. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  are you using an external mic? I noticed I can hear you really well even with all the extra noise that goes on… just wondering because I’m thinking of getting a GoPro and I want to know so I can get all I need to get back to making videos

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Now that would be a really helpful and probably fun video to make you and Lyn could go to the market buy all the ingredients and then cook for her whole family would be helpful knowing this kind of expense as most expats may start out eating alone or eating out eventually they’ll probably settle down and end up having a family and have the expense of feeding them.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Great videos, Henry. Philippines and Mexico seem to have a lot of commonalities except the FOOD in ways how the Mayans do their cuisine is a lot more creative and superbly tasteful than Filipino foods lacking substance. Pig cooked under the ground the way the Lebanese and Arabs do their “mechwi roast” is excellent! Would also be great to show them how you do it the Mexican way, just a thought. 🙂  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyJLLKjRvHA

  9. Marlin?  Hurt me, make me write bad checks!  That would be soooooooooooo good Brother Henry.  It’s been DECADES since I’ve had anything like that!

    Hell I’d have to drive from BFE, over 7 hours to ‘Frisco, to find anything even close to that! 

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 i’ve noticed that different seafood items will be in abundance depending on how the previous night’s catch went.  sometimes it’s flooded with lapu-lapu fish, other times lobster and other times squid.  the tuna, cut into big squares, wrapped with bacon and grilled is really good.   🙂

  10. Great merkado tour !! People tend to go shopping every day because mostly don´t have a fridgerator to store food.
    The markets are the way to go. I can´t remember ever bought food in the SM Malls.
    By far more healthy than any kind of the western plastic packed food, fast food or such things.
    These markets are my favourite places and also the carenderias around…one of the “secrets” how to live very cheaply in the Philippines..keep it healthy and simple.
    Thanks for upload, great work as always.

    1. @Jean Hougron the supermarket (usually inside the mall) is definitely more expensive than the merkado.  still necessary though for things like peanut butter, milk, stuff not seen in the video.  but for rice, veggies and meats the merkado is the way to go.  🙂

    1. @johnthefinn yah, that was my math mistake.  in my head i thought ‘300 years’, but said 1300.  (was actually from 1521 to 1898).

  11. Hi Henry, Im watching your channel for more than a year now, you are doing a great job and I’ve learned a lot about Philippines mostly from your great videos.

    BTW that word “Palengke” instantly reminded me of the Mayan artifact called the “Palenque astronaut” ( it’s famous because it was featured in that “Ancient Astronauts” (misinformation) show and also in the Prometheus movie (where they erased the upper part and drew that constellation from the movie instead. In short, many people who are into New Age, believe it’s supposedly a proof of some ancient astronauts, but in reality most of the credible scholars (both, atheistic ones and Bible believing ones) agree that its just an ordinary stylized depiction of Mayan beliefs about the afterlife, and it actually represents a Mayan king on his death bed with the “world tree”, snakes and birds, etc.

    But some people are mistaking the roots of the tree as a rocket jet’s flame and him as an astronaut in some rocket and things like that. And then there are serious TV shows on history channel and even movies, who are all trying to make him an extraterrestrial or something 😉  … Okay I know.. a bit of long and unnecessary info. Just saying that Palengke sounds identical like Mayan Palenque


    Anyway… stay safe and God bless you Reekay! 🙂

  12. they say Canadians are polite but the friendliness of the Philippines never get tired to see it and your polite behavior brings it out in them 😀 good manners cant go wrong 

  13. I really appreciate your videos. I’ve been watching for about a month trying to gain little nuggets of info. I know you’re now in Dumaguete I was wondering if you have ever traveled down south to Zamboanguita? Anyway Henry I hope to see you there in a couple months. Stay classy brother. Denny B.

    1. @Gerrygambone its a sweet sausage, i often use it for breakfast, with rice and eggs.  i’ve found it won’t burn so easily if you add a little water to the pan and keep the lid on it.  🙂

  14. thank you for sharing videos of my hometown Dumaguete ,Philippines there’s been a lot of changes since my last visit. I missed the places where I used to hang out and the food.

  15. Henry, what program do you use to edit and make your videos stream-able for Youtube on your gopro? It’s driving me crazy trying to figure out how to do this…I’ve tried Any video converter pro, windows movie maker, and go pro studio and every time, I get this message on Youtube telling me they would process faster if I made them stream-able for Youtube…I followed Youtube directions and it never works…Any tips you can give me? Thanks…https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UuHJdv8LIfJGLcB0CFVfg is my channel if you want to check some out and see for yourself to get an idea of what I’m saying…

    1. @Foreverman1962 to process.. or to upload?  it doesn’t start processing until it is fully uploaded, and that will depend on your internet speed.  for me it takes about an hour to 90 minutes to upload and then about 3 minutes to process for a 6 minute video.

    2. @Foreverman1962 oh.. btw, i get that same message.  but the advice they give is fairly convoluted.  the only time saved would be when ‘procesing’ the video on youtube’s end.  which, for an 8 minute video usually only takes about 3 minutes anyway so, i don’t worry about it.  the HD resolution remains the same.

  16. Very cool video. I have been watching many of your videos by the way. I didn’t see any red meat stalls in the market, does that mean they don’t really sell beef? Or lamb or goat meat? Henry I don’t mean any disrespect to you by this question, it is just my personal preference. But how about if a guy like me in his 50’s wanted to find a woman close to his own age instead of a young woman? What are the chances of finding a nice, pretty, yet mature woman who would be single and willing to meet Americans? Also Palenque is a Spanish word too, just like Mercado it is spelled different but still borrowed from the Spanish Language.

    1. @Carl Love good news.. not only are there many, many mature women over 35 here in the PH, but they would be SO glad to have a foreigner b/f and likely much more loyal and appreciative than many of the younger girls under 25 who are still in ‘shopping’ mode.

  17. Good video!  Lots of fish, vegetables flowers etc.. Did not show us the fruits?  Please do a video on different fruits also in a market not supermarket.  Thanks.

  18. Hello Henry…..thanks for posting all the great videos. Would be nice to hear some of the pricing for different items, and what you may spend during the week at the market. Thanks again for documenting your trips.

  19. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines , thanks for the video! Looks like a really great place to get a variety of fresh ingredients. I know where to do my shopping now when visiting Dumaguete 🙂

    On a related note, I discovered your channel recently, and have been extremely entertained by your videos. A job well done. I’ve been wanting to do something similar for a while now in regards to starting a YouTube channel, and your videos finally inspired me to take action. Soon I’ll also make my way over to the Philippines to film my adventures, but in the meantime I’ll film in San Francisco with my Filipina bride. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. @Dobiedoo2 aside from the marketplace in cebu, it’s about the largest i’ve seen.. but this dumaguete one is a bit more organized than cebu. 🙂

  20. I love this place.  Had a manicure and a pedicure for 150 pesos from Nini.  A foot scrub was another 150 pesos but it was totally worth it.  In the evenings they sell fried chicken out front for 20 pesos a piece.  The Market is hard to beat.  Even had a marriage proposal of sorts.  Keep up the good work Henry.

    1. @Mr. Mxyzptlk they ask sometimes, most times they just start speaking in visayan until i can tell them i’m not filipino. 🙂

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