(2of2) ‘DK Unlimited Fashion Pageant’ – Showtime!

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  1. I don’t know.. They looked so much prettier during practice without those make-up. =( Other than that, I think they have done well on the catwalk. =)

  2. I found they as a group were stilted and stiff. Maybe just nervous or uncomfortable no natural. As well they could have given it some flair in my opinion with the hand bags. Such as use as it as a prop and moving to hand and displaying it as they move with a twirl or twist. IMHO. ..

    1. Most runway models fit that age range or slightly older. Just a critic is all. Not good or bad. Just what I noted. Also not unusual for novices to have these issues it takes practice to find your own personal trait that you bring to the show.

    2. @John R they are still in the learning staqes, so it takes time to get ‘stage presence’ without the nervousness. many of the girls seemed to be between 17 and 19, so i’d say they did well for just starting out. 🙂

  3. Great job Reekay i love hi def I could see there faces and expressions. The models did an excellent job, these are amateurs remember. Keep up the good work.

  4. Very classy very cool,,they’re doing great and having fun,,its also nice to see so many there to support them,,good day out Henry,i know they were happy to see you made it

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines yes its very admireable of them,,and now i see why you are so comfortable talking to the camera,,,so it did pay off for you,,;),,,keep up the great work,thanks

    2. @Stu Stewart in high school i did two years of drama and we did 3 or 4 plays during that time. aside from doing some acting, i also did audio and once was stage manager. ever since then i’ve had an appreciation for the stage. when it’s “live”.. it’s you out there and no room for error. it’s not a rehearsal anymore. so i really do admire these young people for putting themselves out there. it takes a brave soul to do that.

  5. Great update Henry ! I’d been looking fwd to see what this Dgte fashion modelling looks like. Thank you ! First of all this is a good continuity for Dumaguete modelling . There was dumaguete modelling before. There are men/ women fashion models in Dumaguete in early 90’s. Many of Dumaguete models are slim and tall.
    20 years later hmmm , hard to say it, but I prefer the 90’s Dumaguete models .
    I only see two model types sort of in this show. They also have fat or near fat model.  I supposed fat and short buxom women should be represented.  Many I see in this fashion show have stiff bodies and awkward walking on high heels, maybe has to go to the gym for few months or a year for body sculpting. I’m a bit of critic when talking about models, doesn’t look nice with fat chunky legs. Dear o dear . This is not criticism to your video Henry, this is fantastic update. But sorry if I’m a bit hard about this Dumaguete models. I have to be honest in mind, people can critic me — this is only in question how the  Dumaguete modelling  contractor recruit fashion models. Dumaguete has far more pretty faces and bodies, where are they ?

  6. They still in the stage of learning..they are not a professional model yet so dont judge ahehe.dont compare them to the midels of fashiontv. Im pretty sure most of them are college student they do this as a part time job and for sure the talent fee is just a little…but its a big help for them. ..

    1. @Only Girl seeing them prepare and await their moment on stage, i can see that this is something they have a real passion for. it’s a chance to face their fears and put themselves “out there”, giving their best. anyone who thinks it is easy to be the center of attention on a stage has never done it before.

  7. Nice show but I want to shout..”Hey Lady, Your Bag is Not Big Enough”. And if Lyn saw this show she would instantly turn into a Mall Zombie.

  8. Yes I agree Henry so many beautiful girls in the Philippines,you just need to take a walk around the Robinson’s Department Store.The ladies working there are so beautiful and very slim,in Canada the girls are getting very heavy.Also some people that are commenting,should realize the girls are not professional models.I think they are doing a great job,but I did miss the beautiful smiles.

    1. @David Poole some of those heels were about 4″. i just bought lyn a pair of 2″ heels today (for a wedding we’re going to soon.)

  9. It is a National Sport.  One of my friends has been in over 500 Pageants and has about 90 Crowns (1st place).  Filipinas are fierce competitors on a world level… all the way up to Miss Universe and typically post a contender in the top 5.

    1. @Aprille Shepherd i love it. so many times i’ve gone to the mall just for some groceries and, wow.. there’s a beauty pageant going on. i love it. 🙂

  10. Was a fashion show, In a beauty pageant it would be all smiles for sure.
    My ex made her living doing pageants,but after meeting some other pageant girls, i could tell he was different.
    Do wish she kept her little acting job, the producer was pretty cool and i would have had fun watching.
    Funny that what they call true Filipina beauty was always very mixed blood.

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