2nd Bedroom Skimcoat Progress

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  1. Hahah just telling gold-yellow is more lovely-nice heavenly color… with blue or turquise….and clear white wall hahah well going with Maricel said stars..is not bad at all on the upper part white wall!!! hahah the baby boy nice neavenly bedroom 🙂 <3
    God bless ..take c are always..Iam excited to see and hear him laugh and say mom dad ... Praise God !

  2. I did boys room in cars it was very cute,even a car bed after he got older and rug to play his cars on with streets it was very cute bedspread comforter curtains stickers of cars on walls,plus we put shelves on walls made some old 56 55 57 year cars to set up high on his shelves.room was very cute Brian for baby boys room,blue, red,white people loved the room took pics

  3. So the 2nd bedroom is for the baby? Maricel isn’t going to demand the baby sleep with her in bed? Hahaha, that’s been the norm in our house for all the kids.

  4. although it isnt right when you are working in a white room u almost go blind you can miss stuff , Obviously not all of that but some of it.

  5. Why not dampen the walls a little before sanding Brian ? Less dust in the house then , but perhaps use a little more sandpaper , not good for Maricel n your health all the dust !

  6. skim coat is the Philippine/cinder block equivalent to plastering . some trim molding around the doors and window frames. and you will still Probably need to paint over the skim coat. and maybe a base board along the bottom of the walls. I agree, the base board, crown molding and the Door, all the same color

  7. Dang Brian is worse than OSHA!!!! And Maricel losing her mind lol well we knew that already cuz she married a crazy foreign man Brother. What a pair 😃. Step by step the lil house is coming together. It’s has been an experience watching. Irregular blocks leading to uneven rendering leading to difficult skim coating…. but in the end it’ll look nice 👍

  8. Gmorning.fr.NYC u know were u put Charlies crib make like a.rainbow design i think looks great .then hope the is ready before the came coz.of the smell of.the paint.its not good for the baby..i think its look great plain wall ceiling blue ….just a.suggestion…..to much color is annoying 😀💓Bless u guys

  9. I think Tatay is doing a good job, but you need skirting boards round the floor and trim round the doors and windows. I know its hard to buy, but would make it look nicer. Tatay is amazing guy. I am big fan of him. Like the vlogs.

  10. Mask is important. My dad is currently dying from mesothelioma. He was a painter by trade and was exposed to asbestos and probably a bunch of other harmful particulate matter. Most likely from sanding. It’s absolutely devastating for everyone involved. Please tell him to be careful.

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