2nd Bedroom Progress 5/27/20

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  1. I have lived in Cebu and manilla still have friends in Cebu one mainly is from the US , I like watching videos from other foreigners and getting ideas for when or if I return , I have Thailand on MY mind also.

  2. Brian haven’t you figured out the color the in the Philippines is much different than in the States. But if the wife is happy with it happyI live. But I agree I don’t like the color

  3. On camera it looks like the color you are wanting is a terracotta color. Possibly a rust orange but to me it is terracotta. To close the gaps that show in the door panel inserts use some caulk and then paint.

  4. Not sure if it’s the way the sun is hitting the paint on the door but it looks like it has a tad bit of yellow hint to the color. I think it looks nice, though. How exciting to get Baby Charlie’s room ready .. and it’s nice that we all get to share in a part of it.

  5. My dad, a builder/carpenter believed you should not paint the top nor bottom edges of a door. You can’t see them and it allows the wood to breathe and not warp from humidity.

  6. I cant wait to see whèn you paint all the walls. That hiuse will look night ànd dày. I wish you’ll paaint everything light and neutràl to make the house bigger, brighter ànd cooler. Filipinas tend to use dàrk colors and colorful like green and pink or purple. I wish Maricel will stay away from those colors. Ha ha ha…just a thought. Good job !!!!

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