Far from crowded beaches, bright neon lights, and noisy tourist hangouts, Dolphin Bay Resort lies on a spectacular, unspoiled 5km beach with panoramic views of the bay, nestled between mountain peaks and dotted with lush tropical islands and cultural sites.

We are located directly on the beach and within a short distance from Pranburi. The resort is surrounded by Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park and some of Thailand’s most magnificent natural scenery.

Our resort have two central pools and private pools in our villas, spacious garden and playground, a brand new gym and a spa that provides excellent Thai and Swedish massages to complete your Thai beach holiday experiences. Our restaurant serves authentic local and western food as well as French wine, cocktails and beers.

We are also family friendly and cater to young adults as well as babies. There are many outdoor sports that our guests can enjoy from kayaking and paddle boarding, to mountain cycling, hiking and even Muay Thai training at our neighbouring camp.

Enjoy our comfortable accommodations, friendly, laid-back but efficient service and great recreational facilities at affordable prices at Dolphin Bay where there’s something for everyone.

Khao Sam Roi Yot (Thai: เขาสามร้อยยอด) is a marine national park in Kui Buri District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand. The park was established in 1966, and was the first coastal national park of Thailand. The park includes Thailand’s largest freshwater marsh.


My name is Jonny, I am 40 years old living Hua Hin, Thailand. I have been living in Thailand past 7 years.

🔵Some FAQs

Q. How do you make a living?
A. I have investments in housing & properties in Australia

Q. Are you single?
A. Currently I am in a relationship with my Thai girlfriend

Q. How long have you lived in Thailand?
A. I have been living in Thailand for 7 years, I spent 2 years in Phuket, about 2 years living in Bangkok. Now I am in Hua Hin Thailand.

Q. Why did you start YouTube vlogging?
A. I think I will be able to show the best and worst of Thailand though my eyes. A new perspective on Living In Thailand.

Q. Do you speak Thai?
A. No, but I am currently studying it at school.



  1. Jonny mate thanks for your lovely videos. Kindly make a video on the value of the Australian dollar how you have invested to mitigate the fall from grace. Do you see it ever going back up to Parity or above?

  2. That is a steal of a deal for a place that close to the water!! And I have NEVER seen a burger that looked that good ANYWHERE in Thailand!!! Wow, you hit it on the spot Jonny!!!!!

  3. Thank’s very much Jonny,for pissing me off,as we still under quarantine ,for another three week’s here in Scotland,that will be ten weeks all in,lol,only joking Jonny,loved the video,the house a bargain,for that rent,and the area looks amazing,the couple that is renting it seem a lovely couple too,as well as your good friend and his wife,food looked amazing also,hopefully soon,i can retire in Thailand or the Philippines,as have been too both those beautiful countries,thank you for the video Jonny once again.

  4. You need to keep a bag of Thai woman treats in the car so you can give them snacks when they get “hangry”. Next time tell her she is only getting thai cup of noodles. Might not be the best thing but it would be a good video for us! 😎

  5. Dolphin bay is nice Napa and I went there last year very quiet found a good restaurant along there Beach road was cheap and had accommodation to the rooms where 1000 to 1500 baht a night the Thai food I got was 60 baht and big to

  6. I’ve got a bloody horrible mental picture in my mind now after you said ” the dog’s got bigger balls than yours” that’s going to take weeks to get rid of 🙄

  7. Beaut location for a clean and healthy peaceful life. Thanks for stopping J and giving us a squiz at the villas, nice but sadly Thai architecture can be horrendous so to part with close to 2 million bucks it would have to be a truly exceptional build for that. Way overpriced, even for the beachside location, but that’s Thailand.
    Buy something that’s 4 or 5 years old and get it for a third of that! I bought a 5 bedroom villa with a 25 metre lap pool a short walk from the beach in Phuket for 11 million and it is a palace in a gorgeously landscaped and maintained estate. The new builds around us were asking similar prices to what you showed at half the size and acreage too.

  8. Nice area J. Pretty sunset, there looks to be enough good eats n western food fixes to keep anybody happy n fed. It’s great to be able to get out of the house again after so long huh !?

  9. Hey thanks for today. I love going down to Dolphin anytime on the bicycle or motorbike. Was that your black Merc or the property owners? Love having lunch at the the fisherman village. Not sure of the name. Its right on the water with lots of fishing boats also a weird fish for yourself tank and is just up from a beautiful gold temple.

  10. Thailand is becoming a place were white people are not welcome and police will target them for extortion, they will be desperate now more than ever so don’t go, and if you happen to be stuck there carry a hidden body cam so you can prove evidence was planted on you after you spend one year in prison waiting for you court hearing

  11. Beautiful place. Just moved to Thailand in March but I’m in noisy, ugly, beautiful Bangkok into a 1 bedroom small condo for 12,000 lol. My Thai gf is currently saying feed me as I watch this 😀

  12. When johnny said ‘ no alcohol served, so thats cool’ i can see the disappointment in his eyes haha cant beat nice burger nd a cold 1

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