2019 Cost of Living in Thailand – Still Cheap? | TIMyT 090

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  1. The reality is that the Thai government has demonstrated recently that they do not want foreigners to live long term in Thailand! I spent 1 year in Thailand and I really loved the country, but it was so difficult to stay there. I never felt like the people or the government wanted me or any other foreigner to be there. I felt like Thailand’s interest has shifted to cater to short-term tourism and is doing everything in their power and authority to DISCOURAGE foreigners from staying long term. Also, in my 1 year of living there it was every day a monumental task to try and communicate with Thai people in the simplest of ways. I believe that the Thai people also resent foreigners being there. It is a feeling they give you when they ignore you, or pretend they do not understand you when the day before they understood. And yes I traveled around much of Thailand and rented a condo in 5 different cities, and every place I felt the same. Thailand also has a higher price for foreigners. They see you coming and look at you like you are an ATM. So Thailand is not cheap for foreigners to live. Thailand is an OK place to visit, but there are so many other more welcoming places to spend your money and be happy. Please do not think this is a rant or complaint of my time in Thailand, I am simply expressing my opinion and my experiences. Retirees want to be welcome in the country they retire in. We want to feel a part of the community, but this will never be the case in Thailand. They just do not want foreigners there long-term.

  2. JC, do you you have the marriage visa? It’s harder to get as far as paperwork, but much more convenient with much less money required to be kept in the bank.

  3. Guy says: “This is going to be a housekeeping video. Do you know what that is?” Girls says: “Yes. I know very good. You buy house and I keep it!” 🙂

  4. Don’t just expect Thailand will gonna change soon in positive way to western expats, everything now started like a roller coaster ride and seems doesn’t slow down anytime soon. Vietnam, the Philippines and Laos is nice country to try, just forget Thailand for now it gonna hurt your butt.

  5. JC, et al. I love the PFG shirts and shorts as the ones you always wear. I bought a few this year in Portland, Or. Would like some more so is there an Outlet Store or shop here in Thailand where we can buy these, thus saving a trip back to the US or huge Amazon shipping fees? I saw that they are often made in Thailand or Indonesia BTW. VR Jay in Chiang Rai

  6. Hi JC, Always enjoyed your Channel. I’m not a retiree, I live in Sydney, Australia which is a great country, but expensive. I loved Thailand as a traveller but always was wary of any country where visa changes that target westerners punish them. Couple this with the dual price policy for Thais against foreigners is plain wrong. This and the rise of the Thai baht means my holiday is one third dearer. My country doesn’t rip off and Intimidate tourists with the whole jet ski scam. Police corruption is rife across South East Asia.

  7. Phuket, Thai is Very Expensive. Philippines is less but also becoming more expensive. Retirement Visas are a Nightmare in Thai & not really for retirement as u actually have to report every 90 days & re-apply annually & very Easy in PH as they are for Life & renewable every 3 years with no paperwork. Attitude is VERY BAD in Immigration Thai & not at all so in PH. Not much to do in PH – access to clean beaches is difficult, not so in Thai. PH Food is BAD…..Very bad in PH & Great in Thai.

  8. Thailand is stil cheap compere to west countries. Even is THB grow up more then 30% in last 10 years, you can stay and eat cheap there. But act like domestic people! Eat out in restaurants where local people do, buy a drink in a store, take a time to find some good and cheap place to stay and buy a motorcycle. You (retired people) will stil have some money for entertainment too.

  9. Hi JC, I just thought that I’d let you know that I am now living g in Siem reap Cambodia. Too much negative response from Thai immigration, I no longer felt welcome!

  10. I’m probably the weirdest person to move to th. I’m disabled and come for the progress i make there every time i go. Now my goal to arrive is 2021 …

  11. I invested agood amount of .money in Thailnd over 10 years, over10 million baht a house a condo,car,motorsi and hotel,hospital and I m not buying the INSURANCE to stay here 5 months a year.Im not complaining as I can afford to loose the money.However i recommend anybody to NOT buy and or marry in thailand.Saying this but still want to sale my plush condo on the beach.

  12. Many prices have doubled in 20 years, which is understandable, but when you combine that with a change of Baht from 55 = US$1.00 to now at 30 = US$1.00, that makes it much more costly.
    You can do it cheap if you sacrifice and live local. Otherwise, you will quite likely pay more than “back home”.

  13. Hi hello old friend 😊✨😅 long time no see you …miss you here from John Denmark & Faa before we meet in Cha am now i Seattle Down in Hua Hin ..i wanna show you my project retirement resort …i give you my Line John Hua Hin 69

  14. The Mental Case in Da Nang still harassing a man dying of cancer as of last night. You guys that troll for him here and harass other channels are disgusting moral less humans. Enabling for this monster there are no words for your type of behavior.

  15. Just watched your video about new rules for foreigners wishing to retire in Thailand. I was in the middle of planning a 1 month vacation to Northern Thailand to see if it was a place I would like to retire in. I am now online planning a trip to Vietnam. But no new rules for foreigners who wish to vacation in Thailand for sex industry. I guess the Thai government still wants SEXPATS temporarily for their economy more than they want retired people who just want a simple, relaxing lifestyle and who spend money.. Their choice to make and they made it. Less legitimate businesses providing jobs and more prostitution because of less jobs. More women in retail and tourism losing their jobs and turning to prostitution. More competition and prostitution prices go down bringing in more sexpats. Oh yes…the Thai government is filled with intelligent people!?!? lol.

  16. Greetings! Interesting content. I’ve watched a few videos on Thailand that I thought were pretty good, but I’m wondering why kill the comments on your last video? It seems your opinions on the immigration situation have changed from your Tm30 video just a couple months ago. I agree some things have become more complicated, but I’m just curious who’s the victim here? Some of the folks being forced out (or just fed up)under new enforcement of old regulations were just living here on borrowed time anyway. I’m not saying they’re bad guys, just ill prepared to deal with the flux of residing outside your home country. I think your heart-felt plea to the Thai government was appropriate and polite, but I don’t necessarily agree with it in its entirety. Anyway great work and information.

  17. I will never understand the mindset of so many bitter hateful expats that live in Thailand and many that refuse to leave. You bitch and moan constantly about how horrible everything is. You leave racist comments here and other forums about the Thais. That ALL Thais hate foreigners. That ALL Thais are scammers, liars and have fake smiles. That every visa offered by the Thai government is impossible to deal with. All Thai food is bad for your health. Everything is cooked with MSG. Everything has become expensive and not affordable.

    Yet thousands of expats are able to deal with the hardships. Live in harmony with the Thais. Able to eat Thai food. If not Thai food we are able to purchase food that is not imported. Cook for ourselves. Live here within our budgets. Are able to deal with the visa changes. Have Thai wives and families. We are able to socialize with the Thais. Many whom we consider trustworthy friends no different than we would have in our homelands. We are able to avoid most scams and hardships.

     Yet some foreigners seem constantly plagued with problems. Did you ever once stop to think that perhaps the problem in many cases is YOU ? Not a day passes where i do not witness foreigners many of whom are likely expats with a bitter scowl of their faces both men and women. They look like disheveled lost souls totally disconnected to the environment around them. After in some cases decades have made no attempts to learn the most basic of the Thai language. They scowl , grunt, point and raise their voices to the Thais. So i ask . What is it that you expect from the country you have immigrated to. A country very different than your own. And you have made zero to little effort to adapt to in any way. Did you expect the Thais to bend over backwards to suit your foreign needs ?

    So my point is either adapt to a country and culture that is not your own and stop bitching and moaning about how horrible everything is. No matter where you move to you are going to be miserable. I somehow have managed to survive in Thailand going on nineteen years. Yes i have had problems as i would even in America. I deal with them and adapt. I do not spend my days constantly bitching and moaning about things i can not change. The things i can change i try to adapt. If the currency becomes stronger i spend less money. If i am too hot i deal with it. If i am lonely or bored i try to find a solution . I don,t blame all my problems on the Thais nor the country as a whole. Get a grip. If you hate Thailand or wherever. Either leave or learn to adapt. Leaving racist remarks about the Thais makes you look like a bitter miserable hateful human. No one wants to be around someone that swims in negativity

  18. My Canadian dollar used to get me 30 to 34 baht now it is around 22 to 23, no atm fees before, rent has gone up quite a bit, drinks in bars are comparable or more compared to Canada now, food is more expensive. I had a house in Hua Hin, garden and pool care was around 2500 baht per month in 2003, when I left Thailand in 2013 I was paying close to 10,000 baht.

  19. Your Nov 19 immigration info video was spot on. I’m retired. Just like you said…I want easy… after 4 years in Thailand why would I continue to stay here? Immigration was downright hostile to me 3 weeks ago in Krabi. Very hostile… Even a house visit for no good reason.. I have a valid OA visa. I live alone… Quietly… And I have sufficient money… But I also have class and style.. I have my pride and my boundaries. I want an easy relaxed retirement. Thailand does NOT give me this… Along with higher prices… Worsening exchange rate… Local Thai negative sentiments… Dangerous roads… Polluted air and land… Greedy tourist industry.. Greedy developers… Zero checks and balances for infrastructure sustainability… Shall I go on? No. I will not go on. Bye Thailand.

  20. Great video to immigration. It’s appreciated. I haven’t been here 18 years.. Far less.. But it’s like telling a hotel here that’s completely empty that u want a room for 20% less or asking a home owner who’s been trying to sell an empty unrented house for 5 years for a 10% price cut. You will usually get a smile and a no. It’s eastern logic and maybe y prices don’t fluctuate down as dramatically as they do in the west. Bizzare to us but u can’t change it with western logic. I am not hopeful things Wil change but maybe foreigners in thailand will get a card offering 3% off a $50 dollar bottle of booze that costs $30 in any other country in sea but after they raise the price the month before by 3.5%. Something to look forward to. 🙂 or a free potted plant when u spend 2m thb on a house that’s about to be repossessed and for which we have no real ownership rights anyway.
    Thailand is unique but not as unique as it once was. Compared to other countries in SEA-Beautiful beaches.. Not as many…. Affordable prices…not nearly as cheap as it once was… Wonderful temples.. Well now alot require an admission fee and it’s hard to meet a monk who’s constantly on the phone or negotiating with tour guides for a piece of their commissions.. I’m moaning but it comes from being Dissapointed. I’ll stay as long as I can but I’m doing somethibg I never did before and researching other places to live. Thanks again for sticking your neck out for us.

  21. OOORAH JC on your comments to Thai immigration! Well done. I would of done a 2-5 year lease at my rental being renewed in March/2020 but not now. I would have even paid the Thai landlord over 240000 Baht for the entire first year. I just paid a hospital over 7000.00 USD up front while I await BC/BS reimbursement. If I had gone to Vung Tau before Hua Hin in the first place I would not be commenting. Keep on keeping on!🙏

  22. I am taking my money and my good faith and integrity and going elsewhere. Thai immigration is sad. Way too much trouble and hassle to remain here. No thank you. I am leaving.

  23. Thanks again for a great video. You are so right that it is extremely inexpensive to live in Thailand. My minimal experience is of course in question here, but I find it cheaper in Thailand than in Vietnam. Not so much the food, but hotel rooms seem to run about 5-10 dollars more per day for what seems like the same places. I know I will never get the chance to live in Thailand (mostly due to not wanting to leave my grandchildren etc.–but that is my feelings, not because I dislike Thailand). Keep explaining the beauty of Thailand. It really makes me remember the great times I had there. It is a beautiful country full of beautiful people.

  24. Today Saturday 23/11 on my daily 7 km walk along Cha-am’s beautiful beach. I was bailed up on 2 occasions by groups of drop-dead squeaky clean beautiful Thai school children maybe 12/13/14 y / o girls and boys. Asking 1st if they could interview me (oh! Yes) lots of question about where I came from how long I’ve been in Thailand do I have a nickname how long I’ll be staying, do I stay parttime or full time and a few other questions some were trying to read their questions from a list I had to help them a bit. They ask and prefaced it with “you do not need to answer this”. The question was how much you spend each month, I said “about Bt45,000 per month, one young girl me” do I have a lady partner “. I said if I have a lady partner I have to spend Bt 75,000 each month” which resulted in raucous laughter They asked that they would like a photo of me with all of them. So me in the middle and 8 or 9 lovely children around me. The children then decided that the teacher should be in the picture so another person took pictures for the kids and me … what a hoot, would never happen in Australia. And to make things even better it happened all over again 300 meters along the beach … Ahhh This Is Thailand (TIT). Definitely no complaints today! Ahhh This Is Thailand (TIT). Definitely no complaints today! Ahhh This Is Thailand (TIT). Definitely no complaints today!

  25. If you buy basic high-quality western food from Tesco, Makro, Big C, etc. and cook it yourself in your condo room on a small electric cooker (Bt450), micro oven, usually supplied with a condo room and/or a Bt800 round confection oven (very common in Thailand). And if you can cook (a bit), you can live very nicely on Bt1500 a week, if you want to be frugal you can live and put on weight for Bt1000 a week … the best quality pork (the best) Bt120 per kilo, chicken Bt60 per kilo, fish can be as low as Bt 100 filleted … too easy go for it, and no more back door trots 6 times a day or praying to God on the big white telephone …. Ahhhh GOD. My meals I cook myself are rather flash and on average about Bt50 each.

  26. if you live in Thailand the same you do in your own country its cheaper but if you get involved in the bars with the girls it is now very expensive medical treatment is over the top so is the beer and lady drinks. remember for the first time in years Thailand has now a stable government that is the main reason for the rise in the baht

  27. Revised post. David Chaplin … I’m In Thailand presently for 3 months on a tourist visa and will return to Aus soon. As already indicated I now have had 8 tourist visas and 2 retirement visas, these I get in Australia, come and go as you like in the 1st year, the 2nd year is an extension, expires if you leave on the extension (2nd year) without a re-entry endorsement. I come and go on the retirement visas but not the extension, JC says I can get around that ?. Extending the 60 day + 30 extension to 90 days Bt1900 is a pain. I have never had a bank account in Thailand, not needed. I use fee-free debit cards when away from Aus, ANZ, Citibank or mostly ING Bank (Duch bank). The Bt 220 ATM fee does appear on my statement but is immediately refunded by Citibank and ING banks. I come and go as often as I like from West Aus. usually, cost about $ 360 Aus for a return flight AirAsia or Snoot Perth / BKK. This all means I am an Australian resident absent on lengthy holidays often, which does not matter. I pay no tax on my Aussie Pension and I have some super and pay no tax on that either (it is grandfathered). My grandfathered super is not taxable and the threshold for tax outside super for an over 65 y/o is about $ 34,000. There is no tax payable on super deductions (much of it is savings anyhow), you need to be absent from Aus a long time to be not able to receive these benefits, yes you should get the lot. You can get a retirement or tourist visas in Aus and just make a few trips to and from Aus now and then and save the 35% tax … Regular trips back to Aus will restore your “pension bonus” from Aus $ 874.00 to $ 934.00 p/f. I have a modest amount of medicines that are almost free and I can take up 12 months supply overseas if required which saves me Aus $ 1500 per year. Because I’m a resident in Aus but absent mostly much of the time and I live in the country town when home, the WA govt gives me nearly $ 600 of petrol free as I don’t get the benefit of free public transport that Perth City residents do (like a credit card each year). Also, I do own a house or half (long story) being resident in West Aus the WA govt. pays half my yearly rates (property taxes), saving $ 750 each year. There are a few other financial benefits provided by being a resident in Aus. Electric, gas, water, sewage, etc some I only have to pay half … perhaps you have complications for not making trips back to Aus but there are many benefits of just being on extended holidays outside Aus and it all helps with the bank account … regards to all … Like JC I enjoy helping people to settle in Thailand … good luck, oops! you don’t always need luck all you have to do is read the instructions or get someone to help you. PS…anything I write on these pages is based on my own personal experiences.

  28. david walden
    …to Charlie Chaplin Esq.
    1 second ago
    I have known JC now for 8 years and I do know his real name, I know where he lives. I have contributed to his site on many many occasions. I have no financial interest in who, how, when, where and why he makes a living. Everything he writes about is honest to God Dinkydie, fair-dinkum true blue information, the best he can do. ( you can see I’m an Aussie) I do not recall him ever giving tainted information to further his own rewards. I can understand why he would not want someone like you knowing his name. Keep up the good work JC.

  29. We can’t comment on the visa vid. So I will do it here . Well said jc thanks for trying.we are all on the verge of going. .I know I am. .1 year or possibly 2…I can’t really see me still here. .due to all that u said

  30. Chiang Mai is not cheap anymore. In the European Union Bulgaria is much cheaper. Even the Algarve in Winter is cheaper now than Thiland.

  31. G’day JC…I have had both a retirement visa and tourist visas 90 days (SAYS THAT ON APPLICATION FORM). But the tourist visa you have to get in your home country. ( not available on arrival like Malaysia, Singapore, and many other countries tourist visas where you do get a 90 on arrival without asking). In Australia, the cost is now Aus $60. It is only good for 60 days. To have the tourist visa extended to from 60 days to 90 days you have to attend the immigration office in the Provence you live in, provide an application form, provide a passport photo (not more than 6 months old) and present your passport and pay Bt1900 which can take an hour or 2, depending how busy they are. My 1st tourist visa extension took all-day, they were very busy I have now done this exercise 8 times, not so bad now (only half a day).

    When I get my retirement visa in Australia from the Thai Embassy apart from the paperwork (not so bad) I have to able to prove I have the = Bt800,000 in a bank (cash) or as I do, I use my bank managed retirement fund account with a surrender value of more than Bt800,000 plus Aus$300 application fee. ONLY PROVIDE THE INFORMATION REQUIRE, NO MORE, MORE WILL ONLY CONFUSE THAI iMMIGRATION. The statement must be an original document with an original date stamp on it from a bank, no B/S stuff allowed if you apply in Aus every document has to be signed by a JP or CD (commissioner for declarations). Doctors, chemists, school teachers, policemen, and many others are CDs. You can go to jail (gaol) in Aus if you B/S on a declaration. The lovely lady at the Thai Embassy in Canberra says “All Thailand is doing is making sure if you want a retirement visa you have enough money to look after yourself in Thailand” It’s the same but more in other countries. So what different with Thailand . If you have the money you get the visa? There are still lots of corrupt schemes on offer in Thailand which the lady at the Embassy tells me they are aware of them all but can’t do anything about it. It is a piece of cake to get a Thai Retirement visa in your home country if you have the “MONEY” (Bt800,000). If you want to get a retirement visa for Australia and you are from another country it’s a while since the last time I checked but it was = about Bt20,000,000. Yes 20 million Bhat and you have to build a house not just buy an existing home…cop that….PS check the Thai Embassy web site in your country all the details are there.

  32. I just saw your immigration video (the one for the Thai government). It made me think that they know exactly what they are doing. The really couldn’t care less about retired people or others staying there. Why would they? More and more are coming and probably act inappropriately much of the time. Foreigners most often are men who are drinking and sleeping with bar girls. Not that there is something wrong with that. But the government probably wants to stop that behaviour and improve the Thai reputation around the world. Use your guest analogy…wouldn’t you be doing the same thing? In the past, a little bit of a good thing was tolerable, to much of a good thing isn’t. I don’t think they care as much about foreigners money as having a country void of misbehaving foreigners. They aren’t all as good as you JC! It appears the tipping point has arrived.

  33. Hi guys, just watched your Thai Immigration / what are you thinking video & it’s fantastic. It’s just how many many foreigners are thinking & feeling.

    Lets hope officials from the Thai authorities view it, take it on board & make positive changes to reflect what you’re saying.

    Well done J.C

    p.s couldn’t leave this comment on the actual vlog as comments are turned off. I thought the next best thing was to make my comments know on another vlog.

  34. Am commenting on your next video about Thai immigration.
    Well said about your views.
    You forgot to mention that if we the rest of the world put the same restrictions on Thais leaving outside of Thailand how would they feel?

  35. respone to; Thai Immigration, What Are You Thinking?
    You’re a good guy JC. I don’t know who’s luckier, you or your wife.
    Even though I’ve never met ya – I’m just gonna go ahead and call you a friend. like it or not! LOL
    Kahwp Khun Mak Mak

  36. Hi JC, Just a quick reaction on your VDO: “Thai Immigration”. I understand your intention, however I think the Thai government is looking at this in a totally different way. Try to see it from their perspective. I do not think they want retirees per se to leave the country, but it is not a focus point either for them. Look at the Thailand 4.0 vision, it does not include retirees living in Thailand as a strategic pilar. However tourism is, but I think less dominant as it has been over the last decades. In their strategy they clearly focus on some designated industry sectors where they believe they can make a difference and which will bring prosperity to the country and the people. In some of these focus industry sectors they now allow foreign companies to have 100% ownership of land. And there are some other encouraging measures towards foreigners, they already took, to stimulate these strategic area’s. These measures are maybe a bit opportunistic, but I fully understand them in the light of their strategy going forward. Regarding the recent measurements that are taken towards foreign retirees in Thailand I think they are just independent measurements, which may look from your perspective (as a retiree) as if it is an orchestrated action to make life more difficult for retirees. However they just want to tackle some practice issues. I think the 800.000 bath requirement is just to avoid potential harrowing beggar situation. The insurance policy is to avoid painful situations where retirees get seriously ill, but do not have the money nor the insurance to cover the medical cost. These measures are also meant for protecting the retiree for getting into very nasty situations. The TM30 requirement is enforced in order to increase the safety in the country, regarding potential criminal activities coming from abroad. I understand your argument that criminals will not obey to this rule anyway, but you need to start somewhere and in parallel the Thai movement is also working on a biometric system at immigration to further increase the safety of the country. I understand that for some people, specifically the ones already retired in Thailand, these measurement maybe be very sudden and painful, but they needed to be taken at some time. I hope this perspective helps somewhat.

  37. It’s become obvious, Thailand no longer wants liable retirees only tourists.Sad, but hey, things eventually will change when the Thai economy collapses or political unrest forces a change in policy. History has a trend of repeating itself. The challenge for Thailand right now is pollution, not tourism. If not the policies, pollution will force people to leave.



  39. Commenting here on you message to the Govt Authorities. At 30 Baht to the US dollar, Thai is not a bargain. I spent over my budget for two weeks a month ago. I am not a beer drinking monger btw.
    I really believe their is a Chinese influence now in Thai. Thia does not want the farang long term. They will highly welcome the two week millionaire but get the hell out after. Really disheartening. Wish they would come out and say straight forward if they want a retired, stable farang. Pure and simple.

  40. Time to take the rose tinted glasses off people. No disrespect to JC but he is tying to sell membership to his website to fund his own lifestyle. Thailand is expensive now. From a GBP perspective between inflation and exchange rates it’s double the price it was 10 years ago. Same in many other currencies. Yes you can still ‘survive’ on street food and living in bed sits but is that really what your dream of Thailand was. My wife’s aunt (Thai) has just came back for a 2 week holiday – first time in 5 years from switzerland. She was blown away by the costs of things. They brought 2000 euros cash and were living the last few days on their credit card. Her last words at the airport were – it’s cheaper in Swiss.

  41. My name David Palmer. I am a single man retiring next year (2020) and will be moving to Thailand. I’m not sure where to begin the process. Can you help?

  42. Looks like mandatory new minimum Thai health insurance is going to be costing me $1200 usd per month. .. not only that but most Thai doctors are so incompetent except for the veterinarians..

  43. Blah blah blah , You’re living there and know the Lerks & Perks , and obviously have enough to survive,, ⁉️🤔🤔👎🏼👎🏼

  44. Thanks for the update on living expenses…. There’s Always an Option ( Where There’s A Will There’s A Way) !!! P.S. Great back drop for this Vlog ★★★★★

  45. JC, I was in Pattaya last week and we wanted to eat at a particular place on the beach. Spent 1001 baht for 2 of us, have to pay for the scenery and ambiance, right? The next night we ate street food for 80 baht. 4 days in Pattaya and the 1001 baht meal was about half our food costs. So yes, you still can eat very cheap, or expensive, if you want to. The options are there.

  46. Not sure if I’m your only subscriber going through this but I never get notifications when you make a new vid,and yes I hit the all bell.
    Just thought I’d let you know

  47. She didn’t look too convinced… Hahaha and I won’t be holding my breath for amazing apps that save us tons of time. Youve been here 18 years so u surely don’t think they will ever be available do u? 🙂 Btm line thailand has cheapest rents by more than 60% IMO but if rents ever double there will be no really true advantage to being here. It’s certainly not the heavily salted MSG laden suger filled bbq’d fat meat trimmings foods we buy that slowly kill us:) :I love Thailand though. No joke :)Your videos are always interesting, many thanks for your hard work and insights.

  48. Thailand has made it extremely difficult for foreigners from western countries to live there year round. There are several great alternatives within the region which are just as cheap and much easier to live without the immigration headaches. People need to be aware, the income requirements regarding retirement visas with the cost of insurance is not as cheap as one may think.

  49. Interesting outlook but I can’t say as I agree, having lived in Thailand for 20 years and having residences all around the country. It’s getting expensive and Thais are not as welcoming of foreigners. And the Thai government absolutely only wants well to do foreigners here such as myself. Why do you think the Thai government has been manipulating the baht? It is a fact that the baht is being artificially strengthened by the CBT in order to push out the cheap charlies.

  50. Forget prices. You cannot buy freedom or rights as a foreigner in Thailand. I lived there for 20 years and learned the hard way. I left when I realized how you can have your life ruined living as a foreigner in a country run by what is effectively a military dictatorship.

  51. still cheap to go there !! first time i was there in 1996 we got 64THB for 1£ , then 3 days later we got 72THB for 1£ lol ! C est la VIE !!!!

  52. I live in Hua Hin. Still very much affordable, but prices have gone up a little bit. I’m talking about grocery prices, restaurant prices, electronics, etc. Don’t think you can come and live here on $500 a month (you can, but you won’t like it).

  53. We have the same crying in Philippines. They want to live in a 2000 sf condo for $100/mo with the aircon going all the time and eat only the best food. They don’t want to spend more than $300/mo. Well good luck with that.

  54. Great video JC, personally I think things are still pretty much the same, the only thing for me making it more expensive is the exchange rates, but if people can wait it out, like all things they eventually even out. You just have to readjust your budget a little bit, as you said think about why you moved to Thailand in the first place.

  55. I haven’t lived there , but been a steady visitor over the years ,

    Exchange rate is the killer , yes the tourist zones have become more and more commercialised , but a lot of that can be avoided ,

    But the exchange rate has changed things for the Australian dollar in particular, I would imagine that would be hurting the aussies living there with their money invested in Australia.

    On average over the last 10 if you were to change over $100 au to Thai baht you would get around 2700 baht , sometimes higher , sometimes lower , right now , its around 2000, massive difference.

  56. From the second half of the video I don’t listen to you at all but trying to decode what’s that noise about. Still can’t catch anything whether it’s a male group chatting so loud or they’re watching some football match or very loud comedy in TV.

  57. YES Thailand is so Expensive now especially for Europeans – Just 6 years ago for every 100 Euros you would get 4500 Thai Baht and now for every 100 Euros you would Only get 3300 Thai Baht – For Europeans its a Total Rip-Off – Not to Mention that Prices in Thailand go up from 10% to 15% Every Single year which is a lot – Ive been going to Thailand for like 16 times in these last 10 years – Its Not Worth it Anymore – You get More Bang for your buck in other countries Hands down – Thailand is Not the Paradise it used to be anyways since everything is very much Westernized now everywhere you go in Thailand – Big Fail for Tourism !

  58. Hi JC and Miss Nat ,i was down your way end of last month didnt stop at cha am stayed at hua hin for 2 nights for our anniversary and had dinner with an old army mate and his partner had that meal chicken over rice with basil at a small resteraunt near the train station that is filled with books it cost 50 baht and was a great meal . My best exchange rate for the kangaroo coin was 20.65 at superrich in bangkok on sunday 10/11 it went up and down all month while i was there (flew in this morning) so my take is this i dont believe it has become more expensive but the exchange rate has caused some challenges to various currencies mine included ,will it get better ? well 12 months ago it was 22.50 for one aussie dollar but i have heard that the thais are trying to control the baht so as it doesn’t affect their export market so maybe the baht will weaken in the future only time will tell , i lived like a tourist when i was there and naturally it cost me a bit but if i was living there i think my spending habits would be substancially different food is cheap and value for money .
    The system at the airport for incoming card and departure card is still the same for now but they are using fingerprint scanners at border points in suvanabumini caught me out on arrival didnt know what to do but it is pretty self explanatory once you read the screen , one thing they made me do at departure was remove my belt from my trousers had to hang on to them going through the scanner or they would have fallen down 55555 anyway i had a great time there without the grog seeing family and friends take care .

  59. Nice to get an update on the cost of daily food expenditures JC. Many thanks for the contrast with Vietnamese costs. Enjoy the seaside and sunset meal 🙂

  60. Oh no, don’t let people know that it’s stil inexpensive to live in Thailand. Let them keep thinking that prices have gone through the roof. Then they’ll either stay home in their home countries or go elsewhere.

  61. Live in Rawai Beach. Rent a house for $300/month. Food reasonable. All prices good. Prices a fraction of California, where I came from.
    No complaints. 😎😎

  62. very infomative video JC, so many out there showing videos of market places, am about done with that. Thanks for all the great info you put out there!

  63. Thanks for sharing, Nat & JC! People are moaning and screaming about the rising cost in Thailand, like it was the only country in the whole planet that had it like this. The only issue I see, is the still worsening exchange rate towards the Thb. A lot of retirees have “lost” about 40 % of their retirement income in Thb because of the strong Bath. I know retirees that had about 100 000 Thb/Month in retirement pension 7-8 years ago. They where super rich at that time. What have saved many of them, are that they are married and can change to Marriage Extension with 45000 Thb requirement each month. Others had to move. Move back to poverty in their home country like Sweden.
    But other than that, it is relatively cheap to live in Thailand for most western retirees as long as they stay away from the bar scene.

  64. Thailand is horrendously expensive for us Brits now. Used to get 73,000 bht for £1,000. Now only 38,000. Could stay very comfortably for a month, out 6 nights a week for £1,000 now need £2,000 and would have to cut back.

  65. well,if you look at the prices in Thai baht , they have not changed much over 3 or 4 years but if you take the exchange rate of some currencies in to account like Ca $ ,australian $ ,and scandinavian currencies, they have lost around 20 % in value over that period

  66. The Laws might be a bit stricter immigration wise but that only affects the criminals and life in Thailand ist and will always be cheaper then in the US or EUROPE!

  67. It’s not that things are getting more expensive, it’s that the dollar is going down in value because they keep printing more.
    Dollars and other printed currencies are fake counterfeit money.
    Gold is real money, people knew that, once.

  68. “Thailand IS WAAAAAAY TOO EXPENSIVE” “The visa process is far too complicated”.. “Nobody should move or retire there”. “The weather too hot/cold/humid/dry/raining/smoggy/windy…” “The food is some of the worst in the world.” The more people that believe these statements, the cheaper my condo rentals will likely be right on the beach. I get there in 9 days and CAN’T WAIT!!!! Thailand will be 40% to 75% cheaper than what I pay to live in the US now. Your mileage may vary 🙂

  69. If we ever get back up to 60 baht to the pound I’ll buy a load. Yes, it could go to eighty, but we’ve now seen that it can also go below forty.

  70. JC, if you get a business Visa and dont work you are at the very least skirting the spirit of the law.
    You are taking a risk doing or suggesting this.
    Can you imagine any western country doing this? How do you think westerners would feel if immigrants came into our respective countries and did that?
    Think about it, this is a reasonable critique of your thoughts on this issue.

  71. Western food is always more expensive in Thailand, especially cheese, bread, caviar…Like your shirt, it has practical pockets on the chest, where to buy it?

  72. I moved to Vietnam because of the visa and TM30 inconsistency (different web sites and different Thai embassies give different opinions on the rules, they’ll figure it out but for now?). I moved to Vung Tau, Vietnam and it’s a beachside city, for breakfast I usually eat Pho at a local Pho shop @ $25,000VND= $1.08USD, last night I bought 2 Bahn Mi sandwiches at a street kiosk, for me and a friend’s dinner and it was $40,000VND=$1,73USD for two Bahn Mi’s, now you can spend lots more at a fancy restaurant and I do sometimes but if you want to live good and frugally, you damn well can, just say’en. My rent for a space-ish, open 1bdroom apt with cooking facilities w/shower surround, hot water sink and shower, free wifi, tv, room cleaned twice a week, and my laundry done @ $6,000,000VND=$258,56. Electricity, I pay xtra about $20.00USD, it depends how wisely I use the A/C, but you can see for under $300USD, yep, I can.. I do rent a scooter @ 1,000,000VND=$43USD. I do think there are more expats in the bigger cities in Thailand, The expats here kinda hang out together, drink, and complain about the politics/governments/back in their home countries but most get by with a few words and sayings and a Thai/Vietnamese wife or girlfriend, that helps with the language barrier and boosts their ego but there is a plus and minus in all relationships, wherever you may roam. My take and my life in Vietnam.

  73. Don’t worry about exchange rates because the world bankers have a cashless crypto system coming which will put a stop around any runs around the law. Everything will be tracked in real time.

  74. Many expats think they are owed something. Another thing that annoys Thais. Who live day to day. My mistakes there were my fault. But my friend said “you had fun there didn’t you?” Yep.

  75. My main objection to Thailand as a retiree is having to tie up $27,000 in a Thai bank. Something I did not have to do in the Philippines or now living in Vietnam.
    That just irritates me to no end. So for now occasional trips will have to suffice. As the man said, you gotta do what makes you happy.

  76. JC , I would like to see more YouTube videos from you, maybe at least 1 each week, I have followed you for at least 4 years , you have good information/advice, times change and cost of living fluctuates , goverment immigration policies change quickly with no thought on how it effects expats that live here. JC , I am lucky have been here now for 5 months, got the 800k/$26666 in the bank and got my non-O retirement visa approved and not needing the health insurance at this time, but I have friends here with over tens years in county on a non -OA visa , immigration is telling them they will need health insurance coverage when they extend , one friend is changing to the marriage visa less money and no health coverage.

  77. Just my observation, but when Westerners try to retire in the East and expect western standards at eastern prices, they are doomed to fail. In all the countries I go to, it’s all the same. They complain that the price of beer went up $0.10 or the electricity rate went up 8%. Guess what, all over the world, prices have been going up!

    If they had depression or mental issues at home, they will have them in the East. They need to take a mai pen rai chill pill and live life to the fullest each and every day.

  78. Just my observation, but when Westerners try to retire in the East and expect western standards at eastern prices, they are doomed to fail. In all the countries I go to, it’s all the same. They complain that the price of beer went up $0.10 or the electricity rate went up 8%. Guess what, all over the world, prices have been going up!

    If they had depression or mental issues at home, they will have them in the East. They need to take a mai pen rai chill pill and live life to the fullest each and every day.

  79. I arrived here 4 days ago and before watching what you are going to say in the video, I want to say:
    1) the exchange rate between the US Dollar and Thai Baht dropped below 30 Baht per dollar!
    2} My general impression is that the prices in Bath have increased.

  80. The USD is the same as it was if not a bit better than 2008. Dining out for Thai food is the same as i remember in 2001. Hotel costs in some hotels have gone up 40 baht. Rentals are still exactly the same. Air flights are just the same if not cheaper. I have no idea what all these foreigners are moaning about. Maybe (1) Foreign food the same crap they left behind . Fly half way around the world to Southeast Asia and eat imported expensive food. (2) Booze has been taxed much more. (3) Tobacco has been taxed much more. (4) Bar girls prices have increased.

    Please prove to me how things are more expensive . I spend exactly the same amount for two people as i did in 2001. Between $400 to 600 a month on average. This includes everything!!!!

  81. This year in Thailand with the Thai mrs, we found prices for most things have gone up about 20%. But due to the lack of tourists around, accommodation has either held its price for the last few years or actually gone down. Apartments and houses are cheap to rent, now we are even getting Thai friends telling us house prices in Bangkok being dramatically reduced in areas, due to the loss of jobs or overtime in the city.
    We eat Thai so many good little restaurants, roadsides with friendly people, though many Thai are struggling with food costs.
    As to the Thai 90 day visa, which I get from NZ embassy, in my experience it is valid for 90 days from issue date to give flexibility on travel, so your visit is to return by that 90th day, but the actual visa only gives you 60 days on entry to Thailand, another English guy I met got fined for overstay.
    Enjoy watching your videos, Thailand is a lovely place to live, though over the years staying there like many Countries, you have to keep your wits about you.
    Take care
    ps Hua Hin or about a my favourite area.

  82. Hi JC, street food as well as rent and services where manual labour is involved are relative still cheap in Thailand, mainly due to the fact that the salaries are relative low. But the salaries are slowly rising, more rapidly than in the West. Most other things are more expensive in Thailand than in the West, like a gym membership, healthy food (e.g. organic food, avocado’s, etc..), electronic appliances, quality household products, etc. When you do the Ikea check (at Ikea they sell exactly the same items across the world), you will be astonished how much more expensive Thailand is than the West, even for simple things like a wooden hanger.

  83. Hi JC. Think you need a ‘please be quiet we’re filming’ sign in Thai. I’m doing a side trip to Phuket in late January to avoid Tet in Saigon. Worried everything will be shut. Thailand is more pricey from what I can tell and I’m avoiding ripoff Patong which I feel’s way overrated. Will try to use Grab over there but there aren’t that many drivers. There’s also a new 150 baht flag fall. Ouch. Makes Vietnam seem very attractive cost wise.

  84. Good vid JC, the food looks good and is reasonable. The place looks nice, but sounds kind of noisy, I wish I could hear the water. I agree with what you said at the end, if they make things more difficult and more expensive then people will go elsewhere. They probably already lost a lot of people.

  85. LOL! He asked if she knew what housekeeping means and she said yes. If she said no she’d be a Feminist and I’d be yelling “RUN! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!”. Hah.
    Careful with those carbs bro. That will be brutal on your crones disease. I also cut way back on that sort of thing due to cancer. I’m fighting it naturally, without chemo or radiaiton. Part of what I’m doing is fasting and low carb. I’ve gone from 245 to 175 and that’s 70 pounds. If I can’t beat it I’ve heard of a nice alternitave cancer clinic over there. I’ll go check it out.

  86. Love the basil chicken. First food I ever ate in Thailand. I took a cooking class so that I could learn how to make it at home, forever, it’s THAT good!

    And Thailand is still cheap enough. I survive pretty well on 1200 American dollars per month. Just TRY to do that in America…!

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