$2000 AUD donation to Vi’s mother.

DT DAO (20 million vnd). Tony Fivewinwin (9 million) Crawford Thomson (2.75milion). Others to follow.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA9ODWBdH_8
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2da09MO2J8
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP4JiQDyDBs

Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P3GHTNEDA3JM6


  1. It’s so good to see fellow Vietnamese helping their folks absolutely kind back home… Vietnam is a country of brotherly love one of my admiration for them.. Strong and very intelligent people.. 👍😍

  2. Just an idea- can you try taking her to the hospital and using donations to pay for her treatments? I don’t think she can really manage big sums of cash very well.

    I think its great you are supporting them, but at this point donations should be going DIRECTLY to medical care only.

  3. Personally i followed your channel for vi . I think she deserves to go to school. And she is very well behaved . Plus she’s just a kid and looks just like my little sister

  4. Hope she will now go to a well respected clinic or hospital to get diagnosed & treated. She has the money to do so now, I’m afraid however she doesn’t have the knowledge to do so.

  5. This video hit home hard, I had to watch it in two parts to not burst into tears 😢. I hope she goes and gets diagnosis and treatment. Thank you for ending the video with the kids having banter. 😊

    1. Rick Collingwood all good mate. I am sending some more this week. Good to see you back hard at it man👍👍👍👍👍😀

  6. That’s the problem with showing her getting the money on video. Everyone around her wants a portion of it. Some people are like vultures when it comes to money. Sad, sad, sad.

  7. Troy stop flashing money like that ,put the dam thing in a envelope or let her count it in private.
    Dont want nothing bad happend to you man .Send a private video to the donors , so they know you gave the money and dont say how much they got in the videos.

  8. As you’ve come this far you gotta go the distance and take her to a doctor yourself . As one sub brilliantly commented; “Health is Wealth” I she does’t agree you’ve gotta walk and leave things be.

  9. TROY, thanks for your great work. With the next donation take her to a hospital for complete check ups, X-Ray, blood works, see a medical doctor. Not sure if she has TB or hyperthyroidism . That is the best suggestion I can give, thanks again.

  10. isn’t it amazing how $1000 bucks, not a small sum by any measure for normal folk but not that big a deal, could literally change entire families from destitute grinding poverty to a somewhat comfortable existence? Makes me wonder why we all choose to live under this system we use…

  11. Mr Dao Tien Dung. may all good Karma help you. What a nice, thing too do. Your are a true Hero, inn may Book. veldone SIR. ps thank you Troy four jet again a good Video, ty.

  12. She need good medical exam…then you will know if she can be save, and she need it soon because her heart will just stop…if i could donate, i had, but i can barely keep up to give my money to my family in law in the philippines, that’s my duty to take care of my family in law when needed, gr ma, auntie, mother father sister brother in law, they are important for my gf, so they are for me, she understand that there is a limit at how i can help, so she choose who she will help. There is no fight in the family about who will receive help from me, they respect me all, they are my only family now. I wish somebody will save Vi’s mom! So many good peoples die in poor countries when sometime only $500 or $1000 can save them…i saw so many of those cases when in the 5 years i was living in the philippines, but even so i feel sad each time i see somebody dying because they can’t afford receiveing simple medical treatment or medication.

  13. If she got taken advantage of by the neighbors because they know she has money, maybe you should give the money off camera. Film it and send it to the donors as proof. If you give the money somewhere else and still post it on YouTube, the neighbors might still know since some of them watch your channel.

    1. Sit On My Weenie Not all these videos are feel good. They are the harsh reality of life as a poor person in a country that does not have a social security system, cannot control slum lords and extortionists from abusing poor people. Listen to the videos and see how many times people use the money to pay off debt, rent, etc. it is the vicious cycle of being poor. The future is the children and giving them an education to allow them to rise up from the poverty. View the videos for what they are.

  14. Baking soda + lemon + water = helps with stomach issues. Maybe she can try that first to see if her stomach settles first. After that try to eat lightly. I would make sure that she’s drinking plenty of water at least. If she is capable, take cold showers to strengthen her immune system and fight off depression.

    Also she needs to go out frequently and not stay at home as her mental state can deteriorate further and keep her depressed and unmotivated. She needs some motivation, this way her body can start to fight back whatever is making her ill. Maybe take her out to see the city or a nice park. Please consider my advice, Troy.

    Thank you

  15. I really didn’t want to say anything more but this video really got me more angry. The first question I have is, if I didn’t ask you what happen to the money I sent you for her, would we ever get to see this video? I am sad to see her like this. You made a video for her giving her from one big donor but what about the rest??? You should always give the name and amount of each who donated to that specific person. This is not the first time this happened. I’m done with this channel and for those who donated to this channel, please make sure the money get to the person who wants to help. This video is just a BLANK to me because it just proved that he wanted to show that he gave the money to her. If he did cared about them, he would have been back along time ago.

    1. @fivewinwin You’ve got great generosity! Thanks for letting us take part in the outcome.
      Not sure what is going on with your discussion with Troy. Don’t want to get involved either. Wish you given him your view in DM tho.

    2. Man i feel i owe you an explanation since you’re a long term supporter.
      To begin, i gave her brother my number and told him to keep me in the loop. he rang me once the next day to say she’d been to the docs then never again (he said he lost my number yesterday). So i figured they were doing well.
      Also I wanted to space Vi vids out since people get sick of the same faces. I did this with d6 kids too not going back for a month. She just got one of the bigger donations so i thought i’d put her on ice especially when they didn’t contact me at all in a month. and less importantly I also want to see who is genuine and who hassles me for cash as a semi social experiment.
      Also the neighbours all coming out and knowing my channel made me reticent to go back there. it’s a claustrophobic place and the one neighbour i mentioned makes things quite uncomfortable. He kicked their dog hard whilst swearing and looking at me so he’s not a fan. her mum’s sister had asked me to help cyclops who rang me and her mum had even asked me to help her daughter-in-law with money for a ‘premature’ baby.
      But yes you say i still should’ve come back since i got more donations specifically for them. Technically i did but it was just a spurt of donations that mostly stopped after i uploaded the vid giving the second time so it was obvious to me people thought that was enough and so i wanted to redirect to other recipients a portion.
      On top of this the subtitle guy said I helped them too much even that one time since he said from his knowledge he guessed they seemed to own that house they were in so were much better off than other families who were renting and owned nothing. Yes the mum seemed thin and they didn’t have much money but from my perspective if they owned a house, had two parents etc it seemed somewhat ok. But if I’d known her condition had deteriorated that badly of course I’d have come back sooner. But since no one rang me I assumed things were good.
      Further I’ve been on the record many times saying I am not a fan of doing charity in saigon if i have a choice so everyone should be aware of this. Of course when i began i did do stuff in and around ben thanh market etc but as i wised up you will see nearly all my big donations are in more remote areas. the need is greater in the remoter areas and making huge donations in sg trains people to migrate here and add to the congestion and urban poverty. i wanted to “train” people (in my small way) by doing the hard work myself and going out to them, reaching them where they’re at. So in the past every time i got a big donation i looked for cases outside saigon no matter how far.
      That was my plan again.
      btw I’m not saying i succeeded in any of this i’m just telling you my reasoning for going about things the way i do.
      anyway the travel ban caused me to be stuck in sg so i was treading water. I know countryside people treasure any help and it would make a much more sizeable difference to them since there’s a lot of charities in sg but practically nothing in those other areas. The shady women in the sg alley are exactly what i knew would happen by doing charity in sg. things like that are rare in other areas. even the disabled garbage girl was mildly happy but kinda meh about the donation. It’s just reality the need is not as great in sg and even if it was i don’t want to encourage more people to keep abandoning the countryside and flocking to the already overcrowded metropolis.
      My channel has had a spurt lately and I wanted to harness those new donations and go on a spree and give out in the countryside and non-sg areas, especially up north. I feel like big donations in sg should be kept to an absolute minimum. Once I get my skates on and leave sg it should be a lot more smooth with no hold ups.
      Anyway you’re probably even more pissed off with that write up but at the very least I figured I owed you an explanation as a long time supporter.
      Anyway regardless of what you say or how pissed you are I’m sure you’ll drop by every now and then so hopefully see you around lol.

  16. Love those kids!
    Take thyroid girl to a local clinic. Buy the meds yourself and give to her. Find out how much it is. I may be able to swing the donation. She won’t eat until her thyroid gets better.

  17. I haven’t followed this channel for long but in the time I have the poor mother’s condition has worsened immensely. I really hope some of that money goes to her seeing a health professional.

  18. I’m not sure you’ve done the right thing. Poor people, living hand to mouth, are not used to managing large sums of money.
    When the neighbourhood parasites find out, they’ll be over spinning stories with their hands out.
    You may have caused friction and problems within her family and friends.
    You really need to do some research Troy, on how poor communities survive.
    They are far more communal and tend to share everything. Making one person very wealthy causes as many problems as it solves.
    You should of simply taken her to the Doctors and paid her medical bills.

  19. Thank you Troy and other donors to help this family out. Honestly, I feel a bit guilty at heart if my donation is going to create more issues than solving problems in Phụng’s family (aka Peanut). For the poor, winning a small lottery ticket sometimes tears their family apart and I hope this is not the case. Watching the initial 20-minute video of this family, my simple intention was to help Vi to go to school or to pay for Phụng’s medical treatment expenses. Follow Troy’s narrative, its rather a complicated story and we cannot expect our ambassador Troy to have the burden to solve their family problems. Let’s hope for the best!

    1. @Troy Vietnam. Thanks and I feel at ease now. I hope Peanut uses the money to visit reputations hospital/specialist for a diagnosis of her health condition. I believe all donors would love to know the prognosis. From previous clip, the elderly (Sith Lord) said they pay ~ USD 5 for a doctor visit. That is not a thorough health checkup with blood work and everything. Looks like she is giving up too soon on her health condition and that’s sad. The money was already passed to her so all we can hope for is she will spend it wisely.

    2. Dt Dao Totally agree with your comments. Troy does not have the capacity to support everyone apart from what he does. The requests, demands, suggestions are starting to become overwhelming. I guess Troy is a victim of his own success in highlighting the plight of poor people in Vietnam. Might be time to start thinking about the Troy Nguyen Foundation and make things more permanent in the support given – ie: monthly sponsorship, support for school, etc.

    3. You don’t have to worry about the money causing a rift in the family. Their extended family relations was burnt toast LONG before we entered the picture. (Phung alludes to it when she cries when receiving the first donation saying “strangers are showing me more kindness than my own family”). At the heart is some property dispute with the woman asking me to help the Cyclops.

  20. Hey man i know someone who looks exactly like her , and would even think its her twin.. Anyways the girl i know is naturally skinny even though shes well off she rarely eats because of her metabolism or maybe anorexia .. maybe use the money to have her see a doctor and please if ur going to give her that amount of money make sure its private. Just my 2 cents.

  21. That’s life changing money right there, the mom does need to see a doctor and possibly be hospitalized to get better, I think her worry about money is making her keep the money rather than get treatment at this time. It would be good to talk to her privately Troy without prying eyes to really get an understanding of what is going on otherwise this money is in vain as others are clearly trying to snake it from the mom and daughter. As hard as it is for me to say this the mom is accepting her death is right around the corner, you can see it in the interview. You gotta at least give it one more shot to make her see if she dies her daughter is in grave danger. I hope I’m wrong but I’ve experience a family member in this situation before. 🙏

  22. Made me cry. The donations were not in vein. At least her last days on earth will not be filled with wondering where her child’s next meal will come from.

  23. Troy, Instead of giving her all that money I think you should take her to a doctor and use the donations for treatment or find out what is wrong. Her life is more important than funds. Would love to see her get healthy 🙂

  24. Troy you’re amazing, you are the cargos,because of you bringing the joys our vietnamese poor people have a better life 😘😘😘 thank you Hero.

  25. 0:58 “For helping me until the final moments”

    This got to me in a disturbing way. It’s like she knows/feels her time is running short. Hope it’s not a literal translation.

  26. she looks frail and had trouble walking and can’t eat. Compared to the last time, it’s definitely getting worse. Troy mentioned below that her brother told him that she went to the doctor once and never went again. what did the doctor tell her and is that why she stopped going?

    it’s a sad video. looks like all the money she got won’t do much if she has some sort of terminal illness.

  27. Troy, can you bring her to the hospital and cover the hospital bill with donations, at least the consultation so they know what sickness it is? I don’t know how much it is, but I feel that just giving them money will only bring unwanted attention like time. It’s so sad how they got bullied out of the money that was supposed to go to her health..

  28. there are so many people around the world who wish to help people less fortunate than them self but there is no system in place for them to hand there hard earned money directly to the person they wish to help without involving large top heavy organisations. Troy! there are some orphanages a short bus ride from Ho Chi Min city with children born with Agent orange. my sister use to go there with people from her hairdressing school and cut hair and take some food. maybe you can help out there. they truly need all the help they can get. congrats on 50,000 subs

  29. What you and everyone are doing is AMAZING. I’m curious to know if there is something more sustainable for her and her family? More along with the mentality of *giving someone a fish you feed them for a day vs teaching them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime*
    While giving them money is far above and beyond and extremely commendable, is there a longterm goal? Because I would imagine one day the money will stop coming in.

  30. Hey Troy, hope you read this comment. Will there be a future distribution to Vi’s mother/family? You didn’t mention like you did before about future distributions to Vi’s family. I made a small donation on Mar 13th via Paypal with a note (Please split donation 50/50 towards Vi’s school and medicines for Vi’s mother.). Just want to know if they got it or they will get it…don’t care about being mentioned in a video. I mean no disrespect to you or your donors here, but I prefer my small donation go to Vi’s family rather than random people you meet on the streets. If you prefer, I can contact you via the email provided in the acknowledgment I received from Paypal. Thank you!

    1. Yep I’ll do it. No donation is too small. And thanks, yours was definitely not small.
      But just might need a bit of time to get caught up. Thanks for the patience guys.

    2. Based on my one time experience 2yrs back, I dont think small Dongs (mine was just $20aud) get mentioned in videos nor reply back. Doesnt matter as long as it helped Troy to help others.

  31. Troy I want to donate (even if it’s a little) but I quit using PayPal long time ago. The only way I can donate is thru Amazon gc. If this is acceptable then let me know where I can send it to. I’m serious

  32. Wow very generous. I hope you relies that donation is equivalent to a years salary for the average Vietnamese. That is like giving away USD $32K to an American worker. Better to put that $$ to good use by supporting your local community. Troy is a good bloke who gets all the credit but damn…. that’s just nuts.

  33. This was very sad to watch Troy. I thought after the last clip that Vi’s mother would get people hitting her up for money, and with her selfless heart she would share the money, rather than get herself help. Regardless of what actually happened, she didn’t get that urgent care and things look very bad at this moment for her. I know the word will get out again she was given another shit load of money and again the vultures will swoop in . I was hoping for a much more happier update than this Troy, I do hope she goes to a hospital asap. Bless you and the generous donaters.

  34. If anyone else donates to her . Hope u can just use it and take her to the drs your self. Don’t think she will go otherwise. Seriously doubt she will make it.. She cant keep food down. Probally drs will need to start a feeding tube at this point

  35. She needs to be put on irrigation and nutritional IV’s asap, before her organs start to fail. If you can please find out what the hospitalization costs are, I’m sure we can all pitch in to cover it.. It’s not like US healthcare costs…

  36. Troy, PLEASE take her for hospitalization. If you do this, you know the donations will pour in and this community of supporters will pay for her care if necessary. And please stop giving that much money in front of onlookers. I’m sure the recipients will be robbed eventually if not already! Thank you so much for your efforts!

  37. I hope she will use this money to good use. Like seeing a doctor, getting foods, and eating right. She look way too skinny which is not very healthy for her. I’m so glad this money go to her because she definitely could use it knowing she have a kid to feed as well.

  38. If she can’t hold down her food she needs to drink extra virgin olive oil (cold-pressed) or at least drizzle it on her food to pack some healthy heavy calories in!

  39. Hey douchebag. Just help the people. You don’t need to film yourself giving charity. If you truley just care about the people and buissness, you don’t need to film yourself helping poor people. Pretty pathetic.

    1. Oliver Clothesoff it’s what made him what he is today, or it is what it is that made it what it is . Why change for u. Darwin’s theory. Bro. Get w the program. Don’t change for no body long as it’s not hurting no one

    2. He needs to film himself giving the money as proof for the donors that he gave the money, and not pocket the money for himself.

    3. Oliver clothesoff you’re idiot!The reason for filming is to show the people who Donated to the cost that he’s no keeping their money.

  40. I think it’s time that youtube will award this channel with a special prize.. This channel offers those important happy moments in people’s life’s and this channel sends out a message that we should never forget to always help each other on this planet. Big thank you to the people who donate and uncle Troy.

  41. Troy, why not take her to the hospital? Her husband ain’t gonna do it, so I’m afraid it is up to you. You could then pass the donation directly to the hospital to pay for her treatment.

  42. Amazing how children can play in the city streets and no harm comes to them. I remember those days in the states. It’s not like that anymore here. Let children live and learn.

  43. Sorry to say dude but the donations are going up in smoke (drugs) i can see it in her face this is what ice does!!
    Feel so sorry for the little girl!! But she aint fooling me!
    Otherwise whit this big a donation she could have gone to a hospital right!! (IFFFFF she was sick!!)

  44. Hi Troy – I know everyone here has an opinion on what to do and hopefully this doesn’t come off as pushy, but something that helped me tremendously when I was ill and losing weight fast + couldn’t keep food down easily was Boost (or any other nutritional high calorie drink). My stomach wouldn’t fight me over such a small amount of fluid, and I was able to gain about 15Lb. in about a month or two. Just thought I’d share… there’s not much to lose trying. I am absolutely willing to buy it for her if you would be willing to drive it over.

    I hope this is something treatable like H.Pylori and she can recover. Will keep her and family in my prayers.

    She must feel resigned that this is her fate, and that is so sad, that’s a dark place. Wish we could speak to her now and tell her she must fight it… she needs to do everything she can to be there to see Vi graduate high school, maybe college, get married, and maybe one day be a grandma.

  45. She can’t even sit straight properly. Either one of her hand or both of her hands are on her lap or chair for support. She is weak, malnourished, and looks exhausted.

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