2 Rules To Survive the Philippines (Summary)

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  1. Excuse me Sir,how long have you been in Philippines?While i’m listening to your summary of your experiences in my country i felt you are crossing the line for exaggerating the whole story.Don’t you know that last month of your fellow american’s was handcuff by the FBI for committing such a hideous act by molesting young kids in the Philippines?Do you know that he is Professor at the University?Anyway,you american people by passport you will always generalized the whole situations,

  2. One has nothing to do with the other. An America arrested for criminal activity has nothing to do with warning new travelers to the PH to avoid big decisions or be careful about who to trust. You are making assumptions. I’m not saying all foreigners are ‘good’ and I’m not saying all Filipinos are ‘bad’. But your comment tells me that’s the impression you got. It would be more fair of you to listen to what I’m actually saying, not what you ‘think’ I said.

  3. As an addition.. if you listen to my video on Advice For Filipinas, I spent over 20 minutes warning Filipinas to be alert to Foreigners who are not good men, only out to use them sexually and leave with promises of marriage that never happen. I tell both sides of the story, so that is something you should consider.

  4. Yes, and as I mentioned.. because we are taught to be self-sufficient, we would rather ask a bank for money than ask our friends for money. Asking friends for money is just NOT part of our value system. In fact, experience shows that the fastest way to ruin a friendship is to borrow money from a friend.

  5. No, not jaded in the least. I’m simply a Realist. I see things as they are, not how I want them to be. And the reality here in the PH simply is.. money out doesn’t come back. Just a few minutes ago, in fact, I chose to give a girl a small amount of load. Not a loan, a gift, my choice. I don’t expect to be repaid, she has no money. But that’s ok if it’s my choice. I don’t sleep with her either, she’s a friend on another island. I’m all for generosity, but it’s at our discretion.

  6. When I do give out load, pesos or whatever.. that’s what I call it, a gift. Not expecting repayment. But.. a gift is the Giver’s choice, not an obligation. When someone uses manipulation or lying to get something from me, that is Swindling, Fraud. That I will not contribute to at all.

  7. If I can prevent a little misery, for Expats or Filipinas, even on a small scale I’m fine with that. God knows I’ve ignored good counsel myself in the past and I imagine many expats will continue to come here thinking they’re the big fish in the little pond to “show them how it’s done”. haha! Life here has more than one way to humble that attitude for those who won’t think it through.

  8. Jaded your kidding right… I would say Henry was awakened. Once out everything that was stated to get the help is forgotten. I knew a lady who lived in the US and when her hubby died she went go back to Bohol for her final years of life. She built a nice home there and was looking forward to a peaceful retirement. After 2 yrs she gave the home away to a sister and moved back to the US. Why, because she could not get any rest or peace from so many relatives asking her for help.True story.

  9. Thats how i see it too.
    I ve been around a lot in india and thailand and the like, and its better to not loan away some money, if you cant consider it as a gift.
    If something comes back, fine, if it doesnt, no problem.
    I start to think that i could be all right at the philippines.
    Will definitely pay a visit to find out if it could be a place to stay for a while!

  10. Oh, i nearly forgot….
    I really want to thank you for your inspiring videos!
    They are absolutely inspiring.
    As for now, the end of a lifetimes work is coming near, and we always thought about going to thailand for some years. But the more i know about this place, the more i am certain that we have to consider the philippines as well!
    Again, thx a lot!

  11. I guess the problem is, that some travellers, coming to a land where everyone smiles at you, and everything is seen nice and easy, then these travellers forget about the rules of conduct wich are necessary in the whole world.
    You definitely dont trust strangers, never, not in europe, not in Usa, not in Asia.
    But the beach, the sun, the smiles, the mentality might distract, and keep you off guard.
    So it is all right to think twice and to watch out whom you trust.
    (sorry for the broken english^^)

  12. I had heard from a traveler who went to Jamaica. These smiling Jamaicans at the dock offered to take them to their hotel and began loading all their luggage into the van.. Lots of smiles and ‘Welcome to Jamaica, Mon!!”. And then they quickly drove off with all their luggage, stealing everything in a flash. That’s how their vacation started.

  13. Man, hope you find your place in my country. Some pinoys might not like your advise but even i follow the rule about money when i go to some other place.

  14. Soooo true “Rekay”. There is no BORROWING in the PI. Unless you are willing to permanantly depart with the cash….never LOAN anything. Doesn’t matter who it is. Relatives are even worse. I have departed with loads of cash (through my wife) in LOANs. I learned quick about this and dont let it bother me or I just don’t do it. Thye PI is wonderful and treacherous at the same time. Like sweet pain.

  15. There are perhaps 2 girls I know who are friends that I will help out with some load or small incidentals once in a while. I like them and even though they say it’s a loan, I just think of it as a gift friend to friend and don’t expect to be repaid. I cringe when I hear expats thinking to start a ‘Lending’ business here at high interest rates. What they don’t see is that the interest means nothing if the repayments are zero.

  16. As usual Henry, your presentation and attitude are stellar. The world really needs more men like you! Thanks for all the info and love you share in these videos.
    People are people the world over and it is merely a matter of recognizing the local attitudes and trends-the nature of the beast as it were…

  17. 감사 좋은 말씀
    전 돈 빌려주어 친구 잃고 돈 잃고 너무 바보
    명심 하겠습니다. ^—^

    I am a Korean who live in Japan and I am not good at  English. I can read but difficult to write anyhow Thanks lot. good luck to you sir.

  18. Great advice Henry, and I’ll surely follow it when I go there. Like I tell
    people here- learn from my mistakes, it’s cheap and will save you a
    lot of heartache and time as well. I loved the videos on how you got
    your money back from your scooter. Very entertaining for the viewer
    to listen to, but a giant hassle if it happens to you.- Grant ( in Canada)

  19. Appreciate your videos with simple advices. Rules have to be simple to follow cause scams comes in a variety and you can’t cover them all. Secondly rules are good for people who are not absolutely smart since they need it the most.

    1. Did you specifically look for expat neighbors this time?  Sounds like a better safety net to have a bunch of expats around plus it might stem homesickness.  Got any tips for finding areas with larger expat ratios?  I’d also like to make friends with attorneys, officials, or whoever has power there. Is small gambling(home poker games) legal there?

  20. I enjoy watching your videos..I am 55 year old Filipino born and raised in San Francisco California. I travel a great deal and feel comfortable walking around in Europe and the Scandinavian countries. But, when I go to manila, and I agree with you (don’t trust people you don’t know). Its the way .I walk, dress, and talk that people come to my hotel claiming Im there relative and try to sell me condos, investments. I speak tagalog, Spanish and Italian with no American accents. Most Filipinos are thieves and scammers….

  21. i agree with you ,  gee, just on the internet they lie like crazy, imagine in person,,  they concoct incredible stories,  they are the true actresses ,,  hollywood needs to look for the next Oscar winner in Phils,,  i mean i have also heard stories you would not even imagine,    they must have a script because they have a come back for what ever you tell them,,   its hollywood i tell you,,   they do anything,  almost anything, so your right, need to be careful,  i sense you have learned the hard way too, i been scammed as well,,   

    1. @BenFern kay The biggest problem we expats have is we’re usually looking for ‘good girls’ in the wrong place.  And the scammers then imitate a good-girl, the bait is set and they just keep reeling in suckers fresh off the plane or online.  They’re good at what they do, big payday for them.  But the real good-girls.. they’re busy working or being with family.. you rarely find them at the mall, online or some bar.

  22. hey man you are a genius, i love your stuff i never stop laughing ,been to pinas 6 times and probably all the things you talk about have happened to me at one point .

  23. You said it in a prior video, ‘know that you’re being watched’. that is very true. I know that here in Mexico I am under constant scrutiny in my neighborhood and wherever I go. You never know exactly why but just be alert. That said I got pickpocketed 3 weeks ago after being here 2 year. It happened in a heartbeat so you can’t always avoid getting nailed…

  24. Really this valuable information no matter where you are traveling or decide to live. A smiling face is not always to be trusted. I hope others take heed to your advice it may prevent them from heartache and a financial loss.

    Thank you for sharing😊.


  25. Hello Henry really loved this video… im in a similar situation as u i believe… i have lived in california for 50 years and just sold my home… now i am thinking of phils for retirement… u had mentioned the city of Bohol in another video… is this the best place in ur opinion to live?
    thanks so much… i am visiting phils in May next year 2017… happy holidays

    1. bohol is beautiful and tranquil. i loved it. some people want the city-life, like in downtown cebu. so it’s a matter of preference.

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