2 Reasons to Reconsider Dumaguete

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  1. As an American, do you think it is an advantage to go so far away from the USA just to meet Americans ?  I assume it’s easier to find them in the US hi hi…Well I did have company with many Americans from the former navelbase in Olongpo and Subic Bay as well as Barrio Barreto. I learn a lot from them but I don´t like to stay for a long time in areas like that. And my talents to avoid drunken Swedes significantly strengthened during my 6 month visit …. Best Regards from Stockholm Sweden

    1. Reekay’s videos are about LIVING in the Philippines. Doing so makes one an expat. Universally, expats seek the company of other expats, because they don’t fit in well with an indigenous culture. This is natural. Just as immigrants gather together in neighborhoods in the US and elsewhere, so do expats socially.

    2. @Tommy Karlsson well, i’ll tell you what my philosophy (?) is.  i enjoy meeting with visiting expats and have met many from youtube and facebook over the last two years.  but.. on a daily basis, i don’t go to the mc’Ds or other hangouts where the same expats sit and drink beer, talk politics half the day.. every single day.  i’m more of an independent person.  i want to be out “doing stuff”, not sitting on a barstool or patio chair getting sleepy on red horse.  🙂

  2. I can roll with most inconveniences but the tropical diseases, sanitary conditions, and health care are a cause of concern. Then, there is the lack of any legal rights for foreigners. (Do I understand this correctly?)  Hypothetically, what happens to a foreigner if a local individual makes a complaint against him? (regardless of veracity)

    1. @Steven Hardy It was reported that Davao City is the safest and cleanest large city in the Philippines and that its mayor’s stance towards foreigners is more positive than is found elsewhere.

      The western portions I believe are part of the autonomous region and are the source of the dangerous reputation that Mindanao as a whole has been branded with.    

      Not sure about CDO, but hopefully it is (or will become) a safe destination for foreigners due to its well situated ‘gateway’ location. Gen. MacArthur arrived there on a PT boat after leaving Corregidor, then boarded a B17 at the airstrip that is/was at the Dole plantation.

    2. @Crunch Hardtack you asked, “what happens to a foreigner if a local individual makes a complaint against him? (regardless of veracity)”.   the best i can say is that it’s a case-by-case basis.  the foreigner won’t “always” get screwed over, but it will happen often.  i’ve heard incredible stories of injustice.  just one for instance, my neighbor;  a tricycle hit him while he was riding his bicycle.. outright broadsided him.  broke his clavicle, finger, arm and a rib.  while lying on the ground the tricycle driver was standing over him demanding money for ‘damage’ to his tricycle.  when all the smoke cleared, my neighbor still had to pay all his own medical costs plus damages to his own bike.. and argue against the tricycle driver who was still wanting damages.   but i also know of expats who got preferential treatment for checkpoint stops, not wearing a helmet, etc.  so, best thing in a foreign country (anywhere) is to stay under the radar and avoid conflicts.

    1. @MrMongo321 manila is the epitome of bad traffic in all of the PH, so you weren’t far off.  I’d say Cebu is second (but slightly better managed).  Dumaguete is most thick with traffic morning and after 5pm rush hour.  but Fridays, Satudays is pretty thick as well.  and days of festivals or parades..  ha!

  3. how can one 68 year old Filipino Canadian score with the beautiful young Filipinas
    in Dumaguete? Please suggest where I can live there for a month or two.   wish to find one I can love and who will love me and bring her here… is it hard to find one?

    1. @James L for a really ‘good’ woman, if you want to improve your odds.. choose either a woman who is responsibly holding down a job or visit the nearby province areas such as Bacong or Sibulan or Dauin.  you will also have to decide, if choosing a younger woman, whether you will offer her children.  most filipinas will want a child (at least one) if they haven’t any yet.

  4. Thanks as always Henry for the updated recommendations.  I believe you offer enough for someone like me to make it a destination stop during my next visit to PI.  Love the islands, and the cost of living, but being home sick is the things that would be on my mind.  Hey do you know of any US military retired expats that live in dumaguete? 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Thank you, that’s a lot more than I envision.  Better cost of living over all, but I don’t like the smog issues you mentioned in Dumaguete.  I hope its not to the same degree as Angeles City.  Take Care   

  5. I’m curious what is your source of income to live in the Philippines full time. Are you retired and have a pension or do you have rental property in the U.S., I think a lot of people want to know.

  6. thanks again henry, i was thinking about coming to dumaguete or maybe just outside of that area .prices for rentals dont seem to be that great from what i can tell from posts on fourms .maybe im wrong just havnt been there yet .plus theres maybe too many expats for me too.still i think its worth a look around .

  7. Because you are putting so much of your life up on YouTube I wouldn’t have thought anonymity would be a concern. Are many non-expat locals watching your videos?

    1. @Tim O i get approached by local filipinos about 20% of the time, who have seen my videos.  from older filipinos who liked my videos of bohol to the college crowd here in duma who have been following my videos as well ever since the mark cohen issue.  (it became a hot issue on compus, so lots of them saw my video on it.)   as to my life, in reality i’d say only about 10% of my personal life is online.  i share the parts that other expats may find themselves in (dating, exploring, pondering).. but the majority of my time is offline.  doing what i do, it came with the package that i’d lose anonymity more than most expats.  ned, travis, mike and others i’ve talked to who do a PH channel.. we all agree it just comes with the territory of being ‘in the public eye’ online.

  8. Dumaguete seems very popular with Americans…tell me if i’m wrong. 
    I was there for a few days but i didn’T get a very good impression(i still liked it a bit) or feeling to stay longer. First of all, i’m a cigar smoker. all those signs everywhere saying how you will be fined or put in prison if you smoke in public. it put me off completely. i felt awkward,. anyway these signs are popping up everywhere in the philippines unfortunately. i hate rules anyway, hey…by the way, i’m a southern italian ahahaha. i have the impression filipinos love rules more than italians sometimes or “respect the idea of authority more”. overall i think dumaguete could be a place that grows on you, slowly

  9. As a foreigner, no matter where you live, I think everyone will know you and everything you do. I live in Cavite (quite large) and total strangers know way too much about me IMHO.

    1. hmmm, go to Cebu,…. there is not ONE square meter that is not full of garbage, on public beaches. IF you want to see a beach, you will have to go to a resort,… and pay yourself silly….

    2. Cavite City is pretty nasty – I am actually in Trece Martires (Cavite Province). This area is definitely not the best for beaches unless you like commercial boat fishing

    3. @David Poole my first two months, in mactan, i had no videos online and yet within a few weeks even local kids would see me walking and ask, “where you going reekay?”.  i’m thinking, “how do they even know my name?”.  i later learned that he was the little brother of a local filipina i had become friends with.

  10. Thanks Henry another great video and food for thought as far as Dumagete, Hey Henry do you ever miss Southern California ? I’m in Rancho Santa Margarita if you ever come home for a visit the first beer is on me.

    1. @Philo M i miss my family and friends from the usa.  but the place itself.. i mostly miss the great taco shops and burger joints.  🙂

    1. @edwinodus i’ll be staying in duma for quite some time now that i’ve met lyn.  had i not met her, i was seriously thinking of relocating to boracay for about a year.

  11. try visit Ormoc if you can..clean, safe, friendly people, an hour away is a university in Baybay where its well-loved by local and foreign tourists.

    1. I will check it out Ako, haven’t been to Ormoc yet. By the way, there are too many Americans in Dumaguete and that’s all fine I guess, but to me it’s a fun place to visit and not a bad base (in small doses). But to live there 24/7 is a bit much.

  12. yes  philippines    traffic chaos  pollution  noise  squatters everywhere  carbage  eyesores..  thats all towns city i been 2 in t14 years visit  philippines…….   i  moved onto singapore   total opposite…..  but i never went 2 boracay     after your video    its much bigger  than i imagine  awesome beaches  sea,,  not seen that b4  

  13. Hey Henry, has anyone got a top 10 of most popular places foreigners are living in the Philippines. I’m imagining Manila, Cebu, Angeles, Subic bay, Dumaguete, Davao, Puerto Galera, El Nido,   etc. Once the proper list is compiled you should check them out and give your feedback of all these locations, something similar to your Boracay trip. I’m imagining  your tube viewers may be interested in the different types of province, city or  beach type living.
    Just my  thought for the day Henry 🙂 i know you have probably better things to be doing 🙂 

  14. that’s one thing that so wrong about the philippines, they don’t plan way ahead or disregard the future well being of the country. They keep rising buildings and other city development but the roads remains tiny and congested with less development on public transportation. The population is growing like hell and instead of separating or developing another site for a new city to avoid congestion, they keep on  loading one crowded city with more traffic causing infrastructures.  Look what happened to Manila? So it cost horrifying traffic, flood, crimes, etc… This is because of the gov’t have  less effort to improve the country in the better way, they were more connected with the business side (the ones who controls the real estate, etc.). Politicians are the ones making it worst, because they are more concerned about the value of their properties than the well being of their whole city or country…. And Cebu is one growing sick city who is imitating the mistakes of Manila (NCR), and so as the rest of the regions… so sad.

    1. …but on the other hand, when politicians ignore large businesses, people will move away because it will get even worse. and so it goes….

    2. @Roberta Rodriguez manila is a nightmare on so many levels.  i used to think parts of los angeles, calif were a cesspool.  well, some of it is.. but not on the scale of manila.

  15. Have you ever traveled to the other side of the island, Negros Occidental? What is life like there? What is traveling around the island like? Are the roads safe? Passable? Mountainous? Could a family of four safely travel in a vehicle around the island?

    1. @Tammy Scism i’ve been to the other side, to bacolod, via bus.  in a vehicle it is a safe ride.  on motorbike you have to share the road with buses and that can get kinda sketchy, especially if it rains.  the roads are in very good condition, a bit windy in some parts.  to get from dumaguete to bacolod would take about 5 hours.  very scenic drive if you take the western coast, passing through bayawan.

  16. Thank you for all your useful videos.  I am working on a long distance relationship with a lady there and soon should be coming to the Islands to meet her in person.

  17. Hi Henry, I am thinking to visit the Philippines for a month sometime soon but I am not sure how much money I need . How much do you think I should have with me? I can stay in a cheap hotel for the whole month by I am not sure how much cheap hotels cost there and where . Can you help with some into please . I will be flying from the states . Thanks

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines for a ballpark figure, if you figure on $21 per night for lodging and another $75 per day for basic expenses, at $96/day for 30 days would come to about $2,880 usd. keep in mind this is staying at a decent hotel. check out http://www.airbnb.com and can rent a condo or home for the month, your lodging costs will be reduced dramatically.

    2. @kevin40918 in cebu, you can get a ‘single’ room (1 occupant) for about 900 pesos a night at the Mercedes Hotel. However, if you let them know up front that you would consider staying the whole month, if they’d give you a discount, odds are they will come up with a decent incentive. i’ve gotten a 10% discount when staying there a week. 900 pesos a night is about $21. if you figure in an additional $60 to $80 per day for expenses (depending on what you plan on doing) you should be fine to cover food, taxi fares and misc items.

  18. A few things come to mind : First, they should limit traffic on the boulevard , especially the large trucks and buses. They should seriously do something about   the loud motorcycles and aftermarket exhausts. They should district the Trikes so the drivers have a set area , that might eliminate the practice of them refusing fares to places they don’t want to drive…and they seriously need more traffic officers to contend with the amount of traffic they have …..

  19. Oh by the way. You mention wanting to try Boracay. We were there for 10 days in 2011. Had a great beach house. We won’t go back. Just too touristy if you catch my meaning. We have tons of pictures on Facebook for you to enjoy when you and Lyn have the time.

  20. So you have been in Dumaguete for a while, have you grown board with the small town atmosphere yet? You say in no time people know your business, so I would guess it makes it hard to play the field. Is it mostly retired blue hairs or is there much tourist and locals?
    Do you have any plans to check out Subic bay area? From what I have heard it has a strong American presence and the Navy is training there again plus I read Japan is going to train their Navy there too. 
    Hope to get the time to check it out soon, I am leaning to Subic area but I am open. I like to dive and the wreck diving is great in Subic but the reef diving is not so good. 

    1. @Sally Salvatore as for subic bay area, doesn’t really seem to be “my kind of place”. i prefer smaller towns that are for the most part filipino. as it is, dumaguete has lots of expats but they are of varying nations so it’s cool to meet different people from other nations. but if i wanted to be surrounded by americans, i’d have stayed in calif. 🙂

    2. @Sally Salvatore me, personally, i’m not bored at all here in duma. in fact, i just signed up for a 1 year contract to get dsl at my apartment. so my initial 3-month stay has been extended. 🙂 as for the local “chismis” on my social life, word has gotten around that i’ve been with one steady girl the last 4 months. i haven’t been in the local “whynot” dance club since the halloween party last october, so that slowed down a bit of the gossip. but if i’m walking the boardwalk i usually run into 3 or 4 people who stop to say hello. some people, that might be too invasive. i’ve known some people who really value their privacy. me, i’ve adjusted.

  21. All the scooters in China are electric. 

    Not only are there no emissions, but they’re absolutely silent.

    It’d be awesome if other countries like the Philippines followed suit.

    1. @Johnny English Scooters that are absolutely silent are a Major Danger to pedestrians unfortunately like the Bikers say ” Loud Pipes save Lives”

    2. @Johnny English i’d prefer they made ‘some’ sort of humming sound or something, so that you can hear them behind you if walking along the street. especially here in the ph, where sidewalks are rare and have to walk along the roadside. it’ll be a long time before ph switches to electric scooters. they don’t even have enough of a power-grid to supply all cities at the same time, so they rotate outages (for up to 8 hours or more) which they call ‘brownouts’. (more like a blackout. ha!) so a person with an electric scooter in the ph right now could only travel as far as a return trip to the house on one charge. nowhere to re-charge other than at a friend’s house. and with electricity as expensive as it is here, they’d definitely want you to pay for it. 🙂

  22. Be Honest Why the Visayas Area? You are in the lowlands where it is Very Hot….Yes you have Beaches but you also have Dangerous Typhoons in the Philippines making the beach areas especially Dangerous. Is the draw for expats because there are a lot of expats? I personally find the location of Baguio City to be a Great Compromise, You have the Cool Climate of 5,000′ + Elevations with pine trees.The low is about 40 degrees in the Winter, the high is about 80 degrees in the Summer 🙂 Being it is a Major Hub of College Education the women in the area tend to be well educated ( Also because they can afford to go to a University, most come from families that are well to do and not poverty stricken ) The Beach at San Fernando in La Union is 1 Hour Away, so if you are retired no big deal to go there. It is also known for it’s Good Surfing Conditions. I would have to say the only draw backs are sometimes there are Earthquakes ( also common in other parts of the Philippines ) and landslides ( But not very Often ) And Baguio is a good size city of about 300,000 which might be crowded to some. Of Course Reekay….to each there own. My Question is Honestly out of Curiosity only, Have a Great Day and continued Success always.

    1. Baguio will be the next Korean Town. They are buying most of the business. Its cool but no beaches. You have to travel 2 to 3 hrs south to La Union. Baguio used to be a US Military Town. The Americans built that city and a famous American Architect David Burnham designed the park. Camp John Hay used to be an American Military post.

    2. Hi Reekay, Thanks for your Thoughts. Baguio doesn’t get the flooding you are talking about because we are at the top of the Cordilleras not in the lowlands below. You were talking about Typhoons rarely being a problem for Cebu or Bohol? I would have to say that is only because to the East of you is Samar and it takes the brunt of typhoons because they approach from the east. Tacloban is on Samar and everyone knows what Super Typhoon Haiyan did there.

    3. @Bound for Baguio i prefer the central visayas for a few reasons. to the north.. way too much seasonal flooding for me to want to deal with. and then to the south, i don’t feel comfortable with the political climate there. so that leaves me everything from dumaugete to manila to explore.. and that alone will take me years. as for typhoons, almost every single one ends up going north, rarely a problem for cebu or bohol.

  23. Don’t drive and don’t care about traffic. I live in Mexico. the PI reminds of here but also very different. People are not at all friendly to Americans in Mexico these days. They’re not even friendly to each other. So the PI is worth a trip.

  24. Henry in November, my oldest son & daughter in law are returning home to the Philippines to visit, my oldest son told me that Dumagete is one of the world’s best cities to retire in, my ultimate
    goal is to be back there by October, 2017 for good. I have my
    top 4 choices already picked out. My oldest son is watching your videos, he’s seriously considering retiring there when he finishes
    His 30 years in the Air Force. My oldest son & daughter in law plan
    To visit Dumagete, Tacloban, Cebu City. My choices are Masbate
    which is still my top choice, Legazpi City is my second choice,
    Olongapo City is my third choice, I used to live there and I’m familiar with Olongapo City and know people there, and my Fourth
    choice is In Sorsogon province.

    1. +orlando rodriguez cebu is nice also, just use google to find what there is to do there. taoist temple is nice, some beaches (but not many). it’s mostly a ‘city’ type of place. not as tropical as bohol or bogo.

    2. +orlando rodriguez yes, that should be plenty. either bohol or dumaguete would be great. you’ll need transportation since everything is spread out. i’d talk to some good FB Expat groups and get a referral for a driver, or motorbike rental.

    1. @Arian Vito yeah!  I guess it’s not like, in Europe or America .  Filipina are a lot more shy and doesn’t like being stared down like, some  piece of meat and that I have really noticed a lot too..

    2. Avoid the sun… ok, so they will room around after sunset, in their bikinies ? Haha, NO WAY. The reason why filipinas don’t wear bikinies (at least most of them) is that they don’t want to SHOW anything. They will wear a t-shirt and a jeans short, even when they go swimming. If you are looking for beading suits,… you are surely in the wrong country. Go to ANY swimming pool, beach or lake, then tell me what you see…. Even in Boracay,… although it’s a bit better there… Filipinas are falsely SHY to show some meat…. it’s not “appropriate”…

    3. +GlassLegend40 it’s not that kind of scene. the best beaches are North of dumaguete, near Dauin and above. it’s not like california beaches where bikini-clad girls lay on the sand. if there any, it’s foreign women. filipinas avoid the sun, they don’t want a tan. but there are plenty of beautiful women nearby and in town. 😉

  25. There seems to be alot of expats in Dumaguete and I wonder why? I been to PI 4 times so far and when I get off the plane in Manila at 4.10 am in the morning I not sure to get coffee or get a large bottle of ice water …Its very warm there . Manila is like 3 showers a day and not want to go outside if I cant go swimming .
    This next trip for 2.5 weeks I will be going up north of manila ; 100 islands to Pagudpad and everything between. I have heard its alot cooler up north and you have to watch out for typhoons …I have seen the damage Yolonnda had done in Eastern Samar and want a balance between heat and safety.. .just vacation this time not permanent ..cheers great channel…

    1. +Filipino Island Lifestyle One of the reasons why there is a lot of expats in Dumaguete because most things in Dumaguete is cheap. There’s a lot of fun places near in Dumaugete too!

  26. I really do enjoy my visits to the Philippines and one the best things about this country are the fantastic people you meet there but it has always put me off as a retirement destination for 2 reasons the Pollution and the Poverty, I haven’t developed the ability to not give some change or a few pesos to a begging child and I know its not cost effective, so currently my retirement eyes are on the Carribean and Central America but I’m certainly returning to the Phils yearly or more.

  27. Is GrabTaxi/GrabCar (or Uber) available in Dumaguete? If so, i’m assuming i can use my GrabTaxi app (or Uber app) there to get around. Is that a safe assumption?

    1. +martinbalagat at this current time (Dec of 2015), Uber and Grabtaxi are operating in the PH on a limited basis. it seems inevitable they will be given the full ‘green light’ to operate, as has happened in other countries. but for now the PH is getting a lot of resistance from the taxi and tricycle unions. as for dumaguete in particular, there are no taxis in Duma, only tricycles. it’s easy enough to get a ride around town since it’s not a huge place. for more info check out this link; http://www.reuters.com/article/us-philippines-court-uber-idUSKBN0TO08920151205

  28. Hi Henry after watching the (down side) video. Having lived on Long Island for 30+ years. A 1 hour rush hour is a pleasure considering rush hour on Long Island lasts at least 4 hours. I’m coming there with my girlfriend and 9 year old daughter. A tranquil non rushed existence is very inviting. I’m not a night club person any longer. At 68 I’m ready to settle down at night with a glass of wine and watch tv or listen to music.
    I’m thinking about solar power for my home to save on electricity and cope with brown outs. I would appreciate you feedback on solar power in Dumaguete. Happy new year to you and Lyn. Will chat more next year.

  29. I lived in Panglao for a few years. Thinking about the area of Dumaghetti or around Zamboanita to get property. What do you think about the differences of Panglao/Bohol and Dumaghetti area for living?

  30. The gridlock rushour for cars is a lot longer than 1-1/2 hour in the morning and 1-1/2 hour in the afternoon. What he is talking about are the times you can’t lane split, ride the center line on a scooter, whip out into oncoming traffic and back on your side before you get squashed like a bug. There are most of the day rolling roadblocks for cars and they are called tricycles. There is very little parking for cars in Dumaguete. Places where it would be reasonable to park a car are no parking zones. Reekay also no longer lives in Dumaguete but in Bacong. Most foreigners who love Dumaguete do not live there but in Bacong, Sibulan, Valencia or Dauin. Dauin with the nice beaches is 30km from the southern edge of Dumaguete and if you are in a car that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on the south highway, depending on traffic. The city streets will not be widened because there would be no sidewalk to park motorcycles on anymore. Look at the existing infrastructure that would have to be destroyed to widen the streets, light poles, power poles, storm drainage. Where would all the money for that come from? They have a rough time getting bridge/street repairs done in a timely fashion. Many people will walk on the street to avoid the motorcycles on the sidewalk. This doesn’t help traffic. Neither does tricycle drivers double parking to let people in or out or to just hold a conversation even when there is a parking spot 5 meters ahead because they don’t want the hassle of getting back into traffic. The best time I found to drive in Dumaguete was from about 1:30 to 3:00 during the heat of the day when most people are holed up somewhere to avoid the heat. The actual best vehicle to own in Dumaguete is a tricycle as you can do absolutely anything no matter how nonsensical and park anywhere you wish. They dump raw sewage in the water right behind where Reekay is sitting and boy can you smell it. Guys just piss on walls wherever the need strikes them and you can smell that too. If you can get past all that, Dumaguete does have some things going for it. It is just not the same place as when I visited it in the middle of 2012. I drove to Dumaguete from Sibulan most days for a year up until September of last year. There are some great people there! But do not minimize the problems. They will get much worse before they get better. The fix is not just around the corner or probably even in the next decade. I was looking at moving to Bacolod before my aunt died and I was next of kin and had to return to make arrangements. I gave all my posessions away because I knew I was not returning to the Dumaguete area.

  31. hi…can someone tell me the cost of ferry from dumagete to cebu? and how much more is it for a moped to take on the boat? also how long is the trip?

    1. +pete Milec milec it’s been a while since i last rode the Oceanjet ferry from duma to cebu, but you pass via bohol on the way, at least the one that i took. other ferries may go straight to cebu. to go from duma to bohol is about 300P, and about the same from bohol to cebu. cockliong is cheaper, but also takes hours longer. (they provide bunk beds)

  32. And the trash everywhere, men pissing on walls, the smell of sewage that gets piped to the ocean. I mean really, You can see the end of the pipe pouring sewage into the bay from where Reekay is sitting. If Bayawan had an equivalent mall, it would be head and shoulders above. Another consideration is the price of Dumaguete is going up because of too many people and too many foreigners. Dumagute was much nicer even 4 years ago when I first went there. I lived just North of Duma for a year.

    1. there are more people in Duma than 2 years ago. but as i look around, it’s actually more filipinos i see on the roads than more expats. i believe more locals from the area are coming here for jobs and education, filipinos. the ratio of expats is still the same. perhaps even smaller in ratio compared to how many more filipinos are here now. as for prices, rents have gone up maybe 2,000P over the last 2 years. that’ about $50. considering inflation, and loss of the peso value, it’s not really that much. fruits/vegetables have been pricier. but that’s due to the low rains we got last year. it’s nothing particular to Duma. restos are actually cheaper now that 5 or 6 new places have opened up in Duma. much more competition in the resto business, which is good for consumers. as for the ‘stink’ near the boardwalk, that’s mostly due to more grey water (sewage) entering the water. not even on high tide does that funk go away. they should find some way to pipe that stuff further out into the water, away from the shore. that would be a step in the right direction but, i doubt it will happen any time soon.

  33. Two things where you are wrong about. First there is the law, that says, they DO have to go every year to a smoke and emission test but,… they do that “filipino way” which means, COMPLETELY IGNORE it and don’t give a shit, or, just pay 200 pesos for a “no show”.
    Second things is your social life. There is NO PLACE in the whole wide Philippines where you are not confronted with backbiting people. EVERYBODY talks, always and everywhere. It’s kinda like their hobby to mix in other peoples lives and they always know everything about YOU and they WILL talk about it. Of course, they never talk about their own stuff, there is no fun in that, so they don’t do that. It’s much more fun to talk behind everybodies back and “invent” some stories and mix in YOUR affairs. Believe me, THAT happens everywhere,…. it’s filipino way.

  34. There’s no way that Philippine cities can be improved because the government is refusing to deal with the problem. Although a renown Filipino architect/urban planner says there’s still a solution to re-structure Metro Manila.

  35. I’ve made a couple of trips to Dumaguete and I found it to be a very nice place. Laid back. Lot’s of places to hang out and chill, enjoy some good food and drink. Even the worst traffic wasn’t as bad as the best traffic in a place like Manila. It’s an easy and short trip from Dumaguete to places like Bohol and Apo, and even Cebu. Also in Dumaguete you don’t have the sleazy expat population like you do in Angeles City. Not throwing stones, but it’s definitely something I’m not interested in.

    1. not a single bikini bar in duma. the nearest one is the fantasy-club in sibulan. but nothing in duma apart from the Whynot, which is more like a dance club, bar & pool hall, karaoke place.

  36. This video is fairly an accurate assessment of what Dumaguete and the nearby towns presently has to offer. Hopefully someday our local executives will conceptualize constructing rapid infrastructure development outside Dumaguete into the neighboring towns to bring growth in business activities in those areas as well. The objective is to decongest Dumaguete while retaining its unique nature and tranquility. The foreseeable outcome will be the (group of towns) or metropolis per se will benefit economically. By popularizing the flagship name Dumaguete to get it attractive to the external consumers both locally and internationally and yet on the ground it is the entire member towns who gets its fair share of development.

  37. I really do like Makati but have had my eye on Dumaguete for some time now, heck of a lot cheaper and not so congested………it may be my spot when I retire!

    1. no favorite spot. each place had something different to offer. plus, i just don’t think in terms of being anchored in a place. for me, ‘home’ is in my future, not my past or present.

    2. So what do you do, live at a place for a month or so and then go searching for a new spot? There has to be a favorite place you call home there.

  38. I lived in dumaguete for 4 years and it sucks, but to be honest, the Philippines in my perspective is a great tourist place and and great place for fantastic experience. Living in the Philippines is okey, but I myself wouldn’t prefer living there

  39. Another excellent video. Concise useful information I’m moving to Dumaguete July 2nd. No idea how long I’ll stay there. Your videos helped me to choose the Philippines and try Dumaguete first . Thank you

    1. negative? you’ve got to be kidding. i have over 900 videos about the positive things of the PH to enjoy. being realistic about some of the down-sides is simply practical, not negative.

  40. Hello.This is Yakiniku Hakusan Dumaguete.Authentic Japanese restaurant in Dumaguete Philippines.
    Located near Quezon park 2F of ZIPlink building.

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