Here is the video in Bisaya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYoWhDXNx7c

My Filipina friend was walking in Cebu City, the Philippines and came across a girl trying to ride a broken bike. She had biked up to her family to get some rice and fish as she was out of food during this quarantine.


  1. That was good of your friend to help out the lady(and her family) hopefully Cebu can open up properly at some point but there are still loads of active cases in the city.

  2. This sad situation will be repeated many places around the world. Amazing how the current situation is repeating what happened in 1917. I’m staying in lock down till its all over.

  3. I’m hoping by August taxis will be working. If I can get to Cebu, either by bus or ferry, I’m worried I may have to walk to Mactan with my luggage even if I have all my travel documents in order. Keep the videos coming, Rod. Great info and your gf is doing a great job behind the camera.

  4. They should have permitted the taxi. I saw video in Manila and they put plastic separation for the driver so no much danger of covid. They spray the back seat too.

  5. Science is so wrong about covid19. This thing is on the air and it’s not virus. I knew it because I caught it and I cured myself in just 5 minutes. After that and now I go around in the neighborhood and town with no worries and no mask. I am highly vulnerable to this situation because I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2016 which qualified me to collect SSDI at 55 years old. I refused treatment and not a drop of medicine. I like to find solution to the problem and discover things. I live alone on my 8 acres farm in South Carolina. I just discovered a lot of opportunities on my property. So I’m out there working everyday with my hands and knees by myself.

    Covid19 have cost me a lot of money in the Philippines. My family from Manila to the province needed some help. I have to help them or otherwise they go hungry. I have projects in the Philippines that is delayed because of the situation. One fishpen was finally completed last Thursday but the new one couldn’t be completed again because of the GCQ that just kick in.


  7. Sorry to hear it’s gone backwards again Rod, I can imagine how hard it is for the people with no income for so long. I wonder how much longer they can survive before it’s a major emergency there. Take care Rod.

  8. Talamban is not north of Cebu City. It is north of Banilad, which is north of Mandaue City, which is east of Cebu City. If that woman road that little bike from downtown Cebu City to Talamban and BACK that is around 40 to 50 miles. Incredibly sad.

  9. I took your advice and used JRC Consultants to get my visa. It worked out great. He picked my passport up one day and returned it the next day with my 6 month visa extension. Great guy, I highly recommend him.

  10. I remember that happening commonly as a kid. Just pull the chain out with sheer force and realign it onto the sprockets. Your hands will get greesy but it isnt hard. Just a pain if youve never done it before. I’ve got family in Bacayan just north of Talamban. We always go through there, past Gaisano Country Mall, on the way to upper Bacayan.

  11. They should have shut the airport in February. Bit like the rest of the world should have. Testing was poor for the first 2 months. So hard to tell in Cebu if cases are up or down. I see a UK guy died waiting for treatment in Cebu for 10 hours and died. All sad for the local people. Not sure , the lockdown was the best.

  12. Yes, looks like that de-railer and chain needs some oil! Not good to hear the quarantine was set back. Hopefully it will move forward again soon. Thanks for the video!

  13. Not much is going on with the disease going away from Philippines..
    The world is opening up again but poor ‘ol Philippines just keeps on stumbling along..
    CDO is still on GCQ….We were hoping to go back to MGCQ but not to be…
    I REALLY need a haircut…..Malls are open BUT no barbers yet…
    I have no idea why Filipinos are accepting these severe lockdowns in Luzon..
    Take care Rod..

  14. Sometime we all need a helping hands😢very sad about the poor people’s situations, wish they get help in time like this down there🙏

  15. It breaks my heart to see so many people in the Philippines struggling everyday just to make ends meet and get some food on the table. I sent my friend in Mindanao some money so that he and his sister could get through this month. The ECQ is a major hurdle to get things done and I hope that things will improve soon. Thanks for all good videos and information and keep up the good work.

  16. Here in Washington state the governor is stepping the level down in some area including ours. But in the Puget Sound they are going to level 3 and the east is also. That is where the most cases have been. In the south part there has been an increase so they had to return to level 1. The people on unemployment ars getting 600$ per week added to there unemployment as my sister is receiving that. In July that stops as they want people to return to work but how can they as most place remain closed. I am a fortunate one as I am retire with good SSI income. It is so sad to for the Philippines and not able to receive food or other things they need. We have food banks that help many people. I do use them as I have I income and there people need it. Still do not understand why TP is hard to get, so many people must be full of you know what. The bus system is mostly shut down but you can get a ride by appointment for essential needs. Here there is sp much politics involved now. This will clear up when the election is done a there is a marxist president and both houses the same. I hope this cleared by then as I will be coming to the Philippines or Vietnam or Thailand.

  17. This is bad news for Cebu Rod, do you know if it applies to the whole province, just thinking of our family at Sogod?
    Your lady friend has a good heart, she could have just walked on by. I felt sorry for the owner of the push bike, poor woman,
    what a huge responsibility for her.

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