(1of3) “World War 2” Museum in Valencia, Negros Oriental

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  1. Thank you Henry. Felix is a great museum curator because knows the history of the collection of artifacts on display.  I enjoyed listening and learning not only about the ordnance displayed,  but also the tactics used during WW2. 

  2. Thanks Henry, as a Vet. with weapons experience I like seeing and knowing about the history of Wars connected with our nation. ¬†BZ- Which means job well done! ūüôā ¬†

  3. Great video Henry, this man needs better signage out front and a visible donation tin. What a interesting person and I wonder if the local schools ever takes the kids to see this wonderful collection.

  4. Glad you posted this Henry ! I had seen the sign but didn’t stop, always wondered what I missed! Digging for relics of this sort is not for the faint of heart and every year you read about some poor guy getting blown up doing just this ….. ¬†good video ! Seems like he is pretty knowledgable ……”.Silliman Hall is the oldest standing American structure in the Philippines. Its architecture is reminiscent of the Stick style type of architecture that characterize American buildings in the late 19th century. Some of the materials used to build it were salvaged from an old theater in New York.The present structure was built in 1909 as an addition to the original structure built in 1902, now demolished. The building now serves as the University’s Anthropology Museum

  5. Hi! I live here in Arizona, USA. Because of your videos, I feel like I want to spend my retirement days there in Dumaguete, Philippines. Thanks a lot for your videos. More power to you and God Bless!

  6. Very interesting and detailed history of 3 great nations at war. Even more interesting is the fact that after so much death and destruction these 3 nations are now close allies and may very well end up fighting for each other. Who would guess so much knowledge and history would lie behind such a humble entrance. Great video!

  7. What a great video Henry!  This guy really know his history.  Those wars were so devastating to the Philippines and the men who fought in them. 

    I love this guy’s shirt!¬† He probably doesn’t know what “Don’t Mess With Texas” means… In 1985 Texas (my state) adopted an anti-liter campaign to clean up the roadways and during a few years, it had a 70% effective success.¬† Stevie Ray Vaugh and others helped promote it by putting it on their guitars.¬† Maybe the Philippines could adopt such a slogan?¬† … thanks for the video..

  8. Thank you. I’ve often wondered what was the Japanese reasoning behind using the 6.5mm. Cool video can’t wait to see the rest of it. God bless and stay safe.

  9. Fascinating stuff.¬† That fellow’s a braver man than I am… Unexploded ordinance is hella unpredictable.¬† And this museum’s now on my Must Visit list.

  10. the answer to the question about the bombs is “yes” they still find ordnance from WW 1 in France in farmers field that is live¬† believe it or not.. but this is really cool

  11. Very cool vid Henry! I started reading the comments.. I’ll try to bring it back off that tangent. (Best of luck all involved with all of the lawyer stuff.. I’ve had my share of it believe me)
     I took a tour of Corregidor Island in Manila bay this last January. A group of us rent a boat often when I visit my brother In Subic. (60 ft) Had the captain and crew start an early trip out of Subic and we rented a van and met In Mariveles at about 8:00 am. (The boat started about 3:00.) Took the boat out to Corregidor and took the 4 hour tour of the museum. WOW.. gun batteries, barraks, tunnels, storage caches.. The 37 ton cannon barrel intentionally loosend and dry fired by us to render it useless lying on the ground 25 feet back..Really something. This historic place was an important part of the relationship the Filipino and American armys had together. The surrender of the Island to Japan, the Bataan death march, General MacArthur retaking the Island. Our 40-45 year old tour guide we had spoke for at least 3 hours of the tour memorizing his whole spiel with an incredible amout of information. Really impressive!
    Then had an awesome boat ride back to Subic with a sunset that couldn’t be beat.Thanks for another video.

  12. In 2005, my wife and I went to Dumagete, and took a trip to Forest Camp. Along the way, we stopped at Ramone Cata-al’s ‘Museum’. Good memories, and stories from him! I see there have been some additions since then! Thank you for this piece!

  13. Amazing info – what a great store of historical facts coming from the man!
    Hope he is given a huge platform to share all these stories from his heart!!!
    Great video – Reekay

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