(1of2) Two Reasons Expats Leave Their Country for the Philippines

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    1. @Mike Anderson¬†waiting to see the new, annual ‘black friday’ chaos videos has pretty much become a new tradition in the usa. much like waiting for the superbowl commercials. every year we can count on a large sector of the american consumer population to gear their entire day around racing into a store at 1a.m. or the crack of dawn, like a stampeding herd, to step on each other’s necks if necessary and go to blows in a heartbeat.. just to buy some product in a box for a “merry christmas”. at those times, i just shake my head at the state of humanity.

  1. Very good Henry.I agree with you.I think some of us learn from age and experience here in USA..I chat several Filipino’s and tell them I want what they have.. Family morals values simplicity. So I believe in that sense they are rich. As far as money I tell people that it takes money to rent happiness.. Rent.. You but a burger your happy while you eat it.. So.. It’s rented happiness.. Lol.. Materialism is defiantly the first thing I say about this culture here. It’s disgusting.. (Also Mike did a decent video about the entitlement )here he commented on I was caught up in it for twenty plus years. After a divorce and being in comma from a bad motorcycle crash. I have been blessed to step back and realize what truly matters in life.. And brother rekay you are getting it done there.. Im happy for you.I hope the Philippines never become like USA. Police state

    1. Oo.. That’s scary. But I can imagine that can happen there too.. My first question to a pinay is do you desire to be like an American or live in America? Because that’s not what I’m looking for. Haha… It seems you Ned and mike and Kev are staying humble. That’s why I think I’m addicted to watching your lives progress and learning all I can from the experiences you are sharing. I appreciate it much ūüôā salamat,,,, good points Henry

    2. @Tom H¬†very true. the happiness we get from money is very temporal. ever bought a brand new car.. and then two weeks later discover a dent or scratch in it? there goes the illusion. all things wear out with the using. entropy is inescapable. we can only ‘rent’ that happiness for a brief period. and whatever we don’t spend at the end of our lives, we have to leave it behind. sadly, materialism does exist here in the PH, but due to the lack of disposable income by most people here, it’s usually only seen in the wealthy or some of those who have married and gone to live abroad. i’ve had discussions with some filipinas who went from barangay life to ‘living it big’ with their new foreigner husband. some of them adjust well and kept their humility. but others, oh god.. it’s sickening how deep their love for materialism is. to the point they even look down their nose at their former filipina ‘sisters’ back home. truly sickening.

  2. So if material can not not make you happy, why then would money make you happy ? I mean if you need no material to be happy the money is kinda useless right ? We live in a society that tells use we need money to be happy, however if you had food and shelter at no cost what would money be worth ? I personally think materialism is the evil daughter of money , and both are tied together. So to end this I think you are wrong on this subject and your coming from a rich mans view of it. Ask poor people who never lived with money if more money would make them happy if they could have the money without the material ….

    1. @Keith Hooper¬†i will clarify. i said “money can buy you happiness. however, money cannot make for a fulfilling life. it can’t buy the joy that comes from healthy relationships.” as for materialism, that is the ‘hamster wheel’ condition of greed that has been woven into our american lifestyle, thanks in due part to successful marketing and lack of restraint by many americans. materialism. the chasing after inanimate objects in hopes of fulfillment, THAT is what cannot truly make a person content in any meaningful way. the only way it possibly could, would be to lower one’s standards in life so low that it began to believe a man’s life consists of his possessions.

  3. To live the simple life! 8 Years until I can retire. Living my life through you and all the Philippine expats until the day I can share my own experiences living there!

  4. Well Henry you hit the nail on the head. Very good ..I feel the same . Thank you for the most inclusive thoughts that I been thinking to.I was only in Ilicos norte for 3 weeks last year but I can see what you mean.I be back in a month you are a thought full person.

    1. Top Two, I myself am so anxious to sell everything minus my clothing, bible, books,
      items I know that I will need such as records to bring back home to the Philippines
      which is my second country. I’m planning to return there for good within the next 3
      to 4 years and live out my life there. My late wife of 31 years was from Cavite City.

  5. 100% right, I see too many people buying new cars then buying a house. 4 example, My company makes a lot of money! my salary is very very good but I do not drive, I take public transit. I love to buy cheap rental units to get more bang for my buck. I¬† live in one of my rental houses. I am just saying that if people saved in the US, We would be a much happier nation> you do not see Bill Gates or Buffett buying stuff. They all invest their money to keep their $$$$$……….. Start buying used cars if you need a new car people………
     We in the USA buy to much shit!!!!!!

  6. Great video and thoughts…some of my favorite days or memories of the philippines are of the joy shared. Reminds me of outback Australia when I was a kid my fathers car breaking down and a station wagon packed with full family stopping cramming us in and taking us to thier modest home, laughs, meal, somewhere to sleep and tow in the morning to service station, no money changing hands but life long friends. Nowadays people drive by.

    In the philippines you may have to be careful but I have been lost people have not only shown me the way but such joy if you will visit thier home meet thier family and share a meal. Sitting on a dirt floor laughing at my attempts at speaking local language.

    I think you explain it well Henry, Joy, peace, living in the moment are things I relate to the philippines.

    Regards Wayne.

  7. Really to the point henry.I can tell you joy is better than all things in USA or any where .seems to make you so happy and fills your life’s expectations.I lost my mother two years ago after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease .you know I still feel her joy and happiness even when we both were broke or down to last 300.00 .money provides food electric water gas for cars food on table but.it doesn’t really make you happy .warmth long talks walks with mother thru walmarts,dollar general with mother were priceless.even when couldn’t buy anything and had no extra money.my life is so much better because my mother was and will always be my joy.even now have memories that are priceless.keep them coming henry very good annalagy of money and joy and real happiness.

    1. Yes always with me it was hardest thing to see leave my life each day so many memories but the joy and simple things in life made it good.you never know how much some one means to you till they are gone.god blesses us with joy and happiness his way.

    1. @Lee Miller¬†for over a week i’ve been hamstrung by net speeds below 1mpbs, at home and even at the malls. sucks hard. i’ve ordered dsl into the apartment which “should” give me at least 4mbps and a higher cap for uploads. Part 2 has been uploading since last night. should be online in about another 5 hours.

  8. You are very wise really Henry wow you make me think of life’s happy and sad feelings you do make me think always i should be happy a i am a poor man thanks for that video

  9. It all depends Henry, ¬†Many People with money kill themselves, ¬†recently Robin Williams, Elvis, Heath Ledger, etc people who havent been able to control their state. ¬† I am talking about their internal state in many ways. ¬†If money was all about happiness then these people would not kill themselves. ¬†Money makes you happy for moments, like anything in life, if you have money and your friends dont have money then your alone and money cant fill that void. ¬†If you mean simple money like a bag of groceries as your stated or paying someones electric bill then its ok , but thats for moments, ¬†then they have to fill the void again, it has to be constantly fulfilled. ¬†¬†i assume most people in phils would be happier with money but then whats next, —-which is what happens in the USA, Australia, Europe, etc, this topic can be forever debated, dont you think ? ¬† none of the less, ¬†good insight on the subject , ,¬†

    1. @Chad Squires sounds very similar at the beginning. the one i use is a public domain piece. maybe the artist you mentioned borrowed the melody from it. ??

  10. Well said Henry. You’re completely correct. The first time I went to the Philippines, it was immediately evident how happy most Filipinos are, while having very little material possessions. As long as they have their family, everyone is happy and enjoying life. After experiencing this culture, it was impossible for me to go back to the American “materialistic” mindset. All of a sudden, owning a nice car and nice house didn’t seem all that important; and honestly, I no longer have any desire to achieve it.

    For that reason, even though I’m a fairly young guy, my immediate goal is figuring out how to move to the Philippines and live that non-materialistic enjoyable lifestyle. I haven’t figured it out yet… but I’m sure I’ll get there soon. Thanks for posting! ¬†

  11. I see money as something you need. If you don’t have enough money for food than you will be unhappy. It gives you peace of mind. However there are other aspects of happiness that money can’t buy. You need some meaning or purpose in life. Buying materials things won’t fill that void. I’ve always thought pursuing some hobby or passion gives you meaning in life.

  12. Being one of the few Filipinos who have been lucky enough to save a little and visit other first world countries in the past, I’ve had a first-hand view on how far behind we are in terms of modern amenities. ¬†I believe we are also fast becoming the calamity capital of the world (at least one per year). But here’s the thing – although poverty, hardship and suffering are very much par-for-course for a majority of my countrymen, hopelessness, despair and resignation (at least poverty-related despair) is very seldom seen here. ¬†Having close family ties and support, being able to easily smile and laugh at things are not just Filipino traits but essential requirements if you are going to thrive here.

    1. Yep, another reason why I am so much against the Philippines always looking to the West to emulate… Don’t Change Philippines!!¬†Don’t become like the US, it would¬†lead only to your county’s demise¬†

    2. @Nolsp i’d read in an article that interviewed people who lived beyond 100 years old, and one of the few common denominators found was a sense of humor. i agree that finding a way of letting go of stress is essential in a hard environment, as you said.

  13. Goes without saying that money is a good slave but a bad master.

    Marriage breakdown made me REALLY understand this. Now, still searching for meaning of what remains of my existence on earth … my QUEST.

  14. Happiness linearly with yearly salary until it reaches 75K US per year.  This is according to the Happiness Course out of UC Berkley that I am taking. 

    How you spend the money is also important in deriving happiness.

    50% of happiness is genetic and can not be changed.
    10% is situational
    40% of your happiness can be altered by your decisions on life

  15. We all have a baseline happiness.  If you lose a leg or if you get 10 million dollars, in two years your happiness will return to the baseline because you adapt.

  16. Some people think that a girlfriend or marriage will make them happier.  Data shows that you will be happy for a 6 month honeymoon period.  After two years, your happiness returns to the same level it was when you were single.

    Having said that, married men do live longer than single men.

    1. @Bad Karma¬†i wonder if that’s because, as men get older, it’s the wife who remembers to give him his medication. ūüôā

  17. Beyond a certain level of wealth, money does not increase happiness.  Happiness then comes from empathy, compassion, reconciliation, mindfullness (being in the moment), forgiveness and some other things.

  18. Sub Corilary?  I must of heard it before, but was wondering how did you learn to speak so elequently?  Also, how do you spell that word?  Thanks.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea РPhilippines  I love that word.  I am dying to test it if I can remember and pronounce it correctly.   I want to see how many peoples eyes cross, or if they know what it means.  lol.

    2. @Marc Hoffman¬†spelled, “corollary”. i never considered myself eloquent. my chief desire is to (hopefully) communicate as directly and clearly as possible. i do ‘drift’ at times, but i try to stay on topic as best i can. ūüôā

  19. I do not think money can buy happiness, but I do think it goes a
    long way to contribute to it. Do you think rich people like Elvis Presley,
    Howard Hughes, Marilyn Munro, Robin Williams were happy ?? I think
    not. What money can do is act like a facilitator to allow you “freedom”
    and access to essential things in life, that you need to be happy. If you
    have to get dental work, or need some medical procedure, or you have
    the gas or electricity “turned off” for no payment-that certainly would not
    make you happy–as Henry has stated. If you can’t put food on the table
    for your hungry kids- that’s sure to bring unhappiness. What money does
    is “contributes” to happiness. That’s all it does, and has to be kept in
    proper perspective. You have to control it, and not “it” control you. I know
    lot’s of wealthy people that live all their waking hours, worrying about their
    money-continually. It’s like the money and wealth owns them, instead of
    the other way around. ( these people will never truly be happy)
    ¬† I think once you’ve lived long enough, and find out that big houses, and
    fancy cars, do not bring you happiness ( although their nice) you find out
    over time that the real deep down happiness and fulfillment you get out of
    life, will be thru good friends, and family, and some of the great things you’ve
    done in life, that in many cases do not relate to wealth and money.
      As the saying goes- We work hard long hours to make money
    ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† To buy things we don’t need
    ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† To impress people we don’t like !!!
    ¬†Isn’t that the way it is !!!- I think I’ll take Henry’s happiness formula- all day long.

  20. My Quote for Years is¬† ” Money doesn’t buy Happiness……it Rents it ” I say this because your money like your happiness can disappear in a moment. If it takes money to have happiness then more often then not you will not be happy. When most of US do an Honest self Evaluation your “Need” List is always short and your “Want” List is ridiculously long ūüôā

  21. Great Videos…..I’ve been watching you for a while now. I just recently got engaged to a lovely woman who comes from the province of Masbate. I was there in Feb-March and let her know that in 10 years I want to go back there permanently. I love the USA but I’m ready for a life full of JOY!!!¬† Thank you for your perspective Henry. Congratulations on meeting a great woman!!!

  22. Yes , I agree with you 100%. Life here in the US is stressful and not fun!!! All you do is…work…work…work…..sleep…sleep (not enough sleep)…. bad news….bad news…. and more work at the job and at home. (sigh!!). Raking leaves, mowing grass every week…trimming…. I just want to go back in the Philippines and live a normal, peaceful and happy life. Just have a couple of helpers or maids to do everything for you. Just love to travel around the Philippines and around Asia.

    1. I agree totally, I never experienced a true sense of Freedom til I also was in the Philippines…. America (Politicians/Society) use “Freedom” as an oppressive tool. America is not a free country

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea РPhilippines That is exactly correct and well said, Brother Henry. Being your age, I know it well. We were sold a bill of goods. The American dream is actually the Amerikan scheme.

      The master had become the slave. We thought we were free, but then realized we were nothing more than utilitarian wage slaves on the financial “plantation.”

      There can be no real happiness W/O Liberty. Which would explain WHY so many sheeple are so miserable and use of anti-depressants has skyrocketed. When I stopped being a useful tool of the culture of meaningless consumerism, I wrestled my Liberties back, and stopped being a wage-slave. I once again was the master of my life and my destiny.

    3. @Melanio Corcino¬†i grew up in the usa and since grade-school was taught about ‘freedom’. on a 3D, in my life, sense.. it was only after i moved to the ph that i began to actually experience and feel that sense of Freedom. the mechanisms that were supposed to make me happy (long career, materialism) never gave me that. if anything, they became my taskmaster.

  23. Even me as an ofw experience same thing when I’m back to Philippines. I have to bring them what so could ” pasalubong” or else if u cannot give one of your relatives after a few days you can hear something bad rumours from them. So sad that there’s some kind of relatives that thier thinking that if your working abroad you have lots of money even they don’t know how you suffered from your work just to achieve those money. At first I did I brought for them some groceries at least that they can have it from me as my pasalubong, bu the next time I came back again to Philippines I didn’t do it. I just give only to my family. Sometimes you have to say NO if it’s already abusive. . There’s so could “better to give than to receive” but if you give make sure that can help to them for thier lifetime not that they will just only take and take. HELP them to stand to their own feet.

  24. Well Brother Henry, while I do NOT think “most sheeple would need to take drugs to think like you,” I’m not sure the posted shopaholic lady is an accurate “caption” representing the message herein. ¬†LOL.

    I would say that money can buy NEITHER happiness or joy.

  25. I would suggest Westerners watch closely the advertisements on radio and tv subliminally putting men down.¬† They cast them off as indecisive…¬† a lesser being, incapable of making decisions, a mindless grey matter piece of crap.¬† These adv are specifically targeting men as stupid beings that woman must tolerate in their household or as boyfriends.¬†

    I was going to take these corporations on for this but ask myself the question WHY?  I would be taking on a whole culture and waste my years of purpose.  I would be taking on giants who have a staff of feminists that are venting their anger through their advertisers to an audience of fulfilled women in the sense of affirming the mans intellectual stupidity and their superiority.  By buying their product, affirms their life and thoughts.. making them feel on track despite inner turmoil and the hell they are living.

    1. @Elam Stoltzfus¬†i had noticed the same thing since the late 90’s. whatever product it is, the guy is totally clueless and either ‘mom’ or the kids have to school him on “how it’s done”. sitcoms as well.. the guy is always wrong and has to kiss-up to the wife at the end of the show for his major screw-ups, episode after episode.. same thing. it’s more like a “how to be a door-mat” tutorial than entertainment.

  26. BTW, I am moving to the Philippines this November.as I have been their several times.¬†¬† Met a guy who has become a close firend of mine who owns Carmen’s Best Ice Cream and lives in Manilla.¬† The people are incredible there and love Westerners.¬† Was in Tacloban, Cdo, Cebu, Manilla, Bacolod and will be traveling the islands for a couple of years.

  27. Henry: Dr. Helen Smith has written Men on Strike, about American society which she says has become anti-male. Men are sensing the backlash and are consciously and unconsciously going ?on strike.OCO They are dropping out of college, leaving the workforce and avoiding marriage and fatherhood at alarming rates, maybe you can review the book for us.

    1. @Joy Carmel i will keep an eye out for it. from what you describe, sounds like men have had ‘enough’ of this nonsense are doing something about it.

  28. So true reekay money more more and new and new and my hair.mynails my my my my enough of my new.
    Give me peace and quiet farm land my own fruits.garden veggies.and good fresh air and peace and no big government telling me what I have to do
    Pay or take test or get certified i n.too much government noses in your business.all I have to say.

  29. Your not of SS age yet. For most guys who are, if you get the agerage $1200 a month you can baregly survive; and that means livng in a rundown area of the US. You are younger. It is a real practical, if I want a life decision for a guy my age. 1200 means something there, nothing in America. Additionally, you’re not goint to be getting any jobs and so forth…it is really stright downhill with no stops….

    1. @Will Hart i had this conversation with my son, just last night. in the usa, i have to remain chained to a well-paying job that i hate in order to enjoy the same lifestyle i enjoy with less effort in the ph. it’s no contest for me, i value my remaining time over money. i won’t waste what time i have left doing a job i can’t stand, no matter what the pay is. (i was in the medical-device engineering field as a polymer tech.)

  30. im glad i didnt leave the u.k. to live in the philippines my wife would of had me jailed on some charge then set her whole family on me no doubt….. but it could of saved me a lot in a divorce payout england is the country to come to if you want a big payout for a divorce so who knows whats best all i know is never get involved with the police in philippines if they are paid enough by a vengeful family they will trump up charges like drugs ect against you and you will never get out of jail

  31. why would you send money to prop up filippino chancers? or pay hospital bills for family members ,or doubtful family member buisness ventures,or help to buy land to build the family a better house (you will regret it). If you hadnt met your girlfriend /wife then their family would have to fend for themselves and get on with life ¬†as it is. Just like the rest of the filippino population…filippino families are giant sponges of money even filippnos themselves reconise ¬†this when they return back home from u.s or europe they are decedened upon by family members and neighbours for money they are real popular!. ¬† once you start giving its often difficult to stop as theres always another thing round the corner to pay for. and when you do split up which is inevitable all the things you paid for in the past will be forgotten very quickly as though they never happened like magic!…..my wife only took me to the philippines to see family so i would pay the air fare and holiday thats for sure.

    1. Sorry to make the assumption that you supported Filipinos brides for money scams. You did seem to suggest before that it was all the fault of the dumb western old man that they were ripped off by their wives /girlfriends. My wife wasn’t uneducated nor was her family they were typical Filipino really just vengeful the type of people can be very dangerous if upset. Of course i didn’t know that at the time although i had been in the Philippines in 1987 and got drugged and robbed so i guess i should of known better but i guess i was willing to forgive and forget after 20 years. I guess you would know better than me being a well traveled person yourself no doubt.

    2. You are admitting that Filipinos are running a money for bride scam and im sorry i didnt read the rules…..so yes i am a pathetic loser like you say just the right material to meet and marry a Filipino correct! . I thought marrying someone was about love how dumb it was of me not to realize that in the Philippines it means something totally different and you are entering into a world criminality¬†

    3. I would like to get a few things straight……I wasn’t looking for a young wife my wife was mid 30s she didnt come from a dirt poor family they were all educated people 3 worked as accountants the family had land my wife was a sales rep for a medical company in manila when i met her i met her whilst i was in the Philippines travelling.You my friend are just another Filipino apologist that claims that because the perception of the philippines by outsiders is that they are all poor then they can do what they want and i would like to challenge your perceptions.Whilst living in manila i came to the conclusion and what i was told Filipinos are greedy untrustworthy characters and like you say are sent as agents out on the internet to provide money for the often greedy lazy family. Family is everything in the philippines and family members are brainwashed to be loyal you soon find out that you become second in your relationship to the “family”. My wife constantly lied about me to her work colleagues and friends and built up an alibi so she could run off with another man a pensioner and then sue me for divorce and we are nearly at an end with me having to give all my savings that my uncle gave me after he died to her and the proceeds of another savings account. So dont talk to me about somehow they have “earned” the right to rip you off because they are poor and “you should have known what to expect by marrying a filippino” that says a lot about you greedy corrupt nation of peoples dosnt it! and people like you who come here to try to defend their evilness ¬†

  32. good morning very astute observations I have had a similar conversation with my daughters money does help but its not the answer
    keep up the good work and observations
    Richard in the tropics very happy and healthy that is what counts
    for me but it is nice to have some (lots) of money

    1. J H
      Because they’re here in the US, but not women in the provinces of the Philippines. Of course, people here in USA are exposed to material things.

    2. @Karm A kinda makes sense to me. people who have never handled wealth before end up going nuts for it when it’s in their reach.

  33. I’m planning on returning to the Philippines once I have everything that I’m selling now in the long drawn out tedious process of not
    just selling everything I own, but also doing improvements to my
    backyard now. My ultimate goal is to be back in the Philippines
    By October of 2017 for good. My heart is there in the Philippines.
    I’m a widower that was married 31 years to a wonderful Filipina
    Woman. I’m seeking a very good Filipina woman in her fifties that
    is widowed, never married when I return there. Olongapo City
    is one of my 4 choices of where I want to live out my life in the
    Philippines, Legazpi City, Masbate City and Bulan, Sorsogon City
    are my other 3 choices.

    1. @Christopher O’Rourke i’d say your odds of things working out are much, much higher with an older, more mature filipina. her kids are older and she is less likely to be flaky.

  34. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I found the exception, Cameras lol. Were you disillusioned from gopro ads, or did you build an internet carrier using one? ūüėČ They should make ads selling cameras with hot girls all around lol No joke since becoming a camera man ive been flirted with and hit on 10x more now lol or maybe becuz im married with the ring lol

  35. One thing I have to question is how loosely the term expat is used. I would not consider anyone to be a real expat until they are in a foreign country for 5 years. Most people go back home in less that five years.

    1. I get it but I see many and in other countries who are just doing an extended vacation. I honestly think the real expats would back me up on this. No criticism of you, the way you approach your move you’re obviously serious.

    2. +Will Hart technically, a person is considered an expat when he leaves his own country with intent to make it his ‘home’. (not a vacation.) but “informally” people have a wide variety of vesting time. before i came here an expat who had been in the PH over 9 years told me, “if you can survive a full year of humidity, bugs and traffic in the PH.. you can consider yourself an expat.” others say not until 5 or 10 years. but i stick with the original definition, it’s the intent of making it your new home. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expatriate

  36. Thank you for sharing¬†this with me Danny.¬† It’s nice to know that you are a detriment to the Dumaguete society.¬† You know there are medications to help you deal with your issues, and¬† I have to admit yes I am a youtube dreamer but I notice we are on the same wavelength here.¬† Perhaps you may be as miserable, as you described, as me.¬† I see how¬†you have the need for¬†Henry’s counsel about the good things¬†in life, and I totally understand how you must be frustrated in being a pest to the human race.¬† I get¬†the feeling that you hate life so much you project your anger towards others.¬† I can only assume mother did not teach little Danny to play nice with others.¬† I would try some breathing exercises to help calm your nerves, and I can say deep down in your pathetic little heart is a kinder gentler person just waiting to reveal himself.¬† But I know it’s going to take some time to work on that and I’m there for you Donald.

  37. Ok I can see your point.¬† I like to know both the positives and negatives of any situation.¬† What I enjoy¬†is dealing with most is hostility and challenging it head on.¬† Just ask my friends.¬† You keep reiterating my lack of knowledge about the topic.¬† But you miss the point in what Henry is trying to convey but I understand his interpretations exceed your level of intelligence.¬† So I will take it a notch… wait I better take it a couple of notches down for you.¬† You my friend are not an expert on any issue.¬† You said earlier that you have lived in Dumaguete for 6 years.¬† What are you running from? Has life been so bad for you that you have to start life all over with new people because your true pathetic self reveals itself from time to time?¬† I would almost bet that you don’t have any true friends, and your life’s true mission is to make any place you contaminate a dreary one.¬† It’s ok, I will help you deal with your inner demons.¬† First, you sound like a bitter old man.¬† I would only assume that your personality derives from some form of disorder or negative personal experience you encountered during childhood.¬† I would almost bet you were teased at during your adolescence (i.e., bed wetter), and you are an introvert.¬† You probably have to pay the locals in Dumaguete just to strike a friendly conversation or perhaps buy everyone a drink.¬†You are¬†so disillusioned with what the locals may¬†be thinking about you, and it’s not really about them at all.¬† I am positive they are very well capable of discerning¬†a halfwit like yourself.¬† Second, you require needed attention to feel like you are somebody.¬† Sadly to say, I have to break it down for you but no one really cares about you.¬† I don’t have to put up a picture and give my real name.¬† I don’t need the attention that you thirst for.¬† I am the voice in your tiny little mind who will bring you the truth.¬† So the truth is you are an angry loser who no one cares about.¬† You can escape the true fact that it is not where you live but the worthless person residing in you.¬† I didn’t want to offend you in anyway but you are one angry person.¬† Good luck in all your endeavors.¬† I will ask Henry to buy you a drink on¬†me Mr MX!¬† Let’s continue another session.

  38. Many guys like me in their 50s made the mistake of meeting someone younger in the philippines mostly via the web if you meet someone half your age you should always think to yourself “now why would a pretty thing like this want an old short balding guy like me”. I would strongly recommend you never bring these people to your own country like i did Im now paying the price for a divorce after only 4 years marriage mine caused trouble as soon as she got her “right to remain” in u.k. paperwork it will cost me so be prepared for those consequences if you fall in love with a Filipino and remember their “family” “siblings” will always be first before you .

    1. Guess what I’ve been in your shoes my friend and I’m a Filipino .there are girls and guys like that not any race or nationality .I got offended when you said a whole nationality .now I know how you feel and why you say that but don’t let anger blind you. Many of us guys and girls have been use and abuse . I was in so much pain when that happen to me too. So I’ve been there so don’t get married and bring girls to your country just enjoy that moment and that’s it .hard to trust this days especially with fb twitter texting he’ll .people this days don’t even date straight to banging .people this days just texdating. I’m 40 not like back in my days

    2. Yeah of course thats true what you say but i guess i thought there might be some love,friendship? we were married you know.!  Being able to get on with someone that dosnt treat you constantly as an open wallet helps a marriage last longer .And you can criticize me for being naive, dumb ect but i had traveled extensively for 25 years all over the world before i met her. Theres only so much of that anyone can put up with its just like being married to a whore really you yourself might feel sorry for them and play devils advocate but unless you have personally been through it you wont know how painful it can be and how close i got to ending my life for a liar and cheat like that and (she was just a regular filippino girl working as a salesperson not a bar girl.)

    3. There’s also reason why some foreigner marry them or go to Philippines let’s be honest . For cheap sex , they now pilipina women are looking to get out of country. They could not get girls in their own country because they are fat ,old ,broke basically rejects by their own countries standard . They cannot compete or afford to get girls in their own country . True? Of course with few exception. So if you marry a girl from third world country what do you expect off course they want a better life and a man who can provide for them . If I’m a girl I would be a major gold digger as well why be with a broke ass man so make more money man I feel you .

    4. I was just trying to be honest and tell people about my experience if youve come here with an attitude your never going to agree are you?. I got to meet a lot of couples uk/filippino whilst married and came across similar problems to my own… filippinos are just simply goldiggers no two ways about it.Now if you dont believe me theirs nothing much i can do about that. ¬†

    5. did you bring her to your country to baby sit you no offense .you still hv to make her happy even if you bring her to England they are also human being that seeks happiness in life

  39. Superficial, and not really very accurate for most expats. Plenty of expats leave their countries for loads of reasons. They leave because because their Filipina wives would be happier, they leave because they think they’ll have a chance to find a female companion, they leave because their money can buy more, they leave because they just like Filipino culture, on and on…

  40. Not putting you down Henry but I suppose you know that the United States is something like only 5% of the worlds population and uses something like 40% of the worlds resources.

  41. I just wanted to say that as a 50 yr old Retired Canadian ex-Military man who’s been married to a Filipina(15 yrs), I met while traveling through the Philippines is that the Girls you would find in the Big city of Manila are a heck of a lot different than those found throughout the rest of the Pinas, I met my wife while staying in Cebu City in the Visayas region, Most Guy’s there start off by looking for Love in all the wrong places, like Night Clubs, Discos, and “Girlie Bars” which are loaded w/ “Whiskey Dollies”, and would drop their pants in a minute, and get married w/ the first White guy they meet,,,Now, who in their Right Mind would marry a “Stripper”, and expect a life-long partner?, A real Idiot, if you ask me, you’d be getting what you deserve!,, I found my wife(Guess Where?) at Sunday mass @ Santo Nino cathedral in the heart of Cebu city, and 15 yrs later, and 2 kids, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me,,,,,,Yes there’s a BIG difference between a Manila Bar girl, and a nice Visayan girl who knows that Family is Number 1, Now,,,,I’m not saying that every girl is like my wife, but I’d say that the chances of you truly finding a life partner is greater, If you start looking in all the right places, and start off in Cebu, or other Visayan Islands,,,,Manila is not the place that sets the standard. Cheer’s, Andy

  42. you have happiness and joy turned around in everything your saying.¬†happiness is a¬†life of comfort and people can be in comfort with out electricity it just depends on the people and where relations are good or work out good . And joy is¬†tempory comfort where you are happy for what you have at the moment. I am happy with nature¬† and good relationships with my family I don’t need TV , phone , electric¬†garbage , I am happy when I make others happy just being with someone too I am also happy when I give joy to someone as well.

  43. Reekay, Hello. I have been viewing your videos off and on for awhile now. Very informative. Myself–I’ve been to the Philippines many times over the past 11 years spending a total of about 17 months in the country. I am a US citizen and can appreciate the perspective you have and personally can relate to the things of which you speak. Specifically regarding your comments in this video I agree only partially. It seems to me that materialism is really a global issue and it exists not just here in the US but also there in the Philippines. You just don’t see it as much because of the general income levels there. In the Philippines the average family has far less disposable income than the average American family does. Therefore, after accounting for the essentials of life(food, clothing, shelter, medicine, etc.) there is not nearly enough left for them as we have here in our home country. If you see especially younger women there who suddenly get a foreigner boyfriend and find a relatively easy income stream coming in to them, then lo and behold you will see irresponsible spending taking place as well on the latest purse, latest outfit, android cell phone, expensive nights out with friends etc. etc. It is human nature to do this when one all of a sudden comes into some money or has a sudden increase in disposable income. The more off the beaten path you go in the Philippines especially you will find folks who just don’t have the funds for nonessential items. I would seriously suggest some budgeting lessons or even an online course in budgeting(if one exists) for somebody getting really serious with a filipina(even a very nice one). As you have said, and I sincerely believe, there are alot of very nice females there.

    1. +D phillover i agree with you. but i devoted time to what you described in another video so as to not get off-track in this one. materialism is a big temptation for those who have never had it but suddenly find it within their reach. greed is an ugly thing and has ruined many filipinas along with their marriage to an expat. it’s a sad thing to see.
      here’s a link to the other video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6A_RABHGXk

  44. I sympathize to those foeigners who had negative experiences wd Filipinas in terms of keeping relationships, but there are also many foreigners who were fortunate wd their Filipina partners..just find them in the right place n in the right time n get to know them well first n date more, then choose, n pray n ask God for guidance..so cheer up guys!

  45. I think what you really meant to say is that not having enough money will make you unhappy. Having enough money might not make you happy, but at least the problem of not having enough to live, is not a problem for you. You might have other problems, but it’s not money. People leave their countries to live in the Philippines because you don’t need as much money to live on. So you relieve yourself of the problem in your home country of having to struggle to maintain a certain lifestyle. You’re working hard, but the reward just does make you happy. Because just surviving is not happiness. Having a lot of money is no different then having enough money. It just means you have more expensive stuff.

  46. all of your vids are very informative Henry. i am considering a life out there myself if possible, but just going to do my research first.

    1. +GunstarHeroBlue lots of good vloggers on the PH on YT. check out Philippine Dreams, My Philippine Journey, Bud Brown, Kyle Jennerman and Bud Brown. each has their own perspective on life here. ūüôā

  47. Money is only a tool to a necessary outcome that you need, if you have flat tire but you don’t have a jack to change the tire, and can’t buy one, ¬†life has just become miserable.¬† Money is a tool.¬† We live in a world that you have to have a certain amount of money to exist or to live in order to get through a day.¬† It is just the way the system is set up.

  48. There are 16 genetic motivations we can be born with. For some people money can bring you love, happiness and joy. You can only make generalization for your own life. Of course a young man feels Joy in anticipation of a date, because he has the money to take her in the date. I get Joy from visiting my family on the holidays because I have the money to go there. It’s complicated!

  49. Money can only make poor people happy. Money cannot make people born with money happy. BUT the loss of money makes EVERYONE UNhappy ūüôā

  50. I have over my life collected, watchs , trains, sports collectables, knifes, guns, World War military items .
    In May 2017 I started to rethink my life as to what do I really need and what do I not . I have started to sell a lot of my things just because I like them but not as muck as I use to. I thought I might miss the things I sold .
    How every, I feel much better to have less things . I now can find what I have.
    I have found that having less things I am enjoying the things I have more and I feel in my mind a freedom in having less. This vidoe has really pointed out some interesting points . Although I still want some happiness from having some things. I think I want to have more joy and less things . The joy to walk on the beach and hold the hand of woman that loves me Is more desirable they a fancy car .The joy of family I realized in Augest of 2015, one of the happiest days I had in the last 8 years was the day I went to a amusement park that I had not been to in about 42 years . Riding rollacosters with my late wife’s grandson and my son-in-law. It was not just the experience of the adventure of riding things that I feared to ride but Sharing the adventure with family. That was joy and that night at home I was tired out but I realized no material item could have given me the happiness I had that day . After seeing you vidoe I know now it was joy I experienced that day .SUPER VIDOE !!!!! THANKS FOR POST Reekay, Take care.

  51. Great analysis — however, I would call “materialism” “consumerism.” Consumerism has been pushed on a fake and phony U.S. culture by large corporations and so-called “Madison avenue.” I love the lifestyle in the Philippines, however, you have noticed the same unfortunate trend now at work in the Philippines. Why are Filipinos imitating “thug culture” and “thug music” thinking a ghetto mentality is “cooll?Why are all the Malls filled with “brand named” items (most made in China in almost “slave-like conditions” ) that Filipinos now think is also cool and needed. I am afraid for the wonderful culture of the Philippines—not to mention the absolute “trash” being churned out by Hollywood and U.S. TV. I love the culture of the Philippines but fear for the future. As far as I am concerned — the lack of “culture” in the U.S. is a lost cause. I hope “family” can overcome the slip into “Gomorrah.”

  52. We here in the Netherlands did not grew up with comercials, because our first black/white tv we get whas in the ”60 years (1962)
    the only thing we could see whas just 2 channels, one for journal and another for the rest, so we watch verry much mohammed ali boxing nights then.
    we played outside, and tv did not interest us.
    So it depends where you come from, and how you where raised, we are also not materialistic, but i can understand that the next generation is materialistic, because commercials bumping in your living room from the tv now.
    I just turn it of, health is the most precious thing for us, and next is relationship/happines.

  53. I realhap·pi·ness
    the state of being happy.
    “she struggled to find happiness in her life”
    synonyms: pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, gaiety, joy, joyfulness, joviality, jollity, glee, delight, good spirits, lightheartedness, well-being, enjoymently enjoy your videos, keep up the great work!
    a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
    “tears of joy”
    synonyms: delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, rapture;

    These terms are synonymous by definition….just bringing awareness.

  54. To me‚ÄĒ Health & Money Both are very important‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒ If you are Penniless ‚ÄĒ Life is meaningless‚ÄĒ You will become one the Scavengerss ‚ÄĒ like those in USA ‚ÄĒ and in the Other countries ‚ÄĒ Money is King !, ‚ÄĒ No Money ‚ÄĒ No Honey ‚ÄĒ- ‚ÄĒ- No Money ‚ÄĒ No Food and No Life !,,

  55. Hi Henry,
    In Iquitos, Peru (resident for the last 35 years), there is a saying, “Jodido, pero contento.” It means fucked, but content. You have touch on the difference between happiness and joy.

  56. Hi Henry, thanks for the great videos. You give a good level-headed and honest insight to life in Philippines.
    Apart from some family and lifestyle items, a big factor for moving to PH long term was the insane real estate prices in Australia.
    Here I can find over an acre of beautiful seaside property for less than a car parking space back in Melbourne…!
    Its still easy to live comfortable in Philippines simply and for much cheaper while working remotely and earning back down under making this move even more compelling.

  57. Thanks for speaking what I feel Henry, I really enjoy your videos and I am also planning retirement to the Philippines ūüôā

  58. Yes I agree, money can buy happiness. But I think, more accurately, money provides the opportunity for happiness. Unfortunately, money cannot buy good looks, health or youth.

  59. All the positive actions you mentioned besides materialism can help decrease depression.

    Basically, socializing & getting along with fellow human beings can help us live long and happy lives.

  60. So true,in the West your regarded for the most part ,your a nobody unless you have this that or something else,utter crap,that can get you missery,why do I say that,cause there’s a certain
    Small percentage that thinks,by having their one of lads,or keeping up with the Jones,and the fact they probably got their stuff on tick, which needless to say ,brings worry,and heartache,to know how their going to pay for it.

  61. Hello Henry, enjoy all your videos. I am making the trip to Davao and other parts of the phil for 40 days. I am looking to possibly moving to the phil, at least on a part time basis. I am a traveling nurse and a Cath Lab veteran of 21 years. It was interesting to find out you worked for Abbott. I am 55 years old since no kids and want a different experience than the hamster wheel. Thank you for your videos. I am also planning to come over to Vietnam while on my trip for a few days. I will be in the phil 23 of june and leave on july 31. 2019. see ya , Randy

  62. I really agree with U on this one. My mom used to say there is no shame in being poor but, it is damn inconvenient. I am happier then I have ever been in my life but, I certainly had more stuff at home. It is my relationship with my girl that gives me joy. No, I do not want to be poor & I am not but things by themselves do not make U happy. I had more things when I was with my ex then I do now but I wasn’t happy. One other thing I have learned is just giving someone who needs money doesn’t always work. I belonged to a church that had a lot of wealthy members who gave it money, So we decided to go & help some needy people out by giving them money to meet their needs. When we visited them again, we expect the kids to have decent clothes and a full refrigerator. What we found was a bunch of toys and things their parents did not even know how to use. Leason learned sometimes when U give people money U need to first teach them how to use it. Just a thought.

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