(1of2) ‘DK Unlimited Fashion Pageant’ – The Rehearsals

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  1. Pageants have always been part of the Filipino culture, even for the young men. Thanks for sharing Henry and it’s great to see you looking well after your recent food poisoning episode.

    1. @Ryan Darcy my first month on bohol, i was going to the grocery store and there was a beauty pageant going on at the mall. totally took me by surprise. since then i’ve run into at least 5 other pageants and several talent shows. at the park in dumaguete, almost weekly there is some sort of talent event going on. it’s a good, positive thing for the youth to focus their energy on.. learning to face the public, have self assurance, speak under pressure, develop a talent, how to perform.. everything from singers to models to dancers, it’s a good way for the filipino youth to spend their time and energy. unlike so many teenagers in the usa who are either glued to a game console or loitering outside some liquor store asking for change.

    1. @Romulan112 i’m fairly sure where it happened at. pitiful thing is there’s really no recourse here in the ph for things like this. at best you might get a few shrugs from this or that agency. but nothing will actually get done. it’s just how the system is here.

  2. I really enjoyed this video.  It shows how friendly the girls are and how easy it is to meet model material in the Philppines.
    Please do more videos like this!…

  3. Thanks, Henry for reminding me that there are places where the ladies still take care of their figures. Feel free to remind me again on a regular basis.

  4. kuya henry.  i hope u doing ok there with ur lyn.
    i got a question; do you know  if its possible to buy  a bag of rice ,directly from the farmer?
    And  how much do these bags cost?
    they give me prices of 1800 piso for 50 kgs ;but those are store prices.
     there must be a cheaper way ,to buy from the farmer directly.

    1. From what I understand just getting into the rice bus. is that after milling you get about 60% rice that you can sell. Part of the husk can be sold to pig farmers for about 7p per kilo

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines well thanks for your reply kuya. i am not sure but i guess filipinos prefer to eat white rice.  for myself ;my favorite is thai jasmin rice.
       maybe  you will hear some more bout rice prices in future ,and maybe u can let me know.
      take care henry.

    3. @Gary Marlatt yes  my gf wants to start selling rice. but she wanted to buy bags of rice from  cdo,and it comes in by truck to her  place. but as i already thought ;the price you’ve sold your rice for , is much better. thanks for the info its appreciated. i wish  i could get  50 kg for 875 pesos  there also.

    4. @p tm i’ve not asked what it would cost direct from farmers. i have noticed they dry it out on large tarps and still has the brown ‘shell’ on it. my guess is that bulk-buyers then tumbled it to remove the husk, for white rice. not sure what price you’d get, but it would likely be brown rice.

  5. I know many have already pointed out! but the girl you interviewed was such a sweetheart! A real natural way about her, she should get into presenting of some kind, the camera love her!

    great video as usual Reekay, you the man.

  6. Great video, makes me want to come for the Beauty Pageant just see that cute girl in red! Hope you get there and do a video of it. I miss Dumaguete! Great town!

  7. you know, I’ve enjoyed some of your videos, and left a favorable comment or two. But, this is a little disturbing. You filming and oogling  these high school girls is a little bit on the creepy side.  Be careful dude, don’t get tempted by the jailbait , I think you’re borderline here

    1. @classrockin hmm.. if it’s disturbing ‘to you’.. maybe you’re the one doing the ‘ogling’ and it bothers you. me, i went to the track to do some walking and they just happened to be practicing. i’ll likely be at their public pageant held at the mall tomorrow. as for me, not tempted by jailbait at all. check out my other vids, i have a fantastic girlfriend already, i’m a happy camper. 🙂

  8. it’s practice for a community event.  the fashion fair will be held later today, in fact, at the mall in town.  some of the comments i got acted as if i’d stumbled onto an illegal, underage auditioning for pole dancers.  ha!   many people in the usa don’t realize how repressed they are.  they’ve lost the ability to see a simple pageant and only see the worst thing that enters their mind.  oh well.  they can keep that life, i’m done with it.  🙂

  9. One question I have is where are all the short girls!!!  Stats I’ve read say the average height of women in the Philippines is 4′ 11″.  Yet, I see very few Filipinas online admitting to be being less than 5′ 2″.  Is there a perception that shorter women are less desirable and therefore there is an incentive to exaggerate height?  Personally I think shorter women seem more feminine.

    1. @Alan Wood ever since i’ve come to the PH.. i’d say the average (non-expat) age of the people i hang out with and have as filipina friends are all in their 20’s, a few in their 30’s. it just works out that way for me. definitely brings a vibrancy back into my social life to be around a younger set of people.

    1. @GlassLegend40 they looked so serious at the actual performance.. but they’re a sweet bunch of young ladies. very excited about what they do. 🙂

    1. @Tonii Dada all of you did a wonderful job at the Robinsons Mall!! i was there for the first day even though i was sick that day. a very good show.

  10. I just wanted to thank you and tell you much I enjoy watching your videos, they are really great!
    I myself have a house in St.Thomas, Davao. I was born and raised in Norway but my mom is pinay and she always cooks philippine food and speak tagalog to me, hehe. Been to the Philippines numerous times but not for the last three years, so I´m really dying to go back. I´m thinking about moving down for good, so thats why I really like your videos! Keep it up!

  11. My burning question is related to the general mood, are people happy there? When you walk on the street do some of them at least smile? My last few years in the US and now Mexico have brought this issue to the fore. Everbody is so down and edgy over there…I don’t want to make the trip over there and find the same thing.

    1. @Will Hart overall, when i’m in mexico i really don’t feel much at ease. but in the ph, people are friendly and do smile alot. they try to make the best of the situation, that’s their thing.

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