159 Days of Covid Shutdown: My Thoughts From The Philippines

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  1. Links;
    Longest Shutdown.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/inside-worlds-longest-strictest-coronavirus-lockdown-philippines/
    No More Money For Food.. https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/money/economy/749563/duterte-no-more-money-for-food-financial-assistance/story/
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  2. Reekay, you stated ” I imagine” you meant ” I am Legend” And you were initially right, George Romeros Dawn of the Dead was in a mall but the mall was in the country , i dont know about Day in the Dead, Never seen that one although i know about it,,,,

  3. My girlfriend lives in Pasig City and works in Manila. She sends me videos everyday of the intense traffic in her area. It seems it may be opening up a little at a time…..

  4. I get a kick out of all the people in the USA who are bitching and moaning about wearing masks. Here in the Philippines not only masks are a must for EVERYONE but now we must wear face shields also or you WILL be arrested and fined!

    But did I mention the infection and death rate is 10x lower than the USA? Go figure!

  5. Yea… like the joblessness was a surprise. What we have in the Philippines is an uneducated high school student equivalent in charge of the entire country. Durerte is a complete idiot. He has DECIMATED the entire country by his action with Covid. The number of citizens that will die due to hunger or lack of money for ANY health treatment will be far far greater than the numbers that will die from Covid. Of course…… the citizens will not know this…..it will be kept secret from them. The entire country is going straight down the toilet permanently due to his insane actions. The country has always been in economic straights and now it is literally DOOMED ECONOMICALLY. The people of the Philippines should get him out of the position of control of the country or they will be sorry. He is a complete imbecile.

  6. Of course it is very easy to be content with your lady with you. A lot of people are separated due to the lockdown. That’s what is hard.

  7. Good to hear from you Reekay, glad you’re doing well under the circumstances! My filipina asawa and I where very fortunate to get situated just before the pandemic. Unlike many, and living in a small TN town, I loved the quarantine! Less traffic and more business for us. Have a feeling once the US election is over this whole pandemic scenario will take a back burner… Don’t get me wrong, it needs to be taking seriously. We’ll just have a better perspective on it moving forward.

  8. Still waiting to visit Germany and our son’s family. Our flights were cancelled by airlines a week before we were to leave and see them last March 🙁

  9. They will keep thing as they are as long as possible, politicians have so much control and power over the population and they will not be in any hurry to give that up.

  10. If the land lords had know how long it was going to go on they are ripped your arm off to get you in as so many people have stopped paying rent.

  11. I think the malls give you a false sense of what’s happening, if you go out and look outside of the malls you see how many people are jobless, they are saying 45% but i am hearing more so its far from normal,. The thing i have noticed is people are not buying things, you see it as there are sales on everywhere.

  12. I was telling someone that 2020 is a wash for Asia. Even Africa as well. If people just want a quick getaway then the Caribbean might be the place to go or alternatively just saving can help make your return trip to the Philippines even better. I may check out the Philippines or Indonesia in 2021.

  13. Me and my fiance was supposed to get married last April but Covid messed that up and we have been separated since. then…She lost her job because of Covid so I am sending her money to survive…she is an orphan with no family…so it is hell unless I can get together with her outside of pH and better on us financially…I hope your right with this being temporary like a season…I hope a short season

  14. the lockdown is hurting more people than helping, house arrest for adults, is what it is, no more human rights is how i see it, i am here in the US, my wife is stuck in manila.

  15. I wonder where you base your expectations on, that the worst is behind us in the Philippines? Currently the number of infected people is still increasing with an exponential rate….

  16. good morning Reekay. another great soothing video. The “lock down” is just a mental issue. if you have a great attitude you will be fine. If you buy into the doom and gloom you will drive yourself nuts. My wife owns a home in San Pablo City, which we can’t get to right now, but who cares, we are not going to worry about it right now. we have 13K in unused Airline tickets including a 6K ticket for the dog. OH WELL. . We can now sell our home for 40K more than pre covid … okay then. My wife, being an awesome Filipina nurse just got promoted to supervisor, another bonus. We are fortunately doing well … not so much the Filipinas near our home in SPC. you said no food available from government, so we send funds to our house keeper to feed 45 families in our neighborhood there. It is not a big deal for us …. it is for them. HELP wherever you can and God will bless you. KEEP a Great attitude and don’t let this get you down.

    For the younger viewers … If you wanted to know what retirement felt like … Covid is a test run. SAVE up, if you don’t, you will not be able to do anything because of lack of funds. you will be sitting at home looking at the walls .. just like you are now.

  17. Check out the quarantine video by Tim K in the Philippines. He was residing in the Philippines before the pandemic so not sure why he’s now in quarantine. I think he moved from one area to another. But it’s a grim situation to be quarantined for 2 weeks in a makeshift camp


  18. Best of luck to you and Vee. It was a lot more easy in Thailand after the first 60 days. Now we can travel in all provinces flying, bus or driving. No pass here. Just mask and log when you go in restaurant or mall or shop. Name and phone number. We are able to shop and go to restaurant with family or friends etc. People in PHP suffer a lot more from the situation than Thailand or Vietnam.

  19. I was there in Leyte, Manila and travel to Vigan, in February before the Coronavirus becomes bad. I was born in Leyte but went to high school in Cebu. Thanks for sharing your travels.😊

  20. Worst part is not being able to fly international travel Sydney airport is a ghost town I saw 3 flights only in the board no checkout counters open 4 food outlets open only handful of passengers waiting 5 hours until next flight noone knws wen travel as we knw it will get back to normal whole world hasnt been like this in our time frustrating

  21. Hi from Virginia, USA. I have been a long time subscriber. I subscribed to your channel same time as I subscribed to Pop65Z. 👍🇺🇸🇵🇭🇦🇺

  22. Here in Santa Rosa, Laguna we back stepped to ECQ. Jen and I have done okay but we have had friends really struggle even those we thought would be okay. With their businesses shut even those that seemed more affluent have run out. Thankfully when we switched to GCQ a lot of people wanted to move so Jen closed a lot of deals and that has more than covered us. Now back in ECQ, I worry so much for those who were already struggling in GCQ. We are on a 3 day a week pass but Jen is out most days. I go out about once a week but I am not fussed. Did 10 years as an agoraphobic of never leaving the house back home in the UK so as long as I have internet this is on a personal level not too hard.

  23. The logic that the Philippine government do is beyond commen sense, very apparent with the situation that TimK is in, here in Thailand there was never a complete lockdown, people could go out together with no restrictions, you could buy groceries, some were open 24 hours, most restaurants were only closed for a month or two, now it’s just about normal. The only thing that’s not possible is crossing borders and international travel.

  24. Yikes 159 days! Glad I got my butt back to AU for the moment.
    Been sending money back home to keep food on the table.
    Yes “content without” is a learned place to be in life not to mention a companion or someone to share it with is for better words “a blessing”
    We don’t realise what we have, including the basics until they are taken away.
    Glad you and Vi are holding up Henry.
    Stay sane Henry lol.

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