1. Tim would the rural area be a better choice perhaps you would be able to afford a bigger plot, then of course you’re home be much more secure from any high sea levels, ect, good luck 🤞 on you’re final decision on the land,

  2. Tim ,Contact me re: the land. That is ozer’s nephew. That is actually my land. Ask your neighbor Jerry magalhaes about me. I am karl and I own the lots next which is b and c.

  3. Tim, last year when we were looking at land prices around Ormoc they were asking 5k p/spm up the moutain around the house we lived at. It’s crazy the prices they are asking in Leyte, it’s actually nuts in my opinion. I can’t imagine anyone is getting may buyers or offers over there right now though.

  4. I don’t trust the guy. He’s a crook. It’s coming your learning Tim.. ask him to see the plan about the right of way and then go to city to verify. On another note the lot looks beautiful with a great view but owning it isn’t as nice. Having a house on the beach is not what it’s all cracked up to.

  5. that’s hella expensive dude, I can get a lot better deal even in my expensive country for that price lol xD I can’t believe the price he is asking for those lots in a rural area in a cheap country

  6. its a good job your a land developer and in construction cus noticing that river thing behind it i’d be completely fooled by the guys response but i could see you were like yeah no i know what im talking about.

  7. Hmmmmm! No right of way. Where is the uncle? Hehehehe! Tim: “Chrissy – what you say – hyumba – huh – Chrissy: “what,” – Tim: ooh…confusion, confusion, confusion – dammit now I’m confused.

  8. Tim, I think, to Chrissy’s happiness, that Red Horse is not even in your mind any longer. Those days have passed and the family man has evolved. You are looking fit these days and your have a fantastic family.

  9. Mister Ed went to the zoo to figure out what the problem was with the monkeys but , he couldn’t speak to him because they spoke in a different dialects


  11. What people say doesn’t mean anything . Make an appointment for a one hour consultation with a good lawyer and he or she can explain to you everything that can go wrong in a land transaction in the Philippines . By letting a lawyer handle everything you will have legal recourse against your lawyer if he or she misses something that can cause you to lose your total investment on a property. No one, no one buys property in the Philippines without getting screwed unless they have a lawyer to back them up.

  12. 150,000 imagine that beach side in Florida is not cheap… But 150,000 still can buy me a new house in the swamps down here in Florida, imagine 150,000 usd for a peace of land in Phillipines that’s not even yours, is your wives.

  13. Is it true that those “by the beach side lots” are only “RIGHTS” for sale because technically those are “owned by the government” and cannot be own by anyone? Please advice. Thanks.

  14. When a third person is selling and don’t know anything about deed of sale, dont trust them, do a little research. That might be own by a whole family and haven’t subdivided it yet..that’s a whole lot of story.

  15. Yea man you definitely need to stay away so they don’t know til last minute a foreigners is buying.. Maybe have your partner take the camera with her so she can film that way you can see what it’s like

  16. Brad from New Jersey. The best information of real property value going to the municipality office under land procurement. You will existing property sold around on that municipality. Secondly I would recommend you to hire a Filipino who is really knowledgeable about property values so as a foreigner you won’t get over price

  17. A buddy of mine once bought a property near 29 palms CA. A dead creek cut through the property. The forgot to say that it was only dead in the summer and became a freaking river in December January and February 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Think they saw you coming shipmate. Ha. The real price is more likely about half of that. Ha. Sooooo, keep on keeping one, etc. Just curious Tim — are you by chance x-Nav or x-Coast Guard …. just get the feeling you might be. (Got a chuckle about the hats. Ha). Enjoy! (Quick PS: If ever you do find out something you really, really like, I would pay a few bucks and have a real estate lawyer check it out end to end first — must be careful in the PI shipmate).

  19. Dude in 99 i moved to costa rica, and they did pretty much the same thing, thay had gringo prices. But i seen them pushing prces up, up, up, until they pretty much priced themselvs right out of the market.
    No good.

  20. probably you have had this advice already many times but please be incredibly careful with property where it is not very clear where the road is going to be that’s a very difficult and dangerous location to be many people have gotten hurt and they’re more than enough have lost their lives because of a disagreement about where they shoot or not shoot be driving with the car and that’s Creek that’s going to be filled with water in the moment that it starts raining don’t get yourself into trouble

  21. Caution Big Guy…next time get Chrissy”s dad to go forward for you …you stay away till the last minute……pinoys see a foreigner and UP goes the price…make sure you get title and free access…dont touch any property with ‘declaration’ ..good luck!!!

  22. While searching for property anywhere in the Philippines, stay out of the picture if you are a foreigner. Have your Filipina and maybe her father approach and check the property with the owner and negotiate the price.
    We all know the price of land for the foreigner will be double or triple the true value for the Filipino.. Furthermore, the foreigner should understand that a whole book of understanding is required to finally have a clear title registered in your wife’s or girlfriend’s name. I think Tim knows all this….

  23. Don’t be so dumb Tim ,,all filipinos lie no problem you will never get right away or utilizes and u must make sure he allowed to sell that property .. these cons are fixers say they can sell half and that land way over priced at 150th no be nieve, half the land is not titled from relative to relative sometime for generations

  24. Why do u down grade her … when she had not watched shows u watched …. or ask her what does that mean or that’s means …. smh

  25. Make sure you check all the zoning too and restricted types of construction. There may be square foot and height restrictions. Also restrictions on how far away from water you can build.

  26. Hey Tim, good show as usual, you been there a while now, I am on a British passport and my wife is on a Vietnam passport. We are buying a home in Vietnam then will pop down to Leyte to check it out for a retirement home [by the beach]. So I said you been there a while, can you recommend a good HONEST lawyer that works with retirement visas and general legal work? I want to find out our eligibility to retire and buy a home. Finally do you feel safe on your investments? Let me give you an example, the Vietnamese government has the power to take your home or land anytime they choose, for this reason I am cautious about Hanoi, what’s your thoughts on The Philippines? OMG all these questions, sorry Tim :). Finally don’t worry about not getting that block of land, I think others and maybe better will come about, that stream at the back of the property can add to an outdoor feature or in worst case flood you out in a typhoon!

  27. 😂😂🤣🤣that’s hilarious 500sq meters for 150 thousand dollars hahhahaha. That’s why land cost so much because foreigners just go and buy them which is no difference in their respective origin countries 😂🤣😂. Keep buying guys always nice to help those in need 🤣😂

  28. at the 5 minute mark, did we just watch Tim turn on his bike to get the hat, and forget to turn it off? I can see why he has battery issues…

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