15 GT-R’s on the Streets of Thailand

#Skyline #GT-R #R34
Today I left Bangkok with a group of my Skyline friends, it was a very good day.


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  1. Some beautiful rides there. Love it that there is no ‘real’ speed limit. I remember coming from the airport early one morning and boy racers in packs of four, driving high end Mercedes flying down the express way.

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for all your hard work (editing). ยินดีแล้วโชคดีด้วยนะครับที่ได้มีความสามารถทำวิดีโอมาถึงขนาดนี้

  3. Now that’s what I call F_______ AWESOME…great video….. I can’t wait to finish rebuilding my GTR34. But I love the highway’s in Thailand never seen it so empty usually its bumper to bumper….. But its a great time to get those GTR’s on those quiet highway’s, I just wished that my GTR34 was already finished during the covid 19 so I could of had some fun on our very very quiet empty highway’s…….Dam it……Greetings from Sydney Australia.

  4. Ah! Silverlake. You’re a few gearshifts away from a quiet little strip of bars where any action you filmed would never be allowed on youtube 😉

  5. 8:51 My wife and i and my kids do not have any recent group photos and getting them taken in a studio is really uncomfortable. I can’t just get my family to cooperate outside so they get no awsome photo. What i’m saying is that i can relate.

  6. If you guys put a 2G GSX next to one of those GTRs they look better everytime. I don’t get the fascination with them. Yes they are cool. But you can get the same awhp or more from the GSX, I would rather have the reasonable priced one.

  7. Chad…your videos are fantastic. Don’t burn yourself out. You made the recent motorbike tour seem like it was a job to film and edit. Enjoy! We don’t need a new video every day.

  8. Here comes the Roll Patrol! It’s crazy you can do so many pulls there in broad daylight. I saw 3 people pulled over on the 4 lane here yesterday just going too my house 😂 You’re definitely living the dream man!

  9. A very happy Centennial to you Chad!
    You’re content was one of the reasons I decided to start my own Youtube channel. Its only 4 uploads deep at the moment but if it hadn’t been for the influence of positive people like you…I don’t know if I would have gotten my arse off the ground and got started. Cheers mate. Keep up the good work.

    Millenium Jade is a sick paint job!

  10. I’ve owned an R32, R34 & V35 Skyline here in Japan (not GTRs unfortunately) and I loved them all. The GTR is my favorite Japanese muscle car hands down.

  11. Dont wanna dig my nose a bit but its really strange how can these very young people afford that? my uncle is an engineer there but can never afford that.

  12. you say it’s rare well, ok.. But it looks just like the rest of em to me and to be honest, I’m not all that impressed with any of them!

  13. 2 questions:
    1. You often use a Thai language phrase that YouTube’s closed-captioning translates as “radhika.” What is it really, and what does it mean?
    2. You said you never saw a cop pull anyone over in Thailand. Is there a speed limit on Thai roads? What is it?

  14. So …. in that book entitled “Starting a YouTube Channel for Dummies”, it must be written that you should start every video by saying “ I’m so excited “. 😅😂🤣

  15. WOW! Epic cars.
    Police in Thailand I have seen pulling people over. I was traveling down the motorway towards Khon Kean. There was a guy sitting in the middle sitting on one of those kids chairs with an umbrella over him, unusual I thought as I passed, and as I went by I saw the laser gun he was pointing down the other side of the motorway. Just after him was a police check point.

  16. millennium jade, looks not far from Champagne color? at least on my computer screen, but either way, I agree it is an AWESOME color!

    WOW! for getting a ride! thats insane, love it. cant imagine price, but got to be too fun!

  17. Fav car. And i have owned ferraris, porsches, supras, rx7s, nsx, evos. Thailand life seems pretty cool. Couldnt imagine how amazing that would be paired with a 33 or 34.

  18. Wow! Great video…
    How did you miss the 200 foot budha image on the mountain side at silver lake?! 555..

    I wish I would have know all them fantastic gtr was going to be there… I would have taken my 9yo,, he would have lost his mind! He loves all the ‘furious’ stuff…
    Please bring them to bang saray!! 555…

  19. Anyone ever mistaken you for Billy Bob Thornton? Anyway, this is an awesome episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s and next week’s travel video. Stay safe Chad.

  20. Looking forward to the next island adventure! I do love the travel episodes! I really liked this episode, because it combined your the travel I like, and your passion for cars. This made for absolutely phenomenal content, plus I’m a dirty pattaya monger…. so…there’s that🤣

  21. My last comment for the alg, I loved the turbo boat episode, I’m a fisherman/ boat lover, just wondering if there is any other stuff like that around? Anyways, thanks again for the terrific content!

  22. arent cars extremely expensive in thailand ? especially this type of cars and not to mention the guys driving are quite young ! must be prodigies 😉

  23. Fantastic to see the guys getting out again a
    I love the guy hanging out the car filming
    Congratulations on the 100 videos pity you didn’t crack 100 000 subscribers
    That would have really made it super
    That Nissan you were in is pretty quick
    Fantastic 😍😍👍👍

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