$15 Adobo?!?! MECQ is back for Iloilo. Long Term tourist visa for Thailand.

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I take a short walk around Pike Place Market and introduce you to an award winning Filipino food joint, along with award winning prices. I give an update on what’s going on in Asia.

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  1. Wow Cebu turned into Seattle amazing. I. Am in Spokane not far from you. We should get together. Was in Cebu and Bohol and CDO last Feb. Keep safe Douglas.

  2. Normal is NO MASK and NO DISTANCING. We need to stop this nonsense. Covid is less harmful than the flu. And we never quarantine for flu. It’s time to stop accepting government tyranny and regain our freedom.

  3. Hi I have a friend who lives in Portland, he’s 75 and has had to lockdown in his house, his neighbours are helping him out, he’s ok but being completely isolated for months is getting to him, he loves Thailand and wants to go one more time when possible

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