11,000 P/$226 USD Duplex Rental in Dumaguete City (Close to Beach and Downtown)

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  1. Got a pretty decent yard for a cheap place like that . I’d be sitting out there in the sun and barbecuing sometimes too, free fruit is definitely a plus

  2. These Filipino apartments look all the same. Like maybe 50 years ago in Thailand. But with all the expats coming over the years the Thais raised the standards. So in other words, in Phuket or Pattaya this one you you could’nt even rent out for 3000 Peso. But who knows, things might change in Dumguete too.

  3. Nice 1 Bedroom and at a decent price! I was paying 12K for a 2 bedroom unfurnished that was new but bareboned. I’d be interested in that place If I could get back to Duma from the USA.

  4. No Ned its called a Norfolk pine tree we have lots hear in Adelaide near our beautiful beaches and Norfolk island is where there actually from all imported Norfolk island is to the east of Australia sort of between New Zealand and New south wales in the Pacific its under Australian rule i think Also i think they also have lots up in Bagio City

  5. Don’t think much of the place, but it might be worth it just for the quiet! And depending on how nice the nearby beach is. But also…shared compound… 😑

  6. Looks like a nice quiet place, no dogs and did not hear any 🐔 roosters 👌, you didn’t mention one of your pet peeves, was there a dam or short wall to keep the shower water in the shower are ? Lol

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