10 Things THAILAND Does Better Than AMERICA V402

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My home the USA has a lot to offer and is a leader in many things but there are some things that Thailand is just better at.

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Also, you can make sexual jokes with the women. That dirty word, “offended” doesn’t exist in Thailand. (Only with the tight ass tourists).

  2. Same here. But older. Bars in u s. Are depressing for me. Just no joy. So back to Thailand. I have made mistakes with the girls and money. But did have fun. You see some of the haters in these comments. I leave the hate.

  3. I’m around many countries .
    A recomend you Dominican republic.
    Is 50 to $1 .
    Got everything better than Thailand includes woman

  4. I was a Queenslander in Melbourne suburbia, went to a Thai takeaway, a mother and daughter served me, it affected me… For a day or two. Haha it’s years ago,… Still. Here we are. They were… So Unpretentious, so honourable, so friendly, so beautiful, make you feel…. Good.
    Scary, scary stuff.
    Australian women are tyrants.
    I’m not saying all of them are. Well yes I am, ‘cept me Mum.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me about the difference between the customer service you get here and what you get in Thailand. As far as meeting a good girl … I prefer the Issan area as I enjoy the simplicity of their life and the caring by your girlfriend /wife.

  6. Watched a good many of your videos. Really enjoy the advice and good natured presentation. I’m over 50 and found it refreshing to be able to talk to women again and just talk to people in general. In the USA we seem to be to guarded and speaking to a woman is taken as an offense once you over the hill. It’s night and day difference. Now I’m talking about regular Thai women. Not just the bar girls. Just average people.

  7. I was just reading all the comments and laughing. I agree with all of them!! Yes I live in California and I go to Thailand all the time (3 or 4 months a year, 3 or 4 trips a year) because it’s really good. It is also really different. You want a comment about the women? OK, women in the USA need to go to Thailand and learn how to treat people right.

  8. I haven’t visited Thailand yet, but Vietnam matches everything you said about Thailand. The prices are great and people are very kind. Some vendors in the market will give you free samples, but some don’t want you wasting their time. And the service in convenience stores is excellent. Let me know if you plan to visit Vietnam, my wife’s nephew in Da Nang is a licensed tour guide and will take good care of you.

  9. Customer service? The first one is already stupid. If they screw up or forget your order, it’s somehow not their fault. They pretend it didn’t happen just to save face. That is NOT good customer service.

  10. about 15 years ago i had a flat on a country road in Thailand, in like about less then a min..out of the blue, a guy on a bike came and grabbed the handle bar and towed me to help!

  11. Malls and shopping are a paradise compared to my country are so cool, they are always available to assist, Home Pro they are just amazing, 7-Eleven yeah so helpful even honest, if something is buy one get one free they will always let me know, buy a cold burger or slice of pizza, would you like that heated.

  12. Are there any options to retire there for an American of age 35? I can sustain my lifestyle and don’t need work there. Just interested to know if there’s anything other than marriage. Because retirement visa is only available after 50 and investment visa is so complicated that I couldn’t understand after briefly looking at it. Or it’s better to travel there first and find a local lawyer? Any recommendations?

  13. I’ve always enjoyed great service in Thailand, I lived in Rawai in Phuket for several years, however, they always used to have an issue with serving everyone’s food at the same time. This IMO was a Thai thing, TIT as they say (This Is Thailand). Phuket is one on my favourite places in the world! πŸ˜‰

  14. I have only seen a couple of your videos. What I can’t find out from anyone is — how do you make your money while there, if you decide to stay?

  15. US/UK really is in rapid cultural decline isnt it? A mixture of feminism/marxism/zionism….everything just seems shitter than it should be.

  16. Thailand the people are a lot nicer but the language thing can be a little bit of a problem. When I am walking in the mall in Chiang Mai sometimes I feel all alone and none of the women will talk to me because they don’t speak English. So for me when I see a beautiful Thai woman walking in the mall here, it’s just the same as seeing a beautiful woman walking in the mall in the US.

  17. Do you live in the same Thailand that I used to, and that I’ve been going to for 19 years? I don’t have time to comment on all items in your list, so I’ll just choose one: “Thailand versions of American chain restaurants do everything by the book.” Oh, really? Tell you what, tomorrow, go into a Starbucks and pay for a coffee with your Starbucks Gold card. Hmm, didn’t think so. Now, assuming you got them to accept it as payment (you didn’t), go back and get your free refill. Yeah, not working so much, is it? Oh yeah, and how’s that free Starbucks wifi for all customers? And would you like some half and half in your coffee? No luck there, you have to make do with fucking 2 percent milk!! I’m not a big fan or Starbucks or anything, but if you’re going to have overseas branches of your restaurant, for crying out loud, at least hold all your stores worldwide to the same basic standards!

  18. Found this channel as i’m coming to Kamala this Sunday for a week , would be fun to bump into you, a beer on me if I do as you saved me a bunch of “what to do’s/where to go’s” … nice vlogs buddy

  19. What to do what to do i dont have a clue how bad of a life will i have in thailand living on 800 dollars a month for everything but im flying into cambodia and dont have a clue about vesa i want to stay long term im also looking for a travole parter

  20. the first time i went to bangkok i was really surprised to see the street vendors sweeping beside their stalls and the food they sell not only cheap and great tasting but clean and sanitary.

  21. 7–11 it is a heaven for tourists, nice clean stores with variety of products, you can also pay phone and internet bills and water price is water not soft drinks. Stores are clean and open 24 hrs with
    great people working behind the counter, After all it is about 16000 stores in Thailand and just 8000 in Bangkok.

  22. As a single woman when I lived in Thailand, I noticed the visiting farang male thinks with the head between his legs. One piece of advise for the farang male, visit Thailand without your partner. Married couples are different. Maybe, it depends upon their relationship.

  23. I’m Australian, and I just came back from my first ever overseas trip, which was Thailand. I was sooo amazed with how different the people are over there. They’re the friendliest people I have ever met. They are genuinely nice, and genuinely want to get to know you. And walking past people down the street, they actually smile back at you if you smile at them, which is something I’m not use to here in Australia. Apart from the food and sights, this is the biggest thing I miss about Thailand. I felt so wanted and got treated like a human being.

    I’m going back early next year, and I really can’t wait. Keep up the good work on your videos. I’m loving them.

  24. Good points you made here bro. I first came to Phuket in 1991 and it was even better then; I worked as a SCUBA instructor for one high season. I find the people have become a bit spoiled and in some cases they just want us to give them our money and then go back home with a quickness. It’s the LOS, but not sure how sincere they are. I think a lot of rude and drunken tourists have caused that to happen, so I don’t really blame them. It’s still way better than the states! I definitely plan to spend time in there when I retire, I recently bought a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo w/ a saltwater swimming pool in Bangkok that’s near the bts/skytrain. I got it for a steal @ 42k USD from a motivated/distressed seller. I will trick it out and then find some cute roommates w/ benefits later. The plan is to go back and forth between Bangkok and Phuket…Life is Good…I’ll be seeing you in Kamala. πŸ™‚

  25. I actually agree with you, Rob! I was in Thailand a few days ago for 2 weeks. The customer service and interactions in general was absolutely fantastic and always a smile or a laugh.
    I’m from Australia and you can’t beat the service and interactions that Thailand offers.

  26. Sorry Rob…… I made it sound like you look at girls the wrong way. I did not mean that at all. I was thinking about other guys coming to Thailand with bad ideas. I never thought that about you. I’m sorry if it looked like that. I know that lots of guys are like that. I will be more careful about what I say. I like your videos. I just hope you don’t move the camera around to fast. Thanks

  27. I have fond memories of Thailand. Have you ever had a hibachi charcoal grilled ostrich steak? My one and only was in Thailand. Fantastic.

  28. Things do get done easier and quicker there, but the standard of work is shocking, and if it’s electrical work, literally, their wiring and safety is appalling, and I say that being an electrician for 30 years, the building work isn’t good either, in Bangkok some buildings fell down and the PM said “well what do you expect they are 30 years old”, just remember that when you want to spend West prices on a building that probably won’t last 30 years! And like someone else commented, keep off the junk, i won’t call it food because it isn’t, most Thai food is excellent and healthy compared to the garbage the USA exports to the rest of the world. You talk about how great Thailand is, they cook fresh food all the time yet you eat the garbage that most wouldn’t feed to a dog! There’s Massuman curry, Red Curry, Yellow Curry, Green curry, Pad Thai, beef in oyster sauce, fresh fish steamed in ginger and chilli’s, BBQ fish stuffed with lemon grass with salad and spicy sauce, the food there is amazing!

  29. one thing with the service, you have to get used to browsing the department stores with a constant companion, one staff member will follow you around wanting to help, they never can help much but with one staff member on each aisle they must do something, it was annoying to start with but you get used to it, like when riding Bangkok, cars that pass you will often beep the horn, I first was annoyed by it as in the west the horn is often a aggressive thing, but in Bangkok you get used to it as just courtesy beep to tell you that they are there.

  30. I want to visit Thailand I’ve been watching your show about a year and a half two years but I’m in a wheelchair so I’m worried about that Mack from Florida

  31. Hey. First I would like to say I’m a big fan. I agree 100% I was in a verbal dispute with a British guy who was VERY disrespectful to me and my companion. The situation escalated but before things got physical, the locals including homeless individuals. They quickly and swiftly scared the Foreigner away. I rewarded the lady with some baht. This would NEVER happen in the states! As a black man most people would assume I was the cause of the dispute. Love the Thais!

  32. I was stationed in Thailand from 1970-76, met my wife and we were together for 38 years before she passed in 2008. Since then I live alone…and I mean alone like a hermit. My children are too busy to call let alone pay me a visit. The property where I live is up for sale and after 15 years I need to find a new place to live, alone, at 70 yrs of age. So, my choice is to trust my family and live in a depressing dump miles from stores and the company of fellow humans or return to my second home in Thailand and spend my latter days with new friends and a happy tummy. Not too much to consider..I’ll be there later this year for a “recon” run.

  33. everybody said its better in Thailand, the social interaction with women I must go because I live in latin America and I think this shit its America too.

  34. Yeah Rob,I live in fort Myers an hour from Sarasota and you can’t find a 1 bdrm here for less than 1k a month period unless it’s section 8 and they are generic standard places

  35. Yep Rob you are correct. Everything on your list rings true. As far as interaction with women… it is dramatically different, they treat you very nice.

    I was on the beach at a restaurant trying to eat crab. The crabs were a lot smaller then i was use to and hard to extract meat. The thai waitress sat down with me and helped me with the open each crab.

    (This is not the only time something like this has happened for me in Thailand.) I have never experienced anything like this in America.

  36. The main thing I experienced when I visited Thailand was a sense of PEACE!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing peaceful about America or American people for the most part.

  37. Dude, briefly thought about this topic again. Tired of hearing about your lose experience in America. Now how everything is better than American. I served my country in the military for over 20 years, and in so doing traveled the world and spent MANY years overseas. You have become just another expat, and blame America for your lose, might want to take a closer look in the mirror. The quality of your Vlogs have also taken a dive from when you started. So I am going to just say this, your fired…. I am going to unsubscribe. My advice to you, stay in Thailand be an old man and have a 20 something year old girlfriend walking the streets whom you were able to EASILY date because you paid her bar fine. Something you never have to do in America. Give her lots of money and baht gold to keep her from dating anyone else. She will love you long time. Until you, if you can, get her back to America and she changes to be a western woman who no longer walks behind you. Oh yeah, Rob you are so blind. Maybe that’s why you lost it all in America.

  38. Hi Thailand Rob well I have been doing business in Thailand for about 15 years and yes its true that the woman in Thailand are much more open than in the U.S.A overall from the Hotels to retail and just about all around and no I am not even talking about bar girls for those thinking its about the dollars… I have come to think its that the average Thai woman and men are raised in a more polite society and though I have great interaction in my country with woman we have a more jaded and pc situation that does make it seem that what should be friendly talking is sometimes unwelcome not so in Thailand maybe one day the pendulum will swing back more to the middle as of now its very unbalanced and men need to watch every word that is spoken for fear of a lawsuit…

  39. Great vlog as ALWAYS Rob πŸ‘ ditto all of these 1 to 10 observations for the UK ! Thailand wins every time ! Oh and don’t forget the weather ! (I know you are from Florida) but the UK weather overall especially winter πŸ‘ŽCheers Gary

  40. Everyone in NYC drinks tap water! Unfortunately, that doesn’t​ offset the cost of everything else in NYC! You couldn’t rent my closet out for $1000 a month here! πŸ™‚

  41. Great Customer Service. I was once served under cooked chicken at a restaurant in Chiang Mai. One part was almost raw. I complained to the waitress and she gave the look of death and said “What is problem”. I pointed to the undercooked chicken and again said “What is problem”. I got the message, paid and walked out. As a foreigner I have learned not to get into an argument with a local. So Customer Service was just great.

  42. My wife and I built a house in Thailand and it was incredibly affordable, 1/8th the price of the U.S. and the craftsmanship was great.

  43. Great blog Rob. I agree with your whole 10 top ten list and for the same reasons you state. Have lived here now for 3 years and when it comes the people, they are exactly has you described. Helpful, friendly, and conscientious. The women? No comparisons to the Western women, and I hope that never changes. I am retired, married to a good Thai women, 48 not 28, who let’s me keep my individualism and never worries about what I am doing and why. You know, it’s up to you. No matter where you go, Thail women of all ages, look you in the eye and smile. Say hello to them, and the converse without prejudice. Thai women overlook appearances, as long as you are clean. They overlook age and truly want to learn something from a foreign man. Treat them friendly and respectful and you get exactly the same in return. If you are a happy, smiling man, every Thai women in the Country loves you. Very simple basics that American’s lost many years ago. American women are the most disrespectful of all women. If they don’t think you have money, or are not good looking, or too old, then don’t bother trying to even say hello to them. Most are downright rude and only concerned if you go to the gym and workout everyday. I’m not talking about only the young women in their 20’s thru 40’s. I am talking about women in their 50’s and 60’s who will most likely grow old with no partner for life. When I left florida 3 1/2 years go after a 39 year old marriage, I couldn’t even talk to women only because I was approaching the 70 and didn’t drive a new car any longer. Sorry to rant, but I can’t wait for your blog on this subject.

  44. In the United States, there is a terrible element of vicious racism against white people (particularly against men) by the mainstream media, and by the collegiate society. I hope that racism (any racism against any race) doesn’t infect Thailand as badly as it is going on in the USA. 😫😫😫😫😫

  45. This vlog is absolutely 100% correct! Also, Thai food is WAYYYYYYYY HEALTHIER than American food. I lost 32 lbs. in less than 4 months (I plan on losing 10 to 15 more lbs.) – still living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  46. The Interaction with women is very funny and low stress in Thailand. . Problem is coming back to home country. I realized how complicated is the Interaction between men and women here. The same happened to my friend. Its the same in all western countries. I am from Germamy.

  47. Thanks for another good video Rob. We’ve lived in Chiang Mai for 3 months now and love it. I feel like there are so many more good things that you didn’t mention, for example the cost and quality of healthcare is vastly cheaper and better than in the US.

  48. I can pretty much concur with every one of those, except rent, I’ve only stayed short time. And the interactions with woman in Thailand is by far way different than America, and usually better! Man you’ve got 41K subs now, that is absolutely fantastic, it’s been an awesome journey so far!! Take it easy Rob, look forward to seeing you in the next one!!

  49. I have not been to Thailand yet , but I have some Thai friends(women) and yes. Thei are so different to Swedish women. Always kind and a smile on their faces. And Yes, they feed You a lot :-P.

  50. Be carful you don’t get to nutty. I see a different side to Thailand then you do. My wife is Thai. I’m not looking for ass. The girls are only nice to sell things.

  51. Are you from Sarasota??? Because I am too! That’s crazy. I’m watching a bunch of videos to prepare for my dream trip to Thailand, and stumbling upon this one, hearing you mention SRQ totally made me stop in my tracks. I know once I get there, I won’t want to leave

  52. Great vlog Rob and I agree with you 100%…the Thai friendliness is what I love the most about that amazing country and after many years of travelling there, I can’t think of anywhere else I rather be

  53. I agree with all your points. Particularly Burger King. I love Thai food but every now and then having a nice juicy American burger “Made your way” can be a soul awakening experience. I came here from San Francisco. Try 4500 for a tiny 1 Bedroom apartment. Cost of living is the main reason I left. And yes of course Southeast Asian woman have a unique appeal.

  54. Can’t agree with all you say… I have been travelling a lot… about the fast food: I used to like KFC. 15 years ago a Zinger Burger was a delicious bun with really spicy chicken. Nowadays? It tastes like carbon board. Yuk! Everywhere in Thailand. Service? Yes, sometimes very good, but things like after service is bad. I heard it from others and my experience is the same. Our house built by a company (our neighours!!)… Our plumbing broke, our waste water pipe clogged, walls cracking.. do you think they bothered? Once done it is done. Small jobs like a terras? They didn’t want to do for us. Last week I discovered why a wall was cracking from. I put stucco on our wall from the inside, but because the rain gets in from the side that has no stucco, it breaks the wall. I asked my neighbour what solution she could offer. She started to have an argument with my wife over that matter and in the end, not willing to help. Has four cars in front of her house and she’s building houses all over Hua Hin. But doesn’t find the time to fix a small problem. No wonder that her husband left her for a younger version… he’s a nice guy.

    But otherwise I agree… travelling is very cheap. So cheap that we don’t want to have a car. For what? Also delivering service… if you buy something in a shop and they bring it to your home, you have to hurry to get in time there, because they deliver sometimes instantly..

  55. I’ve lived in Hua Hin for 2 yrs now and have been visiting Thailand for around 10 yrs. I agree with most of your list except junk food and drinks (I don’t eat or drink at Burgerking or Mac Donald), the rest are pretty much spot on.

  56. When I lived in Thailand, I made a lot of mistakes. Once learning the culture and language things got better. When I realized not to be the UGLY FARANG everyone changed and I mean everyone. I am no expert (a drip under presser) or a TROLL and agree with Rob. I do have a life and plan to return to Thailand in 20 months. My first thing I want to do after I get settled there is meet Rob and buy him a beer.

  57. Everything you said is exactly right, especially if you get away from the tourist areas. This is why I gave up on US and stay here now. We still need to meet up one day lol.

  58. DUDE! How did you forget the fresh food as in seafood and fresh vegetables and exotic fruit. Also-the inexpensive cost of incredible massages. DUDE!

  59. Another cool video Rob. I’m and Australian who travels to Thailand frequently and agree with your comparisons to even Australia. It’s almost more a Comparison to The Western world than just America. Getting jobs done without red tape is how it should be. Just the general vibe there is best and why I am in love with their country and culture. The western world can really learn from the Thais and other SE Asian countries especially with what you’ve pointed out. Keep up the great work mate πŸ˜ƒπŸ™πŸ»

  60. Lol Guantanamo may possibly appear like a friendly reminder arment compared to dealing with Western women LMAO. But in their defense if you look at the statistics of crimes against women in America you can’t really blame them for wanting to keep men at a distance. But it is true with dating and such the way most of them behave it can be quite pathetic but also again from their eyes if we saw all of the things they had to put up with you can’t really blame them. True they shouldn’t treat other people like crap just because they assume they’re going to be like other people they dealt with but there is a cause and effect in everything. Which is why I don’t even bother to date. Just not worth it.

  61. Hi Rob, awesome vlog. You hit the nail on the head on the 10 things that are better in Thailand than America. I am originally from New York and have traveled extensively throughout Asia including Thailand. I would have to say that 99% of what you’ve said is true for a greater part of Asia. There are a few countries that are the exception. I correctly live and work in Taiwan.


  63. Hi Rob. You and your channel rocks man!!!!! One of my favorites!!!! I live in the US and i’d love to visit Thailand someday. I have heard that the food there can make you sick sometimes…especially the street food and also the tap water. I see that you drink bottled water. But I am concerned about becoming ill there. What is your take on this? Hope to meet you someday there. Keep making those great videos my friend. Thanks for your time!!! Thomas

  64. Met a Thai woman in one of my classes who made me wish I didn’t have a gf. So friendly and it made me cringe when we were in groups and the older American Westernized Liberal woman was telling her and our Latina partners what to do and how to do it. The AWL and I are the same age so she didn’t tell me much but she took the worry a bit too far IMO when it came to the other young ladies who weren’t born here. Funny thing is the AWL an I had a group with another woman the first class and I said something about not feeling 100% myself and she took that as a slight that I was working with two women and I said, no I’m nervous because of being older and back to school. The AWL is a nice woman but too quick to judge for someone claiming to be open-minded. I’ve noticed A LOT of that kind of attitude the past few years has expanded into US culture beyond the pockets of communities that were like that before.
    Yet I digress…Overall I have good experiences here in the US because I’m happy and that seems to come through and attract that back. ENVIRONMENT is everything so choose wisely what you surround yourself with. Be that people, places and things.

  65. i have commented before on here about the woman,they are just so amazing ,they dont care what you look like ,how much money you have or how you dress,they will speak to you no problem,where as in my country unless you are good looking so many women think they are just above you and think your just some kind of perv

  66. it is 12 years sins i have been in thailand, that is not by my chois that i havent been back sins, life coincidences have made me go somewhere closer. but if it is anything like before i can confirm the number 1. im taking a new trip this fall, in oktober, looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  67. Hey Rob, great stuff, funny I am here is Sarasota, married a Thai girl 21 years ago, divorced quick but she left daughter with me, long story. over a drink one day . Anyway, love the honesty and the effort you put in to your blogs, just cant get the damn boww woow yipp yoy yippy ya,,,,,,, out of my head, lmao

  68. Another great video! I love watching your videos since 2016. It takes me back to my beloved Thailand. Thank you Rob!

    About #1: IMO the reason Thai people are overly nice to Rob in most cases is because he is White (European American). Other races don’t do so well in Thailand in my experience. Some Thai people openly call Indians with the “K” word instead of calling them “Hindi” which is the nicer word for people of Indian decent in Thai language. Thai people themselves told me that the “K” word is a racist word. Similar to calling the “N” word in America for “Black” or “African American” people.

    Ever since WW2 and then the subsequent Korean and Vietnam wars, Thai people, similar to other Asians such as Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, etc think of the White race as superior to themselves and give them God like status. An example: Mixed race actors who are born to Thai women and White men are preferred in the Thai TV and Thai movie industry compared to native Thai actors.

    I doubt that Rob would have experienced the same level of hospitality and courtesy in Thailand, if he was an African American or Indian American.

    That being said, I don’t mind a bit of racism that exists everywhere in the World. Thailand is a beautiful place full of mostly wonderful people. It is a jewel especially for Indians, because it is like visiting a modern version of India without the unfortunate erosion of it’s riches and culture due to barbaric Islamic invasions and then brutal British colonization.

  69. no disagreement to anything you said. the Interaction with women thing is not understood until you go there. its not just different. its great! I’m now partial to the Philippines πŸ˜‰ but many places in that part of the world have a TON of opportunity. cool vid man. Live the Dream!

  70. Agree with all you said, you’re making me reconsider my decision not to move there πŸ™‚ The one thing I couldn’t get use to there (besides the heat) was being considered a walking wallet but that’s my problem not the place cause lets face it compared to most people in the country we are all rich.

  71. You emphasized about Thai women, and to illustrate this, about 17 years ago on the day I first arrived in Don Muang airport the first time my wife and I met, there was an airline snafu where I made her think that I was on a United flight but in fact I was on ANA (the ticket was purchased from United but the “partner” ANA was my Tokyo-BKK flight). So when I arrived, she wasn’t there to greet me because she had gone to the OTHER TERMINAL to meet an arriving United flight that I wasn’t on. I went to the nearest KFC (which was the backup meeting spot) and discovered that there were 3 KFCs in the airport. I exchanged a few dollars and got some change so I could call her cell phone. After about 10 minutes trying unsuccessfully to operate the phone which DID have instructions in English, I asked a young lady if she could help me complete the call. All smiles, she did it in about 20 seconds and I was able to contact my wife who asked me for directions how to get where I was. That wasn’t going to work because I didn’t know where I was or where she was. I told her I would ask directions and call her back. By that time the helpful woman was nowhere to be found, and the terminal (it was past 1 AM) was quite empty, so about 50 yards away I saw another young lady who looked to be wearing an airport security uniform (or another uniform I couldn’t identify). I went up to her, she was also very friendly and I quickly explained that I didn’t know how to use the phone could she help me. Instead of going back to the pay phone, she called my wife on her personal cell phone and in about 5 minutes my wife appeared in the far corner of the terminal after this nice young lady had explained to her exactly where I was. Even though my wife was as big as an insect across the cavernous terminal, I knew it was her as I watched her walk towards me. The rest is history.

  72. How about this, meds. I had gout walked into a Korat pharmacy and for a dollar got what I needed without prescription. I had gout in while in Hawaii and had to go to the ER just to get the prescrip to take to Longs and pay $60 for the same thing.

  73. How about this, meds. I had gout walked into a Korat pharmacy and for a dollar got what I needed without prescription. I had gout in while in Hawaii and had to go to the ER just to get the prescrip to take to Longs and pay $60 for the same thing.

  74. Best vlog Rob. Keep them coming. Any plans for Pattaya? I’m so happy to be back in my second home. Love Canada but , well you know.

  75. I did a LOT of research on Thai culture and what to do and what not to do, before my first ever visit, and here are two stories that stood out.

    A fair few years ago a guy travelling in Thailand decided to take a bus from Bangkok to Phuket. Unfortunately he got hit by a scam involving being served drugged drinks on the bus and woke up at the side of the road in or near Phuket having been robbed. He makes it into Patong not knowing what to do next and finds his way on to the beach where he is approached by a beach vendor. If you know Thailand you’ll what I mean when I describe the middle aged women with hats and towels on their head and neck, carrying large baskets or containers on a pole, usually containing drinks and fruit. ‘Drinks, coconut, ananas’ she calls out smiling. He explains that he has no money but for what happens next, later realises that he must have looked a state, dehydrated, sweating, in the heat, looking the worse for wear, as she proceeded to leave him with enough drinks and fruit to seriously replenish him and recharge his batteries. ‘Mai pen rai’ she says, which roughly translates as ‘It’s okay’ or ‘don’t worry’, recognising that at that moment his need for something to drink and eat was far greater than her need to be paid. Needless to say our intrepid visitor to Thailand was taken aback at such a generous and humble encounter. So the story goes, when the guy managed to message home and get money wired through and he was back on his feet, he spent 5 days on that same beach searching for and eventually finding the woman that helped him and made sure that he rewarded her for her kindness.

    Another visitor to Thailand, staying in a tourist hot spot observed a situation in the street late one evening. It would appear that two patrons at a restaurant had left without paying their bill. As you can imagine the restaurant owner had spotted this and chased after the two people down the street. But what they didn’t expect to see was what happened next which was the patrons apologising for the genuine mistake that they hadn’t paid the bill and the restaurant owner apologising for the embarrassment of having had to chase after them. Can you imagine the same happening in your own country with two parties apologising to each other?

  76. I just thought more about this Vlog. ..and of all you have done, and please please don’t get me wrong. I enjoy them all, yours are the best of all that are done. I can’t say that enough. Or emphasize to those who watch or want to know about Thailand. Your informative, and entertaining and you keep the garbage out, but you now and then tease the audience a little … but it’s real. However, there are issues that no one wants to face on the other side of the coin. You can easily get sucked into the idea of all the pleasure of and wonderful ways… but be careful not to forget where you came from. America has many wonderful attributes and opportunities to it just the same. But remind folks to be real when coming to Thailand. There are freedoms and opportunities here that are not allowed there. Conveniences here not available there, and how she treats you there with American income will be different when you get back to America. Technology is better in many ways. .. and you can be treated with the same hospitality still in America. Thailand is beautiful and affordable, and laid back and a wonderful place. But it has been known to be ugly too…. two cultures, two worlds. ..

  77. Well said overall quality is better than the US that’s why when people come back do the US they get what they call a post depression syndrome very common.

  78. Duuuuude, Burger King is my savior here. I get the #6, Beef, King size with a coke lol. And the Beef is bomb because its Australian lol

  79. 180b Thai massage, spicy and cheap food because you can buy 30b of food instead of 300b in US, freedoms, fresh tropic fruits, convenient food vendors everywhere, baht buses, and night markets.

  80. Good Video Rob, Well Done. The first time I came to Thailand was in 1974 with my Dad . Trust me Thailand has changed plenty, not necessarily for the better IMO.

  81. Nice , informative video! On the Burger King comment, and the other fast food hamburger restaurants over there, do they use real beef? I ate a an Aussie pub at Jungcylon Mall and that beef just did not taste like beef.

  82. I live in Sebring,Florida surrounded by people who are racist as hell. They use racist names for minorities then go to church and act like they are holy ! What a huge piece of shit people here. I need some new place to be so i can be around decent people ! Thanks Rob for what you do!!

  83. SRob. On the coca cola. I suspect if they changed to real sugar, it would hurt their sales. People wouldn’t be able to drink as much without people getting diabities. so, then people would drink ( buy ) less, or drink the same, and become sick. I could be wrong. Also high fructose firn eyrup is probably cheaper.

  84. I had a flat tire on my rented motorcycle. I just waved once. It took minutes for a Thai man to offer me to drive my motorcycle and me driving HIS motorcycle to the nearest repair . I gave him 100 bath for his service. What a classy people going through this experience. Thai people are such good people when I was in trouble! Cheer!

  85. There’s an italian youtuber that lives in Thailand with a thai woman. He says that they are false friends, racists and that they hate farangs. So what’s true ? (I had never travel to Thailand)

  86. Huge divorce rate of couples returning to America she’s Thai..actually all Asian countries. ADJUSTMENT and ACCEPTANCE. Plus Thai women when you start “courting” or dating. Will do everything for you, cut your food, cook, run errands. ..you name it, very subservient. When you get married, it tones down some, but very little. Almost no such thing as “the honey moon is over, not tonight. ..” BUT, you get back to America and the land of the big PX as used to be said. … here is the worst, she has to adjust, and fit in…American women don’t treat you like she has been raised to do. .think about it Rob … and American women use peer pressure and thier own jealousy, and if she wants to be a part of the group. ..she must change. Ummm now you are used to her and her Thai ways, and suddenly that is / has changed. .. one thing leads to another, and it’s over. ..and we haven’t even scratched the surface of you are still going to be taking care of her family, now long distance, and how many times can you afford to fly back to Thailand from America ? Yes many things that Thailand does better. Strangely, everyone still wants to be American. ..especially the Thai women ???? Ummm,

  87. I visit Thailand twice per year. Those 4 weeks are my entire social life for the year. As a middle aged man with no family, there is nothing for me in America except a good paying job. I go where I’m treated best. I go to Thailand.

  88. That is why I agree 100% with you. Thai people are the most nicest ones I can meet. Since I retired, I spent 6 months a year in Thailand. My Filipino wife agrees with me. Thailand is one of the best country in the world! Cheer!

  89. Those are so trrue. The massage is better and a lot cheaper. The Dollar has a better value. More fun in Thailand. And more. Thanks for sharing!

  90. V good video Agree with everything really. I was at a mega tech mall in Bangkok 7 or 8 floors and wall to wall computer tech and bargains xD Also agree regarding the interaction with the people and women. UK guy here. Thai women (asian women in general tbh) much much nicer overall than western women ….imo.

  91. Absolutely agree with your number 1 choice.
    Every part of Asia that I have visited still has that sense of family, community and decency (that has all but disappeared here in the UK) and is even more prevalent in Thailand. Good and bad everywhere in the world but a lot more positive in Thailand than negative.
    In the process of building our place in Udon Thani and looking forward to making that our main home.
    Thanks for the videos and the laughter Rob.

  92. So when it comes to travel would it be cheaper to buy a one way ticket from Thailand to the USA or should i just buy a round trip when travelling to Thailand from USA?

  93. Totally agree with everything you just said, nailed it Rob. Sadly too, after having been there and then returning your completely right, and I was there in the military 20 years ago. Here’s the downside however. Have you spoken to, or considered bringing a Thai lady back to America ? Forget the red tape and visa headaches. But once she is here. Huge adjustment in lifestyle and sadly ACCEPTANCE because of perception of her past… culture. .. religion and what is perceived of all the women there. You also don’t see a lot of Americans there as compared to the men from other countries, for those reasons. But my number one pet peeve about Thailand is not the Thai, but the farlaang. ..old OLD man and a woman who is 50 years younger than him. .ughh. Really !!! But you nailed it, sadly however American people who go there ate down and out, or military, or ? And it ruins the beauty of the place. But you are right, Thailand and the people, are awesome. Keep up the good work.

  94. Agree on service… however itβ€˜s not uncommon that vendors are more interested in their phone than in the customer waiting…

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