$10 Japanese 7-Eleven Meal Challenge

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  1. Another amazing content, on my flight to japan. Will be trying the 1000yen challenge. Types of hot fried food under a 1000yen would be cool. Thanks again for the awesome videos.

  2. Loved this video. The idea of a dollar amount limit is good. I know the “convenience” stores here in USA, can not compete. Love to see what real variety looks like.

  3. Will someone please explain to my husband why I need to go to Korea (and now Japan) to eat gas station food? I showed him the video, but he’s just not getting it, and I need that lasagna burrito wrap thing!

    1. Japan’s Seven-Eleven abolished all synthetic preservatives and colorings since 2001.

      The above-mentioned additives are not included in bento, bread, rice balls and all fresh foods.
      (Yes,Until 2001, additives were included)

  4. I really don’t know why the U.S. doesn’t catch up with the rest of the world and just include the tax on the price of things -_- I was thinking “you’re not taking tax into consideration!” And then I remembered they didn’t have to.

  5. I’m Korean but never been to Korea. My mom always made fried rice with egg mixed in it growing up. There are a lot of YouTube videos of Korean people making egg fried rice. I found it surprising when Xander was saying that you can’t find fried rice in Korea with egg. Perhaps maybe it’s more of a dish you cook at home. Bit just to clarify – Koreans do put egg in their fried rice.

    1. There is definitely a difference between home cooked Korean food and restaurant or store bought Korean food. It’s important to differentiate between what you can and can’t buy. Just because you can’t buy it doesn’t mean that Koreans don’t eat it that way.

    2. He was talking specifically about convenience store food. Also, where? The only rice with eggs fried into it are the 중식 볶음밥s. Koreans don’t even eat korean style 볶음밥 as a standalone dish… It’s normally served as a post-bbq thing and hardly ever has egg in it. Knowing this, you may be right that it’s mostly a home cooked thing but since we can only experience nonhomecooked things, to us it doesn’t exist like it does in Japan or the rest of the Asian countries we’ve visited.

  6. so envious, went to my 7-11 here in the origin nation of that great company…america….and your store has a selection that kicks my 7-11’s A$##^! Classic! LOL had the delicious chili green burrito and an ice cream sandwich, under 10$ the drink pushed me over, Arizonan iced tea, mango flavor. but yea japan variety wins lol. good show.

  7. You should try fried chicken and oden from Lawson convenience store. Also it would be good if you try MOS burguer, in my opinion i think it’s way better than mcdonald’s.

  8. You started off good saying how great the food was and how delicious everything was in the options and different choices but then you started to slam Korea not cool dude.

    is one thing to show the differences between Korea and Japan it’s another thing to try to put one above the other

    1. I mean it’s technically true, sure being in another country with new and different foods can influence your decision but it really does look better in comparison, it’s also just really comparing convenience store food so it’s nothing to get so upset about

  9. south korean people saying “our convenience store as good as Japan.”
    I have visited Korea many times for work and tourism.
    Korean convenience store food is at the level of Japan in the early 1980s. (35 years ago level)
    I went to Taiwan and ate convenience store food.
    Taiwan’s convenience store food is the second most delicious after Japan. The level is also high.

  10. If you haven’t tried one yet from a convenience store (I cant remember if you’ve eaten one in a previous video) and like egg sandwiches.. PLEASE TRY ONE. They are one of the main things I miss from Japan, many people I know feel the same way! I ate at least like 8 of them on my last holiday!

  11. I’d like a “Can I feed myself a whole day with 10$ only” video because I had to go through that in Korea 😅 thank god the breakfast was offered with my hotel!

  12. I really enjoyed this video! It would be nice if you can do a $10 Korean 7-Eleven Meal Challenge. I have lived in Japan for 2 years (2010-2012) and in Korea for 1 year (2012-2013). From my experience back then, I found that Japan was more expensive in terms of food and alcohol. Is Korea cheaper in terms of food and alcohol compared to Japan these days?

  13. Watching Haeppy eat makes me so happy!~ 😆😂🖤

    Guys! The gyu-don onigiri at Family Mart is SO GOOD. It’s one of their more expensive ones, but it’s soooooo worth it…🤤✨🖤

    I lived off of the salads, soft boiled eggs, onigiri, and microwave meals when I was there for 2 weeks. I saved a crap ton of money and it was definitely delicious! Not saying that I regretted not eating at actually restaurants, because I did eat at actual restaurants, it was all about the convenience for me! The nikuman and pizzaman and their fried hot foods at 7elevens well as the hot foods at Lawsons are so good too! Convenience store seasonal foods and drinks are a must when you go to Japan! I can’t wait to go back in April and eat all of the spring/sakura flavored food! 🥺🤤✨🖤🖤

  14. Oh wow Japan convenient store’s food is the best! I’v been 2 time to Japan and surely enjoyed their continent stores variety of foods, enjoyed the really cheap prices and the great flavours and freshness of everything. Can’t find this sort of thing in anywhere else, especially where I come from.

  15. Haeppy saying that about his weeaboo was coming out was my favorite part lol Can we get a video or two of y’all just nerding out?
    This video made me move Japan up higher on my travel list lol

  16. The idea of the budget meals is great 👍
    I know you guys wanted to keep your videos timeless by not mentioning any prices, but making such challenges could help anyone coming to Korea or Japan to better estimate the amount of money they would be needing.
    Looking forward to those videos!
    Keep up the good work and happy holidays 🎄

  17. totally agree with you guys. in the US eating the 7-11 food is for emergency purposes only. in Japan it was delicious. oh how i miss it. thanks for making me hungry – yet again.

  18. When it comes to convenience store food selections, I don’t think anywhere in the world can come close to touching Japan. When it comes to snacks ie chips, packaged baked pastries, candies, nobody in the world comes close to Japan. What I’m trying to say is, when it just comes to executing anything related to food, nobody in the world comes close to touching Japan. It is a direct result of them having so much attention to details while at the same time trying to maximize efficiency. Everything they create is optimal due to those foundations.

  19. Yummy,, i would of got an egg sandwich as a starter, lol those are 100% crack level, and a strawberry sandwich for dessert !! But really both your entree meals look so so good!!

  20. I supplemented conbini food in between restaurants while I was in Japan in November. Now every time I see a 7-Eleven here in the US, I roll my eyes. LOL

  21. agreed when he mentioned that gyudon maybe need raw egg on it, I wish kewpie would sell something kinda like raw egg yolk but not an egg, packaged individually

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