10 Gets a Postal ID

We are prepping for some adventures. Chrissy gets her government ID in her married name and Hanna makes an appearance.


    1. @Tim K Wow she playing some guy in America well 1 that you may know of then she was with the visitor there was wondering what the deal was on that. The plot thickens. LOL.

  1. I used to call Bicol Express Intestonal Express the first time I ate it. It never stopped once it hit my colon. That’s a dish best eaten while sitting on the toilet. 10 looks like she is taken right to motherhood. You can tell 10 looks like her mother. Hope all is well with you guys. Hanna too good to sit with you guys. haha

  2. Hey brother, thanks for sharing your life story with us, I really enjoy your outlook on life and your trials and tribulations in the Philippines. If you are ever in Portland OR. Hit me up, I will show you around the best food carts in America. P.S. I am a Cali boy born and raised in Escondido CA.

  3. Now you have the information you need to give “mom” the best gift she could have. A appointment with a dentist that could give her the freedom to smile again 🙂

  4. I have to agree with you Tim, You are one lucky guy. She is a good heartied person. She is sweet and if I ever make it to your place I would love to meet the family.

  5. What the hell
    That dude gets to hang out with Hanna and her friend. Thatss a game changer. I want in on that.
    Tim you could be making some money. Your the man with the connections.

  6. Tim, your wife Chrissy is so cute and adorable and your a good man she’s also lucky to have you. Next time you go live I will try to be there and donate towards your next adventure. 🙂

  7. Looking forward to seeing you all travel and see different parts of the world together – and good luck on all the formalities with the passports, green card and citizenship I hope it is easy breezy! And btw your adoration for each other is so beautiful to see, it’s clear to see your lives are enriched by having each other. And yes Tim, your wife is very beautiful you are a lucky man ☺️… and it’s lovely to see you treat her the way you do. You really shed a light on how dysphoric a lot of ‘western’ relationships can be, and set a brilliant example as a husband and father… anyway I’m rambling, can’t wait for the next video 🙂. Take care man!

    1. yes, it helps a lot! get yt premium… i have it and we get paid from views with no ads. i am not paid from this advice, but i really love it. thanks rob!

  8. I got my passport today so i can travel. Too much rules tho around that subject, especially if you get it on a police station. Cool to see you are ok and i hope you have a blast in life often

  9. Tim,, I think you are having a good influence on Chrissy – that outfit with the jeans and top looks SO much better than the long dresses. Now she is both pretty and hot! I am trying not to step out of line, just telling the truth… 😉

  10. Well done Tim your such a good husband and Dad, don’t changes the way you are, when Crissy is on her 25s she will be looking more blooming. You might get jealous🤣😜🤞just kidding, i wish you and your family yhe very best Godbless you all😘😘

  11. Hi.
    My wife live in Padre Burgos (Southern Leyte
    Please can you tell me where she can apply for a passport.
    Because she say that she have to apply online and after have to go to pick it up in Tacloban or Cebu.
    I think that’s very complicated.
    Thank you.
    Louis from Holland

  12. I was nice of you to acknowledge Chrissy’s beauty and how fortunate you are. Without her, you would have around a half dozen subscribers , lol.

  13. Hi Tim, So the baby must wait until the age of 18 as you said rules are rules at least you made your day ending up with a great lunch with your lovely wife. I am sure Chrissy will enjoy traveling around the world with her caring husband. 🙂

  14. Wait…so it’s ten? I thought her nickname was tin 🤔. So if you want her to get a green card then you’re planning on living in the US again? It’s for people living in the US only

  15. Tim not sure if you went to the US embassy and reported baby Dale as a US citizen born abroad with your passport and his birth certificate it may be easier that all the Philipino red tape

  16. Hi Tim couldn’t the PSA office stamp the back of the local marriage certificate? That way it authenticates the certificate. That’s what my wife done and hopefully picking up new passport on Thursday.

  17. Awesome Tim be happy with you beautiful wife. Real beauty is heart to heart and that is what I see between you and Chrissy. Enjoy each other forever 🙂

  18. Turn that frown upside down Tim. You are in paradise with one of the sweetest most humble wife then I hear you say it’s more frustrating in the Philippines. I been to Cagayan de Oro city & all over north east Mindanao & just 2 weeks before my wedding day arrived it had to be canceled so now I am back I. South Louisiana for 8 months trying to get this shituated then return to Mindanao to marry whe my pension returns. I might get 100,000 off a 350,000 price because the real estate lady knows my sister in law & I know her son. I been to Luzon, cebu & Mindanao & I would like to Leyte. Her grandfather is from palo Latey & grandmother is from el salvador city. If you are catholic or your wife is get a tent no knives or weapon allowed & surrounded by pulis & military & I know a girl who’s dad is a pulis that works holy week at Devine mercy

  19. Tim how much for a place like the Homer House? I am going back for the 4th time to get married so we can start her visa. I has a back injury & a i post my benifits. Hopefully i will be back there in April & march again or when they correct my benifits i will never Leave again but i want a average price of the Homer Doyle house. Also i heard you speak spanish bit Gear you struggle Saying words that are the same as in spanish. Whats up with that. Can hold long conversation is Spanish but I can only understand the English & Spanish words in Spanish to understand the conversation but I cant speak Bisaya but 100% english & Spanish. Our 9 year old some I support him from grade 1 to grade 4 & he either graduates 1st or second in his class & always perfect attendance & 3 languages. He is really a genius

  20. Yes, your wife is beautiful, Tim…treat her right (not saying you don’t just a friendly reminder). Keep up the great videos!

  21. Tim K, it is a wrong time to travel with this corona-virus roucus all around. You could be held somewhere in quarantine, even when you return. Your decision, follow the news,; it’s everywhere.

  22. Tim and Christin, it’s not good to travel this time to Hongkong because there’s corona virus that spreads to some cities in China and some countries ‘coz there are some infected people from Wuhan, China who went there. But if you really want to travel, better go to Japan in Tokyo Disneyland, but bring face masks with you when you travel this time of the year. And also it’s not good for Christin and her Baby to travel and roam around the Disneyland this cold weather.

  23. Love your videos Timmy mate been watching since day 1 but I couldn’t watch the vlog without feeling sick the camera moves very fast an a lot of quick movements, keep the great work up bro love the content!

  24. you need barangay clearance for immigration to state the baby is residing with you if you want to get him usa citizenship so he can work in the states if he so chooses that way he don’t have to apply for a green card at a latter date.

  25. Hey Tim you got a friend for life I am from New York I fly to malia this February 1 I am getting married in the Manila phippines wish I could meet you and family one love Tim

  26. Villa Romana used to be called Kinamot , they built the hotel over and around it …they did the catering for our wedding at the Ampil over the road , which is a great hotel ..

  27. Yes Your Wife is Gorgeous Young Lady and Your a very lucky Man Tim and i am a new Subscriber and looking forward to getting to know You both 🙂

  28. Tim i think Your Wife is one of the most Beautiful Philippine Woman i have ever seen and You know what she looks so sweet and soft hearted 🙂 😉😂 so You must be a Great Guy and Your Baby is even more Gorgeous… Keep Living the Dream Tim.

  29. Hey Tim, I watched your vlogs from the beginning and this is the best you’ve looked. Is it because you stopped drinking? You look healthy and you’re glowing! Chrissy is a lucky girl! You’re so good to her! Aloha from Maui

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