1.2 Million Pesos and Counting – Financials of Having a Baby/Family in the Philippines

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  1. My wife bought the very same 2017 SUV Ned. I was sold after learning about the safety features. That was number one to me. No problems at all driving it here in the midwest.

  2. Ned 2 years ago my wife gave birth to our son by C section. Total bill $35,000. $6000 deductible before the insurance kicked in then it went to max out of pocket $8000. I am debating how many hours my son will be pushing a lawn mower until his allowance kicks in.

  3. Good you followed your advice on how to be a YT millionaire. I am a few days late and many dollars short. Just keep plugging away I guess. I got 3 little buggers I am raising.

  4. Build a small house in time rent free ? You cant count hospital plan you had that before marriage . A prefer a car over a motor bike not safe at anytime . Not realistic on hospital bill you have unusual coverage no offence

  5. In 1996 I was still smoking and sent a request (via mail) to Philip Morris company asking them what all ingredients are in their tobacco products? About 5 weeks later I received an envelope from them with several pages listing every ingredient…..All 600 of them!!!! Yeah that’s right! 600!! And the words were a mile long each (Mostly chemicals) At that point I had been smoking for 23 years at about a pack a day (Marlboro) I was so pissed off at them for making tobacco even more dangerous than it already is that within a year after that I quit cold turkey…now I did gradually ween off of it by switching to ultra lights. For awhile after that if I got the urge for a Cig I would puff on a fairly cheap smallish cigar (Not inhaling of course) Here I am 24 Years later and I don’t even think about Cigarettes….There is no future in them…only Lung Cancer or Emphysema (If Your lucky)

  6. Not bad. .Not bad at all and you saved mommys play pen .BONUS ill look into that car , as im needing something different than my chopped in 1/2 ride hahahaha

  7. I have a feeling a 13 A visa is your next life change ? Please vlog it step by step for those of us wanting the same soon. I believe Mr. Brown is processing his now ?

  8. I love the fact that you love your family!that’s so cool. On the one hand you can’t help it. We’re built that way. On the other hand, you’ve stepped up to the plate.

  9. that is big joke Ned there the worst drivers no rego no licences no insurance and really just cant drive but lately in Adelaide Australia there is some pretty bad drivers hear to hahaha

  10. That’s one beautiful family oh yeah and by the way Ned you look OK to😀🥶 in Missouri right now but plan on coming back home in the fall to Duma

  11. My wife from Cebu wanted a baby (she already had 3 college age boys from a previous relationship) and I was more of the HELL NO thoughts. going to a high skool gradjiation at 75 was not in my plans. Snip,snip and that problem solved on my end.

  12. Wow you are looking good you look good with glasses fisticated with glasses on now you’ll have to start your second one baby 🍼 so take care of yourself and your family 😊

  13. Good Video, after years of trying and large amount of money for artificial insemination, we are adopting a beautiful baby girl who will ne 3 in June , we had since she was 1 month old and she is a blessing everyday, I also wanted vehicles that would last forever so when I was working in Afghanistan and the money was good I bought a brand new hilux in 2013, and a year before I left Afghanistan I bought a brand new fortuner for my wife , we maintain both vehicles and they are diesels, so they will last my lifetime.

  14. Brace yourself, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I put 4 kids threw college in the U.S. and I’ve got 5 in Silliman here… Your comment about Filipino drivers ( I can’t believe you said with a strait face ) LOL

  15. Hopefully after the video is done, you will pull your head out of your spreadsheet and go smooch your girls;-) No need to justify your costs. You and yours have been truly blessed. Take care.

  16. Hi Ned and Family,,,, Are you planing on taking the family back to USA to live permanently? Are you looking ahead about education and health issues for your baby? Just curious,,, Thanks!!!!

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