😠 Why Retirees In Thailand Aren’t Happy

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  1. The desirability and the bang for buck factor of Thailand as a retirment and working destination have been om a decline for some time and western expats are leaving the kingdom in droves. The reasons are pragmatisk and obvious for everyone not keeping their eyes and ears shut for the reality.

    The strong bath decimating their often modest pension incomes, combined with incresing cost of living, visa rule changes, stringent regulations, seemingly constant and somewhat irrational and unpredictable beurocratic jerk arounds and the general feeling of being preyed upon and that your kind not beeing all that welcome unless exceptionally wealthy . Personally I saw my good life there steadily slip away bit for bit, moved across the border to Cambodia and have had no regrets thereof.

  2. i really like your attitude. just got a new subscriber. all points are true , the investment portion. the small things that you dislike are small in comparison. most people have forgotten what its like in their home country.

  3. I lived in Thailand for 18 months and after the initial honeymoon period were off, found that most Thais just about put up with and tolerate foreigners. The famous ‘smile’ is just about skin deep.
    I think you’ll find they’re mostly interested in whatever money you have. And they don’t want you learning the Thai language because, if you do, they’re not able to talk about you behind your back.

  4. I LOVED that analogy regarding trolls: “It’s like somebody showing up at your door, knocking, and then when you answer saying ‘I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!”.

  5. I’m glad i found you. New subscriber. I’ve seen a few of your videos already and look forward to watching more in the near future. I’m 60 now, soon to be divorced, and my long-time dream of retiring in Thailand has been rekindled. I was a frequent visitor in the decade between marriage 1 & 2, while i was in my late 40’s and early 50’s. I cannot get it out of my head, I loved it so much. Couple more years to go, but plan on visiting Thailand for Loy Kratong later this year. My first visit back in several years. I really like the conversational “just us guys talking” quality to your videos. Upbeat. Positive. With a healthy dose of perspective which lends itself to your happiness. Not just a discussion about life in Thailand/SE Asia here, but some good common sense and folk-wisdom. I need that reminder now. “If you don’t like something, you can accept it or change it”. It’s good to be reminded that we have choices in life. And my choice is to retire in Thailand.

  6. I would like to hear your wife’s opinion on stress and unhappiness and what Buddhism has to say about Buddhism. That is the difference between westerners and Thai people. They think different. They are generally very happy having nothing. My Thai GF has never once complained about anything in the 3 years I’ve known her. I think learning the Buddhist mindset is one for all to live. I go to be with Thai people and I love their mindset………but will never fully understand saving face.

  7. used to like this guy’s channel But lately all he does is get preachy. I don’t listen to YouTube videos to be preached to . JC why don’t you get back to doing videos about Thailand and not about how people behave. Just saying brother

  8. So Vietnam seriously needs Legislative action to inhibit Malicious excessive horn honking ehh? Maybe find some one to make a Thai federal looking sign banning Horn Honking While your at it have them make half a dozen signs to cover all the surrounding streets have it warn of a Fine$

  9. Fighting Coronavirus…The best way to clean your hands after using any toilet is to allow clean running water from a tap to flush away any bacteria by rubbing them together vigorously while the water strips away germs for at least 15 seconds.  Remember urine and faces from human bodies is sterile when exiting the body. Urine is a good antiseptic itself and is water-soluble. That is clean water will flush away germs quickly by flushing with or without soap.  It greatly reduces the risk of germs such as Coronavirus and others.  Soldiers have been taught to uses urine to flush wounds on the battlefields since time began  Public toilets or school toilets using soap do not provide any additional protection to active flushing and usually encourage vandalism whereby no soap is then unavailable and people then forget to flush for at least the required 15 seconds.  Soap may appear to be better but flushing also gets the job done, water only is still very effective.  Kids in schools often throw soap around the toilets if available from time to time having fun (ask any school teacher?). Vandals often behave the same way and steal the soap from public toilets.  There should be no latches on toilets after flushing hands. Exit doors should be open at all times so nothing is touched.  Most public toilet providers i.e local govt. are aware of this requirement.  Many countries only have unisex water flushing taps outside any latched toilet doors, that is best.

  10. THERE ARE NO HEALTH INSURANCE PROVIDERS IN THAILAND OFFERING THE BASIC COVER REQUIRED BY THAI IMMIGRATION TO OBTAIN A RETIREMENT VISA…it would appear to me that the present requirement to obtain a retirement visa in Thailand is that you must provide Bt40,000 outpatients and Bt4000,000 in patients. If this not so then I stand corrected. I am only interested if I can obtain the minimum insurance cover that will satisfy the Thai Immigration requirements.  They indicate that is i.e. Bt40,000 outpatients and Bt400,000 in patients cover…that is all that is required to qualify for a Thai Retirement Visa.  Plus of the Bt 800,000 visa fee.
    I am very much frustrated that even blind Freddie would know that this means exactly what has been said/stated. There is nothing I can see that suggests that you provide anything other than what is stated in the new regulations and this is the only way you can get a retirement visa.
    These pages are full of many offers from many insurance companies that clearly fall short of the requirements. Like too old, cover not provided, too sick not covered, pre-existing of all sorts of ailments not covered. Additional premiums with age etc. It may be for older applicants that the policies may only provide partial cover or not at all. (most likely). The objective is to compensate Thai hospitals if you are a patient or if you die they still get paid.
    It seems the Thai Government has chosen a path that is unachievable. Thailand requires that intending retirement visa applicants provide “Universal Health Care Insurance” for hospitals for in house treatment by an insurer up to the amounts stated where the premium is paid by the insured and the cover is comprehensive and all hospital debts incurred by Farangs are paid. Having been in the insurance industry in my younger days I believe most claims would fall within the Bt400.000 limit with a few over the required cover limit. We used to call this type of insurance “Personal Accident and All risks” or shortened to “All risks”. I processed claims.
    Thailand’s objective are, yes, unachievable and in view of all the exclusions contained in the 13 Insurance companies’ travel insurance policies of medical cover provided it is significantly short of the objectives of the Thai Government. The requirements are Bt40,000 and Bt400,000. (yes, I keep repeating myself). Many of the policies on offer are for 5/10/20/30/50/100/million baht cover with a premium to match, we only require 0.4 million Bht to comply (Bt400,000). The offers presented by these companies far exceed the Thai government’s basic requirements. sometimes by a hundred times. That sounds good but these amounts are unrequired to comply. All we have to do is comply?
    Universal health care is mostly only provided by Governments in a lot of countries. The USA has a sort of Universal Health Care offers provided by private enterprise, ( that’s an oxymoron) the cost is often 10 times what similar treatment might cost in many Government administered health care funds in other countries and is a dog’s dinner with a 100 million in the US with no cover whatsoever. (a few slow learners there). The premiums are too high. The health care providers there have money coming out of their ears. It’s championed as “Free Enterprise”…wow.
    Even Mr. Trump. in a very recent speech castigated advocates of Universal Health Cover and stated that universal health cover was the objective of socialist and communists. Completely ignoring the fact that nearly all advanced first and second world countries worldwide with the exception of USA have very effective socialized health care and usually free to their citizens. Evan Thailand does for its own people. They now just want farangs to pay their hospital bill, and they have every right to insist on this, most farangs have never paid tax in Thailand and probably none ever will pay anything in the future…OK.
    I believe Universal health is the only way to go in Thailand’s objective I believe presently is unachievable, if it’s for farangs only, it’s just too hard. Insurance for Medical cover in Thailand offered by existing Medical Insurance offers is very much short of what Thailand requires and what the customer needs are. Thailand and the medical insurers appear to be heading in different directions.
    Perhaps the only workable alternative is that Farangs will need to lodge part of the Bt800,000 visa application fee as a financial bond Bt400,000 or similar against incurring outstanding unpaid hospital bills. I’d be OK with that. If you don’t require medical services in Thailand you pay nothing. Sounds good to me.
    If the existing insurance companies can’t do the job well like the old saying goes ” if you don’t know how to cook the broth get out of the kitchen”

  11. watched your video of thai immigration, i have a thai wife lived there for 6 years and was 100% committed to retiring there,
    no longer

  12. “Change yourself to deal with it”, I like that, well said. I like girls, food and just being alive, im happy no matter where i am, im good .

  13. I normally love your videos. But this one doesn’t address any of the valid reasons why tens of thousands are leaving Thailand or why the terrible attitude of immigration towards foreigners are a huge factor in making them leave.

  14. I go abroad every year during the cold winter and return in the spring and I always happy to get home, 8 months at home 4 months abroad no place like home never sell the farm.

  15. PLEASE READ THIS! (Might save your life)
    I have been to Thailand for many extended visits. I would like westerners staying in Thailand and other Asian countries to consider their current positions. Many Western countries have had their first Corona cases and I am sure next days only will bring more. Corona vira has 4 identified mutations at this point. Its airborne. It can infect via mouth/nose/eyes and skin to skin. There are a up to 14 days incubationperiode in wich you can infect others. Seems like at least 1 of the mutations kills people extremely fast, many many videos online from Wuhan of normal people that simply collapses and dies in an instant. People with shopping bags so they didnt feel sick enough before leaving home not to go shopping) These VERY unusual incubation/infectious charateristica makes Corona a true gamechanger. A global pandemic seems mathematically unavoidable. Many westerners in Asian countries have a lifestyle with much human contact, eats out nearly all the time etc etc. Right now many reports a “official mortality rate of 2-4 percent, but judging from the first cases and their progress it looks more like 10-15%. A casestudy published in the Lancet 2 days ago followed the first 99 official cases and 11 of those has so far died. Study are not finished since not all has recovered. Many western countries have begun evacuating their countrymen from the epicenter in and around Wuhan. Many westerners at home, not least in those countries that have had first cases, urge their governments to make a country lockdown. Italy just declared, they have 2 cases as I write this, a national emergency. That decaration will allow them to juridically close their borders for all. They havent done that but they and others will seriously have to think about taking that step when more get infected. Current mortality rates are based on the possibility for hospitals to suck patients lungs if needed thereby saving many for the most critical days. HOWever, if a country pandemic arrives, whereever, the hospitals capacity to do that will be for the very few. Medicines will run out and people would not be able to do anything than to selfisolate. The country you are in will maybe themselves issue a selfisolating lockdown…how will you cope with that if you normally eat out and dont cook? Even if you have a permanent home there and could selfisolate many consider people that have signs of recent airlinetransport a hazard. You would stand out in that regard as farangs. Maybe its time to take a serious thought about coming home for some time until this has passed. Food markets where many asians shop daily could easily be the parameter that will give an explosive spread in short time, remember you infect other unwillingly and unknowingly for up to 14 days before any symptoms arise. If just 1 infected person goes daily to a foodmarket and just infects 2 others per day it will be sweeping the whole market before 14 days have gone (and their families and maybe their resturantguests they shop in to serve that night). This is a Darwinistic moment. Those that act BEFORE their area are hit seriously (none to 2 digit numbers) and prepare to selfisolate will have a fighting chanche. Remember you wont be going free even if you survive the first time, you can get it again. Mark my words when saying it only will be a matter of time before the situation will call for a stop of international airline travel. Many airports allready have staff refusing to work unless they get protection (these news are not reported to avoid panic, but I know of 2 airports currently hit by wild strikes). You probably wont read about this before its to late for you to evacuate home. IF I were in an Asian country right now and had the means for it, I would pack my bags ASAP. Time to act is NOW, For some nationalities I predict you wont have 1 week to get home. Look at whats allready happening, Chinese people or people that have been to China are not allowed in to many countries now, next will be the places they go or the places with many infected. Wait and see will NOT do it this time.
    Well. Now I tried to write what I hope I would have read and acted upon if I had been on a longterm stey in Thailand this year.
    Sawadee kap!


    (WHO press briefing 29th of jan. Just before they got muscled to dampen what they said)

    CORONA Development from first day it was registred outside China. Numbers are probably undereported and delayed, BUT this list based on WHO numbers so ALL data are confirmed from the countries they come from and reported officially to WHO).

    List begins with 21 st of Januray 20

    Tuesday: 2 countries
    Wednesday: 4
    Thursday; 7
    Friday: 9
    Saturday: 12
    Sunday: 14
    Monday 15
    Tuesday 19 countries plus jump from 2700 to 4474 officially confirmed infected globally
    Wednesday 20 (WHO officially tells that 4 Corona mutations has been identified)
    Thursday: 23 WHO declares “Global emergency” India enters the list (Many areas with ex
    treme pop density) No screening had taken place in Indian airports at date of
    first confirmed case.)
    Friday: 26 Hereoff 6 countries OUTSIDE China with double digit confirmed infected.

    Februar 1/2-2020
    Saturday: 27 10.000 total mark passed (many trustworthy sources claim China should be at 75-
    180.000 infected now)
    Sunday 29 (sunday 12 hours old as I write this) Infect number jumps to 14.637 so far today)

    This is NOT time to panic, but it IS time to ACT on objective fact!

    Consider copy/pasting this and forward to any you care about, currently in Asia.

  16. Well, right off the bat, having a gorgeous woman 20 years younger bobbing her head yes to everything you say is a big step towards happiness. Nothing wrong with that clearly the relationship works for both sides or it wouldn’t be. Of course your correct point–wherever you go–there you are

  17. When people retire in a country they get old and old people forget.
    Forget to do tm30 forget 90 day reporting , just forget and then you get in trouble.

    It’s fine if you are young and agile , but old and frail forget it, go somewhere where you get a proper retirement visa and can stay

  18. The unhappy ones are the ones who were forced to move out of the USA because they failed to save for there retirement and are living on SSA only and can’t afford to live in the USA any more.

  19. Is very true about people’s perspective about things.
    Yes you have to deposit 400000 800000 but this enables you to live cheaper than in a modern country.
    I have being coming to Thailand for 20 years now and yes it has become more expensive mainly because of the exchange rate.
    But everywhere has increased worldwide and that’s what happens.

  20. Hi JC, I love Thailand (culture, food mainly & cost of living). However, this health insurance requirement means that by the time I am 70 _(or end up with a pre-existing medical condition earlier… quite possible as one gets older)_ *I will not be able to get health insurance* (even if I were able to pay for my healthcare out of pocket).
    This means that when I hit my 70s (or earlier), I will lose my retirement visa and be forced to head back to the US.
    _(A daunting proposition in one’s old age)_

    Don’t mean to rain on your parade, love your videos, it’s just that Thailand is no longer a viable option to retire. _Finally, even if the retirement visa laws get lenient re. health insurance, the laws can change back in a flash and on someone’s whim (just as they did a few months ago)_

  21. I currently am in Thailand on a long stay visa that I got before the health insurance rule kicked in. I’m here for 4 months now but when I return I plan not to stay here longer than 3 months at a time, so I will be getting a visa on arrival that I will extend twice which I believe is still possible to do. In the US I have good medical insurance which will cover emergencies in Thailand, but since my intention is not to spend more than 6 months per year in Thailand, I don’t see the point of extending the “long stay” visa beyond it’s expiry in mid-May when I return to the US for a few months.

  22. JC first I have to tell you that I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and I love them all and I have also been to all the countries in Southeast Asia in question. I have many friends in Vietnam and was planning on retiring there this year however I’ve been hearing about the changes in the immigration and retirement laws in Thailand that seem to discourage westerners and have in fact made for an exodus out of Thailand and into Vietnam. In turn, I understand, that as of July of 2020 Vietnam will limit visas to 30 days instead of 90. Of course this will discourage expatriation or at least make it very inconvenient.

    I would really appreciate your comments on this subject. I would also really like to hear anybody else’s opinions


  23. I always enjoy your helpful videos! I went to Bangkok and Pattaya (Jom Tiem)I stayed at The Orient resort and spa$15 a day greatest pool included, cable, internet, 1 bedroom apt, night market was great, I had 2 beautiful Thai women propose to me! I was there 2 months I loved it and the people ❤️

  24. New visa rules coming in 2020 for Vietnam? And no surprise it ain’t gonna get any easier. And was just reading about the two Americans scammed with a single bullet in their luggage at swampy airport. 😡

  25. Have you heard that the visa rules will change in Vietnam around June or July 2020? I’ve heard that they will require you to leave every 30 days, regardless of if you’ve got a longer visa. For example, even if you have a 1yr multi entry visa, they will require you to leave every month. Doing a border run once a month may not be so bad. it’s relatively cheap to do, but another page in your passport for the Laos visa every month would suck…12 pages in your passport for the year for new visas. 😢 Maybe/Hopefully there are more details or more options that are’t being talked about yet. But in the meantime I’m going to start looking for other options…

  26. No problems here in Thailand even after being based here for nearly thirty years ,Chiang Mai 22 years and married to Thai for coming on 20 years. Lived and worked in many countries but predominately S.E.Asia and still Thailand number one for me.,my last project 3 years in Vietnam but in Ky Anh Ha Tinh very poor area ,no stores ,shops western i mean,but my guys,gals mainly Vietnamese and very nice but Thailand far ahead.Follow the rules for visa application,extension no hassle at all. Health insurance iv’e had for many years and if anybody considers retiring in Asia then make sure you have the funds.

  27. I thought they weren’t happy because of the constant changing visa requirements, surprise home visits by immigration, strong baht, high cost of living, growing corruption, clueless military government, having to wear a mask to go outside and so forth….

  28. Hi, JC. It has been a while since I have made a comment on one of your videos. Things in the UK have become very difficult for many people. This present Tory government have introduced draconian policies that have made it very difficult to make any long term plans, so my priorities have been my life at home. I have had to put Thailand on the back burner for the moment. While I can still find the money to cover the retirement requirements, it is no longer certain that I will be getting my retirement pension next June when I retire. It also looks like Brexit is going to be the hardest of Brexit’s which is going to affect people very badly when it happens.

    I am not going to be complaining about things in Thailand. I still love the place to spite the present changes that are causing so many people to complain. You can always find things to complain about no matter what country you live in. If you are a glass-half-empty type of person that is. But the positive things about living in Thailand are far more than the negative things, and if people are complaining it is most likely that they are focusing on the negative things rather than the positive things. Things are not easy for anybody at the moment. But as they say, when life brings you lemons you make lemonade.


  29. I went back to Australia
    And there are even more people on welfare . And middle class welfare
    ,,Fake public servant’s jobs,,
    And the female Australia has
    Gotten even lager the I remember
    And more tattooed as well .

  30. I completely agree with the assessment he makes in the video about “going back to your home country to see what it’s like” and remember what it was like. I went back to the U.S for the first time in 4 years in March of 2019, after being in Thailand the prior 4 and my view of the U.S changed completely. At 40, i’ve decided to spend more time there in order to save money etc. and only live over in Thailand for 5 months or so a year. I like the fact that I can speak the language, and look other people in the U.S while being able to save a healthy amount of money I can go over to Thailand with in the winter months and live cheap.

  31. U r very fair and readily admit that Thailand is not what it once was when u first moved there.Everywjere changes. Sadly Vietnam is not really an option after July due to TOURIST visa changes and it seems they r clamping down in the biz visas. Medical Insurance is a huge problem for most of your audience including me and I’m not sure what solutions there r. Life is risky regardless. So long as there r affordable beautiful women for old codgers like us..then ..in all probability Thailand will still be attractive to us:) Thanks for another thoughtful video.

  32. Jc is just trying to tell us about how things are and why some people is unhappy, he speak about people who complains and speaking down on Thailand, I understand what he is trying to tell us if you complain all the time about everything in Thailand then it will not be nice to stay there and you complain more bc now you not like Thailand i will say that there is things in Thailand that I not like for sure but I try to close my eyes or keep it for myself, oh I lie a little I write some comments here on YouTube because I really not understand the negativity that is thoughing after Thailand and thais here on YouTube, and some of this people stay in Thailand guys stop complain and go out from Thailand, get a life, I think that is some of what jc is trying to say if you think and speak negative about something then one day you maybe hate it, that’s a pity because thais and Thailand is not how some people say they are here on YouTube, some of the same people also say that all Thai women is easy and is prostitute, what the F. That’s such a big lie thai women are not and I say again not easy women to have sex with i Mean they not sleep with you the first day they meet you and that’s a very good thing, I not think jc is complaining or try to teach us maybe he try like me to defend thais and Thailand because that’s what we have to do and more people who love thais and Thailand have to do the same, maybe you will be the next if you love thais and Thailand …….. I hope you understand that my words have no negative meaning at all. Have a nice day
    Love thais love Thailand

  33. No one forces you to live in Thailand etc, you have other options , come here with an open mind, remember you have left, Europe etc, learn there is no reason or logic at times in Thailand. Try and learn some Thai, and for me Bangkok my home of 15 months is a great place to live. I like JC’s positive outlook on life.

  34. Hi dear JC, Wonderful video. I really appreciate your honest comments about reality vs expectations. I have begun to realise that the Thais have been concerned about the poor image being portrayed online, that they have become conservative instead of welcoming in the recent past. There are so many things in Beautiful Thailand that completely mesmerises any visitor, but unfortunately the low image being created by some dishonest reviews are driving away genuine travelers. Welcoming nature of Thai has changed in the recent past.

  35. I been going for over 20yrs and love the place and all its odd little ways I let it all go over my head with mai pen rai mentality .and enjoy it when I go every time I know it suits me to and love it

  36. How can you or someone like you stay in Thailand on a Marriage Visa when your no longer Married or separated for years from there wife what are the rules regarding this ?

  37. retirecheapjc. You should stick to providing interesting information and stop telling people what to think and feel. If you think going home would be easy for everyone you need to quit vlogging.

  38. Im retired 62 in NE Florida. Work pt three hours a day and save every month. Get to things you like to do. Soon i will try Thailand. Whats Nat think.

  39. Whilst I typically agree with most of what you say, you do smooth over the changes that have occurred, & will come.
    Retirement should never be made to a country where you have no rights, & are ALWAYS leaving. Thai immigration gives you zero rights JC, & through their eyes, you are leaving.
    Unfortunately, you won’t have the pleasure to be informed of that ahead of schedule.
    I’m happy for 4 to 6 months annually in Thailand, but I will not invest large sums where I can’t stay & feel secure.
    But yes, Thai people are wonderful.
    And when they have a democratically elected government the system will change.
    But it’s long way off

  40. Very pragmatic way of looking at the Thb 800 k. You’re right it’s a total refundable amount that lets you save significant living costs over what you would spend in the USA, Australia or Europe. 100% for sure nowhere is perfect. Good VLOG.👍

  41. Hi JC and Nat. People need to realize if they look back on their lives, that they have created everything that has happened to them, both the good and the bad. So if they see the negative and dwell on it, that’s what they will experience. If they don’t see the good they are being tricked by their minds, by their very consciousness. Thanks for another good video…….Sal : )

  42. Another thoughtful video-I Do remember the litter Commercial with the First Nation actor,I was maybe age12,a few years ago 555-My though is…is that if you are a Type A person,a bit wound up…then best to stay in your home country for comfort because attitude is very important and if you get stressed in, if you will-First Nation-, then you will also get even more stressed in a more social relied upon culture such as Thailand….I think uSa is more fragmented but also much more structured around service and things for top dollar…..thnx for allowing my two cents ramble……..kinda like an analogy of delicate vs course-Thailand is delicate still,some but uSa has become course and also confusing with always changing political correctness. May I say..unless it is the camera angle-you are looking healthier with some loss of weight! Whatever you are doing…keep it up.

  43. I retired to Chiang Mai almost five years ago and It’s been the happiest and most peaceful period of my life. I’ve never had a single problem with Thai Immigration, the banks, the police, the government… and the only stress I ever experience is listening to too many of my fellow Americans whine and moan. You couldn’t pay me to go back to the States. The Thais are the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  44. Hey JC, how long are you in Dalat for? i live in HCMC. Im heading to Dalat for a few days. Would like to meet up at some stage if possible

  45. Good to see your opinion about all the complaining expats, there is a FB channel (tit) this is Thailand, and most of the posters are ridiculing the Thai way of, well, most everything. The Thai’s have signs that are informational and are written in English (punctuation and spelling aren’t always writing lab quality), so the westerners can get what they want, be safe, and make life easier for the people who don’t speak or read Thai and every day there is so much ridicule and arrogance making fun of the Thai’s English, and I catch hell and threatening to be band from (tit) for asking why are you here and why did you move to Thailand and complain it’s not like home? The Thai’s are trying to explain in a foreign language to foreigners and help the whining “guests” of Thailand and their nonstop ridicule of the Thai’s. So, I state, there are planes, boats, and catapults that will take you back where you came from. If you don’t like it here take your bootie back where you came from, it will make you happier and make us happier in one graceful move.

  46. Generally, I like JC and his videos. But lately, his videos are becoming more like lecturing people rather than giving objective information. For example, this video is full of complaining about people who aren’t happy in Thailand. I didn’t get any useful information about why they aren’t happy and what specific issues they are raising (concerning immigration, discrimination, freedom, double-pricing, health care, housing and other) ? If we can hear an objective explanation of these issues, then we can decide for ourselves what issues may or may not be important for us. Simply getting lectured like children is not very useful and, actually, kind of offensive.

  47. You make good points. No place is perfect. Every place has ups and downs. Life is too short to complain. Just find a place that is for you and enjoy it.

  48. JC, you touched on the things I hate about Thailand: Smoke pollution, dogs everywhere, and crazy driving. But the good things far outweigh the bad, and my wife and I are very happily retired here in Phetchabun. “Paradise” is what you make of it.

  49. I always enjoy your presentation! You have great way of saying things about your life in SEA. There’s no perfect place, but some places are way better than others. It’s all in what you like and what you are willing to accept. It’s a balance. Some people are unbalanced and will be miserable wherever they are! 555!
    Anyway, take care JC! Enjoy the options and please keep us updated! 😊❤😎

  50. The biggest question for older retirees is where do I want to grow old? Growing old means at the end we get sick and weak and dependent on others. Lucky you have a young wife who loves you.

  51. Gosh the US is so amazing isn’t it. I just got a raise in Social Security where my income dropped 200 because they wanted more for parts A & B. I’m terrified of the robbery of seniors by our government.

  52. JC thanks for your channel. My wife is from Nan and we do plan to retire their in the near future in fact she is there right now taking care of some of our investments. Also thank you for distinguishing the difference in the attitude of Northern and Southern US citizens. I find it funny, being originally from New Orleans and now living in Southern Mississippi some of the things you mentioned that people would complain about in Thailand. Dogs barking, traffic we have here in the states and in my area during the spring we have the smoke. In Southern MS we have a lot of Pine Tree plantations and many will burn the under growth in order to help the pines grow. I think some people when they retire don’t have enough to keep them busy so they have more time to think and that can be dangerous for some.

  53. Very true that you take yourself with you know matter where you go. We are all works in progress of course. I go to different channels because there is a conversation. Different ideas or perspectives is a good thing. Calling people trolls because they have an opinion seems to be the popular thing on you tube if that opinion differs from someone else. Oh well. Look, I had my chiropractor in Saigon say this to me. Every country you look at to live in has its problems. He is correct. Let’s be honest, there is no perfection in a place, we are looking to live a better, cheaper life, and hopefully that makes it possible to give a better life to the ones we care about. So watch all the channels and glean what you can to make the next best decision. JC is a good one but not the only one. Thanks JC

  54. With the new law effective July 1, 2020 in Vietnam for people with tourist visas having to leave the country every 30 days, Vietnam is unfortunately not going to be a very viable option for retirees. Plus, the crackdown on phony business visas is ramping up. Time to move on. 😔

  55. Nailed it!

    I enjoy the idea of going back home for a while.

    The smoke season is a perfect time to leave. It’s still spring in America, so the weather is perfect. And you get to reconnect with your family or friends while you are there.

    Don’t want to go back home? Visit Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia…pretend you are a kid again, for heaven’s sake!

    You are so lucky that you are a grown up, no adult supervision, but with freedom to do what YOU want to do. Being a teenager again — without acne and fear of pregnancy — is awesome!!!

  56. It appears to me there are a lot of undesirable farang living in Thailand that the Thai government and people are happy to see leave. This can only be a good thing for Thailand and the farang living there if the Thai government seek to control the quality of people attracted to living there. The nation is looking to evolve it’s economy that will improve the lifestyle of Thai people and if you choose to live there you have to expect that changes will occur along the way.

  57. So one video prior you were complaining about Thailand and now you are talking down to those that express frustration with it. Your not very consistent dear

  58. I still love Thailand sooooooo much. Worth it to me. Feel free to be your best self, and ok if it’s not retired in Thailand. Thanks JC and Nat again. HNY

  59. I waited until I reach 62 and had money in the bank. I never had a bad life in america and was happy living in america. I gave it one year to look at the cost of a home and other expensive’s in living in thailand. To me it didn’t add up when you put the cost of being able to buy a home and having a health care cover up for pretty much everything to could happen to you. Most ppl I meet in thailand have no health care policy or very little coverage. When you hit your 60’s you aren’t a young kid any more. So your mistakes like having a serious health problem could wipeout all your saving if you don’t have a good health policy.
    Ask you yourself these questions: what will the policy in asia cost that will cover almost everything( that is no caps on money being paid out on a claim), will that company to able to cancel the policy the following year or no longer cover a medical condition. We did away with those conditions with the ACA in america. Like no caps on payouts and not covering you because of a health problem.
    I live well under $2,000 a month in vegas. My mortgage payment is around $450.00 a month and that includes taxes,and home owners insurance. So, you can see that I can that I can live very easy under $2,000 a month. Again my life was very good and still to this day living a happy life and yes I still travel to thailand for about 3 to 4 months out of the year sometimes.

  60. Happiness and contentment come from the inside no matter where you live. If your expectations are unrealistic you are never going to be happy. To uproot yourself from your birth country to live in a completely different culture and life style that you were born into is not going to be easy. People should think carefully. Is the grass greener in Thailand (apart from the Thai golf courses)?

  61. Increasingly – for Brits certainly – the bad winter months somewhere like SE Asia and UK for spring-summer looks like an option. You could probably manage 5-6 months on tourist visas/border-crossings, and six months in the UK means you keep your NHS cover and can use travel insurance for health.

  62. Hi JC and Nat, So is thos 2000THB or $2000 dollars! & Is this a deposit from the bank, for you money being with them,as in a saving account!?

  63. Let’s face it. Thailand was more doable when the Taksins were in charge and when Rama 9 was alive. I didn’t realize this until the past couple of years. Things are much different now. Thailand is a very dangerous place for foreigners. Many foreign females are raped but the government either hides it or denies it. Many foreigners are murdered but the police call it suicide. The Koh Tao murders serve as a great example of some of the dangers present in Thailand. Every developing nation has similar problems. But what struck me was that Thais are now pulling the bullet in the luggage scam. https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2019/12/26/american-men-suvarnabhumi-airport-respected-michael-jones-morra-ohio-pennsylvania-bullet-luggage/ I lived in Thailand but got sick of the scams, racism and hassles by immigration. Gradually I learned that Thailand was very dangerous. But this bullet scam is crazy. I will never go back to Thailand. It’s too dangerous. Imagine arriving to Thailand and you’re framed with the bullet scam. 20 years in a Thai prison. Too scary.

  64. Been in Vietnam snce 1989. ups and down but in the end, mostly ups. Paid the price and made the gauntlet. Now living a live of Riley. I like Vietnam mostly for its overall friendliness but do not let that fool you. Vietnam is a land of smiles like Thailand but not always as seen. My choice of places is Vietnam over T

  65. I’ve lived as an expat for several years and now I fear returning to my home country because I’ve changed as person. So there is that aspect to consider.

  66. If you save $2000 per month by living in SE Asia that is $24k in one year. 24+26= $50k. Who exactly was it that could not do this math? Don’t make videos for dumb people

  67. I have always loved your videos. Please don’t give airtime to negative people. Your time and our time is precious. We want to enjoy life and we are positive. We don’t want to waste a minute with these type of people. But I fully understand why you explain the things you do. Today, you had great advice. When we lose sight of what caused us to change in the first place, we go can end up going back to our old habits.

  68. Im retired in the United Kingdom,. we have the best telly in the world ,a fair government, beautiful countryside a proper free health service and down to earth women who wont rip you off at every opportunity they get.
    I dont go out trying to get more people from around the world to come here and retire because Im not a billy no mates.

  69. Hi JC !
    I’m following your for a year.
    You are right!
    I’m Thai and living in Los Angels. We definitely return back to Home country in 3 years with my husband he is American.
    Right now in Los Angels a lot people have to stay on the side streets so sad for them.

  70. I think your totally right and you have the right solutions, but these people that are complaining probably complained in there own countries too. Its a habit. Lol. I have to watch myself too, we all have to watch our own thinking. Good video.

  71. Have you guys heard about Vietnam changing VISA to ONE MONTH ONLY???…
    Then you MUST leave and return…
    Supposed to start in AUGUST this year..

  72. Major hiccup for older non working expats in Vietnam. New law passed in 2019 that comes into effect July 1,2020. Law-51-2019-QH14, para. 13, a.
    Regardless of the length of your tourist visa if you arrive in Vietnam on or after July 1st you will only be stamped in for 30 day stay. In my case with a 1 year visa it will require me to do a border run every 30 days, not 90 days as before. This is unacceptable to me so unless they amend it before July I will be moving on or getting married.. NB- this only applies to tourist visas. Very sad in VungTau.

  73. I saw a YouTube video the other day that quoted you as saying that Thailand was finished!! He needs to listen more carefully and stop acting like a spoiled baby because a bar girl broke his heart and took his money!! I’m in my 3rd year of living here and there are some challenges but on balance, if you follow the rules and learn to understand Thai culture, it’s still amazing. Thanks JC.

  74. I think a large part of the negativity is because farang forget they are guests. Thailand is for Thais, Vietnam is for Vietnamese. When guests come visit they need to not rearrange the furniture.

  75. No place is perfect. ESPECIALLY the US- hatred, high prices, traffic, urban sprawl, trump, weather- you can have it. So glad I’m in Thailand 😎😎😎

  76. Thanks for your encouraging perspective. The health insurance requirements are stressful though. My wife and I have been here for 8 years.

  77. Exactly I agree with you on this JC , there is no nirvana to go and live in and if there was EVERYONE would live there . What people need to consider most IMO is to concentrate on some of the things you CANNOT change or have any control over in other countries . Ie in Thailand number 1 is the horrendous unbearable relentless heat and humidity , it might seem novel on a 3 week holiday but when its constant its a different story . 2. All the ever increasing annual visa requirements , can you happily put up with it ? 3. An acceptance that virtually anything you buy wont work as it should , and you will not be expected to get angry about that but just accept it as a way of life for the Thais . Just a few things you have NO control over , new strain of dengue and a horrible deadly virus moving in from China now ,,,,, each to their own ,,,, as you say we all have options but dont go there and moan about it , it is what it is you will NEVER change it

  78. Man a lot of people are not happy unless they are complaining. Life is always changing, you have to adapt and find your happy place. I enjoy life in the Thai village, quite primitive. The people do not have much, they do not have the “stuff” that most western societies seem like they cannot life without. But the majority of the Thai villagers are very happy and content people. That warms my heart….and as time goes on, the less “stuff” I have myself, the happier I am.

  79. You are so right JC! I went back to the USA for a visit and I couldn’t wait to get back to Thailand so much I wanted to hug the first Thai-immigration officer I saw when I returned 😀

  80. Jc… you look skinny! I’ve enjoyed 2 years here in Thailand. Your message here is positive and true. However, the immigration and visa mess for me is real… very complicated, wrong instructions given to me by Phuket immigration,wasted trips to KL to get a visa they told me I could get(and I can’t), leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m returning to the US not because I’m fed up with Thailand; but,because of some business opportunities. I will probably come back to Thailand in a few years… and yes it’s not perfect, but pretty nice.

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